amorra awards

I feel like a complete loser now…

I thought people liked my stuff, like that photoshopped Amorra kiss I did, or the art I did and all.

But I guess I was wrong. I don’t even know if I feel like a real part of the Amorra ship anymore. I just feel like… I’m good for nothing…

So the Amorra Awards are over...

It was quite fun but I wish we had had more nominations and new stuff! I also wished it would help revive the ship somewhat.

Still, it was definitely fun and I hope we do again someday. I’m also glad to see that some of my predictions for the winners were right!

On a personal level- I won best overall collection in the fanfiction category but I think it’s only because I have one of the biggest collections, I’m still grateful though. Thanks, everyone!

I’m also not surprised I didn’t win anything in the community category, since I usually don’t have stable net I don’t interact as much as I could with the rest of the ship plus I’m not popular or have a truckload of followers and that’s perfectly alright. I am happy about the winners though! They are all AMAZING people.

However, I’m kind of sad that “Castaway” didn’t win anything… I actually believed that for once I had a shot since it was getting such good feedback and is still the biggest LoK fic to date, plus I pour so much time and effort into it that I guess I just thought it was decent enough for a change (I don’t have much pride in the rest of my stuff).

Well, can’t argue with the majority and if people think the other options are better then that just means I have to keep improving.

Thanks to everyone that voted and congrats to all the nominees and winners!

Many, many thanks to all of the people who voted for me in the Amorra awards. I’m super appreciative, and most of all, I’m really happy that you people believe in me and what I do. I didn’t expect to win anything, and it tickles me that I did (I’m all about low expectations).

Also, many shout outs of love and appreciation to all the other winners and all the nominees. You guys all deserved it, and hopefully, even if you didn’t win, you know that you’re still amazing. Also, anyone who didn’t get nominated or people who just supported the awards, you’re just as great for all of the support you guys give. I think we’re really lucky to have such a great niche in fandom, and we’re even luckier that we support each other the way we do. That means more to me than any award.

To give some insight, I was super nervous when I first started to write Hole in the Ocean. I wrote a lot in college, and I was really used to how some people actively tore your writing apart in front of your face and just made you feel terrible. So I didn’t want to post my fic for the longest because I was unsure about how it would be received- especially when I read other reviews from other fandoms that weren’t so forgiving. Instead, what I found out was just some overwhelming support and appreciation for my little creation. I was floored by how nice everyone was. So when I say that I’m really grateful for everyone on this ship we call Amorra, I really mean it.