A PSA and friendly reminder to Pharmercy fans

As a lot of you may know, Jen & Lucie (VA’s of Pharah & Mercy) may be hanging out soon as seen on Twitter. Which also leads to the possibility of them making some fun content together in videos, like we’ve seen recently amonst other VA’s. 

I just want to remind you all,
1: Please, don’t hound the VA’s to make content, say things, or harass them with ship stuff. 

2: If they do make something supportive of Pharah & Mercy’s friendship/relationship. Be humble folks, don’t rub it into other ship’s faces ( you know what one i’m talking about), and remember, this isn’t canon.

Just be cool guys <3 Enjoy and be thankful for the content we’re given if we get something. We don’t want to be those types of fans. It sounds like they like the idea of them, let’s try and keep it positive for them yeah?

Peace, Hana 🌸

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Nowadays the classics are making a comeback. Old movies and the like are becoming popular. And musicals like La La Land are mixing things old and new to create modern classics

If that was so, then why was he still here?

Shouldn’t he be amonst those that make an outstanding return to the human’s media? He was one of them, wasn’t he? Sure, those modern remakes weren’t amazing and don’t hold up to the originals, but he deserved that fame too! 

Was it not the reason he was painfully brought to existence in the first place?

It didn’t matter. There was no way for him to get out, anyway.

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Can I request a scenario with Kaminari and Kirishima worshipping and appreciating their voluptuous female s/o? Like, getting flustered at seeing their cleavage, ogling their rear and hips, caressing their thighs? (My bf does it to me all the time and it never gets old XD)

I feel ya friend it happens to me too all the time lmao…except it’s not my s/o (since i’m single as shit *wink wink*) but rather my best friend who likes to randomly grope me in public…so not as romantic as what your bf does lmao XD

Kaminari stood frozen on the sidewalk. He had agreed to meet his girlfriend for dinner but opted to wait outside until she showed up. He knew that she would look beautiful, she always did. What he did not expect was for her to wear such a deep cut dress that showed off her cleavage spectacularly. Not only that, but the dress also hugged her hips just right.

He watched her hips sway and her chest bounce as she ran quickly up to him. When she reached him, she bent forward, placing her hands on her knees to try to catch her breath. Kaminari swore that he was going to pass out from how quickly the blood rushed to his face.

“So sorry I’m late, Denki.” She stood up straight and smiled at him.

“I-it’s no problem (f/n).” He turned to walk next to her down to their destination, glancing at her every chance he got and not caring if he was subtle about it. Kaminari could feel his face still burning and was sure that his entire body was red at this point.

They managed to reach the restaurant and grab a seat with little trouble, only Kaminari zoning out and being late to answer some of the questions the waitress was trying to ask him. When they sat down and got their menus, he didn’t really read it. Instead, he mainly used it to cover up half of his face while he peaked over the top of it at his girlfriend. He jumped slightly when she set her menu on the table and stared at him.

“You okay?”

“Yeah…it’s just that…” he groaned, closing his menu and laying his head down on the table, “you’re so beautiful and perfect and I just can’t deal.” When he didn’t hear a response, he slowly lifted his head to look at her. He saw that (f/n) had a similar blush dusting her cheeks before she hid behind her hands.

“You can’t just say stuff like that, Denki!”

Kirishima had just finished a long shift. His body was sore from the various fights he engaged in and his head hurt from the lack of sleep. Somehow, he managed to make it into the house, throwing off random articles of clothing and discarding them randomly throughout the hallway on the way to your shared bedroom.

He walked into the room in only his boxers, pants somewhere amonst the other piles of clothes since that’s all he really sleeps in. He was about to turn on the light when he saw (f/n) lying on the bed, sound asleep.

Kirishima smiled softly at the sight before slowly getting in behind her, moving the covers out of the way when he noticed that she was only clothed in her underwear and bra. Blushing at the sight, he pulled her as close to his body as he could. He placed one arm around her, gently resting on her chest while the other moved to her upper thigh, hand splayed open and grip loose. He began to move his hand lazily up and down her thigh while burying his face in her hair.


He froze slightly when he heard her talk with a trace drowsiness in her voice but continued to caress her thigh softly.

“Yes, (f/n)”

“Why do you always do that?”

“Do what?”

“Touch my thighs and hips and stuff.” Her words came out more as mumbling rather than actual coherent speaking.

Kirishima kissed the back of her neck. “Because I love you,” kiss “and your hips and thighs” he tightened his grip on her thigh, “and all of your curves.” The hand that he had resting on her breast squeezed gently before both hands let go as she shifted to turn around on the bed to face Kirishima. She looked up at him with tired eyes and a happy smile on her face, which he returned before watching as her eyes closed, falling asleep.


I have been asked more than once via ask on the correct order to watch DCTV shows for the first time in order to have a proper timeline of the events. Since it might be useful to many and to me in the future, I have decided to make a masterpost with the episode order and the relevant characters you might be thirsty for (lgbt+, poc, etc.). 

This guide is especially meant for people who are:

  • Looking for specific representation in characters;
  • Simply want to catch up with all shows before the Giga crossover in November.


Shows that have a build-up timeline of events:

  • Constantine - which I have not watched yet so I am not going to include it in the episode run below;
  • Arrow
  • The Flash
  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

You can watch the following shows at any time because they take place in different universes / times / Earths:

  • Supergirl
  • Gotham
  • Lucifer
  • iZombie

STEP 1: Year 2012 - 2013

  1. Arrow (1x01 - 1x23)

STEP 2: Year 2013 - 2014

  1. Arrow (2x01 - 2x23) 

Episodes 2x08 and 2x09 introduce The Flash’s Barry Allen;
Episode 2x19 introduces The Flash’s Caitlin and Cisco.

STEP 3: Yeah 2014 - 2015

  1. Arrow 3x01 - Barry crossovers from The Flash;
  2. The Flash 1x01 - Oliver crossovers from Arrow;
  3. From episode 2, watch The Flash first, then Arrow up to the end of the season: es. Watch The Flash 1x02, then Arrow 3x02, The Flash 1x03, then Arrow 3x03.
  4. Crossover: The Flash 1x04 - Felicity crossovers from Arrow.
  5. Crossover: Episodes The Flash 1x08 - Arrow 3x08.
  6. Do as step 3 again.
  7. Crossover: The Flash 1x18 - Felicity and Ray crossover from Arrow.
  8. Crossover: The Flash 1x22 - Oliver crossovers from Arrow.
  9. Crossover: Arrow 3x23 - Barry crossovers from The Flash.

STEP 4: Year 2015 - 2016

  • Supergirl - You can start Supergirl at any time, given that it’s on a different Earth, but I advise watching The Flash 2x17 before you watch Supergirl 1x18.
  • The Flash 2x01 - Arrow 4x01 - follow this scheme up to episode 8.
  • Crossover: The Flash 2x08 and Arrow 4x08 introduce DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.
  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow - you can now watch Legends at any time, however, I advise that, for dramatic continuity you watch in the following order.
  • The Flash 2x09 - Arrow 4x09
  • The Flash 2x10 - Arrow 4x11 - Legends 1x01 up to the finales of all.
  • Note: The Flash 2x17 and Supergirl 1x18 are slightly connected.

STEP 5: Year 2016-2017 - Current

From this year, all Arrowverse shows are on the CW hence the upcoming crossover that includes all the main heroes (last week of November). If you’ve made it there you are in the current schedule which is, including non-Arrowverse:

MONDAY - Supergirl, Gotham, Lucifer
TUESDAY - The Flash (+ iZombie when it comes back)
THURSDAY - DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

For the Arrowverse, simply follow the episode order. Legends and Supergirl are one episode behind The Flash and Arrow, but this might align to Episode 8 which is the crossover.

Now that we have a proper idea of what to watch first, since my followers have picked interest based on representation, I’m going to make a list of main characters divided amonst POC, LGBT+, etc. Though some of these appear on more than one show, I listend them as belonging to the one they’re regulars on. Forgive me if I forget any!

  • Relevant POC / Non-white Characters you might love

John Diggle (Arrow, 100+ Episodes)
Curtis Holt (Arrow, 10+ Episodes, recently promoted to regular) + lgbtinterracial relationship 
Nyssa Al Ghul (Arrow, 15+ Episodes) + lgbt
Rene Ramirez (Arrow, recently introduced)
Mari Jiwe McCabe / Vixen (Arrow, 1 Episode, but as her own animated series) 
Iris West (The Flash, 40+ Episodes) interracial relationship
Joe West (The Flash, 40+ Episodes)
Wally West (The Flash, 20+ Episodes, recently promoted to regular)
Cisco Ramon (The Flash, 40+ Episodes) + interracial relationship
Linda Park (The Flash, 7 Episodes)
Amaya Jiwe (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, recently introduced) 
Jefferson Jackson (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, 20+ Episodes)
Kendra Saunders (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, 18 Episodes) + interracial relationship
James Olsen (Supergirl, 20+ Episodes) + interracial relationship
J’onn J’onzz / Martian Manhunter (Supergirl, 20+ Episodes) - actually an alien, but a black man in his human concealing form
Maggie Sawyer (Supergirl, to be introduced now) + lgbt 
Roulette (Supergirl, to be introduced soon)
Fish Mooney (Gotham, 20+ Episodes) 
Tabitha Galavan (Gotham, 20+ Episodes) + lgbt, interracial relationship
Lucius Fox (Gotham, 10+ Episodes)
Hugo Strange (Gotham, 10+ Episodes)
Valerie Vale (Gotham, 5+ Episodes, introduced this season)
Reneé Montoya (Gotham, 8 Episodes) + lgbt, interracial relationship
Ravi Chakrabarti (iZombie, 30+ Episodes)
Clive Babineaux (iZombie, 30+ Episodes)
Mazikeen (Lucifer, 20+ Episodes) + lgbt

Leonard Snart (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow / The Flash) - Wentworth Miller is biracial due to his father being black; however they cast their whole family as white, so I’m not sure. However, if you wanted to support anyway because of the biracial actor playing him - who is also gay, that’s also dope!

  • LGBT+

Nyssa Al Ghul (Arrow - gay, 15+ Episodes) + POC, interracial relationship
Curtis Holt / Mr. Terrific (Arrow, 10+ Episodes, recently promoted to regular, gay) + POC, interracial relationship
Hartley Rathaway (The Flash, 3 Episodes, gay)
Sara Lance (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow - bisexual, 50+ Episodes between Arrow and Legends) +  interracial relationship
Maggie Sawyer (Supergirl - gay, to be introduced now) + lgbt 
Oswald Cobblepot (Gotham - queer, not determined, 40+ Episodes)
Tabitha Galavan (Gotham, 20+ Episodes, bi/pan) + POC, interracial relationship
Reneé Montoya (Gotham, 8 Episodes, gay) + POC, interracial relationship
Barbara Kean (Gotham, 40+ Episodes, bi/pan) +  interracial relationship
Mazikeen (Lucifer, 20+ Episodes, bi/pan) + POC, lgbt

Alex Danvers (Supergirl, possible but not yet confirmed)
or Winn Schott Jr. (Supergirl, possible or not yet confirmed)
Leonard Snart (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow) not canonically, actor said the character could be pansexual according to him
Lucifer Morningstar (Lucifer, 20+ Episodes, bisexual) - to be determined / confirmed

Interracial Relationships

Barry Allen / Iris West (The Flash)
Jesse Quick / Wally West (The Flash)
John Diggle / Lyla Michaels (Arrow)
Curtis Holt / Paul Holt (Arrow) + lgbt
Barbara Kean / Tabitha Galavan (Gotham) + lgbt
Barbara Kean / Renée Montoya (Gotham) + lgbt
Kendra Saunders / Ray Palmer (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow)
Kara Zor-El / James Olsen (Supergirl) - fair warning: this relationship has been abruptly dropped in an ugly way, but I’m listing it in case you wanted to support it despite that
Alex Danvers / Maggie Sawyer (Supergirl, not confirmed yet) + lgbt
Ravi Chakrabarti / Peyton Charles (iZombie)
Clive Babineaux / Dale Bozzio (iZombie)

LGBT Relationships

Nyssa Al Ghul/Sara Lance (Arrow / DC’s Legends of Tomorrow) + interracial
Leonard Snart / Sara Lance (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow)
Curtis Holt / Paul Holt (Arrow)
Barbara Kean / Tabitha Galavan (Gotham
Edward Nygma / Oswald Cobblepot (Gotham, possibly one-sided)
Alex Danvers / Maggie Sawyer (Supergirl, not confirmed yet)


This list refers to characters that are queer in the comics, present on the shows but their sexuality has not been explored yet that way.

John Constantine (Constantine, Arrow) - bisexual
Selina Kyle (Gotham) - bisexual
Poison Ivy (Gotham) - bisexual
Barry Allen (The Flash) - bisexual, Infinityverse
Maxima (Supergirl) - gay
M'Gann M'orzz (Supergirl) - Infinityverse

Note: The LGBT+ fandom of these shows is very friendly and we have a lot of crackships. We have a lot of F/F and M/M fanon relationships that we enjoy and let people enjoy. 

Note 2: There are a lot of badass spectacular female characters on these shows for you to love and most men are not bad either.

I hope this post was useful to anyone who was considering getting into the DCTV-verse. In case you wanted someone to fanboy / fangirl with, you can contact me at anytime, I don’t mind talking old episodes and stuff. I might have forgotten some character / relationship, please forgive me, I’m only human! Mention them to me and I’ll add. 


he looks like perfection and destruction,

all wrapped up in one big

present that you don’t want.

his fingers grasp

your chin tightly and he isn’t

afraid to hold you close because

he knows you are not made of


his words are laced with









in all their toxicity as he

whispers your name and tells you

that he adores you; that you are his

goddess and he

worships you.

just you.


he showers you with




asking you to stay with him


you refuse to stay with him

because he is a


and how could you allow yourself

to fall for

his kind?

how could you have

fallen into his venus fly trap?


yet, you cannot bring yourself

to push him away

when he beckons you to

come a little closer.

the darkness is what

pulls you in and

each time

he utters

those three words,

you feel sick to

your stomach.


you tell him,

“hades, i cannot do this anymore.”

he is starting to


under your touch.

you whisper,

“hades, let me out of the cage

you’ve put around me. free me.”

he can’t think straight,

his facade is

falling apart

before your eyes.

you confess,

“hades, i have never loved you.

and i never will.”

his grip around you

tightens and he refuses to

let you go.


his pain is real.

but so are

your bruises,

your tears,

your agony.

evidence of his demise

litter your body:

fingerprints etched on your skin,

lingering where they shouldn’t have.

faint kisses burned against your lips,

sending flames instead of sparks.

marks smeared on your arms,

indicating he had kept you as his


he has set you free. you are no longer

a songbird trapped in

a metal cage for eternity.


and as you step out from his domain,

he realizes…

you were never his to begin with.

HADES & PERSEPHONE | e.v. // vile romance

blood&gods | “do not underestimate the women of the north.”

i. wind queen - two steps from hell; ii. searching - atli orvarsson; iii. jólakötturinn - björk; iv. the waves have come - chelsea wolfe; v. there’s amonster inside you - humble wolf; vi. gray stables - iron & wine; vii. fehu - wardruna; viii. devil’s spoke - laura marling; ix. warriors - lord of the dance; x. the abyss started back - odium; xi. knights of cydonia - muse; xii. blood stains - tu fawning.


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I would not worry too much. there will be small venues and it will be war amonst Louies :) and they are not a lot but crazy aka they will buy tickets for 20 shows each....

I’m 100% worried. And you should be too. Louies WILL buy tickets to EVERY show. And there are more of them than you think. And then there are people like me who consider ourselves Larries FIRST and I promise, we’ll be just as on it. I stick by my statement that we need a different, more severe, phrase than Hunger Games for LT Tour.

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Hi (: I'm curious about Dydia, do you know any really good fics that can help me understand if I really like the ship? Thank you Xx

Hi there! You’ve come to the right place!

Here are some of my favorite Dydia fics:

The Garden by @derekslauraWhen Marin calls Lydia to help around Beacon Hills, witch population: approximately 3.5, she’s not impressed. When the whole place goes to hell in a handbasket a few weeks later, she’s ready to close out accounts and get out of dodge. Townspeople are dropping like flies, amnesia spreading as fast as the flu might, and that’s not even touching the ones who wander out of the preserve with no grasp on reality. She’s agreed to help the McCall pack, though, and Lydia makes a habit of never breaking a promise, especially to other witches and shifters. Derek Hale is both.

(I Like My) Kisses Down Low by @demigirlisaaclaheyLydia Martin wears $150 panties. Her underwear drawers are stocked with Fleur of England, Fox and Rose. She turns up her nose at Victoria’s Secret, prefers to roll on her Bordelle stockings, says that the soft lace of the garter really makes it worth wearing what too many boys deem too many clothes. She lavishes in her morning routine: hair and makeup is fun, the icing on the cake, but picking her outfit, the way that the feather-light fabric of her newest dress will float around her, kiss at the tops of her supple thighs, that’s what she lives for in the morning. It’s better than coffee. So when Lydia deliberately chooses to forego all of that, she figures she must be pretty far in love.

Balance by rosweldrmr -  She should have been graduating from college in a year. She should be a year into a NAS fellowship. She should have been a lot of things. Instead, she is standing in the moonlight in the Nemeton’s clearing. The broken, half-crushed body of Peter Hale is strewn across the gnarled bark of the great stump, almost like a gift being presented. “The Guardian has come,” the Dead whisper. Their voices rattle like chains against metal bars. Moaning and keening, restless this waxing Worm Moon.

Infect Me With Your Love by @athenaohwise1 and @reportergirl13A minor possession from a succubus leaves Lydia with needs that only a certain werewolf can fulfill

A Lot Like Winning by @eeyore9990Derek’s high school career is trudging along apace until Lydia Martin decides to take charge of it and shake it – and him – up.

More fic recs of mine (from a bunch of ships) can be found here as well. 

You can also check out @fyeahdydia, there’s a collection of fics, graphics and gifsets there as well.

I’m also going to rec you a couple of my fics because I write a lot of dydia, but please don’t feel pressured to read them or anything!

Beauty & The Beast They say the forest on the north side of Beacon Hills is haunted, rumors of glowing red eyes and wolf men and unearthly howls on the full moon. They say there’s a beast that lives there, out in the burned out husk of a mansion. They say that a family used to live there, a family bursting with life and love and laughter. Some say that it’s the family’s ghosts that haunt the mansion, but others swear they’ve seen something, a bear, a wolf, amonster. Lydia thinks it’s all a load of crap.

Fool For SacrificeIf she doesn’t want to sleep, or she can’t sleep, she just texts Derek, and within minutes he’s at the end of her driveway, the Camaro’s engine purring. Sometimes she has to tiptoe past her mom’s room, not that she wants to hide this or anything. But this, whatever this is with Derek, is private. She doesn’t want to share him with anyone, doesn’t want to explain what’s so special about driving around in silence with a broody werewolf.

You’ll Always Have MeSee, Lydia knew that the baby belonged to Derek. She knew her name was Nicole. And she knew that the kid’s mother had left Derek after she found out about the whole ‘werewolves are real’ thing. (She also knew that Stiles had been all too excited to use the stupid ass wand thing he’d built that looked just like the little stick from Men in Black so that he could wipe her memory. While wearing a black suit. And explaining that this was why you should always get your dogs vaccinated for rabies.) But knowing that a Hale child existed and seeing it with her own eyes was a totally different thing. Because Lydia hadn’t been back to Beacon Hills since her senior year of college. Which was three years ago now. But life had happened. Work had happened. School had happened. And she wasn’t about to give up on her quest for a Fields Medal to run around with a pack of werewolves. Or: The one where Derek has a kid who falls in love with Lydia. Lydia falls in love with Derek. And the pack are a bunch of meddling pain in the asses

Ain’t A Rule That Ain’t Work BreakingSet in a small New England town, Lydia Martin is the daughter of Charlie Martin, the owner of the local lumberyard, where at least one member of most town families is employed. Charlie worked hard to build up his company (CM Lumber Co.), and Lydia grew up without a want. Unfortunately (for Lydia anyways), her father wants her to learn the value of earning your keep, so the summer between her sophomore and junior years of college he is forcing her to work at the yard hardware store. Derek Hale is the only son of one of the local dairy farmers. His father had plans for him to take over the farm, but Derek sees himself going in another direction. He’d gained a brooding, bad boy reputation in high school, but Charlie Martin had found that Derek was his best and most promising young employee. Rumor is that Charlie is training Derek to take over the yard, and the only thing standing in his way is the beautiful, (and in Derek’s opinion irritating) Lydia Martin.

At last! The final member of the Vølurheim staff is Hulda Kvænangsdottir. She is the Professor of the Healing Arts, and for advanced senior students she also teaches a course in Ancient Blood Magic. She is one of the best known hulders to live openly amongst humans, and while it is common amonst her kinsmen to have a hard time feeling at home, she has found her place by sheer force of will. Her fascination with the old magicks, and her belonging amongst the hulderfolk, has her sympathetic to trolls and tusser (nordic feral goblins) and has her in almost constant conflict with Professor Draugsleiven.

Yep, the MMB fans definitely have the right to be pissed at Norman 🙄 The hypocrisy amonst them is staggering.
First mmb stans attack DK and complain when they get blocked. But sure, let the MMB fans who call another woman derogatory names get pissed at Norman for a SLIP UP!

Mod- They are disgusting people aren’t they? Please let me make clear this is not all Mellissa fans. This is a very select few ugly people that do not realize the hypocrisy in what they are doing. The things that they say about another women is beyond words then they bitch and complain when that person dares to defend themselves. All I have to say is karma is a real bitch and these sad ladies have a ton of karma coming for them. Lizzy is a angry mean person but she is just one of the trolls. I don’t feel Norman slipped up with what he said. We have had this discussion before there is different meanings for the word some that are not insulting. I do not think he would ever say anything that would insult Melissa or Carol in anyway. I think it was just a funny moment people have blown way out of proportion. We all are entitled to our opinion on this but seriously guys people need to cut the man some slack on this. 


News: Shingeki no Kyojin x Monster Drive Revolution (Mondora) Mobile Game

Collaboration Event Dates: September 16th to September 29th, 2016
Retail Price: N/A

Monster Drive Revolution (Mondora) unveils its collaboration with SnK, featuring Eren, Rogue Titan, Mikasa, Armin, Historia, Levi, Cleaning Levi, Hanji, and Erwin as playable characters!

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wait, wait, FUCKING wait. Mitch, you're online right now? i dont think i've ever been online at the same time as you, that GMT/UK time. but seriously, keep the fuck up with everything you do, the poetry, writing, songs, snapchats. fucking all of it. everything helps so much, and if you dont answer this, i hope you atleast read it, and know amonst other people, you really are making a difference in this world

dang go the heck to sleep bud!! but thanks for saying all that stuff. sometimes i get stuck in this “what the heck am i doing with my life” mind state and its hard to break out of it. idk, life is weird. i cut off all my hair last night. i hope you’re doing well over there across the whole ocean


                                              DC / MARVEL POSITIVITY NETWORK

Because of the negativity that has been thrown around amonst DC and Marvel fandoms, we decided to create a DC / Marvel positivity network. In case you loved both Marvel and DC, and wanted to join the network, you can read more about it below.

✖ You must follow Edy, Simona and Kris.
✖ You must reblog this post. Likes do not count.
✖ Deadline is 31st of October. Members will be announced during the following week.
✖ You must have a proper tag system.
✖ The number of members will be based on the attention the post gets;
✖ Submit this form to supercanaries in inbox 

Link to edits / fan fiction / whatever you create:
Why do you want to be part of this network?:


We are looking for friendly bloggers who loved both DC and Marvel (and all their universes, MCU, DCEU, DCTV, animated series, comics, anything, really) and who have no interests in pinning them against each other, especially creative people who are interested in producing edits, gifs, fan fiction, headcanons, etc. for said fandoms in order to spread the love.


✖ New mutuals
✖ New friends
✖ The use of the tag #dcmarvelpositivity so that we can track one another’s posts
✖ A chat that includes all members to fangirl / fanboy together
✖ A spot on the members page


✖ We’ll contact you through ask box, so make sure you can receive asks.
✖ You will have to link to the network somewhere on your homepage.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact supercanaries, wonderswoman, erza-muller.

Note: Please, no character or ship negativity. Do not post hateful or offensive content. Any form of negativity that isn’t a crack post will not be allowed.