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EXO in a roadtrip


-Driving 90% of the time

-Gets tired of people wanting to change the radio station so he turns it off

-“Let’s roll the windows down for a few minutes and feel the fresh air”

-Makes everyone go to the bathroom beforehand because he’s not gonna stop for anyone

-Has a few snacks laying around if anyone gets hungry or thirsty

-Makes everyone else pay for gas since he is the (appointed himself) driver.


-Made lunch, dinner, brought snacks and water for everyone

-Reminds everyone in the car that if they need to use the bathroom they should ask

-Calls shot gun but actually ends up driving

-No one let’s him near the aux cord & he gets irritated

-Gets drawn on when finally falls asleep

-Expects nice compliments for his food but ends up bitter by the lack of responses


-Always too cold or too hot so is always complaining

-Falls asleep the first hour or so of the trip

-Always pays for gas money and makes sure everyone is comfortable with him paying

-Brings a pillow just in case

-Never calls shotgun and is actually comfortable sitting in the back

-Forgets his own snacks and water at home


-Always hungry and has to pee

-Doesn’t touch the steering wheel at all, and makes everyone else drive

-Demands being co-pilot but won’t help with directions or music

-Always has a funny story to entertain everyone on the way

-Pointing at things they pass along the way that remind him of the most illogical things

-Never falls asleep


-King of the aux cord

-Screaming shotgun since he was born, but never actually gets to sit in front nor drive

-“We are lost, let me drive.” Every time he’s not the driver

-Gets mad when they stop to eat because he wants to continue listening to his music

-Sleeps for about half an hour then is way too hyper

-Leaves a mess of food when eating in the car


-Asks if they’re there yet every 5 mins

-Never comfortable in his seat so is always asking to switch around

-Nobody ever will let him drive cause of road rage

-Nobody ever lets him use the aux cord so he starts singing

-Drinks and eats everything before anyone gets remotely hungry

-Gets excited as they pass a landmark or something he finds interesting


-Brings home cooked meals for everyone

-Is quiet 60% of the time

-Slowest driver ever and excuses it as being careful

-Staring at the sky in the back seat is a personal hobby of his

-Brings his headphones just in case they put unbearable music

-They always go to the places he suggests


-Didn’t want to wake up to leave for the trip

-Sleeping until they’re half way there, then is hungry and they have to stop

-Puts on sick bops when using the aux cord

-Likes taking group pics and posting with the hashtags #RoadTrip #FriendshipGoals #Squad

-“Are we there yet?” When they arrive

-Pretends to be asleep when asked to drive


-King of the backseat

-Taking pictures of the sky for aesthetic reasons

-Sings along too loudly

-Whines that they didn’t bring his favorite snacks for the road

-Always on his phone, even when talking to someone

-Horrible at directions, even with the gps on


PANDA BRACTICE is finally up on Youtube!!! It’s a very cute series of shorts about three girls who start a band, part of Two More Eggs as created by Matt & Mike Chapman of Homestar Runner–  featuring a lot of my animations!!!! I’m responsible for most of the loops of the girls playing their instruments, as well as some smaller stuff like the amps/aux cords in the backgrounds and an alternate design of Marta (in the finale– you’ll know her when you see her)

All five episodes are up on the Disney XD Youtube page and each is better than the last. I’m very happy with how it all turned out and it’s incredibly exciting to see my work in this context! Watch it and see if you can tell what’s mine!!!

Anyway im still so Fucked Up about some parts of ll10 like?? I mean the whole issue was wonderfully unsettling but the part with the brain modules & spinal cords in those tanks (with fucking…bite marks? What Happened There) is one of the things that has me fucked up the most? Also the fact that so many memebers of the crew are willingly (because i doubt getaway was able to? Brainwash/hide the truth from everyone) took part in w/e messed up shit went down and are so ready to lie about it like!!!! Anyway i loved this issue and i cant stop talking and thinking about it


* CLOAK : we all know death as this shadowy figure with a hooded visage, but mo ? not so much . her cloak takes form in a black jacket with a red & embroidered inside . stitched in the back are the words “ KILLIN’ IT “ & under it, in cursive, is mo’s name . the cloak allows mo to become utterly invisible when need be — it’s an enhancer in that respect . it also features it’s own cup holder, air conditioning, & it designs all outfits that death wears . when mo becomes a skeleton, the cloak turns into a very long scarf that wraps around her neck, spinal cord, & her hip bones .  the cloak can also become the iconic long dress that’s usually associated with death . it’s made of velvet, & the inside resembles the inside of mo’s leather jacket, but no one’s seen it off of mo’s body, so it’s not confirmed . the hooded part of the cloak is a lie too ; it’s just a trick of mo’s shadow manipulation . 

             * SCYTHE : the scythe — the thing that reaps souls & shit, you know ? — is a big lie as well . it’s actually the dark ink that spreads from mo’s fingers to her upper arms . the ink started with one name, & now it’s zillions, & it’s enough to turn the rather large tattoo into a big blob of black ink . mo has since found a way to control it, & so the design of it has a swirly pattern to it . this gives mo her ‘death touch’ & also the ability to see into someone’s life / thoughts / emotions with a single touch . she hasn’t controlled the seeing thing  yet, & it’s the reason why she keeps her arms & hands covered at all times . morana can also summon the scythe ; it’s rare, but it does happen if she gets too injured . since the scythe is part of her body, it may break when she does, & unlike her ; it can’t regenerate . the scythe towers over her body by a good two feet, & it’s made of obsidian & pure silver . in skeletal form, the scythe takes up a form of a necklace around her neck .

* WINGS : mo’s wings are a thing . they’re a pair of tattoos on her back that glows when she’s near a dying soul or while she’s reaping . they allow her to fly, but it’s not necessary since mo likes to be on foot most of the time . her actual wings were erased during her fifth regeneration, & instead she was just born with the tattoo – confused as a big birthmark – on her back . 

             * SKELETONS : mo doesn’t have a true form, but most people associate her with skeletons . she didn’t like the idea at first, since it mostly came to be due to someone finding out that death was , indeed, rotting inside out . but she grew on the idea, & created a persona around the visage .

* BLACK HORSE : some think death comes riding on a horse, & it’s kind of redundant since she has wings as well, so what is the horse ? the horse is a familiar, & it takes many forms —- animal & non . the usual form are the gloves around death’s hands, & the animal form is usually a cat that curls itself on top of mo’s head . the horse has no other significance than keeping mo away from viewing everyone’s emotions & killing everything . it also really loves chin scratches , & responds to the name “Baby” . it also really loves being called handsome .

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hey so I wanna save up for a bass but I have NO IDEA about anything so like,,,,,how much are they?? what do you need to get with them?? do you have any recommendations for brands? thank you!!

I don’t know anything about good bass brands, but I recommend getting a beginners kit! The one I got (that I liked a lot) came with a bass, amp, cord, strap, tuner, and picks :-) It’s a lot cheaper than buying everything individually I think and is great for people just starting out :o The one I got was about $300 but if you just look up ‘beginners bass kit’ you’ll find a ton :D

One of the main differences between Inception and The Matrix is how the characters enter the dream. In The Matrix, humans have plugs that allow them to be in the virtual world. In Inception, they have the portable automated somnacin intravenous device, which is not as invasive as the Matrix technology. They don’t have to inject a guitar amp cord into the base of their necks. At first sight, they have nothing in common.

The first thing we must clarify is that the Machines didn’t invent the Matrix technology. We know this because in the Animatrix short “Matriculated,” set during the Machine War, a group of rebels already have plugs to jack into the virtual world. In “The Second Renaissance,” after all of humanity’s armies are defeated, the Machines start to install machinery inside human survivors through forced surgery to begin the Matrix.

But the technology is far older. Arthur, from Inception, explains, “The military developed dream sharing – a training program where soldiers could strangle, stab, and shoot each other, then wake up.” So its original purpose was training, pretty much like the picture you see above.

Inception Is A Prequel To The Matrix … No, Seriously

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Best Bass for beginners? Also does height affect which one I should buy?

Height doesn’t really affect which one you should buy unless you just don’t like the way it looks, yknow? Sometimes basses will just look Too Big if someone smaller is playing them, so u could look into getting a short scale bass ? :o I’m not sure which basses are best for beginners cuz I’m bad with that stuff but here’s the beginner bass kit I got (I recommend getting a kit because it comes with a bass, amp, strap, cord, picks, and tuner so you don’t have to buy it all separately but that’s up to u!)

just   so   y’all   know   i’m   not   feeling   right   of   as   late   .        it’s   gotten   worse   with   what   has   happened   with   sarah   so   i’m   going   to   be   taking   a   small   break   to   mini   revamp  all   of   my   blogs   .        i   do   have   dis/cord      &.      sk/ype   if   anyone   wants   those   because   it’ll  be   easier   to   reach   me   there    .        i   just   need   a   small   step   away   from   tumblr   right   now    .

Drunk Phone Call - The Concert

(Part 1, Part 2)

Gail stumbled her way into the kitchen. Chris was already awake, seated at the table, with a bowl of Cheerios and a paper in front of him.

“Someone had a good night last night,” he said before shoveling more cereal into his mouth.

“What are you babbling on about?” Gail asked, smacking Chris’ head as she walked past him toward the coffee pot.

“You came home with this ridiculous grin plastered across your face last night,” Chris managed to get out around his mouthful of food.

Gail poured her coffee and took a seat at the kitchen table across from her roommate.

“So did you get some last night?” Chris pressed on, completing his question with a wiggle of his eyebrows.

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