among the living

Wanna Hear Something Cool?

Sombra: Wanna hear something cool?

Hana: Sure. Why not.

*Sombra leans over onto Hana’s shoulder.*

Sombra: Aliens live among us.

Hana: … :/

Sombra: For real. :D

Hana: How do you know? 

Sombra: My dreams showed me. :P

Hana: Your dreams huh? Sure you weren’t just browsing the web in your sleep? That seems like something you’d do.

Sombra: Either way, I’ve come across something amazing! Gonna look into it.

Hana: Good, while you do that, I’ll go bring you some tinfoil for your soon to be hat collection. |D


(Something a little less silly. Sombra isn’t serious by the way. She just wants to say something to break the silence.)


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He loathed to admit that he at times did feel old. But then she’d do something as simple as lean on his shoulder, and he - at a loss - would feel like an inexperienced teenager all over again.

Hetalia AU idea:

The nations are still nations but here’s the thing, they don’t know each other. I’m not saying that they don’t believe that the others exist but let’s say here’s the story:

  • They used to be completely revered and honored in their countries
  • During the Middle Ages, people turned against them, believing that they were demons or evil spirits and they were hunted down
  • So they hid away assuming different personas
  • Some of them still keep in touch with each other, via letters, but others they had never heard from after their countries and their leaders turned against them
  • Some of them were captured and jailed (I’m thinking Spain and the Spanish Kingdoms), others hid in plain sight (I’m thinking France and England), a few became “secret military weapons” (Prussia fits this one), and I’m thinking Portugal just traveled around a lot more while trying to evade capture.
  • Since there was no one there to tell them what they were, the younger nations (e.g. America, Canada, etc.) had no idea that they were nations and just thought that they were powerful immortal children
  • These younger nations grew up on the streets, fending for themselves, and ditching towns if they’re ever found out. Time will tell if they would ever meet the others.
  • Eventually, they would all cross paths again and who knows what would happen. 
  • They wouldn’t know that they were nations immediately because they are hiding as regular humans and would be shocked if they figured out what each other was.

“ANTHRAX - Among The Living (1987)” - Concept Posters

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I need your help, tumblr. My friend wrote an as-yet-incomplete masterpiece in the deeply important “Finn starts a revolution” Star Wars sub-fandom (there are not enough stories for that yet, there can NEVER BE ENOUGH), and she may write more of it - but she’s also a full time law student who has trouble saying no to extracurriculars because she’s all about saving the world ten anti-oppressive movements at a time.

So she’s really busy always.

(Seriously, I strongly suspect her of somehow acquiring a Time Turner, but if that were true I would think she’d be better rested, you know? Just go back a few hours and sleep on the couch while your past self is sleeping in the bed. Or share the bed? Making out with yourself: optional but not really conducive to rest, probably.)

If she had a tumblr I would tell you to go send her a million asks and prompts and bribes and so on, but she does not. However, I’ll pass along whatever you want to tell her. Including bitter desperation to know what happens next and promises of your firstborn. I will be the messenger. This is a duty and a privilege I hold sacred. This story has to be told.

Here is an excerpt from the beginning (shared with permission):

Word spread.

FN-2187 lives.

At first they were cautious. Few who had been stationed on Starkiller Base had survived its destruction; even fewer of those were willing to speak of what they had seen, or not seen, or surmised. Those who had been on Jakku seemed equally close-mouthed. And yet, some of them must have spoken, at some time; for who else would the ones who later said I heard…, have heard it from?

FN-2187 lives.

Over time, the ones who heard watched out for others: for the sharpshooters from training who missed every shot in battle, for the mechanics who covered for a sick deckhand during a captain’s inspection, for the fighters who made effort to remember the designations of the fallen. These ones they would seek out later, in alcoves or on catwalks, in loading bays and airlocks, and pass on the whisper: I heard…. And so word spread, quietly, from stormtrooper to stormtrooper, from pilot to mechanic, from one hooded or helmeted face to another.

FN-2187 lives.

The story changed, never the same from one telling to the next. I heard he was the best gunner in his squad. I heard he escaped a whole wing of TIE fighters. The whispers grew and spread, less plausible each time, until hearsay became legend became something like religion. I heard he freed a dozen Resistance prisoners that General Hux had in interrogation. I heard he disabled an entire Resurgent-class Star Destroyer, and all he had was his blaster and a grappling hook. They spread until the tales themselves became so farfetched that everyone knew they weren’t offered for the truth, but for the telling. I heard he didn’t just disable it – he blew it into space dust. I heard he fought a lightsaber duel with Kylo Ren, and lived.

Always, it came back to that: FN-2187 lived.

FN-2187 lives.

He picked up other names along the way: the Deserter, the Resistor, the Survivor, titles chanted silently as mantras by stormtroopers going into battle, or murmured as talismans against an officer’s cruelty or Ren’s fits of temper. Half a dozen epithets, none traceable to any one source, so of course no one knew who started calling him the First – but that was the title that soon spread furthest, took deepest root. Part of it was the way the name drew from and yet defied the First Order. But mostly it was something else: if FN-2187 was the First, it promised there would be more.

*          *          *

There’s more where that came from.

I am not above doling this out incrementally as motivation. I will post the next snippet as soon as someone asks/bribes/threatens/pleads/bargains, needing to know the rest of the story.

You understand your mission now.

Spread the word, everyone

I imagine how weird it must be for the citizens of Earth C to know about their gods and live among them, like “ Oh you know our beloved godness Terezi Pyrope? I saw her last week, she was licking the logo of a CrockerCorp building”


“ Oh, the hopes and dreams I lived among; when this heart of mine was wise and young. Shine for me again, Little Prince. “ // I know there’s been a new movie in the recent years and that’s g r e a t too, but I will always love that version of Le Petit Prince. Also, the character the Lamplighter has always stood out to me, because of his faithful obedience, and how he brings light to his lonely planet ( though I’ve done his illustration little justice ) ( 1 8 / 0 2 / 2 0 1 7 )

Ludwig the virtuoso
  • Ludwig was annoyed at a Berlin audience for weeping over his performance. He complained to a friend, “That’s not what we artists wish. We want applause!”
  • Carl Czerny recorded how Beethoven mocked his audiences for breaking out into sobs and emotional displays after his improvisations. “You are fools! Who can live among such spoiled children?” 
  • In Beethoven’s twenties, the piano was still a delicate, all-wooden instrument. Ludwig once broke so many strings while performing a Mozart concerto that his friend Anton had to untangle broken strings from the piano as he played.
  • Friedrich Himmel, royal pianist of the court of Prussia, once improvised for Beethoven. After Friedrich had played for a moment, Ludwig snapped, “Well, when are you going to start?” He explained later, “I thought Himmel had just been preluding a bit.”
  • In 1797, Ludwig dedicated a four-hand piano sonata to Countess von Browne, who gave him a horse in thanks. He rented space for it at a stable and forgot about it until he was shocked and infuriated by a huge feed bill.
  • Ludwig lived across the street from his student Babette. He showed up for her morning piano lessons in a sleeping cap, dressing gown, and slippers. He dedicated several pieces of music to her, including the passionate Grande Sonata op. 7, nicknamed “The Beloved.”
  • An amateur pianist named Carl described Ludwig: “Whoever sees Beethoven for the first time and knows nothing about him would surely take him for a malicious, ill-natured and quarrelsome drunk who has no feeling for music.”

[Need more Beethoven? Read about how his house flooded when he was a child and what it was like to have lessons with Haydn.]

source : BEETHOVEN : anguish and triumph 

Peanut Butter - m.


member: Jeon Jungkook

genre: Smut, Fluff, Dogboy!au

warnings: Nsfw, Mature Content, Hybrid Smut, Don’t eat peanut butter while reading this!

↠  words: 2.1k

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You threw your drenched backpack, filled with the school books that have drowned a couple of time, in the corner of the apartment door. The small, homely apartment that you shared with your boyfriend. Both of you and Jungkook were college students and juggled with a part-time job to afford the rent together. Since you and him didn’t want to live among the crowded students in the University’s dorm. 

The apartment was placed nearby the sea, making the rents much more expensive. However, the clear view over the Busan sea was unforgettable. Although they forbid pets especially dogs. There’s a big red sign right outside of the door with no dogs allowed. Of course, Jungkook being Jungkook got quite offended by that.

At the same time, no one can know what Jungkook really is. It’s best to keep it as a secret.

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