Non poche donne sono attratte dagli uomini dispotici.
Come le farfalle con il fuoco.
Mentre ci sono donne che hanno bisogno non di un eroe
e nemmeno di un amante focoso, hanno bisogno più di tutto
di un amico.
E ricorda che l’amicizia fra una donna e un uomo è cosa
rara e preziosa, assai più dell’amore: l’amore è in fondo
una cosa piuttosto rustica, financo grezza, al confronto
con l’amicizia. L’amicizia ha in sé anche una misura
di finezza intellettuale, e di disponibilità generosa, e un
sofisticato senso della misura.
—  Amoz Oz. da “Una storia di amore e di tenebra
Closed || Apocolypse


The eldest child of Heaven called for an emergency meeting. Anyone and everyone who held a position of leadership was to drop everything and attend immediately.

Gabriel entered with Uriel and the two immediately found Lucifer, Michael, and Isaiah together chattering about something. Hoping that they had an answer to what was going on, Gabriel spoke up.

“Luci, Michael, what has happened? Has Yeshua told you anything?”

“Yeshua has never outright called for a state of emergency like this before! He’s had us do an immediate recall of all angels scattered on Earth and stop time for everything! It’s simply never been done before!”

“We don’t know.” Isaiah shook his head. “Yeshua has yet to appear, but I sensed something odd while I was on Earth.”

Closed || Meeting (Re-do)


Gabriel had told him something was wrong and asked him to investigate. Of course all the hard yet meaningless quests would go to him, but it’s not as though Isaiah didn’t take pride in that fact. If he didn’t do it, then it was liable that things would go wrong and a once small and menial thing would turn into a huge mess.

He appeared in the general area of where Gabriel had assigned him to go, his left hand hovering over the handle of his Xiphos as he walked and took great care to be on the look out. That concentration was broken when he heard a desperate scream and he took off running. When he found the source, it was already too late.

The body on the ground didn’t face him, but what caused it had him frozen; a man with long blond hair (or was it a woman? Maybe they were like Gabriel.) stood over the slashed and bloodied corpse of a man bearing a scythe (an incredibly impractical weapon in his opinion, but it was definitely a murder weapon.)

“Stop right there!” He yelled, hand still hovering over his sword in case the man tried anything against him.

Closed || Puppies


A sister angel was going out on a mission, one that was expected to last at least a month. And of course, at Ciar’s suggestion, the Amos family was housing their dogs, thinking that the puppies would be a good thing to have around. Isaiah of course was elated, as were Aero and the kids who had some new playmates. Sheila didn’t seem to mind them, but she was constantly doing everything possible to keep the six little goldens in line.

While rounding everyone up for breakfast, their noise was sure to disturb Jared, maybe encourage him to come outside for a while and investigate.

Closed || Sector


Isaiah was practically glaring at the book in front of him, it was one of the older ones in his collection with yellowed pages and a stiff and peeling leather cover. The whole book was written in Linear A and in his handwriting, only the date at the top was in English: Oct. 1, 1942

He’d read the same page over about five times in the last hour in contemplation before suddenly lifting his head and speaking, likely scaring any of the others who were growing increasingly concerned with his lack of activity.

“That might be it! Xander! Jo, Ciar! I have a hunch!” He abruptly sprung up, scaring the poor dogs cuddled up beside him on the couch. He apologized and ran to try and find the others. “Ich habe eine Idee!”

Closed || Training


It’s not every day he gets to do something like this, but in light of recent events in their life, Isaiah finally gets the chance to teach his most beloved husband a very sacred and ancient art, one which gave rise to many others like it.

He’s in the backyard with his husband on a cement patio a few feet from the house, his sword and shield drawn as he warms up in preparation to teach his spouse. After he’s had his warm up, he motions Ciar close as the two weapons vanish.

“Come on, let’s stretch and warm up before we start~ You’ll do well to learn with your hands first and then I’ll teach you some of what I can with your scythe - though it’s a very impractical weapon if I’m to be honest.”

Closed || Hack


“Mach dein bestes, um vorsichtig zu sein.*” Isaiah muttered lowly to the man walking just a few feet from him before he could put his headphones in his ears. He was the first to go off, finding a good bench beneath the shade while he unpacked his cello, tuned, and started playing and impromptu melody. A small crowd started to form around him as they all listened, and he was sure to raise the volume so they could all hear, as well as the jogger on the other side of the park.

* “Do your best to be careful.”

Closed || Best Interests


“Hey, Isaiah! You got a caller while you were out. Gabriel dropped by with an assignment for you.” Kuniko handed over the white folder with a single piece of paper inside. “It looks kind of important, what is it?”

Isaiah’s expression hardened and he sighed. “I thought I was done with this stuff. Kuniko, get ready to leave.”

“Leave, sir? But Ophiel-”

“It’s fine. Ophiel is on temporary release by Gabriel’s order. You and I are to group up with Didikase, Ezra, and Azael. We’re going to be meeting with the Nexus on an emergency mission.” He just walked in the door and already something like this was happening, Ciar probably wouldn’t be too happy to hear about it. “You have ten minutes, go!”

“Yessir!” Kuniko nodded then immediately ran back upstairs to change and grab anything he might need, leaving Isaiah alone to go talk to his husband.

Closed || Second Arc


He really wasn’t taking the game seriously. Isaiah was stretched out on one of the couches, head propped on the couch arm while he read a book, his free hand holding on to a rope toy that Sheila was wholeheartedly trying to tear out of his grasp.

As his husband entered the room, he turned the page and spoke up without looking at him.

“So, Love. What do you want for dinner? Xander and Jo are on their date so it’s just us and the babies - yes that includes Ophiel and Kuniko. I think we still have some left over pizza.”

He abruptly went silent when he heard someone rushing up the steps to their house. Isaiah marked his place in the book and set it aside, letting Sheila have the toy as he looked at the door expectantly.




Closed || Future


Isaiah, Ciar, and the pets were lounging around in Ciar’s special hide out near the fire pit. It was starting to get really cold outside, so this would probably be their last day outside like this for a while.

The eldest took a seat beside his husband, tucking a flower behind his ear as he did before wrapping an arm around his shoulders.

“I received another letter from my mother this morning. I’m sure you already know what she was badgering me about.”