onemerryjester  asked:

Hey Lance! What's your favorite song to sing to Keith? And Keith, I know you sing too, what about you?

K: Sorry, the only time I sing is in the shower,

L: Aw really, no way! I say we get Pidge to water proof this thing

K: Ha ha funny, 

K: Hey, you should sing that one song you do sometimes

L: Alright, I will

L: I guess you could call this my favorite song to sing, my mom used it on my siblings and I whenever one of us had a nightmare

L: I know that’s pretty sappy but whatever, Here goes

L: Aruru mi niño, arrurú mi amor 

L: Aruru pedazo de mi corazón

L: Este niño lindo que nació de día 

L: Quiere que lo lleven a la dulcería

L: Aruru mi niño, aruru mi amor

L: Aruru pedazo de mi corazón….  

L: Keith?

L: He fell asleep ;;