amp simulator

the yakuza 5 experience

chapter 1: sad taxi dad misses his kids and fails miserably to hide his former life

chapter 2: crazed unrepentant murder of wildlife across the snowy mountain/we have to kidnap the presidentKitikana Chairman

chapter 3: pop idol simulator 2012 & buddy cops

chapter 4: maybe the real yakuza was the friends we made along the way

finale: pls call an ambulance. maybe five ambulance. 

anonymous asked:

lmao I know nothing about coding atm but like I said I plan to learn, but it will take a while. I gotta wait til I finish with school and actually have time, but when they day comes where I work on it, I'll let you know. I doubt yansim would be finished by then though anyway so.

We wish you luck with that !
Zombies could be walking the earth & Yandere Simulator still wouldn’t be completely finished . . 


Kaoru interview Sound Designer March 2014

Takumi: Thank you very much for talking with me Kaoru! We’ve known each other since I started holding guitarist parties.

Kaoru: Yeah. Nice to see you again.

Takumi: I’ve been really wanting to visit the studio in which you guys (Dir en grey) do your pre-production, and learn things like how your heavy sound comes to be. What kind of work do you do in this studio?

Kaoru: I work here from the first stage of song production. The other members make demos at home and then we gather in this studio with them. Each persons demo will often just have  one riff, one lyrics verse, or just one idea, etc so firstly we listen to all of them together and then decide which ones we’re going to take to the pre-production stage. From there we do arrangements and pre-production together here.

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