No-one objected to Moneypenny being black because public were not told, says Naomie Harris

“I think I was very lucky that it was never revealed I was Moneypenny until the movie was already out,“ she told Town & Country magazine. "People didn’t have a chance to say, ‘Oh no, we don’t want a black Moneypenny,’ because they didn’t know she was coming.”

And when they saw the film, they thought, hopefully, ‘OK, we can live with her.’ So there were no objections, which I’m really happy about.”

Harris has also spoken about the nuances of her character’s relationship with 007 in the latest Bond outing, SPECTRE.

She said: “I feel as though they have a much stronger and more mutually respectful relationship. The great thing about Moneypenny is that she’s not willing to cross that line, because for her the job is more important than the man. There’s something really powerful about that decision.”

Ms Harris also refused to consider nude scenes as part of her role in the latest installment in the Bond series. “I don’t feel it’s part of my job, I don’t like this sexualisation and objectification. It’s not what I’m about at all,” she said.

“I have always felt that kind of mission, I was never going to play stereotyped roles, and I was always going to show women, and particularly black women, in a positive light… I’m a feminist, and it’s very important to me to reflect that.

“Sam talked to me about his vision for Moneypenny and how he wanted her to be completely modernised, really different, a woman who women in the audience could identify with and admire.”


Dark skin model of the week

Model Amilna Estevao 

Born February 3rd, 1998 in Luanda, Angola 

  •  In 2013 at the age of 13 she won the Elite Model Look Angola where she won a modeling contract 
  • Later that year, she placed as the second runner up in the International Elite Model Look in China 
  • In 2014, she was the cover girl of Maxima Portugal  Magazine 
  • Has modeled for brands like Prada, Moschino, Balenciaga, Fendi, and Alexander Wang
  • In 2015 she was on the covers of The New York Times Style Magazine and Magazine Antidote 
  • Estevao appeared in editorials for Vogue Paris, The New York Times Style Magazine, Love Magazine, W Magazine, Porter Magazine, i-D Magazine, Dazed & Confused, Garage Magazine and Magazine Antidote
  • In 2015 she also was one of the main models for Calvin Klein
  • She now lives in NYC 

My magazine & skincare obsession continues to grow…👋🏼 any magazines you guys would recommend? 🤗 I love organizing and clearing through my things, there’s something so cleansing about it