MCL Volleyball Uniforms!

The results were clear! The black, yellow and white uniform has won with 12 votes! (Find the poll here, but from today on the votes won’t count anymore)


I changed a few things from the original, but I like how it looks! AS stands for “Amour Sucre”, because y’know, french is the original version and so on.

What shoes you wear or if you wear kneepads or any other kind of pads is completely your decision!

Do you like it? What are your thoughts?

You don’t know what the volleyball club is?
Read more HERE and check the free numbers HERE!

MCL Kids Weekend Mini Events~

A mini event for MCL kids weekend next week~

If you want to participate, feel free to~

Think of it as a type of ‘message to my past self’ kind of moment, where everyone either draws/drabbles/dreams or comments with their Candies interacting with their younger selves. I’ve seen many candies and there are many different interactions to be seen with the current and past selves! And all of you creative peeps who want to take it a step further can do this type of thing for the canon characters as well!

So, small event with Candy interacting with Kid! Candy. :3

Tag as #MCL Kids Interaction or #MCL Kids Mini Event, so I can see and keep up as well~

For memory, Tags for the event overall are #MCL Kids and #MCL kids weekend~

Can’t wait for next week~

[All Mother:] ‘You fought to withdraw from a location which has, inside it, severe, quantifiable pain. I nearly terminated the mission… nearly terminated your life. Yet, you desire to set course back to it. I am not equipped to comprehend human rationale. Sirius… is this what love is?’


[Sirius Amory:] 'Yes.’

—  Coheed and Cambria “Dark Side of Me” (All Mother to Sirius Amory)
Sven and Amory: Labor
  • Amory:sven, you have to get home right now.
  • Sven:Youd sound more forceful over text with capitalization.
  • Amory:i am in labor.
  • Sven:Haha I’m not falling for that one.
  • Amory:y water broke and you will not answer when i call and i am going to the hospital right now so you had better get your ass moving
  • Sven:Piece of shit phone doesn’t accept calls, remember? Swear to god you better not be lying.
  • Amory:my mother is coming do you really think im lying?
  • Sven:No, I think youre telling the truth, thats why I’m accusing you of lying.
  • Amory:ok get here soon
  • Sven:Yea yea, on my way
  • Amory:just kidding. i am bored to shit. bring me some chunky monkey
  • Sven:I so am not.
  • Amory:you will because you love me or i will kill you while you sleep
  • Sven:Incentive!
  • Amory:i’lll let you touch my boob
  • Sven:........ Wtf Ams
  • Amory:love u. bring ice cream
  • Sven:I want some this time.
  • Amory:if youre quick
  • Sven:Pfftt. Gonna hafta fish it out of your mouth with my tongue then, huh?
  • Amory:perfect
  • Sven:*waggles brows*