man listen likelast night i was looking for hijack ficsand i was realtired so i clickedon thisone that was big 4 and i was like COOL but then like i didnt see there were other pairings listed and what had HAPPENED WAS JCK HAD ONESIDED FEELINGS FOR HICCUP AND HICCUP LIKED MERIDA AND RAPUNZEL LIKED JACK AND IT WAS JUST THIS BIG ONESIDED LOVE RECTANGLE AND I HATED IT i was heartbroken i actually started crying silently i was like…. i couldnt believe amonst allthe hijack fics i had stumbled into something that is the antithesis of what i like


amonst the rubble & debris of the communications hub, sugilite continued to wander - keeping her whip-combined gauntlets dragging behind her as she did so. each step she took shook the water surrounding her, making her presence obvious to anybody near by. not that she cared. with unstable anger & power like sugilites, she rarely needed to be cautious or quiet. she LIKED loud. LOVED loud.

she raised her arm, about to break down another large piece of pillar. the gauntlets beginning to swing on that strong whip of hers - before she saw the small green gem appear from nowhere. she scowled and released her grip of the whip’s handle, leaving it to fly into another direction instead of it smashing down on the gem.

                what are you DOING? ’

so i get to organise a debate amonst my year group and the topic i’ve chosen is ‘should foie grass production be made illegal’ - no one was surprised at it tbh, since they all now im pretty strongly opinionated on the subject :l

update i puked 15 times & bled a little from my eyes but i finessed death, made it thru the hurricane & willed myself healthy. i am now watching joe dirt i am more certain than ever that i am invincible i am a golden god amonst men

anonymous asked:

Do you think he's sleeped with both female captains?

;;Ah nonnie you are so gorgeous omg ‘sleeped’ no keep it let’s make it a new word because it sounds so cute ~

Shunsui is a gentleman and a noble at that. He might have been a rascal as a child and a sex chaser in his youth because let’s be real teenage guys … they simply need it (talking out of experience). But I don’t think he slept with the female captain’s at all. I am not even sure he is their type. 

You see, being a captain amonst the Shinigami requires a lot of determination, stamina and a good portion of serfdom in order to follow every rule and guideline for the Seireitei to function on the whole. The captains are the people who teach their lieutenants and subordinates such important things. They have to be role models. And knowing Shunsui, he is too much of a proud man when it comes to his captaincy than to ruin his reputation sleeping with the female captains.

3 June - Literary Calendar - Mason West Web Pages

3 June – Literary Calendar – Mason West Web Pages

Today is Wednesday, 3 June 2015.

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On this day in:

1964 T.S. Eliot writes to Groucho Marx: “The picture of you in the newspaper saying that, amonst other reasons, you have come to London to visit me has greatly enhanced my credit line in the neighborhood, and particularly with the greengrocer across the street.”


Allen Ginsberg(1926,…

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I have to run out for a bit but I noticed some amazing conversations taking place amonst the OUaT fandom while I was watching Supergirl.  I shall have to read in more detail and perhaps respond when I get back.