Korra Criticism Day

Dear Korra,

Korra, baby. I love you, but you have issues, and I’ve held this in long enough.

It’s bad enough to have a romantic subplot consume the main issue, but girl, if you’re going to be indecisive about which of the brothers’ dicks you want, why Mako and Bolin? Why not Councilman Sexy McDoucheface or Masked Actual Psychic Bloodbending Asshole Noacockblock?

What the hell, girl?

Look at your life; look at your choices.

I just can’t deal with this.



His Greatest Fantasies

Rating: M for INCEST INCEST INCEST. Did I mention that there is INCEST in here?

Pairings: Amorralok

Word count: 992

Note: This is Lantur’s fault.


The letter is yellowed, and he believes that it will not fare well if he picks it up. It was sent almost eighteen years ago, and Amon had pushed it out of his mind then. He had obligations. However, four years later, there was an ecstatic announcement on the radio that made the thoughts resurface.

Amon—well, Noatak—didn’t get another letter then. Lives move on. Yet when he’s in his musty, dank apartment and reads the morning newspaper, he must be seeing things. His eyes are bloodshot. He spent the entire night making arrangements. Being an invincible being who is always present in the shadows is quite harrowing when one is just a man who requires sleep. He’ll perhaps scrape up four, five hours of rest. No matter how exhausted Amon is, there is always something intrusive on his mind. Soon, his age will catch up with him.

He gazes at the front page for his daily dose of irony. Moves toward peace through raiding establishments? A curfew? Curtailed rights? But no, no. Of course not. It couldn’t be something so humorous.

Avatar Korra Accepts Councilman Tarrlok’s Marriage Proposal, it reads.

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"Imagine your OTP finding out they're pregnant."


“Summer Dying Fast” compliant.

One version:

“Do you know whose it is? Tarrlok asks.

Korra’s cheeks redden, her face scrunching up in annoyance. "Uh, duh, no.”

“Well, dear brother,” Noatak says, patting Tarrlok’s back, “you once told me how grateful you would be to have a full family again. As atonement for my past crimes, I allow you to take this one.”

Other version:

“I’m pregnant.”

Noatak says, “…”

Korra blinks. “Wait, Tarrlok, what the fuck?" 

ninaballerinacaterina-blog  asked:

Amorralok with Mako cockblocking? :D

The brothers’ wounds have long closed–their scars set–while they’ve been under house arrest in a guarded section of the air temple, and Korra ignores the whispers of those around her when she goes there in the night. It’s a time of unwinding and indulging, a short spark of a reprieve after several long days of settling disputes and being met with sights she’s never been accustomed to in her insulated confinement at the compound. 

When Mako, her former boyfriend, storms in on Korra and the two prisoners after he inquires incredulously why the snickering guards aren’t doing anything but standing there as he hears moaning and screaming from behind the wall, his face blanches when Amon asks if he’d like to join the sordid tangle on the bed. Betrayal and dismay written on his face, Mako stammers before ducking out and quelling the urge to retch as Korra sighs and unwraps herself from the two men, beginning to dress herself wordlessly and mentally preparing an explanation. She doesn’t believe the bathroom line will work this time.


Summary: Huddling-for-warmth Amorralok … kind of?

Rating: T; no major warnings

Threesome: Amorralok

Word count: 467


Because fate is a pregnant, wolf-tiger, Korra finds herself trapped in a cave with Tarrlok and Noatak as a blizzard rages outside. It was supposed to be a simple hunting trip. In her defense, Korra never intended to visit her uncle for spiritual guidance with the purpose of shacking up with her two former enemies. It just sort of happen. Like love at first time, except love is hate, and hate is inexplicable friction.

Noatak’s proposal doesn’t go over well with her. Her exact words can be summed up with, “Wait, right now?” Though more shock should be added to the pot, turned up to simmer. Tarrlok’s reaction fluctuates a bit. He’s mostly a spider-snake, shedding skins when it best suits him, and it’s not certain whether his bafflement or fleeting smugness is the real facade. It’s probably the most emotion he’s shown in these last five years he’s been in this mental hibernation to preserve himself.

“There aren’t many other options,” Noatak replies, limbs stiff.

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Korra Smut Week

OK, so the mod over at Korra’s Boyfriends sent me this:

Hiiiiiii! I’m the lady behind the curtain for Korra’s Boyfriends, and one of the ladies trying to make Korra Smut Week a thing. I saw that you liked the post I made about it on korrasbfs and was hoping you’d be willing to help promote it (either make a post linking to it or reblog us) now that we have an official home for the week (korra-smut-week). We’re trying to reach out to all corners of the fandom to help spread the word about unity and Korra sex and would really appreciate your help.

Of course, you don’t have to know me for too long to know that I support a) fandom unity and b) Korra sex, so promoting this is a pretty fun thing for me. I’ve looked up the info for this, and here’s the FAQ.

  • What is this?

This is Korra Smut Week, a shipping week with a smutty bent dedicated to the creation of art, fic, graphics, music, ANYTHING about the sexy and powerful Korra and her many loves!

  • Oh great another shipping week. Why should I care?


This is a week to promote not a single ship, but all the ships! And to celebrate fandom unity and cooperation, as well as to pump us up in the run up to the as yet unannounced Book 2 premiere.

Also sex and hilarity and sexy hilarity.

  • Wait, all the ships?

ALL the ships, so long as they involve Korra. Twosomes, threesomes, confusing orgies (aka Korrgies), everything. And participants don’t have to be tied down to one ship all week - you can make something for a different ship every day if you want!

Also, if you don’t feel comfortable writing smut, you can also just write clean shipping stuff. Smut is just highly encouraged.

You can suggest prompts here. The date is not set yet, but it will be shortly before Book 2 airs, since the intent is to get people excited for the new season (half-season?). From what I’ve read, it will probably take place in late March or early April, and the point is just to write about Korra having sex all week in correspondence to the prompts that will be given.

As I’ve already linked above, The place for info and suggestions is korra-smut-week. Honestly, Korra is a pimp, and I’d love some contributions about her lovely harem of men and women. Even if you don’t like Korra, smut is still pretty great, right?


Summary: A slow, freezing realization seeped into her. 

Rating: T; there’s only a brief mention of a nonviolent character death and allusions to past sexual encounters

Pairings: Korrlok; past Amorra

Word count: 3,626

Notes: Nila belongs to Lantur, not me. This is basically if “Chiaroscuro” meets “Cheating the Spirits.” Nila was born about a year and a half after Arja, and they are both taken to live in a compound at a young age after the Equalists take over Republic City, and their uncle removes the bending of their mother–the Avatar–and their father, former Councilman Tarrlok. Except he’s not really Arja’s uncle, and then it gets complicated.

Also, what does the title have to do with this? Nothing, but it’s such a pretty word, isn’t it?


“You know,” Nila says with a grin, “I can handle it.” She sits before a dresser, her view of the mirror obstructed by her sister, who kneels to fuss over her hair. 

“They have to be even.” Nila remembers when they shared this room, but they were given separate living quarters as teenagers. Arja pulls too hard, an equal amount of hair falling on each of Nila’s shoulders as she guides them, and Nila is certainly glad that she’s already brushed her hair. Three braids, always three.

Their Uncle Noatak cut what long hair he had as an adolescent to sever his ties with his past. Arja tells her that long hair is too much too handle. Too many locks that stray out of place. She never wears Water Tribe clothes. Arja curtly says that she has nothing against the different cultures, but she’s a Republic City citizen first. Or more aptly, she’s an Equalist before all else. Things about socioeconomical divides and stratification. Water Tribe women traditionally have had less power in history because of stark gender roles.

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This is a pick-your-own-plot Amorralok picture that took me three days to complete. This was sketched out first and then colored in GIMP. I haven’t used this program in about three years, and it’s been so long since I’ve really done visual art, so I apologize for any oddities. And I know this isn’t threesome porn, sorry. :(

Also the yellow reminds me of piss, which is terribad’s fault. Bedwetting must be genetic.

Disclaimer: the characters belong to Bryke.


For lantur and an anon.

who cooks normally?: I’d like to think that Tarrlok likes to cook because he grew up close to his mother, and she was probably left home a lot while Yakone and the brothers did their “male bonding,” so she was responsible for the domestic tasks. However, after Noatak’s disappearance and Yakone’s death, he became closer to her than he already was, and he helped her out more.

how often do they fight?: Ooooh. Depends on the circumstances of their relationship. In all cases though, there’s probably a lot of disagreements. Luckily, since Tarrlok and Noatak are older, they’re less inclined to get petty and jealous. Korra is an adult who can make her own choices. However, if it takes time to adjust when having one partner, the living arrangements her are probably hard to settle into. I imagine that Korra and Noatak argue more, though he’s pretty good at keeping his cool.

what do they do when they’re away from each other?: Korra and Noatak both work. Korra helps out the city, preferably with Asami’s help, and trains. Noatak works as a healer. Sometimes he’ll help out in relief efforts to assist the situation he worsened and formerly wanted to alleviate. Tarrlok, scarred or not, hides in the house to avoid recognition. Though Korra and his brother at first fear that he’ll attempt suicide again, he eventually returns to a shade of his former self. Not manipulative or smarmy, but unwilling to let his injuries keep him down. He works around the house.

nicknames for each other?: That’s a hard one, since I don’t think this arrangement would be especially (openly) affectionate. Korra often calls Noatak “Noawhatever” teasingly after being so unused to his actual name, though she reverts to “Amon” when particularly angry. As for Tarrlok, I don’t know what he or Noatak would call Korra, or what Korra would call Tarrlok. Noatak might just call her “Avatar” at times.

who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Korra will at times since she probably has more money and resources because of gifts and friends, assuming that Tarrlok and Noatak have been stripped of their positions of power, but Noatak will also do it because he’s accustomed to providing, though Korra is the main provider here. They’re indebted to her, so he tries to compensate. Is it to assist his pride or to express gratitude? Well, Noatak has never been an easy person to read.

who steals the covers at night?: Probably all of them, since people who are used to sleeping alone are more prone to hogging the covers, and they’re all lonely people. I can definitely see Korra getting cocooned in them while the brothers are at each side with none. xD Strangely enough, I imagine Noatak doing it the most because I think he got so used to having bloodbending and being talented at wielding it for many purposes, such as keeping his body temperature level. After swearing off bloodbending and spending a few months homeless and cold, he’s used to bundling up to keep warm.

what would they get each other for gifts?: Tarrlok would buy extravagant and expensive things, and Noatak would have practical stuff. As for Korra, I dunno, the blood of her enemies? Wait wait no, not around the brothers. Animal teeth, yes.

who kissed who first?: I think a lot of people expect Korra and Tarrlok to hit it off first, but I always imagine Noatak and Korra getting together first because Tarrlok is very withdrawn, and Noatak and Korra kind of come together (maybe figuaratively or maybe literally) out of desperation and frustration at first.

who made the first move?: Well, this is a bit of a complicated question. I don’t know if imprisonment counts as the first move, but in a consensual situation, Korra probably makes the first move on both of the brothers. Even if either of them are attracted to her, they don’t act on it, but Korra doesn’t have such restraint or reluctance.

who remembers things?: Noatak and Tarrlok. Not that Korra forgets, but being the Avatar is demanding.

who started the relationship?: Korra, though they all had to sit down and discuss it out.

who cusses more?: Korra.

what would they do if the other one was hurt?: Tarrlok would probably do whatever he could and worry to death, poor baby. He tried to kill himself because he thought he couldn’t afford another chance. Noatak would be more stoic about it, but he’d persistently make sure that both his brother and Korra were okay. Korra would probably do the same.

Amorralok prologue snippet

Title: Summer Dying Fast (I know that the title’s grammatically incorrect and should be “Summer Dying Quickly.” However, it’s based off of a Cradle of Filth song, so all other logic is invalid.)

Rating: M

Pairings: Tentative Amorralok.


There’d been a day when Noatak forgot what his mother’s voice sounded like. It’d been replaced by the woman who took him in. Which was unfair, since his father’s voice still rang as clear as those nights he’d stowed away on a large ship and chanced creeping onto the deck to see the sky. When the boat stilled on a quieter coast, everything sang out without such malice or harsh expectations.

They don’t manufacture nights like that in Republic City.

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