00Q LDWS Drabbles: Final Week!

Here are the drabbles for the last week of the MI6 Cafe’s 00Q Last Drabble Writer Standing competition!

Prompt: a photo prompt! 

wild card (writer’s choice) 
Word count: up to 250

Voters–after you read, check out this form to vote for your top three drabbles! You can also leave anonymous feedback for the writers! Who can vote? Anyone who’s read the drabbles! Yes, that includes YOU!  

Writers–you may also vote, but we do ask that you vote for three drabbles other than your own.  

The voting period ends on Monday at 9am PDT / 12pm EDT / 4pm UTC.

Remember, readers–it’s up to YOU to decide who will wind up on top at the end of the competition!

Drabbles are under the read-more:

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00Q Fic Recs

A somewhat comprehensive list gathered during the first weekly 00Q chat.

FIRST I’ll begin with what is- imo- the holy trinity of 00Q fic. If you’re new to the fandom, start with these:

Special thanks to @amottledrose for helping put this together since I couldn’t pull the chat archive. Full rec list under the cut!

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Fanfiction writers,

I know there are already many challenges and exchanges going on, but I created this two years ago and I decided to share it with you anyway. Because this is multifandom!

Starting 24 December and ending 1 January, write one fic/ficlet; there is a crossover on 1 Jan.


Fandoms: at least two, maximum is eight – the more the merrier, though

Pairings: again, 2-8+

  • Unlimited number of pairings, since multiple pairings in one work are possible. Optional, but welcome.
  • OT3s, platonic pairings, crossover pairings (in the crossover) possible.
  • You don’t have to write for pairings at all, it can as well be a bunch of friends at a party or something.
  • You can write one pairing in one fandom over and over again, but it’s better if you do more.

Ratings: all

Word count: 100-2,5K, crossover up to 5K

  • It can be a drabble, ficlet, or a full fanfic, but oneshot.
  • You can do multichapters too. However, another chapter isn’t considered as another work. It must be nine independent works altogether.
  • A chapter or sequel to already existing work does count.

Genres: fluff, humour, crack, Christmassy tropes, smut, angst, anything

Tags: tag your work with #9dayscwc2016 or #9dcwc within first five tags, you know the deal

  • If you have an AO3 account, better post it both here and there. Put it in this collection.
  • Consider creating a series for your works.

more info under cut

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Soft Around the Middle

So, this happened because @a-forger-and-a-point-man is also a fan of this pic and I’m a sucker for fluff/schmoop/James being insecure about literally anything.

Contents: 00q, retirement, fluff, schmoop, they’re ridiculous and in love.

He knew it was a mistake the minute he pulled the jacket around to button it.

He’d been deliberately avoiding the signs from his trousers, the letting out of his belt by a notch, his preference for cardigans, but now it was impossible to ignore: he could no longer button the dinner jacket.


“What’s wrong?” Q poked his head into the bedroom from the ensuite where he was still doing things with his hair. Six years, and James still didn’t know exactly what it was the man did that made his hair stay in one place but still manage to be soft enough to touch. Q was determined to keep it a mystery.

Currently, his hair was sticking up rather charmingly, but it would soon be tamed into place, and then James would take great delight in mussing it again that night.

“It’s the jacket.”

Q chuckled. “I thought so.”

James poked at his stomach. “Why didn’t you tell me I’d got fat?”

Q laughed outright at that. “Oh, hardly. Besides, I rather like it.”

“What?” James frowned into the mirror, perplexed.

“I like it,” Q repeated, stepping out of the bathroom and coming over to wrap his arms around James’ waist, his hands coming to rest on the small bulge under his shirt.

“You’re putting me on.”

“No, really. It means you’re happy,” Q said, running his nose over the shell of James’ ear, and James shivered. He watched Q’s eyes darken as they stared into his. “Relaxed. Comfortable.”


“Because you can afford to be. Because you’re allowed.”

“Because I’m old.”

Q slapped his shoulder at that. “Stop it. I happen to like the wrinkles, too. And the silver that’s crept into your scruff. Yes, I’ve noticed,” Q said before James could open his mouth. “And I like all of it, because it means you’ve survived, James. You lived. And now you’re allowed to grow old and soft and comfortable.”

James laced his fingers into Q’s still spread over his belly. Put like that, he could hardly argue, but that didn’t mean he had to like it.

Q must have seen something in his expression because he turned his palm up and squeezed James’ hand and pulled him away from the mirror.

“I’ll show you,” Q said, guiding James toward the bed.

He pulled James up close, face to face, and slid his hands under the shoulders of the jacket, pushing it off his shoulders.


“Hush.” And Q silenced any further protest with a kiss.

It was a matter of moments, with an ease born of habituation, and James was laid out on the bed, naked, Q hovering above him, skin pale and smooth under James’ hands.

Q was sitting up on James’ thighs, his cock half-hard but forgotten as he traced the pattern of James’ scars with feather-light fingertips. It had been years since they’d done anything like this - taken the time to explore, reacquaint, take comfort. The need had fallen away after James had retired and the pair had spent Q’s mandatory leave in more domestic pursuits. It had no longer been necessary to feel Q’s pulse under his lips to remind himself that he was alive and their couplings had lost their desperate edge.

But this was something new, or not new perhaps but rediscovered; the joy to be found under Q’s gaze, the pleasure at knowing Q’s body better than he knew his own, the chuckle pulled from his throat as Q playfully poked him in the ribs.

Q bent and placed reverent kisses all across James’ belly where it softened under his ribs. He nuzzled, caressed, petted until James was outright laughing. But Q had proven his point. James pulled him in for a proper kiss.


It was much later when James settled back with Q snugged up against his shoulder, his hand playing idly in Q’s hair, and Q wrapped around him in turn. He pressed a soft kiss to Q’s forehead and buried his nose in the dark curls.

“Thank you,” James said.

“F’r what?” Q mumbled, already half-asleep. James chuffed, amused. After sex was the only time the man fell asleep without complaint.

“Putting up with an old warship like me.”

James felt Q roll his eyes against his shoulder.

“I don’t ‘put up’ with anything, you know.”

“I know.”

“Then don’t say ridiculous things.”

“But as you so often remind me, I am a ridiculous man.”

“Mm. But you’re my ridiculous man. Now shut up or I’ll never get to sleep.”

James bit back the laugh. “I love you,” he whispered into Q’s hair.

The only response was a soft snuffle against his neck and Q wriggling closer under the duvet.

@amottledrose - thanks <3