This is actually why I wanted people to tell me about their fankids. I’d like to use these images for something, if the individual creators of said fanchildren don’t mind. If you don’t want me to use them, well, just let me know but you can keep the fanart because all fankids are amazing!!! 

Allie (Contestshipping) - kasuria & toasty-coconut

Aimee (Ikarishipping) - espeonsweetie

Alex (Amourshipping) - purimpopoie (based on this picture by mailmandragonite)

Gina (Rocketshipping) - novanoah

Oliver (Wishfulshipping) - pkmncoordinators (based on this picture by kasuria)

Nathan (Pokeshipping) - napdragonn

Sophia (Pearlshipping) - noodlerama

Arianne (Geekchicshipping) 

I did get a couple other ones, but I’m going to try to work those in another way.

¡Hey! No sé si lo sabíais ya, pero Anguelitonegro está creando un juego genderbender (con los sexos cambiados, es decir, rosalya será un hombre y podremos ligar con él/ella) y lo mejor de todo… tiene los permisos de ChiNo y Beemov, por lo que no tendría que haber problema :D y tal y como dice la imagen, su hubiera tendríamos al menos vídeos en youtube :3 me alegra decir que según una publicación tendremos el juego a finales de agosto, aún así, si queréis más info ya tenéis el link de Anguelitonegro y demás aquí tenéis el link de la imagen

¿Con qué chica/o creéis que acabaréis?

Ahhhhh today’s episode <3

I tend to subconsciously base my decision on whether to watch the Spanish subs for each episode on how many times Ash says Serena’s name…I’m definitely watching them today :p

- Okay so can we talk about how many times Ash and Serena made physical contact today?

- It was 3, for the record. Which I really liked, for obvious reasons, but especially since it’s so rare to begin with.

- A lot of people (myself included) thought that Ash holding Serena’s shoulders in the first couple of preview thumbnails would be because she was injured or something similar. Someone on Serebii said something like ‘well we all thought she was injured here but it turns out she was just scared. Oh well :p’ (totally paraphrased btw) but I actually think that makes it an even better hint. I mean, if she were injured, Ash would sort of be obliged to hold her up, otherwise…well, he’d be a dick. But instead, he was comforting her because she was scared, which he could have done without his hands on her shoulders (without being a dick), so I thought that was pretty sweet c:

- bOnNiE aNd cLeMoNt are sO cUTE oH my gOD

- I had several sudden rushes of affection for Braixen throughout this episode. Sometimes it just hits me like wow hot damn Braixen is a queen and also my spirit Pokemon (dat sass)

- Similarly, Chespin is the mothafuckin court jester .-.

- My favorite thing about this episode was probably the balance of hints. Usually, most (if not all) hints come from Serena. And sure, you could argue that nothing in this episode was a real indication of anyone having a crush on anyone and that all their interactions were purely platonic. But tbh, when I look for moments between them (note that I say “moments” and not “hints”), I don’t really care if they’re romantic in nature. They need to bond and become close friends before any sort of romance can occur–mostly for the sake of Ash. I just don’t see Ash developing feelings for anyone he doesn’t already have a close bond with, at least for this initial breaking of the Wall of Denseness. That being said, I do think that he already feels differently about Serena than his other friends; I don’t think he’s aware of it and I don’t think it’s a full-blown crush yet, simply because he does not act like a person with a crush. He acts like someone who cares about her. He acts like he doesn’t realize that she’s special to him in a different way than his friends or even his Pokemon. It’s not like you can see it in every move he makes, which I think is partly because his attention span is nonexistent and partly because he doesn’t realize he feels differently so he doesn’t always think about it (because that’s just not what Ash does). Did any of that make sense? Man, this was supposed to be about the episode. Ah well. I don’t have any more to say about it for now. If my brain goes on amourverdrive again, I’ll probably make another post. Like I do. Sorry I don’t even know if I’m making sense any more I’m gonna stop typing now love you all :x

Pretty cool episode, I loved the first half, preeetty much just because Amour lol. Also I like how there were people at forums complaining about Ash riding the Mamoswine, yet he just ended up failing at the hard part and Serena came in like Lemme handle this. Also I enjoyed how Serena went in to confront the Abomasnow with Ash, through the Blizzard. She is learning the ways of the badass.

At the end Clemont called them the “greatest party”, since they all have their own strengths and stuff. I didn’t really think about that during the episode, I just took it for granted, but yeah, it was actually shown pretty well in the episode. So that was a nice touch.

Side notes:

- Enjoyed Noibat’s little role there

- Gourgeist used a new move, Seed Bomb (as well as Shadow Ball and Dark Pulse, so either Leech Seed or Frustration is gone, probably Frustration since they seem so close with Jessie now. I still wish it had learned Return to come full circle now)

- Speaking of Gourgeist, I liked that Jessie was still on that high from last week in the beginning of this episode


Para todas (como yo) que estaban nerviosas por los rediseños de Chino, llega esta noticia!!
Falta de tiempo por las vacaciones de verano tanto de ella como las de los miembros de su equipo, han condicionado a que en el próximo episodio no se vea ningún re diseño de los personajes. Aunque a decir verdad yo esperaba mucho el de Armin.
Bueno pues ahora pueden descansar, no habrá ninguna sorpresa para el próximo episodio mas allá del encontronazo con la alumna nueva.