[Amotional] Composition Notebook Transcript

Heeeeey.  So this is the Majora’s Mask/Pacific Rim/Neon Genesis Evangelion that’s been rattling about in my brain for a couple days.

Note, this is not a PLOT document like I’ve posted before–a nicely structured document with all details present and uniformly formatted and with similar ideas and concepts grouped together. 

This is literally a word-for-word (including spelling mistakes) transcript of the notes I’ve written in my Composition Notebook, which is a pell-mell, free-for-all, write-it-down-as-I-think-about-it collection of thoughts and notes.

As well, this is literally everything I’ve written/just about everything I’ve thought about, so it’s going to be spoilery out the wazoo

Read if you’re interested–I certainly find it… interesting?  I don’t know if I’m going to take this anywhere, but I am a bit intrigued by the ideas myself.

Formatting guide: 

Normal writing; cursive; in a box (or just bolded in the text)

now that I think about it, I should just put the stuff in the boxes in the “quote bar” IDK what to call it but that’s not an option on Pages documents

Oof; some of the formatting I needed to add to the Pages document in order to have it reflect the composition notebook (because I even copied the tabbing style) ended up turning the web-transcript into a MESS, so I apologize for that.  I might go through and clean it up at some point, but…

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Cocteau Twins - My Truth

[150505] FANCAM - BTS

It’s been an amazing year!! Obstacles, achievements, tears, laughs… It’s been emotional, but I would do it all over again! Love you ❤️ #baby #love #oneyear #amote #Lausanne #switzerland #vsco #vsco_pt #vscocam #vscopeople #bevsco #visualvibes #tour #gopro #hero4 #photooftheday #photo #landscape #selfie #selfiegopro #ig_suisse #freedomthinkers #loves_switzerland

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Name: Kate N

Nickname: Katey, Nooney, idk cant think of anymore 

Birthday: 27 April

Star Sign: Taurus

Gender: Female

Height: Um 5ft 6 i think

Sexual Orientation: I think straight not sure haven’t ever liked anyone or whatever 

Romantic Orientation: idk what this means so yea…..

Favorite Colour: Black

Time and date at the moment: 6:59pm May 6th 2015

Average hours of sleep per night: Idk 7 maybe 

Lucky number: 27

Last thing i googled: Twenty One Pilots Videos

First word to come to mind: AHHH ummmm *is scared*

One place that makes you happy: My bed 

How many blankets do you sleep under: 2

Favorite Fictional character: Charlie (Perks of being a wallflower) or Peeta (Hunger games)

Favorite tv shows: SUPER NATURAL, Bobs burgers, Futurama um dont really watch tv so thats it i guess

Favorite music/band: Twenty one pilots, My chemical romance, Crown the empire, Sleeping with sirens, All time low, Pierce the veil, Amity Affliction, Falling in reverse, Panic! at the disco. 

Last Movie i saw in theaters: I actually cant remember 

Dream holiday: Touring the world as a awkward friend of my friends who will be a band and we ride around in a tour bus being awesome and lazy 

Dream Job: Doing something awesome and getting paid loads (idk what i want to be..)

Wearing right now: Black jeans, grey singlet and red flannel 

Last thing i read: Perks of being a wallflower <3

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