The signs as mythical heroines of the old Greece

Cirke - the men-bewitching primordial mother of the sorcerer Aries

Amphitrite - the ruler of the sea Taurus, Capricorn

Pandora - the beautiful evil Gemini, Aquarius

Eurydice - symbol for deceased loves ones Cancer

Daphne - virgin bay tree Leo, Sagittarius

Psyche - the love of the god of love Virgo, Pisces

Helena - the most beautiful woman of her time Libra

Medea - the cooley and powerful witch Scorpio

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what's the difference between the asteroids Cupido, Amor, Eros and Psyche?

Cupido is known more so for the attraction that causes love sickness, it’s the love that hurts. Much like the comical representations of Cupid, this asteroid shows us what makes us so weak at the knees, like a love sick puppy. The love that we really ache for and pretty much look like an idiot for. 

Amor isn’t necessarily romantic, it is a love about empathy, kindness and compassion. Amor is a selfless, unconditional love that exceeds the boundaries of romance and rather is felt towards everyone/thing.

Eros is sexual infatuation and love. Eros being described as a “primal, phallic God”. It’s about what turns us on. Eros stirs with our emotional desires and expresses them through our sexual desires. Where it’s placed could show you who you go head over heals for, especially if you feel confused about why you like a certain sign without any other indication.

Psyche represents soulmates. Not the soulmates that you meet and instantly feel like you want to spend the rest of your life with them, the soulmates that provoke confrontation and bring karmic issues up to the surface. It’s also said that Psyche represents an irreversible trauma in the soul. 


On this day in history, 28th of September 1793, wedding of grand duke Alexander Pavlovich (future tsar Alexander I of Russia) and Grand Duchess Elizabeth Alexeievna (Princess Louise of Baden).

Princess Louise Maria Auguste of Baden was born in Karlruhe, Baden (Germany) on January 24, 1779.  Her parents were Charles Louis, Hereditary Prince of Baden and Princess Amelia Frederica of Hesse-Darmstadt.  Empress Catherine II (the Great) was considering candidates for the bride of her eldest grandson Alexander and was favorably impressed by Louise, who was 12 years old at the time.  Louise, along with her younger sister Frederica, went to St. Petersburg, Russia in the fall of 1792.  Empress Catherine was enchanted with the young princess and Louise was attracted to the tall, handsome Alexander.It was said that there could be no more beautiful and charming princess in the world. Although Alexander was initially shy and didn’t know how to treat her, he eventually warmed up to her, and later admitted that he liked her. After a few weeks, Alexander proposed to her. Empress Catherine was overjoyed and Louise was received in the Orthodox Church and was baptized as Elizabeth Alexeievna, Grand Duchess of Russia. The couple was formally betrothed in May, 1793 with Catherine the Great being the one excanging their bethroval rings and the wedding occurred on September 28, 1793. Elizabeth Alexeievna looked resplendent with the diamond-studded Order of St. Andrei on her silver brocade gown.  Catherine the Great compared them to Amor and Psyche. The bride was fourteen and the groom was fifteen. The wedding festivities lasted for two weeks.

Pictured: Portrait of Grand Duke Alexander Pavlovich by Jean-Louis Voille (1792), Portrait of the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Alexeievna with roses by anonymous (1795)

Soo this is basically Ford telling Stan he has to leave to go to West Coast College and I based this drawing on the famous painting “Amor and Psyche” by Louis JF Lagrenée just like @peekabooitsmiko did for the painting by Klimt I call this: the stancest and famous paintings art challenge (well mine doesn’t look like the painting but anyway…*sigh*)

Aries in Venus (or Venus in the 7th House) craves passion, adventure, and novelty. They merge Mars and Venus energy, intertwining masculine drive with feminine wisdom. A hot, hot, HOT combination!

Love is about acquisition, adoration, and attention. But beware their temper. I think of the myth of Amor and Psyche, one of my favorites, in which Aphrodite is so jealous of the attention Princess Psyche’s beauty causes that she tears the princess away from the world and imprisons her in Amor’s mansion.

So don’t mess with Aries in Venus. She is not a princess, she is a goddess and doesn’t stutter her demands.

Aries in Venus may be prone to one night stands or serial dating. If other placements are more reserved, the native may develop consuming, aggressive crushes on flavors of the moment that go as easily as they come. It’s not uncommon for an Aries Venus to reflect on a crush and say, “What was I thinking?!” Mars energy tends to make us act first, maybe think later.

Because of Aries’ attention span and boundless energy, they can be dynamite in the bedroom. Aggressive but playful, rough and fast. They may also need to change positions often. And they’re probably loud, too.

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Prompt: Person A is having a phone call with their friend/boss/relative and cannot drop the call. Person B becomes impatient and starts distracting them (nibbling their ear, kissing their neck). This leads to awkward stutters and gasps over the phone. Bonus: The person over the phone understands what’s going on at the other end and tells A to ‘go enjoy themselves.’

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La Vie en Rose

(Rated M |

Without a doubt, waking up with her husband’s head between her thighs is one of the perks of marriage. 

Especially because said husband has pulled her sweetly from the depths of her numb sleep, dragging her along with his touches, and she blinks just once, the air of morning already filtering through the half-opened window.

She keeps her eyes closed, a smile slowly stirring its way on her mouth, and she beams. She beams, Regina, because she is in a soft bed, the room submerged in the light of dawn, and a pleasant smell of coffee and crispy croissants unrolls until it reaches her nostrils, making her frown in pleasure.

She beams, because for once she doesn’t have to worry about her town or about potentially disruptive threats, and she can enjoy her honeymoon, and focus on Robin’s tongue – he’s doing things to her clit, her fist goes to hold the sheets, grasping thin cotton, a soft moan exits her mouth. 

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Max Klinger (German, 1857-1920), Venus Zeigt Amor Psyche (Venus Shows Psyche to Cupid), Plate 2 from the portfolio Amor und Psyche (Cupid and Psyche), Opus Va , 1880, etching on paper

The Portland Art Museum

Max Klinger (German, 1857-1920), Psyche auf dem Felsen (Psyche on the Cliff), Plate 3 from the portfolio Amor und Psyche (Cupid and Psyche), Opus Va, 1880, etching and aquatint on paper,

Portland Art Museum