I’m sure someone else has pointed this out already, but this just occurred to me.

The first time Kaneki and Amon meet, Kaneki is standing in Amon’s way, preventing him from going to help Mado, who is fighting Touka and Hinami. Mado is Amon’s mentor, someone he loves very much, and Mado dies because Amon wasn’t able to help him.

The last time Amon and Kaneki meet, Amon is standing in Kaneki’s way, preventing Kaneki from going to help Yoshimura during the raid. Yoshimura became Kaneki’s mentor after he became a ghoul, and maybe Kaneki wouldn’t have been able to help, but Amon prevents Kaneki from reaching Yoshimura to try.

They mirror each other.

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anonymous asked:

How can you ship Amon/Korra ??? It's a crack ship right. And if you did watch LoK to the End you'd knew which cannon ship is true

Dunno if you’re legit asking me why I ship it or you’re just ‘omg ew how can you ship that’. You can anon message me again if you want to clarify but if it’s the latter I’m not going to bother. 

I’m aware Lok ends in Korrsami but honestly there are plenty of people who draw that already, So I’m gonna stick with Amorra because its my fav cracktastic ship that I have loved ever since the first season came out <3

Amorra Week - Day One

Title: Sweet Tooth

Word Count: 1038

Summary: Korra visits the city’s most famous bakery shop during her break.

Every week day, during her lunch breaks at school, Korra would take a quick stroll down to Republic City’s authentic water tribe bakery, better known as The North Brothers’ Bakery. Without fail, she would show up at exactly half past noon, bag slung over her shoulder and hair in slight disarray from her quick and sprightly movements.

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Okay, so as for the “Amon is Floppy” theory. If this is true, I have a feeling HE could be the one to help Sasaki regain his memories, since he is the “key” to that (unless I’m confusing myself right now? lol). Anyways, so him and Sasaki could run into each other some day, and Amon (being a rebel half-Ghoul and not being on the Ghoul’s side, since he was so determined to remain human) basically is like “Kaneki?” (or whatever) and Sasaki will be like “No, I’m not Kaneki” and Amon would probably flip out on Sasaki or something and blah blah and somehow that’d help him regain his memories or something? Maybe by trying to fight Amon (lol just like the old days!) he’d get them back. :P Idk 

kuviraesthetic asked:

part 1- One thing I like about Kuvira is how she was willing and too a point able to fight Korra on even terms. She didn't have any secret tricks up her sleeve like physic bloodbending without a full moon like Amon, she didn't have an ancient spirit empowering her like Unalaq, and she didn't use sneak attacks, hostages or poison like the Red Lotus, she just had sheer bending prowess. Granted she had the Colossus in there second fight but once it came down to a one on one, she didn't back down.-

 She didn’t use any tricks or deception like the other books antagonists. She didn’t try to have someone else handle her business and even knowing she was going up against the Avatar she didn’t surrender or back down. I'ts probably why there final fight is one of my favorites in the series. On one hand Korra has her on the defensive for the bulk of the fight and more than likely could have ended things in an instant if she used the Avatar State, but on the other hand Kuvira  is probably one of the few people in the avatar verse who could have lasted that long against a 100% and totally focused Korra. Every other big bad of the series tried to fuck with Korra in various ways to give themselves an edge in any way they could, people can say what they will about Kuvira but when came down to just her and Korra? No army, no giant ass mech and no Krew, she actually had the guts to rely solely on her skills as a fighter rather than any underhanded tactics or help..

This couldn’t be truer! I love that about her. When she wants something, she gets it, and it’s all her too. She’s tough to the core, take what she wants, do it herself (in a way). She’s strong and hardcore and terrifying and I. Love. Her. 

List 10 fandoms and my favourite characters from them.

tagged by dangoko (thanks ♥). order doesn’t mean anything.

1. Attack on Titan - Ymir, Sasha, Annie, Hanji, Jean

2. Tokyo Ghoul - Kaneki, Juuzou, Akira, Touka, Amon

3. Life is Strange - Max, Chloe, Kate

4. Psycho Pass - Akane, Makishima, Shion

5. Mirai Nikki - Minene, Akise

6. Danganronpa - Junko, Fukawa

7. Sense8 - Riley, Sun, Capheus, Nomi, Hernando, Kala, Daniela

8. Orange is the New Black - Poussey, Nicki, Taystee, Sophia, Miss Rosa

9. Scott Pilgrim - Kim, Wallace

10.  Madoka Magica - Sayaka, Kyouko

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Tokyo Ghoul || Anteiku Raid + Casualties
↳ The Owl Suppression Operation was a large scale operation conducted by CCG in the 20th Ward, targeting the Ghoul organization and coffee shop Anteiku. The battle resulted in heavy losses on both sides, with numerous Ghoul Investigators wounded or killed and a 99% eliminate rate of all Ghouls in the 20th Ward.