film rec list pt. 2
  • the neon aesthetic: only god forgives, the neon demon, under the skin, drive, heaven knows what, blade runner, suspiria, christine, lost river, maniac, nerve, lost in translation
  • art house horror: babadook, the witch, goodnight mommy, alien, trance, green room, girl walks home alone at night, come and see, the invitation
  • LGBT movies with happy endings: carol, life partners, saving face, radiant sea, jongens (boys), four moons, xenia, the happy sad, the way he looks, kiss me, viva, when the night is falling, the incredibly true adventures of two girls in love, boy meets girl, la vie en rose
  • movies that made me terrified of small children: children of the corn, the shining, the exorcist, eden lake, the others, the uninvited, pet semetary
  • coming of age documentaries: Ömheten, all this panic, they call us monsters, beyond clueless, boyhood, 
  • parisian romance vibes: amelie, la vie en rose, frances ha, les amants du pont-neuf, midnight in paris, hotel chevalier, love, paris je t’aime
  • sex-positive female protagonist: diary of a teenage girl, trainwreck, starlet, easy a
  • movies generally considered The Worst: the room, resident evil, sharknado, rubber, troll 2, suicide squad, sausage party, minions
  • the wes anderson style: submarine, me earl and the dying girl, beginners, little miss sunshine,
  • the boring filmbro™ canon: fight club, pulp fiction, inglorious bastards, shawshank redemption, inception, big lebowski, heat, clockwork orange, 2001 space odyssey
  • sex! a lot of it!: keep the lights on, shame, the dreamers, ‘Få meg på, for faen’ (turn me on, goddammit), shortbus
  • animated movies that will make you cry: the little prince, up, the grave of fireflies, bambi, toy story 3
  • art documentaries: finding vivian maier, iris, the artist is present, eva hesse, man on wire, cutie and the boxer, how to draw and bunny, just like being there

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Director of Photography Breakdown - Roger Deakins

Roger Deakins. A man who has developed the irrefutablereputation of a cinematographer with unmatched consistency. If he works on amovie, it looks good. His style is often referenced for what we have come toexpect in aesthetically pleasing contemporary cinema. In this post I willattempt to break down constant techniques he uses and develop through linesbetween films.


Wide Shot

Deakins is a master of the extreme wide shot.Perfect lens choice and composition allow him to establish space like no other.Often these shots are used at the beginning or end of a scene to lead us intoor ease us out of a moment. I find that when I experience shots like thisviscerally, with the character, it provides a perfect entrance into the headspace of the characters within the scene. The shot from Skyfall (upper middle shot) is not only incredible to look at, but it is used as an opener to establish the emotional turmoil he is experiencing by returning to the harsh and unrelenting landscape of his childhood. In the top shot from True Grit, the shot is used to establish the isolation and privacy Mattie hops to experience when visiting the grave of Rooster.


Establishing Shots

I think these are my personal favourites when it comes to Deakins work. Every establishing shot is on point. Not only are they all composed to perfection, but the slight tweaks in variety keep them interesting. I found 4 examples in which the subjects are never in the same part of the frame. On top of that, he uses leading lines and lens choice to create depth and completely establishes colour palette for every scene with these awesome shots.


Mid Shots

Although there are only two examples here, they are the perfect ones to represent the strength in Deakins’ mid shots. For the first shot, both the vertical and horizontal thirds are filled with interesting material. It creates immediate depth with the shallower depth of field, with the closer out of focus grass, the subject and then finally the fence trees and sky outside the focal plane. In the second shot from Prisoners it demonstrates Deakins’ excellent use of the leading lines in the desk to draw our eye to the subject in the center of the frame. It is also a perfect representation of his use of practical’s to light a subject in low light.

Close Ups

Finally the close ups, the bread and butter of most DP’s. Deakin’s is definitely a fan of unconventional these types of shots. These frames scream unconventional, from a close up with no light on the subject, to the side view of the parked car, they are trying to break the mold of what we expect from an average close up shot. Why follow the textbook when you can create your own.

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Prompt:  “I’m holding your hand because the movie is scary, alright? It’s a… Terrifying… Rom-com… ….. .”

Character: Jake Peralta 

Warning: N/A

Movie night with Jake wasn’t something you’d ever done before, but you’d recently found yourself wanting to watch a movie with, wanting to curl up with him on your sofa in your dingy apartment, wanting to hear all his silly little comments and how this movie can’t beat Die Hard (Because apparently nothing was better than Die Hard). So you’d found a solution to your problem, you’d ask him round to watch movies. You had asked him to watch a movie in your cosy little apartment.

He’d brought Chinese take out of course, ever the gentlemen he’d argued that if you were hosting he’d bring the food and the two of you had sat down to eat if first, throwing fortune cookies at each other and arguing over whether Chinese was better than Mexican. It was while eating and joking about that you understood why you wanted Jake here, it was more than just being attracted to him…it was that he was fun, and kind, and you hadn’t enjoyed yourself so much in your apartment for so long. You hadn’t had anyone round for a while and perhaps part of your reasoning was that you were lonely, that when you went home to your apartment after work you found yourself eating alone and watching netflix and wishing that your bed for two had two people in it rather than just the one. 

You washed away the plates and Jake dried them after you’d eaten (because you made him eat on a plate with cutlery because this was your apartment god damn it) the domesticity of it all was almost overwhelming, how long had it been since someone ate with you? Since someone helped you wash up? You couldn’t actually remember. 

You’d pulled him to the sofa and brought out a bunch of blankets to make the two of you more comfortable, despite Jake’s protests that you should watch Die Hard (which you’re sure he’s watched at least 100 times if not more) you put Clueless on knowing that he’d probably enjoy the very 90s movie and making fun of it, all in good humour of course. 

At some point you’d found yourself moving from one end of the sofa to nearer Jake, you weren’t entirely sure when but you were pretty sure it was around the time that Cher nearly killed her driving test examiner. 

Your head whipped around to stare at Jake when you felt his hand grab yours, holding it almost daintily as he turned to look at you, a nervous little look in the chestnut of his eyes,  “I’m holding your hand because the movie is scary, alright? It’s a… Terrifying… Rom-com… ….. .” No matter how nervous he seemed he was always Jake and you should have expected something ridiculous to leave his big mouth, but it still made you smile wider and glance down at yours hands because it was so utterly ridiculous and so utterly endearing. 

“Oh, of course, absolutely downright terrifying…” You intertwined your fingers with his, giving him that silent acceptance, letting him know that you were happy to have his hand in yours, the way it engulfed your own and the warmth that came from it. 

“Cool, cool, cool, I knew you’d…understand…” He only did that when he was nervous, but his smile told you it was a good type of nervous and everything about him, about this had you smiling so wide you were sure the smile would be permanently seared into your muscles and never leave. 

You leant your head against his shoulder, stretching your legs out across the sofa, and getting comfortable. You felt him tense briefly, before he made a happy sigh of sorts and relaxed into you. You were happy about this, you were happy where you were, and you just hoped that maybe the two of you could do this again, and maybe get somewhere with whatever this feeling was.

Bed Ridden P2


Part 1 

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As almost all of you already know, our show has been cancelled by nbc. This sucks, but with a cult following like it has, it would make sense for someone else to pick it up and continue to produce new content. The most common places I’ve seen cited as being likely are Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and Comedy Central, with Netflix being the most popular right now for the focus of efforts in getting a renewal. Well, STOP MESSAGING NETFLIX.

A rep from Netflix stated this morning that no, Netflix will not be picking the show up. And yes, it’s good to be persistent, but I think it’s fairly likely the reason behind them saying no is the fact that currently, HULUowns the rights to broadcast the show via streaming.

Let me say that againn:


If there is anywhere we should be concentrating our efforts right now, it’s there, as acquiring the rights from hulu for netflix is probably more work than they’re willing to go through. Hulu wouldn’t have to go through that hassle.

There is a way to send hulu emails from their website (which i can’t link to since I’m in Canada) that will allow us to give them the suggestion to pick the show up. Like others, I’ve already messaged them, and they replied with this

Hi Hailey,

Thanks for getting in touch with us, and thanks for the suggestion! Here at Hulu, we’re fans of Community as well, so we definitely appreciate the message. I’ll pass your request to our content team here. While that’s not a guarantee, we’re always looking to expand our library of original content, and Community would make a great addition!

If there’s anything else I can do – or if there are any other shows you’d like to see added to Hulu – please let me know.

KateAshley C.
Hulu Support

If that’s not encouraging I don’t know what is! And if enough of us (nicely) send in the suggestion to add Community to their content, it would make a HUGE difference in their consideration.

So let’s please PLEASE stop focusing our efforts on Netflix, because if we’re going to save our show, we have to be united, and our best bet right now seems to be hulu.

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Paultoryck Origins requested by @naniroxy


“What the hell, soldier?” The man known as Tord and “Red Leader” (and occasionally “the pointy headed prick” to his friends) somehow managed to convey both sheer aggravation and admiration as he spoke to the man before him and stared at the person sitting awkwardly, an arm held stiffly to his side, on a stool in what was essentially a plexiglass box. This should not have been possible, nevermind that he’d seen it before, years ago.

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Valentines day is coming up and I'm in need of cheap cute date ideas??? It's really cold here so we'd feed ducks but we can't

Museums, book stores, just stay inside and watch amovie tbh


- All my life I’ve only acted stupid for you. What I want is to always be with you. But there’s one thing I want…

- Listen. When I see my master lying in his ice coffin, all I think about is dying for him. But every time I see you, I just want to enjoy life with you.  So… I don’t allow you to do anything so stupid again.