#Sherri was outstanding in this episode #whereas Teri tends to express Stef’s love for Lena #through her eyes #Sherri does it with her whole body#if you watch closely #it’s almost like she’s emanating the love Lena feels #it’s most evident in this episode #but also in 1x15 - the bathroom scene in the beginning #and pretty much every time #Lena is happy around Stef #it’s quite charming to witness (via amonovalis)

Yes! Yes so much to this. Sherri’s face is extremely expressive but she definitely acts from top to bottom. It’s extraordinary. And I think it’s a big reason that both hyadamsfoster and I have had such a hard time with 2a. We’ve really been missing seeing all of Sherri and while part of that is purely superficial, for me at least, I think it feels like Lena has been benched almost, as Sherri had to sit more and more. Because she does use her whole body to convey emotion. She did a great job compensating and I wasn’t sad for all of the close ups but really. Having her sit and be totally covered does a disservice to her acting.

amonovalis replied to your photoset

these two. :) do they share the trailer? (it says “stef & lena” on the door)

I wondered the same thing. I saw a door at the studio with Teri Polo I am pretty sure. However, they may share a trailer for location shots, but they usually say the actor’s names. I want to know!!!