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Did you know my sonic amplifier plays music and lights up? HECK YEAH IT DOES. Sorry for the poorly shot video but here’s a little demo! Speaker in the top of the gun plugs into the iPod on my arm, and sound sensitive EL wire lights up the front section to the beat of the music. The top of the gun also opens up like when #Lucio reloads in the game, so I can get to the speaker and battery pack. Amping it up with Lucio and #Overwatch tunes all over the con! 😁
Cosplay: @alannamode

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Includes what I carry in my bag. Lots of redundancy. “Two is one, and one is none.” (Anything that could be considered a weapon is not carried into hospitals or other prohibited places.)

Ace Day in Venice

Walking around shooting photos in Venice Beach today, so many random people have struck up conversations with me, and a couple impromptu-posed in the background of my shots. They’ve introduced themselves and firmly shaken my hand. One of whom was hangin’ by the skatepark playing a sick Jackson, shredding through a little battery-powered amp.

With all the terrible shit going on in this country, there’s certainly still a lot of good.