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Fanfarlo - “I’m a Pilot”

My Fanfarlo Experience

So on Wednesday I went to see my favorite band in concert at Lincoln Hall in Chicago. That band is Fanfarlo and I will now share my amazing experience. When I got to Lincoln Hall I was one of the first few people there, the Fanfarlo Van/Bus was already there and I could hear them sound checking through the doors. So already I was getting excited knowing that I am about to see them in just a few hours. While waiting around inside of the bar/lounge area of Lincoln Hall I got to meet all them! First I had a little talk with the drummer Amos, he ran the merchandise area so I bought myself the Vinyl of their new album as well as my first Fanfarlo shirt. Luckily I also brought my Deluxe Edition of their album along with a sharpie so I could get their autographs!! I won’t go into much detail of how I met each member but in the end I got each of their signatures on my album. I also got to talk to them a little bit which made my night so much more amazing than it already was. Once the doors opened to the stage I was one of the first in and got to the very front of center stage. I also grabbed a gig poster off of the wall! The first band Gardens & Villa were also amazing and I got to speak with the lead singer after the show. But then Fanfarlo Came out and performed the most amazing show, it was fun, and exciting, I got to exchange a few words with them while they were on stage. After the set was done I grabbed one of the set lists! And of course I stuck around way after the show and got to talk with each one of them a little bit more. The last thing I did is take a picture with Justin finch outside Lincoln Hall and began to make my way home. I will never forget my night! I know that Fanfarlo will always be my favorite band simply because of the memories I have from them. Here is a picture of all the stuff I got from the concert.

(My Deluxe Album signed by each band member, gig poster, vinyl, shirt, set-list)

Top 10 Albums of 2012

7. Fanfarlo - Rooms Filled With Light
I’ve been a big fan of Fanfarlo since my sister introduced me to their first album, and although it doesn’t top Reservoir for me, I love this equally delightful second album too. The gorgeous lead vocals of Amos Memon and Cathy Lucas harmonize perfectly, and the five-piece band uses a variety of unusual instruments. The lyrics are wonderful and slightly ambiguous (which is a compliment coming from me; the less I can understand what a song means, the more I like it). This review may be short, but trust me, it’s a fantastic album!

Favorite Tracks: Tunguska, Shiny Things, Lenslife, Deconstruction, Replicate