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lightwoody  asked:

top 5 shadowhunters episodes !!!!

oH GOODNESS OKAY MY TIME TO SHINE, thanks for the ask xoox

(i will preface this with the fact that im a massive malec stan so most of these r gonna revolve around malec)

  1. 2x10 (for the ‘i love yous’ & ridiculous amount of jimon)
  2. 2x08 (for BAMF Magnus & this, us, isn’t going away)
  3. 1x12 (for obvious reasons :PPP)
  4. 2x12 (for the impressive job alan and harry did)
  5. 1x10 (for alt!malec’s scenes & how adorable alt!mag and alt!alec were)

This was tough! I’d need this list to be about 10 long to fit in all my favs, but these will have to do! [some notable mentions:2x06 (for the date), 2x07 (for fATTY TUNA?!?!?), 1x04, (for the flirting and their first meet <3)]

put “top five” anything in my ask and i will answer ok go

Hey guys! I know it’s been two days since 2x11 came out but I didn’t have time to review hear me out:
This episode was amazing and it’s a great start for 2B but I’m not gonna talk about it right now.
I’ve seen posts which were complaining about the Mags & Valentine swapping bodies and they were critising Sh writers because they got triggered.
I’m actually so done with the critisicm of this fandom.of course show needs some critic but not about everything! I mean,what do you expect? It’s a tv show about magical world,show needs an interesting storyline,otherwise it’d be boring with just slaying demons and all. Other shows has done this body swapping thing,you can’t blame the writers just because you get triggered by everything. I know I shouldn’t talk about what I haven’t experienced,but blaming writers that they didn’t put a warning sign about Magnus and Valentine swapping bodies is bullshit alright? This is important storyline that will develop malec’s relationship too and will show us that what malec has is real?how much they love each other and please stop criticising EVERYTHING.

anonymous asked:

What exactly is a smith 3566 worth? I've never heard of it?

They were a variant of the 5906, but instead of 9mm, they were chambered in the now “dead” .356TSW. I believe there’s only a couple hundred of the things floating around. 

It’s very rare to find even a beat up one for under a grand. These days, if you find a competition model based of the 5906 PPC or the even more rare 4.5in DA/SA one in good condition with the case & mags, expect to pay over 2K for it. Ones that come with the spare 9mm conversion barrel tend to float between 2.5K-3K.

There’s one on Bud’s Guns for just shy of 1800 bucks, if you’re interested.

umbrastaffer  asked:

can i get a fuckin uhhhhhhh taagnus :3c

ship  meme  !  /  accepting  :  @umbrastaffer

im clutching my f ucking chest 

who would be the one to randomly adopt a puppy without consultation


who would force the other to take aesthetic pictures of them

taako  oh  my  fucKING  god

who would do stuff they think is stupid just to make the other one happy

taako’s  the  King  of  getting  someone  2  feel  better  w/o  actually  talkin  abt  feelings

who picks out the horror movies to watch just so the other will cling to them

magnus  picks  out  the  movie  in  hopes  of  this  happening  but  again  he’s.    a  baby  so  like.    he  just  ends  up  clinging  2  taak  nhgnfnj

who is constantly studying and who is constantly trying to distract them

taako  is  studying  &  mag  is  a  demon  &  tries  to  distract  him  fndmjdjmj

who initiates the facetime calls whenever they’re separated

i  wna  say  taako  honestly  ?  they’re  both  very  clingy  (  for  different  reasons  &  in  different  ways,    &  tbh  i  think  it.    takes  a  while  before  taako  lets  himself  be  so  attached  2  mag  ?  )  but  i  feel  like  once  he  gets  to  the  point  where  he’s  comfortable  ?  w/  letting  himself  be  so  open  w/  maggie  &  shit  like.    taako  bugs  him  constantly  ?  not  that  magnus  is  complaining  he  loves  the  attention  hhhngnfm  aNYWAYS

who is more likely to storm out after a fight and who is more likely to cry when they do

taako  storms  out  &  magnus  cries  &  i’ve  never  been  closer  to  killing  myse

who stays up way too late binge-watching their favorite shows

technically  it  should  be  taako  since  he  doesn’t.     need  sleep  but  putting  off  sleep  2  watch  tv  is  a  Magnus  Certified  thing  so  like.

who bites the other’s ear when they’re feeling frisky

taako  one  hundred  percent 

who sprays the other with water when they’re washing the car

magnus  ngfjdsmdjnjfds

who has more fun decorating the house during holidays

magnus  i  think  ?  neither  of  them  get  too  into  holidays  i  don’t  think  but  mag  adores  decorating  so  

who is more likely to give the silent treatment when they’re mad at the other

both  of  them  bc  they’re  both  shitty  @  talking  abt  feelings.    magnus  always  breaks  the  silence  first  tho

who plays with the others’ hair more

magnus  always  &  i  cry  daily  abt  it

who is more likely to climb all over the other one when they’re bored

taako  taako  taako  &  it’s  only  a  bonus  that  it’s  a  good  stim  thing  for  maggie

who tries to kiss the other as often as they can

magnus  !  he  loves  loves  loves  physical  contact  &  affection  &  stuff  like  that  (  which  he  knows  isn’t  always  taak’s  Jam  so  he’s  very  careful  about  asking  beforehand  )

who pouts when the other one tells them to shut the fuck up

magnus  ngfdmdfnd

who always forgets the umbrella and who holds it when they actually have one

magnus  1000%  always  forgets  it  but  also  taako  just.    always  has  the  umbra  staff  ?  so  it’s  no  biggie.    taako  always  holds  it

who demands showering first in the mornings

magnus  but  just  bc  he’s.    usually  up  before  taako  anyways  ?  

who sneaks into the shower with the other one in the mornings

taako  oh  my  gOD,,,

who prefers riding the roller coasters and who prefers playing the games

mag  loves  roller  coasters,    taak  likes  to  Chill

who will text the other one thirty times in a row until they respond

taako  always  like.    he’s  usually  Chill  abt  not  double  texting  unless  he  1.)  needs  something  2.)  wants  attention  or  3.)  is  tryin  2  piss  off  magnus  

who always forgets to charge their phone overnight

magnus  bc  like.    i  mean  he’s  an  autistic  demon  what  can  i  say

who comes up behind the other and slide their hands into their back pockets

mmmm,,,,    taako,    but  it  took.   a  while  ?  before  either  of  them  were  really…   comfortable  ?  w/  it  i  guess  bc  of  good  ol  trauma  nfjjmng  aNYWAYS.    taako  is  def  a  lowkey  cheesy  /  physically  romantic  person  in  private  uuhhhh

who tries to get hugs from the other as often as they can

magnus  !  he  craves  physical  contact  always  (  which.    isn’t  taako’s  thing  so  mag  never  pushes  it  )  &  again  it’s.    the  one  way  he  personally  knows  how  to  Communicate  Feelings  so  when  it’s  returned  it  makes  him  feel  Loved

who is louder and who constantly has the tell the other to be quiet

i  mean.    again,    mags  is  a  Constant  Loud  Person™  so  like.    magnus  is  always  the  one  being  told  to  just  shut  the  fuck  up  for  one  secon