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That's An Order

Title:  That’s An Order

Author:  Kaspian

Pairing: Kaisoo (Kyungsoo / Jongin)

Genres: werewolf au, romance, smut, sci-fi, fantacy

Rated: NC-17

Length: 7 chapters, ongoing

Summary:  In a world where diverse races live among one another, companion Do Kyungsoo lands a very special role.

This is Cupid, his monster form (and human form to scale).

He is the third oldest of the five and the nicest of them all, he enjoys living among humans and doesn’t mind his human form one bit; he’s adapted to the point where he passes as a regular baker. But monster habits are hard to break and there’s more than just pastries cooking in his kitchen. 

Chara: Assan Lavellan (Day 2)

DAY(S): [1] [2]

Gender: Male
Race: Elf (Raised as a City Elf; had Dalish family and later lived among Dalish)
Nickname (If any?): Da’Assan (Little Arrow, by clan members), Sticky Fingers/Raven (by Varric)
Birthday: 9:15 Dragon, 28th Bloomingtide (May 28th)
Zodiac: Gemini
Occupation: He spent many years as a Spy for hire, taking jobs from both elves and humans. Though many make/made the mistake that he is/was an Assassin or Mercenary for hire, he is quick to correct them. Killing and confrontation was rarely required in what he did and it’s how he preferred it. He is now the Inquisitor of Thedas’ current Inquisition.
Allergies?: Nothing beyond seasonal allergies.
Favorite Text or Tale: He knows The Fall of Arlathan almost word for word, an example of Dalish strength and will.

Among The Living

I devoured the darkness,
Lived off lack of light,
You locked your doors,
To hide in paralyzed slumber yes,
Dreamless in your mausoleum,
While I saw the universe,
Infinity … Eternity… Purity,
Seeing the___ severed___lines.
Of your imitation life writhing,
The desiccated eyes of the dead,
Will greet the rising sun to begin,
Again again again again,
The mocking dance of the mindless,
Whose vagrant ambitions of acquisition ,
Mark meaningless motions,
In empty loops of decayed desires,
Seeking only what has been ordained,
I know you all,
Creatures of casual cruelty,
Molded mediocrity for virtue,
I know you all,
So rise up in your shrouds,
Embalmed but still rotted,
March into your same day every day,
It’s all you have to offer,
Hide again before the next night,
Strips you bare in the eyes,
Of we who are truly awake

Staff Indie Pick: The Shadow Prince by Stacey O’Neale

About the Book:

Every sacrifice has consequences. Sixteen-year-old Rowan has spent most of his life living among the mortals—learning to control the element of fire, impatiently awaiting the day his vengeful mother, Queen Prisma, will abdicate her throne. When he finally returns to Avalon for his coronation, his mother insists he must first prove his loyalty to the court by completing a secret mission: Kill Kalin, the half-human, half-elemental daughter of the air court king. Willing to do anything to remove his mother from power, he agrees to sacrifice the halfling. He returns to the mortal world with his best friend, Marcus, determined to kill the princess. But as he devises a plan, he starts to question whether or not he’s capable of completing such a heinous task. And what price he will pay if he refuses?

Our Review:

“Fans of Melissa Marr and Holly Black are sure to be caught up in this tale of loyalty and betrayal with one hawt new protagonist.”

Read our full review (or add your own!) and learn more about this series HERE.   

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