*The* Chandelier

Canon EOS 6D, 17mm, f4, bracketed

I had to go a little out of my way for this shot; found myself crawling around the upper deck as to not be seen. I’d ducked passed a “no entry” sign. Maintenance was testing the lights and chandelier while I was there thankfully; otherwise the room is dark except for the stage. The ballet was practicing. Fun!


The next major city that we went to visit is Arles, France. We boarded the train early, but not as early as the day before. Luckily the weather was really nice so I was able to get lots of good pictures and we didn’t get wet or have to deal with being wet. The wind was really strong though. I was told that the wind was called the Mistral, and apparently it is very famous down in the south of France during this time. The winds got up to at least 80-100 kilometers per hour, so that was pretty windy. Sometimes I thought I was going to be blown away.

The first thing we visited was the Roman baths. I thought they were very beautiful and the structure was just incredible. The fact that it was still pretty well in tact was great. I got lots of great pictures and found that I was able to really enjoy the massiveness of the structure. The way the baths were laid out was that the water would flow in, be heated in a domed area and then flow to one compartment to the next. The first compartment it went into was one that was for very hot steamed water. The next compartment it went into was for room temperature water, and after that the water would flow into the area for cold water. After it went into all three chambers it just circulated back to the beginning. So the water would be re-used. The baths were mostly used for socialization rather than bathing, which I thought was interesting. The reason there were three sections were for when you go in and you could choose the temperature of water you wanted to go into for that day. Also the men and women would go at different times during the day. So that was a really part of our trip to be able to see that.

After that, as we traveled to go to the ampetheater, we got to go past the famous café that Vincent van gogh painted in his painting. I really liked that and felt like I was a part of history.

We then passed a roman theater that was really broken down. We also couldn’t go in so I didn’t get a picture of it. We then made our way to the ampetheater and went inside. The place was huge. It was used for bull fights, gladiator fights and other kinds of roman arena kinds of things. So I really liked that. Also, we were able to sneak down to the sand of the arena thought we weren’t really allowed to do that. We ran around and got lots of cool pictures before the police guys came and yelled at the people who followed us, though we got up just in time for them to not yell at us. So that was really a lot of fun.

After the ampetheater, we went to the Romanesque cloister of st. trophime. The cloister was having work done on it, so we really couldn’t see anything other than the north side. But the door was very impressive and I loved it. The sculpture work that the artists did was just breathtaking. I honestly wish I had someone put sculptures in my room like that.


Went to see a movie in the park with mom. While we waited for a few hours (due to technical problems), I had my first 2 beef tongue tacos from one of the taco venders.  The texture of the meat was like tender liver that melted in my mouth. It was topped with pico de gao (however it’s spelled), cilantro, and cheese. We only watched it over half way cause I got worried about mom’s back and the dogs. She was sore and tired. As soon as we got home, she went to bed.

Regina Day Two

  I was exhausted when I woke up. It had been a really late night and people desided to sing happy birthday at 6:30 am for Jasmine. We re-packed everything and ate brecfast. I was still really tired at 7:00 when we left. We walked to a museum and it felt like we were walking forever. Everyone had giant bags (except ben; he had a little weeliy bag.) and we didn’t stop. I triped and my camera brokeL We got there so fast that we had a half hour to kill. I slept and worked on reflections. It was kindof cold that morning. There was frost on the ground and I was chilly. But of corse, it could’ve been a lot worse. So, so much worse.

   Once we got the go ahead, we put our bags in the ampetheater and we were placed into pairs. I was with Sydney and we had to find as many facts as possible in the hour timeslot. I was really interested how women in the first nations tribes really lost a lot of status when the Europeans came. I also really enjoyed the social justice display. After we walked back to the theater, we were put into groups to display the three questions of greenwood (what has happened here, what is happening here, what should happen here.) I was in a group with Zoe, Conner, Lexie ,Sydney, and Emanuel. We did a skit on what happened here and we re-told batosh.   We all presented on stage and every one was really good at acting. Well, at least, everyone was really funny while acting. After we left, Jasmine handed out birthday cupcakes. They were chocolait with pink iceing and pink sprinkles and it was delicious. Then, we trekked all the way to the saskatuwan sports hall of fame. To be honest, I didn’t enjoy it as much just because of my indifference to sports. However, I can really see how others would enjoy it. We had a debate about which sport was better and a discussion about inclusion in all sports. Then, we composed team cheers and began walking to mosaic.

   We walked through a really grungy industrial part of the city. It smelt greatly of tobacco and motor oil. I think that this was the area deemed the most dangeorous in Canada. But, I never felt unsafe. Sure, it was somewhat unpleasant to walk down just because it was an industrial area with trees few and far between but other than the smell and lack of parks, it wasn’t so bad. It was cold though. After my disastorous attemps to layer up the other day, I desided I didn’t need layers. So by the time we arrived at mosaic stadium, I was shivering and recoiling into my parka.

    Once we got there, I was excited to go inside. But, we walked around the entire stadium and sat down to wait for our tour guide. It felt like forever in which we sat on the freezing wall. People came and left for their various reasons and we waited. Some time during the sitting and the freezing, we presented our team cheer. I could not remember any of it for the life of me so I kinda shuffled around and moved my mouth hopping people wouldn’t notice.

 A bit latter, our tour guide came to show us around. He talked about the history of the field and the riders new field that was being built. I thought it seemed like a waste to simply knock down the stadium and to just build a new one. It’s a lot of monny that could really be used for something useful. We played around on the field and then we left to a small field that had a lot of garbage and portapoties. There, we reinacted how the riders felt when they won the grey cup. But soon, we walked to the school.

   At the school, we set up camp and ate. It was nice and warm in the school and I was really excited to eat. It had been a really long day and I think everyone was hungry. I know I was. My chick pea salad didn’t keep as good as my lasagnia but at that point, I would’ve eaten anything. At this point, it was barely 6 o’clock and I was ready to go to sleap. But we still had our Olympics to do. But then, we were told that our Olympics were going to be canceled because someone else was using the space. I was totally ok with this because most people probably would’ve been too tired to enjoy them anyways. But I felt really bad for Vaheed. He apparently stayed up until 2 am the night before the trip to prepare everything. It was one of the things, if not the thing he was looking forward to the most.

    During supper, I had a migraine, which now that I think about it was probably from lack of water intake. Everyone was working on their journals and it kindof made it difficult to concentraight. I learnt to really double check that you brought advil and to drink more watter. Despite this, I accomplished a large amount of journal writing and I finished organizing my three mini journals into one.

      Suddenly, Nico walked in and jesterd to me to come. I knew instantly that something had happened between our Makenzie group. Tentions had been high for days and I knew that something was going to happen between the five of us. We walked into the gym and everyone involved was there. Maddie gave me a re-assuring smile and I enterd.

  I won’t get into spesifics. I only held a small part in this argument and something’s aren’t mine to tell. But I will tell you this, Dustin was really good at the talking things out part. I think that if our old teacher tried that, it would end in shouting match. But Dustin, I don’t know if it’s just his way of putting things or his commercial announcer voice but somehow he seems like he would be a good councler. I was really glad that Dustin and Mel realized how toxic the situation had gotten because everyday on the bus was awkward and horrible. And getting to school used to be one of my favorite times of the day but lately I had begun to dread it. I really hope that this will resolve everything.

    I walked into the class and put in some good journaling time. I was really glad that we were given that time because otherwise I doubt I could’ve finished off my journal. Dustin and Mel came back into the class room and called us all in. We started talking about not prying into other peoples business before switching notes totally and talking about our favorite stories from this trip. I laughed so hard I couldn’t breath when Mel imitated ben with his roller bag and his lamma.

    I laghed harder than I ever have before. We talked for about two hours. Two hours of laghter, fun times and memories.A lot of people went to sleap immediately afterwards however, myself and several other girls went into a stairwell and worked on our journals for several hours. We stayed out until around 12 pm upon which time most girls went to bed. I stayed up for a while afterwards to attempt to finnish off my first day. Then I headed back to our room.

   I laid down to sleap before I was greated with a familiar sound, infact it was one I preformed. It was one of the songs that the east-side afterschool band played for their final concert. Maddie was in this band with me and that was who was singing. Now, this isn’t your soft faint mumble, it was full on belting at the top of her lungs. Of corse only the French horn portion though. So there were parts with stacatos only and weird, un-cordinated parts. But she sung them all in concert order and everything. I was really impressed. I listened for a while but then I headed over to try and convice her sleaping self that she shouldn’t sing tonight. Or at least quiet, non stage band songs. I silently crawled over to her and whisperd “Maddie?” To which she replied with repeating Charlees name over and over again. Then she went through the class, occasionally calling people by nicknames or saying book titles between names. A few girls saw what I was doing and came over to help. We talked to her and she mentioned pelicans and mentioned once upon a time a few times. So I kindof desided at least that’s quieter that stage band. So, I said goodnight, and she began repeating Coulson (My nickname). So as she mumbled away, girls slowly left her side and before long, Maddie was silent.

And then she started singing again.