“Sende bir şey var.Bana derin derin nefes aldıran bir şey.“

Candy’s tag (get to know mine)~

Rules: This is for your candy. Fill with what your candy could answer.

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Full name: Billy Evans Castro

Gender: Femaaaale

Zodiac sign: Taurus, my b-day is the 16 of May if you wanna know (~w~)/

Crush (and why): oh, I have a REALLY BIIIIIIIIIIG CRUSH on Lysander 🙀 oh boi, where do I start… At first I thought he was a ghost… yeah, that’s very common when you first meet someone xD I was very curious about him, and some day he offered to help me with a class. Woah, you should see him talk about poetry, hes very passionate. Evenually I fell in love, I don’t know how, he’s very sweet and caring, and talented, and funny, and intelligent and patient and …

Favorite Color: Blue!

Favorite band/singer: I love jazz, and I love Bill Evans 

Favorite Food: Ramen!  ミ ゚Д゚彡

Last movie watched: Hidden Figures

Describes yourself in five words: funny, extroverted, hard-working, talkative, friendly

First Kiss: Once I met this guy in the beach… what was his name… Dake! I was soooooo bored and he showed up and offered me an ice-cream (lololol saying it like that it seems like I would go with any guy who offered me sweets xDD). He told me if I would like to go surfing and it seemed fun. By that time I had just moved to the city so I was kinda alone. He kissed me and it was okay, but I didn’t see him again so I forgot about that (the ice-cream was really good though)

Make a Wish just for yourself: I want to travel to space someday ~

Today’s clothes:

Ô toi ma Rose...

Toi, la jeune fille posé dans le hall d’entrée du bâtiment A. Je t’ai remarqué. Je t’ai remarqué dès lors que j’ai pu poser mon regard sur toi, dès lors que j’ai pu observer les lignes de ton visage. Tu m’as de suite foudroyé, attiré, doux serait l’euphémisme si je disais que j’étais tombé amoureux de toi. Sans même que je t’ai parlé, sans même que je n’ai songé savoir ton prénom, je t’aimais déjà. C’était la première fois que ça m’arrivais, et je crois que je n’avais aucune envie de venir de parler. Aucune envie de venir te parler, de peur que la magie s’effondre, que mes fantasmes s’abandonnent, que mon amour s’envole. Alors je suis resté là, à te regarder, à chaque récréation, à chaque sortie. Sans rien dire, sans jamais ne m’être fait remarqué, sans jamais que mon regard ne puisse croiser le tien. Un beau jour, j’ai paniqué, tu venais en ma direction, tu m’as parlé. Timidement, mais tu m’as parlé, tu m’as adressé la parole. J’en étais heureux, soulagé, comblé. A la manière de Jack, t’aurai été la Rose pour laquelle j’aurai tout donné, tout quitté, à laquelle j’aurai donné ma vie, ma vie toute entière.

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Ce qui rend les amitiés indissolubles et double leur charme, est un sentiment qui manque à l’amour : la certitude.
—  Honoré de Balzac, Illusions perdues
(Deuxième partie – Un grand homme de province à Paris)

Ahh I still need the clothes on MCL and on AS, can someone help me out? I’m missing about 6 pieces for each server. ;; I’ll buy you some clothes too of course!

(It would be nice if I could get just the hair on my SC account too! I don’t really need any of the rest for that one. ^^)