ampersand AS apostrophe.

Jessica Park, a 27 year-old native of Detroit who is currently based out of Seattle designs high-end creatively jaw-dropping leather goods that is ampersands AS apostrophe. This Mailbag with it’s unique structure and versatility has got me VYING with every ounce of handbag lust. The placement of zippers is enough to win one over but the selection of leathers and distressing of hides is so profoundly stunning I am in awe.

If that is not enough to have you couch diving for pennies to purchase such a beaute. Her spin on ethnic patterns and animal prints - or shall I say combination - is perfectly executed in this Aztec Parcel.

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“Century-old letters hold secrets we may never know, but more mysterious still are the mailbags that once transported them. Jessica Park, the founder of Ampersand as Apostrophe, recognized the intrigue behind the humble postal sack. By reworking 100-year-old mailbags into chic, modern carryalls, Park has found a way to marry its dueling natures: romance and utility.

Because the upcycled shoulder bags echo the shape of the letters they transported, Park manages to maintain the mailbags’ original story. “Ampersand as Apostrophe’s preferred method of solving design challenges is to refine what’s there instead of focusing on what’s not,” she says. That’s one sentiment we’re not about to return to sender.

"The first bag was an experiment for myself because I couldn’t pass up designing something from the bags,” Park tells Ecouterre. “I loved the history and the stories that they must have held. By the time she brought her finished bag on its first outing, Park, along with a bevy of admirers, was hooked.”

by Ecouterre

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Yves Saint Laurent high rise jeans / Topshop sandals, $48 / Ampersand As Apostrophe black purse / Ettika hamsa necklace / Forever 21 bauble jewelry / Rag Bone black hat / Evening shawl / Banana Republic woven belt / MARC BY MARC JACOBS tech accessory / Eva NYC hair styling tool