Buckle Your Shoes, It’s About To Get Real. MCL Skin Tones Update

First off, I want everyone to stop whining and be grateful that after 5 YEARS, Beemoov has finally given Chino the O.K. to create wearable skin tones. We fought for this. We begged for this. We demanded this. And now we have it!

But a few things needed to happen before she could jump right in and make them work, and we all just need to accept it and move on. 

First, we needed a new base. Please compare the old base to the new base. You will see that the shading has been GREATLY improved since the previous years. Candy no longer looks as if she is standing directly in front of the world’s brightest spotlight. Her shadows have been evened out, her curves look much more natural, and she no longer has that thick outline. I’m still not convinced that her belly button should be that low, but hey, she’s human with quirks. I shouldn’t have eaten 3 slices of pizza for lunch. We all have our struggles. 

Alright, so her base has been fixed (as much as possible without having to re-do all of the clothing as well…I’m looking at you, weird feet), now what? NOW Chino could make skin colored skin tone skins. I am aware that it sounds hilarious, stop laughing and focus.

She obviously couldn’t make every shade available in one single update without getting feedback, so she took samples and did her best. This means that she altered the original skin tone (which had a blueish hue to it, if you compare before and after), and started for scratch. Kind of. 

These are much more natural for my Candy. I know you all loved the original skin tone, but it was time for a change - and now you can pick the one closest to your skin, or your OC’s skin. Unless Chino included a manual slider to get all those tones in-between, it isn’t going to be everyone’s idea of “perfect.” 

But ladies…

IT’S SO CLOSE. You can live with this, I promise you. And I’m willing to bet that there will be even more exciting skin tones in the future (snake skins, anyone?!). Because Pandora’s box has been opened, and Chino is super creative. I bet she loves making these as much as we love using them.

I’m not commenting on the darker tones having a grayish hue to them because I really don’t see it. I am as pale as the moon is white in real life and have zero room to speak on the darker shades. When I first saw them, I thought they were gorgeous. I didn’t realize that there was any issue with them until I started seeing complaints on the forum. I’ll leave that subject for another blogger :)

Another thing that needed to happen (whether or not you like it) is Candy’s design in general. She needed an update. She was SO ready for an update. After 5 years, come on. Yes, she’s still technically in high school and should retain a bit of that youthful glow- but she isn’t 14 anymore - she’s already passed like two summers of school and 4 Halloweens probably- She’s, what, 16 by now? It’s okay that she’s growing up! However…let’s take a look at these faces and get down to WHY everyone is having a fit…

From the front, these faces aren’t too bad. The straight-on angle makes Candy look a bit more modern. However…can we all agree that the side-angle makes us want to cry? Just a bit? She looks high, and the only way she looks semi-normal is with the makeup kit that utilizes the features from Eldarya. I will agree that these need a bit of TLC. I’m sure that will come eventually. Please. That, or just make it to Episode 23 so that you can unlock the new eyes and lips (I think. Whichever episode had the makeup kit. Motivation.).

So what else changed? Candy’s hair! We are no longer bound by the dark outlines and stringy textures that held us back! Chino has a new style, and I love it! Candy’s hair is softer and cleaner. The shades are glorious, and I know it’s a bit different than the original, but after 5 years of drawing Candy, Chino was bound to improve and change her style over time!

Last but not least…

That nose. I realize that it is a preference, but with Candy’s new features being enhanced, giving her a physical nose was just a part of the package. Before the re-vamp, she basically did not have one at all. Maybe Chino will give us nose options that won’t show up in the illustrations. Maybe Chino will fix those drunken eyes. Maybe Chino will bring back the lipgloss. 

And maybe she won’t.

But improving is something we should embrace - even if some bits are wonky. 

Let us take a look at what MCL would be if Chino NEVER improved or updated anything:

I rest my case.

…j/k I’m not even sure that screen shot wasn’t from a fan-made episode, but compare your own artwork from 5 years ago to today and tell me you haven’t changed style at least a little bit.

I really hope that Chino sees that we absolutely adore all of her efforts and are thankful that our wishes are being granted.

All images from mycandylove.com