amp project

Starting a website for black artists & those who are over looked. All forms of art is welcomed. Fashion designer, stylists, models, photographers, chefs, poets, story tellers, artist who draw, paint, act, sing, script writers, graphic designers, game programmers, etc! All is welcomed. FUBU ! - SaintHaven is coming. If your interested DM and we will talk and I want to feature you. Your work is your work, your art. No censorship. If your interested. Your art, my art matters !

My 2017 goal & project


hey everyone!

I’m not sure if anyone remembers but a few months ago, I said I was going to do a special project & it’s finally here! 

I started making coloring pages! I decided to sell them to make some extra money for my tøp roadtrip to see them at all the California shows!

- If you’d like to buy them you can purchase them here in my etsy shop! (if the link doesn’t work just search “beanboyjoseph” on etsy) 

- each page is only $2 ($12 if you buy all 6)

- I’m open to suggestions for more pages if anyone has a request!

thanks so much & I’d love to see pictures once you’ve colored them!

this lil tote bag has been with me through many adventures this last summer… through the salty waves & volcanic sand of the azores islands to the portuguese tranquil mountains & soft river flows & blue dragonflies fluttering magic… from the dust & kaxinawa songs blissing & kaya project dancing & mud bathing of boom festival to the roadtripping in a van along the sunny coast… through a few rainbow gatherings & carrying my ukulele always safely with me… through airports, through security checks, through sun & through rain… even through being robbed of all my belongings & somehow it was still left & protected. ganesha protection & opening pathways & portals through my travellings & path. giving thanks <3


Some RPG Horror game ask from the MS Paint Ask-a-thon, all in one convenient place.  Featuring characters from Ib, Ao Oni, Mad Father, @promdreamsofficial, Dreaming Mary, Liberetta (not actually an RPG Maker game but a Game Maker Stuidos game oh well it’s here) & @pocketmirror-project


I had a restful winter break and I hope you (yes, you!) did as well :) It’s always nice to recharge your batteries at the end of the year, and it allowed me some time to really think about the direction I want to take this business and make some big decisions. More to come on that as I flesh things out a bit more ^_^

In the mean time, I’ve been diving head-first into some of the new projects & products I want to introduce this year. I thought I’d start with this little baby penguin necklace while it’s still cold here in Toronto. I’ve had the idea for about 2 months now, but the holiday rush meant that I couldn’t really focus on any new ideas, so here it is all brand spanking new for 2017. 

I made a little troupe, and they are available in my etsy shop here

Also I post a lot more frequently over on instagram and the content tends to vary (no cross-posting I promise!) so if you’re inclined to see updates more often, please join me there :) 


‘Because the people crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.’ -Steve Jobs

today’s to-do list:

  • solve 2 question papers
  • edit & bind projects
  • do that darned physics chapter 😩

anyyyways, hope y'all are doing greattt! have a great day 💕