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I'm not sure whether I'm an INFP or an INTP! Also because I don't get the exact difference between the introversion/ extraversion of a cognitive function. And how different dom-aux combinations manifest in the external world. And how shadow functions work. I can't find a clear explanation anywhere HALP.

Hello! I found this awesome podcast about the differences between INTPs and INFPs here:

About the extraversion/introversion in a cognitive function, it’s about where that function manifests. If a function is extraverted, that is what you show to people and the outside world. If a function is introverted, that is how you are in your inner world/how you are when you’re alone. An example of this is when you compare my (INTP) dominant and auxiliary functions with my ENTJ friend’s.

Our extraverted and introverted functions are the exact opposite of each other. My function order is this:


Her function order is this:


Because her Thinking function is extraverted, she is outwardly rational and logical. Her logic is more objective because her function takes and uses information from the outside world. Because her extraverted function is a Judging function (which is what makes her a J), she tends to be more decisive and more close-minded (meaning, she’s more likely to make up her mind about something quickly).

My Thinking function is introverted, so it manifests more in my inner world. It’s more subjective because it fits information into my inner logic and what makes sense to me. This doesn’t necessarily make Te more logical, because Ti still makes decisions based on its logic. If a fact doesn’t fit into our inner logic (if we are healthy), we try to analyze our inner system and why it didn’t work and may even adjust our system to fit the new information.

My auxiliary function is Ne. When I interact with people, they see this, rather than my dominant function. When I’m with other people (or if I’m doing an external activity, such as writing), this function activates. This function is more objective because it connects things and ideas from the external world. This function bounces ideas off of other people and is all about endless possibilities. Because my extraverted function is a Perceiving function (which is what makes me a P), I’m more open-minded and indecisive. I tend to use a lot of indecisive phrases, such as, “I think” and “probably”. I tend to ramble, while her Te makes her more sure and to-the-point.

Her auxiliary function is Ni. She tells me that she’s more creative when she’s alone. Ni is more subjective because it makes internal connections. From what I understand, Ni users tend to keep their ideas to themselves until they’ve followed through with it, and have a result from it. Ni users either extravert their thinking or their feeling, while their Ni stays internal. This is actually how I figured out that I mistyped a long time ago. I realized that I’m an INTP, rather than an INTJ, because I’m all about sharing my crazy ideas and bouncing them off of other people, just for the sake of it. I extravert my intuition.

I guess I already answered how functions manifest in real life. When you meet/talk to someone, they’ll be showing their extraverted function. Once you study and apply MBTI more (and/or get to know a person better), you’ll start noticing little hints and clues that give away their introverted function.

Here’s a link to a podcast about getting better at typing people by observation:

Here’s a link to an article about how cognitive functions manifest based on their stacking:

I’m not a huge expert on shadow functions yet, but I do know that it’s basically when someone’s unhealthy and they act like a type opposite of theirs(?). I still need to study it more.

Here’s an article I found about shadow functions:

I’m going to go read that shadow functions article after I post this. Please comment if you know more about shadow functions, it would really help!

I hope this helps! If you still need help with your type, message me and I’ll type you (this applies to anyone who wants to be typed, not just the asker)!

Thanks for asking! If anyone has any questions, please feel free to ask me. My ask box is always (metaphorically) open!

The adventurer smeared honey on the dragon’s wound after washing & drying it, she looked up as she heard chirping & smiled.

‘Take it easy, little guy. I’m just making sure it’s ok.’ She told the purple bird.

Despite it’s stature, the little bird had assumed the role of protector & had made a lot of noise when the adventurer had approached the dragon the day after the battle. It was only after she explained what she doing, that he quietened down.

For 3 days the dragon had slept soundly & showed no signs of stirring.  In between tending to the wound, the adventurer hunted, had taken care of fallen & stacked their weapons against a rock. The spears & swords were made of a curious metal that shone red in the sun & she was sure they would fetch a good price.

She glanced at the dragon. The length of her new friend’s slumber both puzzled & concerned her. While the wound was bad, it was not grievous & she had seen dragons that had taken worse without breaking a sweat, in fact it general just pissed them off. Why was this so different?

Maybe I pulled it out too hard, she thought, twirling the dull red blade between her fingers. What if I made it worse?  A wave of dread rose within her at the thought & the irony of it was not lost on her either. After several years of killing dragons, she was now trying to save one.

A constant noise slowly penetrated the adventurer’s ears & she reluctantly woke up, blinking rapidly as the bright moonlight hit her eyes. She saw the purple bird on her chest hopping up & down & whistling like mad, soon the other birds joined in.

‘Okay, okay! This had better be good.’ She grumbled.

She looked around & her heart dropped. Red was nowhere to be seen, she looked wildly around her but could see no sign of the dragon.

How the hell do you lose a 20ft dragon?

As the fog of sleep lifted, she noticed a very naked dark haired woman where Red had been. In her experience naked women did not appear out of thin air.

Numbly, she threw a blanket over the woman & brought her closer to the dying fire.

‘What the fuck?’ she whispered.