Dis is my Follow Forever thingy. I absolutely adore these blogs. I get all fangirly and stuff. (If you’re not on here, don’t you be offended ¬_¬ If I’m following you, I obviously like your blog, but these are the ones that I’m all super personal and awesome with.) ((I’ll constantly update cause I’m constantly falling in love with new blogs.)) :3 











  • Lizz the dumb to my ass (´∇ノ`*)ノ


  • Noelle the Syn to my Zacky. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ



  • Tabbie
  • Tisha the Sassy to my Pants. (*^ワ^*)


  • Zac my little Spud Nubbins (●⌒∇⌒●)
  • Zoe

Tumblr Crushes:

  • amorous1821-Amazing singer and my dear high school friend.
  • sidararochanavongwilai -Amazing guy with a great personality. Always forgets about me though.
  • 1112am -Random ass nigg who I run into at kickbacks and randomly see in the library during Fall but never approached with a “Hi”.
  • the-absolute-best-posts - Like the name says “the absolute best posts”.
  • joeycab -Sexy ass nigg who posts a lot of porn and makes me horny. One day he will be mine. TRUST. Rofl just playin’. 
  • pnoiknight- Amazing guy who always is down to play LoL. Funny in a dorky sort of way and is incredibly talented. WARNING: Very graphic blog.
  • c-n-p -Random ass posts from a randomly amazing guy with a unique personality. 
  • justcallme-yours -Great posts. I think I reblog far too many of his photos. So if you like my reblogs, he’s where I get them from.
  • thtkidluiz -Cutie who I will meet one day when @justinkace stops being ashamed of introducing him to me. xD

All are exceptional people who have recommendable blogs. So if you find your dashboard a bit on the dry side and need some change, take a look at these blogs. They are my crushes for a reason and they without a doubt blogs worth following. 

amorous1821 asked:

heyy heyy I've slept with you xP haha<3

OH MY GOD, we did. WHERE IS THAT PICTURE FROM TRISTANIE’S FRIEND’S HOUSE!? Rofl. We were so fucking drunk we could have slept through the apocalypse. haha

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ugghhh yeahhh forreal! the worst feeling is when they just fuck with your feelings & you actually fall for it -___- we’re better than those assholes though, keep your head up<3 

If I had a nickel for every time a guy screwed me over, I think I would be rich. Haha. Not even kidding. You’d think I’d learn, but no. Fall for it each time. Oh well. We are. They aren’t even worth our time. They can suck it(: