among so many others

No matter what horrific abuses you have suffered, you must not let that drive you to lash out at someone who has not hurt you or anyone else, merely because they have similar traits to those who abused you.  To do so is an inexcusable act of unjustified aggression, and framing it as “coping” does not make it any less malicious and harmful, it just makes it disingenuous as well.

Your suffering is not an excuse to harm innocent people who remind you of your abuser.

Symptoms of OCD people don't talk about

-Depressive episodes
-Generalized anxiety
-Mild to severe hallucinations
-Innapropriate emotional reactions
-Hypersexuality v no libido changing constantly
-So many thoughts in your head it’s just a roaring buzzing noise and all you can do is cry
-Noticing literally everything, whether it’s things passing by, what everyone around you says no matter how far, how people react or say things, mood changes, how things feel, how another person’s hands feel because they just touched something dirty and didn’t wash up
-Sudden selective mutism
-Nightmares every single time you sleep
-Separation anxiety

Among so many others.

Why develop a fictional culture?

When you’re creating a race of people for your new world, you need a culture to give those people and their way of life some context. The culture helps determine how the characters act, dress, eat, solve problems, among so many other things. You can (and sometimes, should) have multiple cultures in your world, depending on how large your focus area is. Cultures affect each other, but also serve in a narrative sense to draw contrast in-world and to draw parallels to the reader’s world. 

So here are some thoughts, big and small, that are meant to help inspire you as you create amazing cultures. (And remember that you’re thinking about the following questions in the context of the general population, not your main character(s).) You can simply answer these questions in short-answer form, or you can write a short story to flesh out one or two or three questions at once. If you do that, submit them to me! I’d love to feature them on the blog. 

  • How old do people believe their race is? How old are they really?
  • How prevalent are religions to the common person?
  • What is/are the origin stories of the main religion(s)?
  • What do most people think should be the highest priority:
    • biological family?
    • chosen family?
    • career?
    • service/charity (of any kind)?
    • religion?
    • entertainment/fun?
    • nation?
    • expansion (of nation/culture/influence/understanding)?
  • How do culturally shared priorities shape interactions?
  • What is the common greeting? Does it vary by age, class, rank, or sect?
  • How is gender viewed by the majority? Why?
  • What are common myths/legends of your people and how heavily do they influence the modern day?
  • How trustful are people of outsiders?
  • How welcoming are people, in general, of strangers into their homes?
  • How well do people of various factions (class, race, religion, etc.) get along in society?
  • How far has technology advanced, and how has it been implemented into their daily lives?
  • If magic exists, what do they believe is its origin? Its source?
  • If there is division between magic/non-magic, how do the two treat each other and why? How long has it been that way?
  • What sort of relationship do they have with their ruler?
  • How content is the average person?
  • How do people make their living and how big a part of their life is their career (if applicable)?
  • Do they have “weekends” and if so, what sets them apart from “weekdays”?
  • How do they treat their close friends?
  • How do they treat their enemies?
  • How do they handle small conflict, between individuals or small groups?
  • How do they handle larger conflicts?
  • How are they prepared for any potential war? Do they have some sort of military or militia in place? 
  • How many wars have they, as a society, fought over the course of their lives/history? How much of an impact does that have on their cultural identity? (i.e. WW2′s impact on patriotism in America, and how it’s yet to go away.)
  • What virtues do they value in individuals? What virtues do they say they value? If those are different, why?
  • How do they dress? Does it vary greatly by gender, or not? Is their focus on clothing very practical, religious, sentimental, or simply driven by the latest arbitrary fashion? How do the above answers reflect on the culture on a deeper level?
  • How do they treat their elderly?
  • How do they treat their children?
  • At what age does a baby become a child, a child a young adult, a young adult an adult, an adult an elder?
  • How much regulation does the day-to-day life of the average citizen entail? Or, how involved is the government in micro affairs?
  • How are these people seen throughout their known world? How do other cultures view this culture?

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Map Making
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History & Lore

Straight White Boy Problem #996

my friend has been dealing with some mental shit for the past couple months. Like bad stuff. One of his friends passed away. He had a bad breakup with his gf. Its hard for me bc i sit there and listen to his problems even if I don’t want to. But I know I have to. Because if I dont, who will? I’m happy I can be there for him. Mental health is so stigmatized among men and I know there are so many other guys that don’t have the support they need. I know. Bc I was there

Miss Molly [Part 1 of ?]

Originally posted by saxonss

Billy Hargrove x OFC 

Disclaimer: Billy Hargrove is a toxic person with toxic behavior which will be FULLY ACKNOWLEDGED here. Racist, sexist, abusive, etc. This drabble (if I even end up finishing it honestly who knows) is going to focus on him as a developing and !!DEEPLY FLAWED!! character for which I believe a redemption arc is possible. Under no circumstances am I condoning, romanticizing, or attempting to erase his treatment of Max, Lucas, or any other character. If you think I am, feel free to message me about it, and we can discuss! I’m open to constructive criticism! If you’re just here to tell me to kill myself for liking a character I’m not interested! Thank you! 

Warnings: language. homophobia. 2 mentions of the term d*ke 

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The Tenth Floor pt4

Min Yoongi had gone through 34 secretaries in the past 24 months, and each one of them left in tears. This fact alone should have warned you against taking the job, but the pay was too good to pass up. Surely you could put up with a billionaires temper-tantrums, right?

Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff, humor, probably some angst

Warnings: Strong language at times, maybe some slight smut eventually

Part 1, 2, 3

“You seem to be settling in well.” 

You looked up from the files you were re-organizing for Yoongi to see Namjoon standing in front of you with a smile. He had been the one to hire you, but you hadn’t seen him since, and you had to admit it was good to see him. You hadn’t realized it when he interviewed you, but he seemed a lot more sane and normal than any of the other people there.

“Yeah, so far so good.” You returned his smile, bending the truth slightly. It wasn’t like you had expected this to be a dream-job, but also hadn’t realized what a pain everyone else who worked there would be. 

“Yoongi hasn’t been too horrible, then?” Namjoon raised an eyebrow, sitting down across from you. 

You shrugged. “I’m sure running such an important, large company puts a lot of stress on him.” You said rather than answer his question.

“In other words, he’s crazy, but you can handle him.” Namjoon laughed, and you couldn’t help but join in. Min Yoongi was crazy. Not even a half-hour ago, he had started screaming that someone stole his checkbook, only for you to walk in and tell him it was in the top right drawer of his desk (you had seen him put it there the previous day).

“Maybe a bit. But I can certainly handle him.” You agreed. 

“I have a good feeling about you.” Namjoon said suddenly. “I’ve hired people from all over the place, from amazing schools or with years of experience… But there’s something about you. I really think this is going to work.” You were relieved for a moment, thankful that someone believed in you. But then Jimin wandered over, flicking Namjoons shoulder.

“You’ve said that shit before.” He said with a sigh.

“Have not.” Namjoon replied indignantly. 

“Have too.” Jimin snorted. “Remember Mike? You were positive he was perfect for the job. And Melissa? You said there was no way for it to go wrong. And then there was Kevin…”

“Okay, stop.” Namjoon said, obviously flustered. You tried not to be disappointed. The only person who believed in you apparently believed in every other employee who had failed. 

“Face it, Namjoon. You’re a terrible judge of character.” Jimin said, patting Namjoon shoulder sympathetically before walking away. Namjoon turned back to you looking rather guilty.

“I really do have a good feeling about you. And I talked to Yoongi yesterday, he doesn’t seem to mind you.” He was trying to make up for what Jimin had said, but you really wanted the conversation to end.

“Thanks, I appreciate it–really, I do. But is there something that I can help you with? If not, I really do need to get this done and I have some phone calls to make…” 

“Right, yeah, of course you do.” Namjoon stood abruptly, still looking embarrassed. “I actually need to speak with Yoongi for a minute, so if you’ll excuse me…” He nearly ran into Yoongi’s office door in his haste to get away, and you shook your head as you returned to your work. Somehow, you didn’t think Namjoon was actually going to be any help to you while you worked there.

“Let me guess, you missed the bus again?” Kim Taehyung said through the phone. Your day had dragged on for what felt like forever, your lunch break practically non-existent because Yoongi had decided that all of his filing cabinets needed to be reorganized (which they did, they were a total mess, but it was still tedious work that took a while). You had missed the bus again, but at least this time you weren’t soaking wet with a broken heel. “I’m not far, I’ll be there in a few.”

You might have been able to leave earlier if you had really pushed for it, but you were still hoping to somehow get on your bosses good side–though, you were starting to wonder if he even had one. After Namjoon was done talking to him, Yoongi had been in a significantly worse mood. He had complained about everything–his schedule, his coffee, the fact that he thought your shoes were ugly–before dumping piles upon piles of paper on your desk. 

Missing the bus was also a good excuse to call the strange taxi-driver you had met the day before.

“So tell me, how exactly does one barely miss the bus two days in a row?” Taehyung asked when he pulled up, rolling the window down and greeting you with a smile. 

“It’s a long story, but it’s just as well. I have some shopping I need to do anyway.” You said, not sure why you were telling the driver this. “Apparently my shoes are ugly, so I’m going to get some new ones at the mall…”

Taehyung twisted around in his seat so he could see your shoes for himself before he started driving. “They don’t look so bad to me.” He said thoughtfully. “And what do you mean, ‘apparently’ they’re ugly? Don’t you like them?” He pulled away from the curb as he spoke, glancing at you briefly in the rear-view. 

You shrugged, looking down at your flats. You didn’t think they were ugly, but you weren’t sure you wanted to put up with another day of Jimin and Yoongi both criticizing them. 

“I wouldn’t have bought them in the first place if I didn’t like them.” You sighed. “It’s other people who have a problem with them.” 

Taehyung raised an eyebrow. “And you care what they think?” 

“I mean, no, but–”

But you’re going to replace perfectly good shoes because someone whose opinion you don’t care about says they’re ugly?” You weren’t sure how you felt about Taehyung-the-taxi-driver hinting that you were conforming to other peoples standards, and shifted slightly in your seat. Taehyung didn’t wait for you to answer, simply continued with another question. “Are they against your companies dress code or something?” You assumed he was referring to your shoes.


Taehyung seemed to be personally insulted that someone had a problem with your shoes, which was very odd. “So what difference does it make to you what other people think about your shoes?” 

You wanted to argue that you didn’t want to give Jimin a reason to bully you, or for Yoongi to have another reason to hate you, but it sounded childish in your own mind. What did you care if Jimin said rude things to you? And if Yoongi fired you over your shoes, then maybe working for him wasn’t worth it after all. “It doesn’t really matter…” You agreed slowly, and Taehyung pulled over.

“Good, so I’m not driving you to the mall, right?” He looked at you in the mirror again, grinning so hard that his smile looked more like a box than anything else. 

“I… Guess not? But…”

Taehyung blinked, then laughed. “So are you free the rest of tonight?” 

You couldn’t believe this. Was your taxi driver asking you out? That was ridiculous. “I don’t know…” You started. You really should catch up on sleep, this job was draining and you needed to be alert in the morning. 

“Nothing weird, I promise. There’s just something I’d like you to see.” 

The last part could be taken in a number of ways, but there was something about Taehyung that made you think he meant it in the most innocent way possible. “Okay.” You agreed, not entirely sure why. There was no reason for you to go anywhere with him, unless it was to drive you home.

“Fantastic. I promise you won’t regret it.” Taehyung pulled back into the street quickly, before making a U-turn and driving the other way. He didn’t tell you where you were going, and you didn’t ask. 

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An Unconventional Hiveswap Dev Team Interview

Hey, it’s Cohen. Ash, our Associate Producer who usually runs these, is at E3 this week, so I’m doing the introduction. There was also a weird Affable Karkat vibe when he was answering this own questions, so I rewrote them a little. Here goes:

Obviously people sorta know you if they’ve been reading these interviews, but for the sake of the thing: What’s your name, and what do you do on the Hiveswap team?

Hello there! My name is Ash Paulsen, and I’m the Associate Producer on Hiveswap. As a producer, my basic role on the project is to help organize and sync up each department’s workflow while also facilitating effective interdepartmental communication. In layman’s terms: it’s my job to make everyone else’s jobs easier and do all the “in-between” stuff to help bring the game to the finish line, and that means I do whatever needs doing – which can vary from day to day!

How’d you get your start on Hiveswap?

This is actually a surprisingly straightforward story. Basically, What Pumpkin was looking to fill a producer position on Hiveswap, and luckily they were pointed in my direction by a mutual friend and colleague. So What Pumpkin then reached out to me via email, and I happened to be looking to take the next step in my career at the time. I then began a brief trial period as a part-time producer on Hiveswap to ascertain if the position would be an ideal fit for me. After a while, I was very graciously welcomed into the What Pumpkin family as a full-time producer – I must have impressed them somewhere along the way, and I’m happy I did!

Yeah, absolutely. Having a dedicated person for the work you’ve been doing has made my life easier. You’ve got some experience in 2D animation and video game production specifically, right?

My first production-related job came by way of Nickelodeon Animation several years ago, where I worked for about a year and a half as a Production Assistant on the Butch Hartman cartoons The Fairly OddParents! and T.U.F.F. Puppy. (Prior to that, I’d been working as a Game Master at Nexon – the developer of MapleStory – so this was a huge jump!) I later left Nickelodeon for a full-time position as the Senior Editor at UDON Entertainment, a publisher and art collective specializing in video game and anime art books. Somewhere along the way, I ended up taking on a second gig as an Associate Producer at ShiftyLook, where I got to help make super cool webcomics and web cartoons out of old-school, dormant Bandai Namco Games IPs, such as Bravoman and Wonder Momo.

It was that ShiftyLook job that reminded me just how much I loved producing and wanted to get back into it, so I put some feelers out there and when I was lucky enough to have What Pumpkin come knocking, I was ready to seize the opportunity!

Do you have any advice for someone looking to get into production? I don’t mean me, of course–it wasn’t until we brought you on that I realized how much production work I’d been doing as a matter of necessity, and I don’t want to go back to that life–but just, y’know. Tips and tricks for any aspiring producers.

In terms of advice for launching into a production career, I would say that a self-starter mentality and an honest willingness to take on pretty much any task – no matter how boring or menial – are key. I find that’s the best way to let people know you’re a team player and, in turn, get noticed! If something needs doing, just step up and do it! If you don’t know how to do it, ask questions, but do it nonetheless.

Yeah, including, when you’re not at E3, running these interviews. Speaking of, do you have any favorite games?

For someone who plays as many video games as I do – I’ve been an avid gamer since the original Super Mario Bros. captured my heart when I was just five years old – this is a surprisingly easy answer! My favorite game of all time is Chrono Trigger, a Super Nintendo JRPG you’ve probably heard of once or twice. That game is the total package: a gripping story, memorable characters, killer battle system, legendary soundtrack, and some of the Super Nintendo’s very best graphics. I think my favorite thing about Chrono Trigger is that the narrative can be as complex or as light as you want it to be; if you want to enjoy it as a simple time-traveling romp, you can do that and it’s great. But if you want to read between the lines and really dive into the lore where things get pretty dark and sophisticated, you can play it that way too and it’s even better in my opinion. It’s a game you can enjoy on your own terms, and for that reason and so many more, I just adore CT. My second and third favorites behind that are Okami and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

I just recently finished the Switch versions of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Blaster Master Zero, and Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, and right now I’m playing Horizon: Zero Dawn and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Looking ahead, I am unbelievably, ridiculously hyped for Sonic Mania and Kingdom Hearts III!

Do you pull any inspiration from those for your production work on Hiveswap?

Not in particular… I can’t think of much crossover between gaming and production work, either in terms of the skills required or really at all. I suppose there’s some tenuous connection between, like, turn-based strategy RPGs and project management, but even that’s reaching a bit.

Besides, working on Hiveswap is its own form of inspiration: I have the privilege of working with a team of wildly talented, creative folks on a daily basis, and when you’re surrounded by that much awesome every day, it’s hard not to be inspired to work harder and smarter!

Since this is a remote team, we’ve had people describe their workstations, which has been fun. What’s yours like?

I don’t really have a particular workstation, if that makes sense. Mine is mostly the kind of work that can be done anywhere as long as I have my laptop (I run with a MacBook Pro) and an Internet connection, so my workstation is generally wherever I want or need to be that day. Oftentimes that means a local coffee shop because I don’t fancy staying cooped up in my apartment alone every day, but if I have a full day of meetings I’ll usually stay home. The same ambient noise I go to coffee shops to enjoy tends to become a major liability when people are trying to hear you in a Google Hangout or Skype meeting!

Yeah, I can confirm that, having been in those meetings before you started staying home for them. What about music? Do you like to listen to anything while you’re working?

I constantly listen to music while I work – lots and lots of video game music! Game music has been my jam since I started burning line-out recordings of sound test menus to CDRs as a kid. (Not even kidding. The ‘90s, baby!) Usually it’s upbeat, driving chiptune anthems like the sort you hear in Mega Man games and other retro platformers like Shovel Knight, but I also love orchestral VGM like Final Fantasy  soundtracks. In fact, Yoko Shimomura – composer of the Kingdom Hearts games, among so many others – is my favorite musician of all time! I also listen to original chip music and a ton of EDM (electronic dance music, which encompasses so many other sub-genres) as well. I’ll give anything a chance, really!

Anything else you want to say to fans?

I’m genuinely appreciative of and humbled by the opportunity to leave my stamp on a universe as singularly compelling and bizarre as Homestuck. Despite my being a relative newcomer to the project and the wider Homestuck community, bringing Hiveswap to the finish line in a form that delivers on your expectations means the world to me and I take my role in that process very seriously. I’m really, really happy to be here!

Is there anywhere people can see more of your work?

As I touched on briefly earlier, I’m one of the GameXplain crew! If you’ve not heard of us, we’re a Nintendo-focused YouTube channel closing in on 800,000 (!) subscribers, though we also cover PlayStation and Xbox titles when time allows. You can find a link to our channel right here, where you’ll hear me yapping away in all sorts of discussions, previews, reviews, news updates, and more!

We’ll have Ash and the regular format back next week.

Small-minded people are often comforted by the false and dangerous notion that some people are fundamentally evil, regardless of their actions, because of an immutable aspect of their nature that they didn’t choose and cannot change.  The idea that certain people are just innately and irreparably evil is so appealing because it absolves those who believe it of culpability.  It’s an idea that claims “I can treat these people as horribly as I want and retain the moral high ground, because they are fundamentally evil through and through, no matter what they do or say,” while simultaneously asserting “I can’t possibly be a bad person, no matter what awful things I do, because I don’t have any of those traits that make someone inherently evil.”

do you think there’s posters of the most popular players in hq!!’s Volleyball Monthly? because the thought of certain characters having posters of other characters is super funny to me. Ushiwaka has an Oikawa poster. Oikawa has an Ushiwaka poster, but with a mustache and other silly stuff drawn on him with sharpie. Bokuto has posters of all the other top 5 aces so he is motivated to practice to become better than them. Yaku gave Kuroo a poster of Daishou for his birthday specifically to piss him off. Hinata has every Bokuto poster to ever be released, hung up next to his posters of the Little Giant. things like that

Rules are Made to Be Broken - [Eggsy Unwin X Reader]

[Uh… I saw Kingsman last night and I just needed to write something o.o 

Been wanting to push myself so I tried a new writing style, hope you enjoy! ]

—– Read on Ao3 here :3

You know the mission. You know the rules… It’s been the same thing since you started this damn job over 3 years ago: Do. Not. Get. Involved.

So then why were you having so much trouble with the concept all of a sudden? Well… It could be the sea green color of his eyes, or that annoyingly chiseled chin of his. Or maybe it was the fact that anytime he looked at you, he held something curious in his gaze: A strong yearning look that made you weak when you thought about it for too long.

To say things were confusing would be putting it lightly… Now as you look at Eggsy fucking Unwin as he leaned leisurely in the seat across you, you realize why those kinds of rules had been put in place to begin with. In your defense, you didn’t KNOW who he was when you met him… You had no way to tell that the smooth talking brit that wooed you out of your pants several months before would be your new ‘partner’. No… how could you have seen that one coming?

And now you were dealing with the consequences of a really, really amazing weekend… The awkward, I-kinda-wanna-do-it-all-again- consequences.

You watched as a sweet smile started in the corners of his mouth as he lean forward setting his elbow to rest on the table, with hand hanging loosely over the edge. He tilted his head slightly and narrow his eyes on you before letting his full smile escape at last.

Fuck… you thought as that familiar tingle runs through you, ending low in your stomach where it sat bubbling like a kettle as it did every time he sent that smile your way. You quickly pulled your eyes back to your laptop and began typing aimlessly in attempts to busy yourself.  

“Am I distractin’ you?” He asked coolly, the slightest air of insinuation clung to his voice as it often did.

You tilt your head and narrow your eyes at him, just as he had as you try to decide how you will play this… Reminding yourself briefly of the rules before offering your reply, almost dry and bored. “Not at all.”

He grabbed an apple from the bowl in the center of the table, turning it side to side inspecting it carefully. You watched as he lifted a wrist to view the time; a nervous habit you’d seen him do a hundred times before. You’d been working together for about 5 months now, and you were getting really damn good at reading him. There was a part of you that hoped you weren’t as easy for him to understand, but the other part liked the idea a little too much…

Now is where you start to realize you really fucked up.

Eggsy pulled the apple to his mouth, taking a bite from it. The crisp breaking of the flesh echoed in the quiet room and the soft smell of fruit surrounded you. Even though you hated watching people eat, you couldn’t seem to take your eyes off of him then. Of course, you didn’t get away with looking for very long and he shot his eyes to you in an instant— catching you mid gaze. That same smile spreading over his lips and eyes equally as he put the apple down and cross his arms knowingly.

You quickly slid your eyes away, looking anywhere but there; knowing you were no where near as convincing as you’d hoped. After a silent sigh, you lick your lips anxiously and pull your eyes back to your laptop- reminding yourself again that this path was one you shouldn’t walk. That’s when he stood, buttoning his jacket dexterously. You watch clandestinely over the top of the screen feigning work as he walk around the table in his normal confident stride. Watching from the corner of your eyes as he stop beside you with hands deep in his pockets, not offering any word.

At first you didn’t move. It’s not like you could just get up and run away could you? So instead you swallowed hard as your pulse started to race and your cheeks ran flush. You opened your mouth to speak but nothing came out. After another second of this you close the screen, blinking hurriedly to your lap before finally shifting your gaze to his. Get your shit together, you warned as you noticed Eggsy had already been staring at you… but of course he had been.

“What?” You manage to get out— barley.

He looked like he was going to say something to you at first as his eyes lightened a fraction. But ultimately he only let a charming smile out, shaking his head once softly. “Nothin’. Don’t let me bother you.”

You don’t break his gaze in that moment because something told you that if you did; whatever you had there would be lost… You had moments like this before, where things had almost been said and done that couldn’t have possibly been put back. Somehow you knew though, that this would be the last time. So instead of letting go you just looked at him with wistful eyes; realizing in that moment that knowing you shouldn’t let this happen wouldn’t be enough to actually prevent it.

Slowly you turned in your seat to face him, pulling an arm to rest on the back of the chair as you grip the top tensely. “You don’t. You know you don’t…”

You weren’t entirely sure where this would go, but you had a feeling you were about to have a conversation you’d been dreading since the day Merlin officially introduced the two of you… Something in his body language told you he had the same idea, and as he pull a hand to the back of his neck rubbing it momentarily you knew for certain that he had.

“Look…” He started looking at you again, this time with a certain woefulness to his azure gaze.

“It… we can just forget about al—” You tried to stop him, knowing what he meant… things already were awkward enough, weren’t they? But you knew this would be it and couldn’t help but silently beg he would stop you.

Just like you hoped, he interrupted you— shaking his head once as he take another step towards you, sending another wave of nerves to tickle their way to your belly. “No… Don’t think I can.”

You didn’t know what you expected to hear, but you were pretty certain it wouldn’t be that. The surprise showed clearly across your face and your mouth dropped slightly. You didn’t know what to say at first and part of you didn’t even realize you had replied as quickly as you did. “We have to.”

Eggsy shook his head again, “Don’t think we do.”

He was confident you had to give him that… It was that confidence- among many other things that made him so attractive and as you look up at him from your seat, you realized how badly you wanted him. That feeling of knowing you shouldn’t crept further and further away with each second that pass as you fight yourself silently.

You know that the both of you would be better off without the mess this all would create. You know he’d be better off without you, that you’d be better without him… That love, and relationships were weakness. But you also couldn’t help but think back to the way his body felt against yours. The ease of your conversation. How ardently he trusted you, and you him. How he made you laugh…  

Before you knew it, you were standing.

There you were only a few inches from his face with brows slightly lowered, wearing a most unrecognizable look. You couldn’t decide if you wanted to punch him or kiss him truthfully, and that thought alone was enough to make you smile. Eggsy slid his hand lightly up the side of your neck, ending with his hands braided in your hair at the nape.

You swallowed as you looked to his mouth, heart racing fast— knowing you shouldn’t was no longer enough to stop you. You kissed him.

Soft at first, delicate and tender. But as the seconds trickle on, he slid his hand to your side pulling you into him. Kissing you with more urgency and desire…

That’s when the door opened and you pushed from each other faster than you joined. You place yourself quickly in your seat, opening your laptop as you tuck your hair behind your ear running your fingertips over your lips lightly in shock. You can see Eggsy in the corner as he run both hands over his hair and straighten his posture and jacket.

As the footsteps approach, your eyes lock. He didn’t say a thing, he simply smiled and winked.

You know you shouldn’t… but now? You really just don’t care.

Very recently I learned about Samira Bellil, a french Algerian feminist who died at 31 in 2004 and who was one of the first to expose gang rape and violence against women in the Parisian suburbs where she grew up. she wrote a book called “Dans l'enfer des tournantes” (In Gang Rape Hell) in 2002 that exposed her rapists and encouraged many other girls to speak up in a culture where violence against women of color was very much not cared about or spoken of.

I couldn’t find anything on tumblr about her not even in a search. I really really want to shed light on her strength and importance in fighting for the rights of young women of color in the banlieues of Paris and elsewhere in France. On International Women’s Day and every other single day, we must remember Samira Bellil, a hero.

Don’t feel bad for shipping something. The only people who should feel bad for shipping something are assholes who police others and people who ship incest and pedophilia. Otherwise you should ship whatever you want. You have a crossover ship? Ship it. Crack ship? Ship it! Canon ship? SHIP IT! Whatever ship as long as it’s not harmful is fine. Go for it!

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Black as Sloes

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Pairing: Ivar X (Mermaid)Reader

Word Count: 1400

Warnings: Poor Ivar, the water always trying to murder him

Anon requested:

Traveling across the ocean was without a doubt the worst part about England, why did it have to be so damn far away? Ivar ground his teeth in frustration. By all accounts he should be laying down, enjoying the still night. The lack of wind did him no favors in the long run but there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, only the full pale moon glittering off the smallest ripples. He should be like the rest of the men and women, sleeping. After his first voyage however, every little shift and sound and creak put him on edge, not to mention this uncomfortable feeling at the back of his neck of being watched.

Cleaning his nails with the very tip of his knife, he began to hum, starting out quiet as to not wake the others. As he felt slightly more and more calmed by it, he began singing the words, a deep hymn usually sung to keep formation, helping put him in any other place than on the ocean. Yet the feeling of being watched wouldn’t drift, instead it got stronger. Glancing around, no one stirred or seemed awake, but Ivar couldn’t shake the feeling. His volume drifted till it was back to a whisper, trying so hard to push away the feeling. 


Ivar sat up straight, his back rigid as he searched for the voice. Behind him, he found you, this woman rested on the boats rim, smiling pleasantly. You were a vision so fine and so lavished in jewels and shells he scarcely believed what he was seeing was real. Ivar’s reason told him you needed to get out and on the boat as soon as possible, his instinct however, felt like he was staring down the jaws of a starving wolf.

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can i request a hansol x reader smut where you lose your virginity to him and vice versa - preferably in a situation where you've only been dating for a short time and since you live abroad and have to travel back soon, hansol shyly feels you have to get together asap ( i hope it's not too much (>人<;) )

I hope I got this right and that you enjoy this bb! ;u;  💕

» If you’re using the tumblr app and can’t see the scenario, which is under a “keep reading”, please try opening the post in your phone’s internet browser (or a computer)! 💕

» 4,256 words

Hansol was everything you were looking for in a person. He was kind, funny, had good manners, shared a lot of your values and, above everything and among so many other things you loved about him, you felt incredibly comfortable around him.

You had first met during your year abroad in South Korea, where he had been one of the first people to approach you, which you knew to have been because you were, to say the least, lonely at that point, in a new country without more than a handful of people you knew. It felt comforting to have someone approach you as kindly as he did, instead of only forming a shallow acquaintanceship with you, not to mention downright ignoring you.

After your first meeting, it didn’t take too long for you to notice just how pleasant he was to be around, and so you had become friends fairly quickly - and close friends even faster. You had similar experiences, being a bit odd among all the (fully) Korean people, on top of which you had some shared interests and traits.

And even if you hadn’t shared those, as long as your personalities clicked, nothing else mattered - and your personalities played together perfectly. You spent a lot of time together, studying, going to concerts and hanging out, either with just the two of you or with the small friend group you had established, whether it was at his house or at a café or something similar.

Towards the end of your year abroad you had come to terms with the fact that you had romantic feelings towards Hansol, and were sad to leave, and even when you were back home, you weren’t sure if you were happy or sad because right before you had gotten on the plane, Hansol had taken a hold of your hand and said that he liked you.

Just like that. As his last words to you face to face.

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You know what quote I really really love in TID?

“Jem is nothing but goodness. That he struck you last night only shows how capable you are of driving even saints to madness.”

And it’s not that I like it because I don’t particularly like Will because it says less about Will than it does about Jem. Tessa doesn’t really think Will is horrible because this is just a spur of the moment thing, but my God, how much must she admire Jem to say it like that? 

It’s just that… you only think like that about one person. There’s only ever one person where you think that if even they don’t like you, there must be something wrong with you. If even they’re mad at you, you must have done something truly, unequivocally horrible. There’s one person that’s your standard for goodness and fairness, and the fact that for Tessa, that’s Jem (and for Will and everyone else too probably), that just says a lot about Jem, and I just love that so so much.