Summary: Huddling-for-warmth Amorralok … kind of?

Rating: T; no major warnings

Threesome: Amorralok

Word count: 467


Because fate is a pregnant, wolf-tiger, Korra finds herself trapped in a cave with Tarrlok and Noatak as a blizzard rages outside. It was supposed to be a simple hunting trip. In her defense, Korra never intended to visit her uncle for spiritual guidance with the purpose of shacking up with her two former enemies. It just sort of happen. Like love at first time, except love is hate, and hate is inexplicable friction.

Noatak’s proposal doesn’t go over well with her. Her exact words can be summed up with, “Wait, right now?” Though more shock should be added to the pot, turned up to simmer. Tarrlok’s reaction fluctuates a bit. He’s mostly a spider-snake, shedding skins when it best suits him, and it’s not certain whether his bafflement or fleeting smugness is the real facade. It’s probably the most emotion he’s shown in these last five years he’s been in this mental hibernation to preserve himself.

“There aren’t many other options,” Noatak replies, limbs stiff.

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Cheating the Spirits BONUS CHAPTER

One sunny day, Arja does as many toddlers do and poops in the bath tub. Tarrlok freaks out, sobs at the sight of sullied porcelain, and drinks himself into a stupor like a good dad.

Korra gets angry at her failed airbending training–except for that one day she nearly blew Arja into the ocean–and she joins him. Anyway, they continue this for years after they fail as parents continuously due to the awkward plagues of author neglect and irony.

So, after these bouts of shared despair, they die of cirrhosis because they drank so much, leaving Arja embittered because nobody loves her. But luckily, Noatak is there to fulfill the role of the emotionally incompetent father to his disgruntled bastard child, and they spend time hating each other like all good families do. Then Meelo farts in his face and he dies, leaving Arja to lead the Equalist revolution. 

In the end, Arja is alone and sad and has a huge headache, like I do right now. Don’t say that I never update!