honestly i think the explanation for everything that’s happening at SDCC is that they have filmed the kiss. and they stopped giving a fuck literally the second they filmed the scene, because it’s done now, it’s official, it’s no longer hypothetical or in the future, it’s just a thing that exists and to them it has already happened and they know it’s what the entire series amouts to, there’s no point in deflecting anymore

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A+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (OTP)

I mean, it was just ship at first sight for me!

“Cassian was sizing up Nesta, a gleam in his eyes that I could only interpret as a warrior finding himself faced with a new, interesting opponent.

Then, Mother above, Nesta shifted her attention to Cassian, noticing that gleam—what it meant. She snarled softly, “What are you looking at?”


“Your sister died—died to save my people. She is willing to do so again to protect you from war. So don’t expect me to sit here with my mouth shut while you sneer at her for a choice she did not get to make—and insult my people in the process.”

Nesta didn’t bat an eyelash as she studied the handsome features, the muscled torso. Then turned to me. Dismissing him entirely.

Cassian’s face went almost feral. A wolf who had been circling a doe … only to find a mountain cat wearing its hide instead.”

(A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas)

Words in bold are the exact moment I started shipping it, lol.

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And don’t even get me started on that extra kiss scene because come on, that is just playing dirty, okay Sarah J. Maas??!

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Send me a ship and I will grade it

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why do you make students get into debt to pay their education and start their lives with an enormous amout of money to return? some will not get the same opportunities as others

College is still one of the best investments you can make.  We have worked to expand college opportunities–that is why the President announced America’s College Promise to make 2 years of community college free for responsible students.  Communities around the country are working to make this a reality.  Learn about the progress communities are making here.



So I have come to the conclusion that there is an infinite amout of possibilities in everything. Like the clouds will never look the exact same and flowers will never bloom in the same way. Even in the simplest of actions there is an infinite amout of possible outcomes. And that’s the same with our relationship. Just because one thing happens doesn’t mean only one thing can come from it. Not everything leads to that doomsday. I just need to trust those infinite amounts of possibilities and trust you to not hurt me.
—  For Charlie

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PLEASE I'M BEGGING YOU! What's with the intern fic everyone's talking about?!?! I'm seeing it everywhere and I want to read it but it's just so long and I'm so lazy ;-; Tell me what's about please save me

For me reading is something lazy, but that’s just me…. Okay, your short briefing:

Well, ‘The Intern’ is a fanfiction written by Lutte, finished in Sep 2014. It aquired an extraordinary high popularity and has a lot of fanarts, cosplays etc. You can even buy merch. 

It’s probably so famous because it is well-written and long, so there was a fair amout of time in which people could discover it (and promote it) until it disappears in the long list of ereri fanfictions on archiveofourown. But that’s just my theory.

I actually do not want to talk about ‘The Intern’ so much. I don’t really like it, tbh. The entire fanfiction is full of emotional abuse, manipulation and negativity. I don’t support the character portrial, etc.. But this is just my opinion.

But you can read THIS to understand the fanfiction and why I don’t like it a little bit more. No offense tho.

Today, like most days, I sat down and worked on my little private pet-project animation for several hours.

But it kinda hit me that once I’m done, who will even care? I know it’s not gonna be some extravagant or impressive animation. The story isn’t that interesting either. I’m just one guy with zero formal training in animation figuring stuff out for myself, in the form or a more involved project. I don’t have any resources outside of a pirated copy of Flash. I have practically no idea what I’m doing.

Dunno, just kinda bums me out that I realize that what I’m doing, what I’m investing an incredible amout of hours and effort in, isn’t really noteworthy, or special.

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Hello ! First sorry if I make some mistakes with my word. For the pre-order of Lily love I don't understand how to pay with PayPal and why with have 3 choice of order ?

3 choices are depend of amout of vol 1 you want to order (1x, 2x or 3x).

Do you have PayPal account? If no, make one and you will transfer money to Ratana via your PP acount :)

6 Tips to Get Good Grades

1) Plan your weeks during uni

You can use a planner, your phone/computer/device, or do what I do and use a flipped A4 book with scribbled days of the week and dot points to tick off.

2) Find time to procrastinate

Trying to tell yourself that you’ll study all the time 24/7 is pointless because you’ll dread it and you’ll become demovtivated and procrastinate anyways.

3) Take the right amout of units

This sem I’m trying to maintain a WAM of above 80 so that I can comfortably switch courses. Because of this, I’m going to do 3 subjects instead of 4, but I’m taking a hard subject which might drag my WAM down if I don’t do it now. (Hi Stats!)

4) Make good notes

Notes are amazing because as you read through them you should be able to remember key concepts. Try to make them as succinct as possible but with memeory joggers. Another tip is to add a smiley face here and there so you can smile at them as you go through and study. Something else is to make your notes like a running monologue if you need to explain something to yourself. It’s better to keep it conversational so you feel like someone’s teaching it to you as opposed to you going in for another round of textbook.

5) Don’t be scared to sacrifice a bit of your social life

You can catch up in your holidays or go hard in your first couple of weeks at uni! But don’t ever sacrifice that HD for a party that you don’t really need to go to. My friend tried to organise a party one week before exams - BAD IDEA.

6) Bite-sized bits

Take little chunks of work at a time or little chunks of a subject. Not everyone can study one subject for a week straight. I sure couldn’t. I broke it up so that I would do my subject until I began to feel sick of it, then took an off day where I didn’t look at it at all. It’s easier that way!

Normally I try to stay out of this shit, but it’s getting to the point where I HAVE to get involved. Whoever is sending the anon’s to Mattias, they need to stop. Now. I am not, nor will I ever use him for sex. He means more to me than that, and he has mad me feel things I haven’t in a long ass time, the person I already plan on spending the rest of my life with and I wouldn’t ruin it for the world. Call me dull, call me faggot, call me names, i don’t give a flying fuck, but when you talk about the one person I care about the most then we have a huge issue. Mattias is a good, and decent person not to mention amazing as hell, and if you have brian or even the slightest amout of a heart you would know that he doesn’t deserve the shit you are throwing at him. So leave him the fuck alone and keep your hate and own insecurities to yourself.

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How much of yourself is in the hannah character?

//Well Hannah is based off an old imaginary friend I had when I was younger; she got scared sometimes but always did the right thing despite that. Hannah does have my occasionally timid nature and loyalty to those she cares about but other than that I don’t think there’s much else we have in common other than the fact we have the same amout of siblings

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They're not free... I mean, they're not exo members anymore but they have to keep paying sm certain amout of money until 2022 and they cant have any activities or promote in south korea or japan

oh well damn

Game over

Ghost pulled some stunt on me last night. Left me no other choice, but to block and delete his ass from every source possible. Something that should’ve been done already 6 months ago. What are you going to do?! Human curiosity can be lethal and I clearly have that more than one should. Sometimes you have to make the same mistake couple of times to be sure you were as wrong as you initially suspected to be. For what it’s worth…I’ll not carry a burden of regret with me. Always a great way to leave things.

Oh well…this could’ve been fun, but the game is over and the show must go on. Sad! I actually enjoyed this bullshit.

Plus I spit out the amout to Teddy regarding to Rio, which is higher than usually. He’s not happy, saying “no”, while I’m here thinking “After a year of pure word keeping, punctuality and being on my very best behavior…I’m not entiteled to ask more than usual?! Does he even know how lucky he is?! Alright then!” and I sigh. Sure as hell feeling lowballed. Now he’s on a silent treatment for unknown amount of time. I feel like not giving a shit, ignoring him as long as I think it’s necessary and falling out of this overall. Maybe it’s just my all time low mood talking today. Or maybe it’s time to activate the accounts and do this with more seriousness for once instead of going with random flows? I don’t know.