amos alonzo stagg

Reasons why studying in the Mansueto Library (whose land was, way back in the day, home to UChicago’s football field) is awesome:

“I can imagine sitting on this same spot watching Chicago defeat Michigan or someone in football.  Like, here was where Amos Alonzo Stagg stood, and waved the Maroons to victory, and I’m sitting here doing my homework. In the same place.”

-Dexter, O, Class of 2013

And now walking onto the field the…Stubby Christians?

This excerpt from The Springfield Student in 1960 displays the rich history of football at Springfield College.

In 1890, Amos Alonzo Stagg, the father of American Football, organized the first football program on campus. His two teams were made up of faculty and students, with a one James Naismith playing center.

The team names were Stagg’s Eleven and the Stubby Christians. Thank goodness those names didn’t stick.