amour de jeunesse

Malheur à celui qui, au milieu de la jeunesse, s’abandonne à un amour sans espoir ! Malheur à celui qui se livre à une douce rêverie avant de savoir où sa chimère le mène et s’il peut être payé de retour ! Mollement couché dans une barque, il s’éloigne peu à peu de la rive, il aperçoit au loin des plaines enchantées, de vertes prairies et le mirage léger de son Eldorado. Les vents l’entraînent en silence et, quand la réalité le réveille, il est aussi loin du but où il aspire que du rivage qu’il a quitté ; il ne peut ni poursuivre sa route ni revenir sur ses pas.
—  Alfred de Musset
Awkward (Washington x reader)

Hercules isn’t mentioned because he’s off being a tailor spyin’ on the British government (I take their measurements, information and then I smuggle it..).  Just wanted to clarify!!

Also!!  I am very nervous about this one, as it’s my first Washington fic.  Any feedback would be appreciated.  

When you had first told your parents you were going to serve as a nurse, they didn’t believe you.  Now you were saving lives daily and you’d never looked back.  Sure, it was hard, grueling work, often thankless work, but you were making a difference–you were aiding the revolution!  History was happening, and you were there–that was priceless, and it was enough to get you through each day.

Still, it could be hard sometimes.  You were lucky to have friends like Alexander, John and Lafayette, who were always there for you whenever you were having a hard time, on the days when you couldn’t save a soldier.  When someone died.  They made sure you always understood how valuable your service was and how grateful they were for your contribution to the war.

You were outside, washing the blood out from some rags, when you saw Alexander approach.

‘Y/N!’ he called out.

‘Stay quiet, Alexander; you might disturb the resting soldiers in the hospital tent.’

‘Somber as ever,’ he teased.  You smiled, and he continued; ‘Anyway, I’m afraid I have to tear you from your work–the General wants to see you.’

‘The General?’  Your heart began to pound, but you quickly got it under control.  Feelings like… that, despite being natural, really didn’t have much of a place on the battlefield.

‘Do you have a hearing problem?’ Alexander laughed.

‘Okay, okay, stop laughing, Alexander,’ you said.

Without further ado, Alexander grabbed you by the wrist and started pulling you toward the General’s tent.  Once you arrived, Alexander unceremoniously pushed you inside.

The General stood inside, looking unusually awkward; 6′2 in the small tent, slouching slightly.

‘Ah, Y/N–hello.  Come in, sit down.’

You looked around but there were no chairs.

‘Sir, are you okay?’ you asked.

‘This is quite difficult for me to express–’

The General was cut off as Alexander yelled out from outside the tent; ‘I can’t take this anymore!’

Suddenly, Alexander, John and Lafayette burst into the tent.

‘Mon Général–you are fantastique in the battlefield but hopeless in the bedroom!’

You froze.

‘Put some passion into your words!  Talk fervently and ardently; it doesn’t matter what you say as long as you say something!’ Hamilton exclaimed.

John produced a bouquet of flowers out behind from his back–they were presumably thrust into the General’s hands, but you couldn’t see.  You had not moved a muscle–you hadn’t even twitched an eyeball–since the three men had burst in.  Your brain was too busy trying to invent explanations for the scene in front of you.

‘Y/N!’  You heard Alexander calling your name, but it sounded distant.  It called you back to reality.

As your vision refocused, you saw the General standing in front of you, stoic and awkward, holding out John’s bouquet towards you.

‘Y/N, I admire you greatly and think you’re a wonderful person.  Would you do me the honor of allowing me to court you?’

Alexander, John and Lafayette slowly backed out of the tent.

‘Sir?  What are you talking about?’

He let the bouquet fall to the floor and took a step back.  ‘I knew those flowers wouldn’t work… shouldn’t have listened to Laurens…’  You caught parts of what the General was murmuring.

‘Sir, I’d like an explanation.’

The General started, having been caught in his ramblings.

‘It’s simple–I want to court you.’

You were still itching for a full explanation; ‘Why?’

‘You’ve got steadfast dedication when it comes to your soldiers, and will go to any lengths to help them.  You’re a good friend to Hamilton, Laurens and Lafayette and you’re fiercely intelligent.’

‘But how do you know all this?’

In a rare moment, the General flushed.  ‘I watch,’ he whispered.

‘What?’ you asked, not quite able to hear him.

‘I watch.  I supervise over everyone here, and I’ve seen you; I’ve heard you.  It’s strange, but I feel like I know you… I want you to get to know me.’

He’d heard whispers, he’d seen you briefly, but one question still nagged you.

‘But why would you want to court someone you don’t love?’ you exclaimed passionately.

The General looked up, surprised; ‘What?’

‘To court someone is to acknowledge you have a happy future with them, whether for love or for wealth.  I am not wealthy; why court me unless you love me?’

Silence hung until the General spoke; ‘Why do you doubt that I love you?’

‘… What?’

‘An incomplete love it may be, but I cannot deny that I have feelings for you.  You wear who you are on your sleeve, whether consciously or not.’

You reached out and grabbed the General’s arm; he tensed under your touch.

‘Sir… there’s no place for romance on the battlefield; no place for love,’ you said.

‘But isn’t love the very thing that spurs many to war, whether romantic or not?’ the General responded.

It was difficult to be stoic in the face of such possibility.  Your mind made up, you moved closer to the General.

‘Touché, sir.’

‘Please, call me George.’

You smiled and kissed George on the cheek.  He looked surprised and you laughed.

‘When you were talking about how it felt like you knew me, even though we’d never talked,’ you said, ‘I couldn’t help but be moved… because I felt the same.’

Looking George in the eye, you said, ‘It would be my honor to allow you to court me.’

You heard whooping from outside the tent and yells of ‘Finally!’, ‘You go, Wash!’ and ‘Amour de jeunesse (Young love)!  So belle (beautiful)…’

You couldn’t believe the nerve of your friends, but you couldn’t be angry for long–not when you were still trying to process the events of the last fifteen minutes.

‘I’ll deal with them,’ George sighed reluctantly.

You squeezed his hand.  ‘We’ll talk after supper?’

He squeezed back.  ‘I’ll look forward to it,’ he said, before walking out the tent.

Mais je sais que le lien qui nous unit est plus fort que le temps qui passe et je te quitte avec l’espoir de te retrouver, un jour, quand nous serons plus libres, plus grands et plus dignes de notre amour.
—  Mia Hansen-Love, Un amour de jeunesse

anonymous asked:

so im in a mood to watch some new films, do you have any recs?

i recently watched Esteros on netflix which was pretty good!! idk if you mean recent films or films you’ve never seen but here’s a few more:

  • Brazil (1985)
  • Un Amour de Jeunesse (2011)
  • Maurice (1987)
  • Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (2015)
  • A Bigger Splash (2015) 
  • Orlando (1992)
  • In the Loop (2009)
  • Jane Eyre (2011)
  • Children of Men (2006)

Sur ma peau
J'ai saigné mes promesses
Gravées à fleurs de mots
Mes amours de jeunesses

Sur ma peau
Rien ne s'efface
Et même si tout passe
Je jure d'embrasser mes promesses
Ou d'y laisser ma peau.

—  Louis Delort.
Je me dis que les amours de jeunesse marquent les âmes à l'encre indélébile. Mais ce qui me fait mal c'est que je n'ai été l'amour de personne jusque-là. Personne ne parlera de moi à ses enfants lorsqu'ils évoqueront leurs premiers émois. Peut-être même que personne ne se souviendra de moi plus tard. Je suis juste de passage dans leurs vies à tous, un coup de vent qu'on oublie au prochain rayon de soleil.