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and Sid doesn’t care one bit about any gold digger stories in the media because he has his little family, and his new penguin friends now :)

omg!! Maybe there’s like a magazine Q&A article about the little Crosby-Malkin family, and in it there’s a quote from Malkin saying, “We have big fight before, once. It was about money; he doesn’t like me spending so much on him when we were dating. I know he’s more than capable of supporting himself. He’s amazing. I’m so lucky to have him. We had a very long talk about it afterwards.”

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Harry talked about Taylor, Kendall in his magazine interviews. Liam is talking about Cherly, the baby every interview. People ignore this things. And focus on the good things. But when it's comes to Louis, they are like "Ohh it's going to be about the bullshits". What did you expect? Ofcourse there is going to be stunt quotes cause it isn't ended yet. Just fucking ignore it Or atleast let people enjoy the good things. He posted the pic and there was like 100x "end it" posts... it's so annoying.

Exactly. These ppl wanna complain about Louis deserving better then when we actually see good things happening with his career, such as this entire week with the charity single (him getting put as the face on many articles about it) & his first solo magazine cover & interview, they find problems about it.

Some blogs said the charity single was a stunt or move a stunt along, nothing happened there so they were wrong. Now, they’re all bringing others down, because they’re excited about this interview, saying it’ll be “bullshit” well damn if thts how you feel then why were you making posts for months complaining about him not having one?

I see some ppl trying to guess the tone of the interview, because of the headline & I’m like…? It’s an obvious attention grab strategy. And, idk why ppl are acting surprised by it at the same time, because Louis even made it known in his interviews with Steve tht he wasn’t sure about what the future will be for 1d. But ppl wanna ignore tht & hold onto tht “promise” tweet tht is 2 yrs old like times haven’t changed lol.

It’s also really naive to believe tht they wouldn’t talk about his personal life at all when EVERY artist who is ever interviewed gets asked about their personal life in some capacity. Tht doesn’t mean it will be the fucking focal point of his interview, but I can guarantee you ppl will make it. Both sides are hypocritical, because antis will only focus on his personal life & not what he’ll say about his career & larries will also focus on what he says about his personal life to complain & will try to find msgs in his interview so they can link it back to Harry & Larry. It’s just a mess & Louis deserves better fans.

Happy Tucker Tuesday 🌸💗

I’m feeling better today, I think I felt like I felt yesterday due to having got sunburnt the day before.

Btw I love the new photos of Peter from that Radio Times magazine & the new photos from the new episode, it’s amazing how Peter gets to “meet” the Mondasian Cybermen, a dream come true for our little fan boy ❤️ it makes me so happy! Imagine how happy he must have been filming the scenes with the Mondasian Cybermen 😁❤️

I wish you all a lovely day 😘❤️

Lots of love x