amoung the living


1987. Amoung The Living

is the third album by band Anthrax, The album was released in March 22.

The BBC has described the album as “arguably their big breakthrough”, and “often cited by fans as their favourite Anthrax album”.

The cover of Among the Living is often believed to depict the character Randall Flagg, the subject of the album’s title track, the antagonist from the Stephen King novel The Stand. However, drummer Charlie Benante says that it is not Randall Flagg: “I wasn’t thinking about [The Stand] when I had the idea” for the cover.

The song “I Am the Law” is based on the comic book character Judge Dredd.  Numerous characters, settings, and story elements from Dredd’s fictional universe are referenced in the song’s lyrics, and “A Skeleton In The Closet” is inspired by a Stephen King novella, “Apt Pupil”.

This was the final Anthrax album to feature songwriting contributions from original bassist Danny Lilker, who, despite having left the band after 1984’s Fistful of Metal, was credited as the co-writer of several Anthrax songs for the next two albums. On Among the Living, he is credited as the co-writer of the songs “I Am the Law” and “Imitation of Life”.

The album was dedicated to the memory of Metallica bassist Cliff Burton, a highly regarded figure in the thrash community who died six months prior to the album’s release.

As you all know, Anthrax is in the big 4, so Among the Living is one of the easiest metal albums to get ahold of, and it’s a true classic.

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So, I’m watching a video about parallel universes and alternate realities. It got me thinking. What if there is another Earth? And what if the people on this version of Earth figured out parallel universes exist and figured how to travel to them. And what if they traveled here? So, what if the UFO’s we see are really just those people watching us? Or what if these people integrated themselves into our culture and are living amoung us? 

Quote: Virgo the Starry Maiden🌟

“As a alternative figure for Virgo, manilus offers Astraea, the “starry maiden,” who has long been identified with justice and was the last of the gods to leave earth. Astraea lived amoung men in the Golden Age, but fled to heaven when mankind grew to unwisdom. The English queen Elizabeth I, also often referred to as Astraea by the sycophants who surrounded her. It is important to remember that the earliest associations of Virgo had far more to do with beauty and kindness than with virginity and coldness. Indeed the modern emphasis on the cool frigidity of the sign is quite ridiculous.“

From the book: Sun and Moon Signs by Julia Parker

So, the species inhabiting Split City thusfar:

Sarchitekta: big freaky metal demon things, when they die they violently ‘unfold’ into new districts of the city. Very rare, very powerful, and very difficult to kill. Killing one is actually basically like, trying to 'murder’ a walking nuclear powerplant to like, have fun “winning” that battle my dude….

Haruspers: the main inhabitants of the city! They’re weird chicken people,… they have metal bones and toxic blood, which is a big reason why the Sarchitekta value them so much! Despite being … people, they’re treated more like pets or livestock. They’re even Bred for aesthetically appealing traits by the appearance conscious Ulloa.

Ellyllo: shapeshifters that live amoungs other races. They’re susceptible to the toxins of the Haruspers, yet survive better amongst them than the more perceptive Vuxte. Rumor has it there are cities of just Ellyllo somewhere out there, floating around in the Lovis desert, completely untethered by and independent of any Sarchitekta……

Vuxte: vampiric species that lurk around in the lower 'cold’ districts. They are immune to the Haruspers’ Poison, but unlike the other two species are very succeptible to Sarchitekta radiation, which is why they only live in the older parts of the city where the effects have all but faded. They deal with it about as well as humans deal with radiation….

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It's interesting that the out-of-control Eyepatch (from the Kanou raid) is depicted in TG:re 43 with white AND black hair (a la Haise), instead of Shironeki's actual pure white hair at point. Is it Haise imagining himself in that situation, or Amon's ambivalence about Kaneki's humanity at that point coming through?

I noticed that to, it is a bit weird Haise would see a Kaneki with black and white hair (or maybe himself). It could be Haise is beginning to imagine himself as Kaneki, and this is showing how the two of their minds are beginning to meld or warp with one another. 

I’m not sure about it as a sign of Amon’s confusion and conflicted beliefs about Kaneki, because Haise while he lives amoung humans is deep down no less human than the person Amon met before the Kanou raid. Plus it would have to be Haise imagining Amon’s ambivalence based on a memory he may not have even recovered, so that feels like a bit of a stretch.

Of course I have a third idea. It could be an interesting transition shot. The pain of  Haise imagining the semi real images of his past plus the actual images. He may have clutched his face in pain while imagining himself as Kaneki ergo the mixed images. Any of those reasons seems really interesting to look at Ishida is awesome. (also it would explain why Haise looks sweaty and has his hand up near his face when he sees Kaneki, and why the image of Kaneki’s kagune is normal instead of centipede in the Kanou Raid portion of the notes)