My current skin care favorites.

I will forever love this eye make up remover. Gently rubbing a small amount into your lashes emulsifies even the most stubborn waterproof mascara… wipe away with a face wipe or cotton pad and voila.. makeup-free and soft skin around your eyes.

For a good deep down clean, this is my favorite exfoliator. I massage it all over my face in the shower, leave it on while i shave my legs or twiddle my thumbs and then rinse off. Breaks down dead skin, unclogs pores and smells like pumpkin spice. LOVE it!

I alternate the peel & reveal with amore pacific treatment enzyme peel. It’s a powder that you mix with a little water and use like a regular face soap. My skin feels so clean but its gentle and doesn’t dry it out.

For large visible pores, this stuff is like magic. I’ve found i’ve had long lasting results with it too. Just use as a toner after you’ve cleansed your face and let dry for a minute or so..

I got a tester of high potency eye lift and figured i’d give it a go. I didn’t have a huge problem with bags or aging but i definitely noticed a difference after using it a couple of times. The skin was more taught but still soft and supple. Any darkening i did have under my eyes also didn’t seem to be so obvious. The tester is lasting me forever too!

Because i have a massive aging phobia, i decided to try Perricone’s cold plasma when they had a big sale and i seriously love it. I obviously don’t have much in the way of wrinkles to start with but it makes my skin feel soft, plumped up and evened out. (pricey so try and get samples or watch out for sales)

I also love Perricone’s face finishing moisturizer used in conjunction with cold plasma for the softest, most supple skin in the world.

I also alternate moisturizers at times and switch it up with yu-be moisturizing skin cream. If i know i’m going out in the cold or wind i slather this stuff on and it keeps it soft and protected from the elements.

TAB Beauty: Express Exfoliation with Amore Pacific

So, this is the last installment in my exfoliation portion of my Asian skincare reviews. And this time I’m delving into the world of Amore Pacific. This past winter I was in desperate need of a good exfoliator and one of the many products I tried was Amore Pacific’s Treatment Enzyme Peel. Now, I bought mine as part of the Moisture Bound OIl-Free Essentials set from Sephora but you can buy this product as a stand alone item either at Sephora, the Amore Pacific website or at other beauty and skincare stores that sell the brand.

The Treatment Enzyme Peel is a gentle water activated powder which, similar to the other exfoliating products I reviewed, is meant to be used as part of an entire skincare routine. Like Cure Aqua Gel or Amarte’s Daily ExfoliPowder, Amore Pacific’s exfoliator is meant to be applied immediately after your initial cleanse and before you apply any other product to ensure better absorption. 

The product is fairly straightforward to use, pour a dime or nickle sized amount into your hands and activate the powder with a splash of water. Work into a rich lather and apply it to your face - leaving it on for no more than 30 seconds to a minute. After application, rinse and pat your face dry.

My Experience:

Although easy to use, this is probably one of the most aggressive “gentle” skincare products I’ve used. I actually felt a tingle/slight sting as I applied the lather to my face. And after washing, my face felt tight and very dry - even after moisturizing. So, although this is rated as a product that can be used twice daily (morning & evening) I would probably only use this once a day.

Although effective, I’m always concerned about anything that causes an immediate sensory reaction to my skin (like tingling/burning) because it’s so sensitive. Even though I loved the rest of the skincare set that this particular exfoliator came with, I’m not in love with the exfoliator. To be honest, I bought this product before I bought Cure Aqua Gel, and pretty much made the switch to Cure.

The Verdict:

As opposed to beauty products created with harsh additives or chemicals, Amore Pacific’s Treatment Enzyme Peel is a gentler alternative. If you have extremely minimal flaking or suffer from oily skin, the drying elements in this peel probably makes it a better product for you as opposed to someone like me who is constantly combaiting major flaking and super dry skin.

For more info on Amore Pacific’s Treatment Enzyme Peel visit or follow them on Twitter @AmorePacific_US

{ Review } Primera Watery CC Cushion SPF50+/PA+++

Hi guys! Today I’m going to review my first product from brand Primera. If you’re still unfamiliar with Primera, Primera is actually a brand under Amore Pacific. Amore Pacific is one of the big korean cosmetics companies that has been writing the history of “beauty and health” for well over 65 years now. Its first hit brand is ABC Pomade and then to its unparalleled oriental medicine-based Sulwhasoo. Other well-known brands under Amore Pacific are Etude House, HERA, IOPE, Laneige, Mamonde,  Espoir and Innisfree. Primera is more like HERA, IOPE and Laneige which all these brands are considered as high-end brands because the prices are more expensive.

{ Name } Primera Watery CC Cushion SPF50+/PA+++

{ Descriptions } The CC Cushion that naturally covers the blemishes and redness, fills the inside with moisture, and finishes the surface beautifully. 

{ Directions } After basic skin care routine, press the sponge (cushion) with puff to take contents and pat your face gently with the puff. Touch up from time to time when you need it.

{ Vol. } 30g 

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Amore Pacific

Amore Pacific is the ultimate in luxury skincare (with price and performance to match).  Harnessing the expertise of Korean skin care, Amore Pacific uses Asian botanicals as main ingredients in anti-aging and soothing skin care systems.  Some of the ingredients include green tea and Korean red ginseng. 

I tried various products from the lineup  - and honestly, they were all amazing.  I selected some of my favorites that I think provide the best value.  The On-the-go cleansing tissues are a great entry product to the line.  I love a good towelette, but some can be harsh.  These are incredibly soothing but at the same time can stand up to stubborn mascara and lipstick. Formulated with water-emulsified botanical oils to moisturize; won’t strip skin.  They even have skin care properties and can tone and brighten skin.

Amore Pacific Treatment Cleansing Oil was another highlight.  I am new to the cleansing oil scene, but a big fan already.  You apply it to dry skin, and use damp fingers to dissolve the makeup.  This process also made me do a short self-massage, which is popular in South Korea as part of the skin care ritual. Stimulating blood flow and lymphatic drainage can eliminate puffiness and dull skin.  My skin was always really balanced and not at all oily after cleansing.  It does contain olive and sunflower seed oil - while lightweight and moisturizing, might not be great for oily skin.

For hydration, I liked the Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Collection which is anti-aging, but for all skin types.  After two weeks of using Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Cream, I definitely felt my skin was more radiant.  But the biggest effect was how insanely soft my skin was… my makeup went on better and my complexion was so smooth.  I also tried the Gel formula - I wish all skin care lines provided a refreshing and oil-free formula for those without dry skin.

For my eye cream, I preferred the more intense Time Response line, which attacks aging more aggressively.  The Time Response system uses advanced technology for 24 hours of continuous time-release application of the botanical ingredients.  Stabilized Bamboo Sap is used in lieu of water, increasing product potency.   Amore Pacific Time Response Eye Creme will always have a special place in my heart for making huge strides against my nasty dark circles.  I was able to use it all over my eye for major hydration and it never irritated my skin or eyes.

Overall, this is an outstanding line, with serious ingredients and results to back up the luxury price point.  I was able to meet some of the team at Bergdorfs on FNO, and they couldn’t be nicer.  Always fun to support a company with awesome people.

  1. Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Cream
  2. Time Response Eye Creme
  3. Treatment Cleansing Oil
  4. On-the-go cleansing tissues
Spa Day at Sulwhasoo

Last week my aunt, uncle, and wee cousin flew all the way from the Big Apple to visit Seoul! We had a marvelous time galavanting around the city and eating heaps of Korean food. They were great sports as I dragged them around for 6-7 miles a day.  We saw all the of the classics (the Palaces, City Hall, the Chonggyechon, Bukchon, Apgujeong, Dongdaemun, and Gwangjang Market), and ate all of the classics (BBQ, street food/Teokbokki, the plunders of the Lotte & Shinsegae food halls, $5 Korean lattes). A little known about Korea is that there are a ton of private “museums” that are super funky and kitsch. We hit up the Handbag Museum (which was super cool!) and stumbled upon the “Ice Gallery” in Bukcheon, which takes the gold for the weirdest Korean museum I’ve been to. This is a feat, because trust me, there are a LOT in this country: owl museum, sex museum, chocolate museum, etc. 

On the Thursday of their visit, we had a girls day/boys day: my uncle and cousin went to the Korean War museum in Yongsan, and my and my aunt hit up the Sulwhasoo Spa. 

The Low Down

My aunt is the head of all things beautiful (check out her blog!) at Vanity Fair, so she always know’s what is good – she treated me to my first facial, which was a very interesting experience that involved a lot more than the face. Surprised? I certainly was. In fact, the Sulwhasoo “facial” starts off with a foot soak, scrub, and massage – I was cringing given the state of my runners feet. 

The Sulwhasoo Spa is located on the fourth floor of the Lotte Hotel, and while the rest of the hotel has this Vegas thing going on, the decor at the Spa is like a celadon vase: beautiful and understated.  Reservations recommended, because it looks like they can only handle two appointments at a time. 

Anyways, after you pick out a theme scent  – they gave us a choice of Plum, Fir, Sandalwood, and one other thing that I did not particularly like – you are led into a private room to change into a standard issue fuzzy bathrobe and a pair of disposable granny panties. If you’re a facial newbie, tell that to the staff upfront to minimize awkwardness. Over the course of an hour I was pummeled and perfumed by a tiny, porcelain-skinned woman. I recently re-watched Mulan and realized that it’s still quite relevant to my life. You know that scene where her female relatives are getting Mulan all ready for the matchmaker? Totally comparable to the Sulwhasoo experience. 

Post-massage selfie: 

Home girl was not messing around.  That hurt. Afterwards, I had a clay mask and an entire medicine cabinet of Sulwhasoo products applied to my face. Evidence: 

According to my aunt, who gets these on the regular, it was one of the best she’s ever had.  I certainly walked away from the experience feeling like I did Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle proud.  I felt dewy and glowy (and kind of sore from the massage). Thank you Aunt S! And thank you Sulwhasoo! 

As I’ve mentioned before on this blog, I find Korean beauty culture super fascinating, and think that would be true even if you were 100% uninterested in the actual products themselves. For example, here in Korea, straight men are totally into skin care, and K-beauty is poised to be a major commercial and economic force, particularly given sales growth throughout Asia. (Side note: I recently spoke with someone who covers Korea for Bloomberg, and she shared a fascinating story about Amorepacific’s humble origins in a North Korean home). 

Culturally, I think it is also very interesting to see the global rise of Asian cosmetics brands. By extension, eastern standards of beauty are becoming more prominent in the West.  As an Asian-American woman, I’ve dealt with (not quite fitting into) western standards of beauty ever since I was little. Given this personal experience, it’s hard for me to not be interested in the rise of these companies. That said, I can’t really say that a shift to Korean beauty practices as the global norm would be 100% welcome on my part: it’s not unheard of for Korean women (and a few men) to practice a 12-step beauty routine in both the morning and evening.  Needless to say that’s too high maintenance/too expensive for me – for the everyday, I’ll stick to Mulan’s routine of splashing my face with water and wiping off on my sleeve.

Mise en Scene: Black Pearl~

Annyong haseyo!~ I’m baaack!! :> how’s everybody doing? I had a busy week last week and I’m going to have an even busier week next week. Anyhoo~~ I noticed my hair isn’t shiny and healthy as before I started coloring it. And since I am planning to have it long and grow it full length I don’t want to get a trim :)) Luckily when I received the prize from Korea Cosmetics I get to have a few samples of Mise En Scene Black Pearl Night Serum!

About the Brand:

  • It’s under Amore Pacific (other brands under it are: Hera, Laneige, Innisfree, Etude House, Espoir) talk about BIG TIME!~ Mise En Scene is a total hair beauty brand. According to their website (

Shin Min Ah (Played Mi Ho in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho) is their endorser!~ With her beautiful long black hair~

Let’s get started with the product!

Mise en Scene’s Black Pearl Serum! For smooth and silky hair :>

I got two sachets of Mise en scene Black Pearl Serum.

It’s all in Korean @.@ I really need to study Hangul~

It’s clear consistency serum does not feel sticky at all! It’s really smooth. When applied on hair the product instantly gets my hair feeling silky :D

I use it at night before I go to bed!~ Since photos are most convincing…Here’s a BEFORE photo shot, hair is comb:

My hair has a lot of fly away or tikwas :)) XD Looks dry too! :(

*on the upside the Etude House’s Bubble Hair Color lightened  for full review click here: :) now the hair color is more visible :)

Now here’s the AFTER photo shot, hair is also combed:

Tadaa!~ Next day I see instant results! Smooth silky soft hair! :D Less fly away :) I love this product so much :)

I apply most of the product on the roots since it’s the most damaged T.T Leave on for the night and wake up to better looking hair :)


  • Gives life to my damaged hair.
  • Not sticky/ gooey, feels nice on hands.
  • Doesn’t make hair oily.
  • Got my hair feeling silky again :D
  • Has a nice scent that is not too strong.


  • Not available in the Philippines :((

Erika’s Weather Forecast: To end my post I’m leaving you with a gorgeous photo of Shin Min Ah!~ kekeke stay beautiful everyone!~~

Laneige BB Cushion (Pore Control) SPF50 PA+++ [No.21 Natural Beige] Review

So I finally decided to buy the Laneige BB Cushion (Pore Control) SPF50 PA+++ in No.21 Natural Beige after looking at swatches. I have been using my IOPE and Innisfree cushions for the past few months and I got addicted to the convenience of it. Forget about germs and the budget, these cushions are life-saving. :D

Since summer is nearing in Europe, I had to switch up my makeup to help control…

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