Episodio 35 finalmente terminato! A causa della lunghezza dell’episodio dubito che riuscirò a postare la recensione oggi (dannati impegni, sigh), per cui dovrete aspettare almeno fino a domani çwç

In compenso vi lascio un piccolo assaggio di quello che vi aspetta nel prossimo post…


MCL Boyfriend Headcanons: Confessing their feelings to candy at graduation

 (Hope this is what you wanted! I made this a separate post instead of an answer since it’s so long @melonsoupcrackers)


  • Okay, so Nathaniel is more than likely valedictorian so while he’s giving his speech, you notice that he keeps glancing at you, giving you strange looks. He’s just constantly staring at you and then averting his eyes whenever you make eye contact. Kinda weird, but cute.
  • After the ceremony when everyone is with their families and friends talking, he’d see you from the corner of his eyes and would subtly remove himself from his family to walk over to you. He’d give you a cute, shy smile and say “So, we really made it to the end, huh?”
  • Then he would start to fidget again, not knowing what to do with his hands, looking around at anything but you. You’d ask him what’s wrong. And he’d sigh and look deep into your eyes, and he’d just come out and say it. “Y/N, I think by now you should know that I really like you, and if you don’t then you’re completely oblivious because I’ve been dropping hints for the past few years.” Maybe a little bold for him but at this point he’s done with your shit, you little airhead.
  • He’d slowly lean in and kiss you, and it would be soft and short since you were around people, but he’d hug you close to him.


  • Castiel would be a wreck on graduation day tbh. He’d liked you for so long and he was not going to pass up this chance to tell you how he feels.  He’d wait until the end of the ceremony, and would stand off with his family and Lysander somewhere. He’d notice you standing off in the distance with some of the girls and he’d slowly make his way over to you. He’d ask to talk to you, and would pull you off somewhere, maybe in the empty school hallways and he’d have a pink flush on his cheeks.
  • He wouldn’t have his usual sarcastic demeanor either, he’d be very serious and this is a rare moment you’d see him genuinely nervous.
  • After stuttering for a bit, not able to find the right words, he’d finally look you in the eye and just groan, out of frustration and nervousness before he just grabs your face and kisses you with so much force you’d think your lips would be sore afterwards.
  • He’d probably pull away after like, 3 seconds and just stare at the row of lockers as if they were the most fascinating thing ever. “I hope that kiss showed you what I’ve been trying to say for the past 3 f***ing years…”


  • Lysander would decide to confess to you that morning of the graduation. He thought he would be content with just crushing on you but all of a sudden he just got this sudden fear. What if he doesn’t get to you in time?? And hate to bring this up, but the whole thing with Rosa really makes him realize, he needs to stop worrying about everyone else and put his wants first for once. He’s gonna go for it, rejection or not and he’s not going to regret it.
  • Now, that’s not to say he wouldn’t be internally freaking out. Of course he isn’t as nervous as the other guys but he’s still worried because rejection would be kind of depressing.
  • I can totally see Lysander leaving secret admirer notes. So he places an anonymous love letter in your locker a few weeks before graduation. It’s filled with so much emotion it actually makes you tear up, as he describes just how beautiful you are and how you somehow manage to brighten any room you walk into to. You kind of suspect it’s him, but he makes no move to confront you about it so you don’t either.
  • After graduation, he’d wait until you were alone to talk to you. He’ll then quote something from his letter, and then you’d know for sure that it was definitely him who wrote it. At this point he’d be a little at a loss for words so he’d simply say “Is it okay if I kiss you?” and once you consent he just dives right in. And he’s going to kiss you so gently and sweetly, it just makes your heart melt and your stomach feel all flip-floppy.


  • After waiting for so long Armin is just freaking done with life. He refuses to end his high school years without at least knowing how you feel about him. He’s going to confess and he’s going to make it the most public confession ever. He doesn’t care at this point if you like him back or not, he just wants you to know.
  • When names are being called up, he’d be fidgeting while waiting in line. His heart is beating fast but he’s determined asf. Once his name is called, he goes up to get his diploma, and whoever has the microphone, he will walk up to them and whisper in their ear, asking if he could borrow it for a quick second.
  • He takes the microphone, finds you in the audience or the line if you haven’t been called up yet and he clears his throat. “I HAVE A VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE!” He sighs and pauses for a moment before he turns to the rest of the crowd and declares his love. “I want everyone in  this building to know that I, Armin (last name?), am madly in love with (your full name). I’ve liked you for so long and it’s going to drive me insane if I don’t tell you so… There.”
  • He doesn’t face you until after everything ends, and if you return the feelings he scoops you into his arms, bridal style and spins you around while kissing you with everything he has.


  • Kentin has been dreaming of this moment since he first saw you in middle school, so for him it’s do or die. That’s like, 6-8 years of his life wasted if he doesn’t confess now! What if you go off to college and you never see him again? He has to do this today or he’s jumping off a cliff.
  • He would buy you a huge bouquet of flowers, maybe a bunch of roses. He’d wait until everything ended to give them to you, and he doesn’t care if your family is standing there, he’s going to just ask you right there. “Um… So, y-y/n… How exactly do you feel about me??”
  • He honestly wouldn’t even let you answer out of fear of being friendzoned so you’d maybe get like, 2 words in before he interrupts and just starts blabbing away. ”B-because I’ve liked you since I was like, freaking 13 and you’re just so freaking cute and pretty and beautiful and you’re just such a great person and I just don’t even understand how you’re still single- Wait, you are still single right? Wait, no don’t answer that, ANYWAY, I just really need you to know how I feel because I’m honestly freaking out right now and if I don’t confess I’m going to go bury myself in a hole and never come out, well actually I might do that anyway because you probably don’t even like me in that way and-“
  • You’re literally going to have to shut him up with a kiss because calling his name and trying to speak is just not working,