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I recognize my privilege as a white male in this country. I can only speak for myself when I say I am truly sorry. I know this will massively impact our country as a whole, but I worry specifically, that it will deeply affect women, poc, lgbt+, Muslims, etc. I’m only hoping that all our progress as a society and as a species can continue to reflect the way many of us feel, even when our president will disregard and try to take back what we’ve achieved for equality, among so many other things, in this nation.

I am not sure what to say, other than I am an ally to all people who face discrimination today and are still fighting for their rights. And that I will fight with you.

Okay so among many other aspects of Moana, I just really appreciate and love the fact that Moana, a 16-year old girl, is voiced by Auli’i Cravalho, a 16-year old girl. So many “Disney Princess” characters are voiced by women who are much older than the character herself, and Auli’i’s performance in Moana has so much authenticity in it from the mere fact that SHE IS 16 YEARS OLD AND SHE SOUNDS LIKE SHE’S 16 YEARS OLD. I LOVE IT.

Wealthy af Magister Pavus spoiling Lavellan rotten. The joy he gets from going and getting his Amatus all these unnecessary, luxurious goodies, and brims with joy whenever he sees him wearing that one little accessory he knew he would love. Consideration goes into each present, and he wraps them himself with fancy bows and paper.

Wealthier than before, but still not as wealthy as Dorian, Lavellan, not knowing what to do with half of the things the mage gives/sends him and worrying that he’s spending too much on the him. Yet, he can’t help feeling reassured of Dorian’s adoration with every little gift. When people compliment one of the gifts, inquiring as to where he got it, he replies proudly;  “It was a gift from Magister Pavus.”

Stare at Me- Tom Wilson

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(Look at his eyes guys!!!)

Don’t worry anon, I’m a Caps fan too! (Among many others but Caps are the hometown team) And so here we go! One third of the brobeans! Plus I’m on a hockey players with children kick so you get a two-for-one! Enjoy guys!

Warning: None

Anon Request: Hi!!! I’ve literally been spending the past few days reading your imagines and I LOVE them!!! Personally, i’m a caps fan and if you’re not backed up on requests, do you think you could do one where y/n is at a caps game and Tom Wilson has eyes on her the whole game and they somehow meet after the game or something? Change it any way you’d like!!!


              “Mommy?” you daughter asked as she sat next to you, coloring.

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People on tumblr are constantly complaining about the tcc and seem to give out so much abuse. They have called us ‘weirdos’ 'psychos’ among many other Words that are a lot worse.


My experience of the tcc has shown me that they are some of the most caring people. People who are so supportive of each other even though they don’t personally know one another, people who share a similar interest and enjoy having others to talk to about it and people who have to listen to a lot of criticism from others about their interests.

Why should we have to take any shit from anybody? Not everyone is going to understand why we like what we do but that DOES NOT give an excuse to abuse, bad mouth, hurt someone’s feelings or put them down.

Therefore, if you don’t like what we post, then stay off our fucking blogs… Out of sight, out of mind!

I’m totally fine with people who have a different view from me asking me in a nice manner 'why?’ And 'how did you get into it’ etc. It’s all about your attitude and respect. But if you have Nothing nice to say then don’t say anything.


‘Men are like toasters. Women…little more like accordions.’

But the woman Jane has by his side as his co-worker, his closest friend, and further on as his love is more than that, Lisbon’s more complex, less tamable, more difficult, and impossible to tune.  With her, it’s never taking things only halfway down the road, it’s a moral and intellectual duel, and it’s a challenge. She’s unruly, she has both her feet standing firmly on the ground (even when she can’t fight his charm), and she has principles.

He seems to be able to read her perfectly well, to know what she’s thinking but he fails. She manages to surprise him with her moral evolution, her strength, her determination, and her ability to question his judgment. He has to admit his failure to interpret her intentions and reactions. And he loves her for that, among so many other things. Her transparency and conformity with what she believes is right, the complexity of her nature that eludes him and his omniscience, the fact that she voices her opinions and makes herself heard. And he wants to hear her, despite everything, being unable to neglect what she says, be it the voice of reason talking in her or her pain or insecurity coming out. It fascinates him, because it’s another human being challenging him, on equal grounds, and as doubting yet as bold as him. It’s the mental stimulation he really needs, and also something that makes his heart resound in a multitude of unexpected ways.

“You said you wouldn’t hurt your brothers.”
But if they hurt him first? If they’re the ones who strike at his family first? They shouldn’t be held accountable?!

A lot of people were previously annoyed at the notion that So would break up with Soo over Wook, considering their relationship is ancient history.

“Why does it have to be him?”
So isn’t upset that she had a previous relationship, he’s upset because it’s freakin’ Wook.

Wook, the brother who has manipulated the court for his own ends and made it so So’s reign as king is as difficult as possible. The one who made sure that So and Soo are torn apart, among many other things. This revelation that Soo was willing to marry such a man? This man that has done everything in his power to cut So down, to cut his relationship with Soo down? Of course So is angry.

Even though he doesn’t know the circumstances of their previous relationship, So associates the current manipulative, bastard Wook as the one Soo was in love with. Someone Soo was willing to marry when she wouldn’t marry him. (Which is another punch to the gut after the Jung reveal.) Of course, Soo refusing So was a painful choice for her, but with her pushing him away the entire episode, I doubt So is thinking rationally. So sees this last revelation about Wook as a true betrayal.

“You always cared for him.”
So believes Soo has cared for Wook the whole time. The whole time they’ve been together. Is it true? Obviously not. But her current actions are speaking for her, in how she distances herself from So and in how she speaks up for Wook.

I can’t be mad about So breaking up with Soo because first of all, she’s the one who wants it. This Wook thing is just the final straw that broke the camel’s back after all the stuff that came before. He’s come to her time and again to reconcile (not in the best way, though…), but she is cold to him every time. And now… So finally gives up.

“I am not letting her go. Soo… let go of me.”
And it’s true. So and Soo should’ve been open with each other, but their breakdown in communication once So became king led to their current problems. It’s made worse when Soo is willing to forgive everyone but the man she loves. Some say it’s harder to forgive those closest to you. He tried reaching out - she refused. There is a line for everyone, and Soo’s line was CR. I can’t blame her for being upset at everything that’s happened, at wanting to leave him.

But make no mistake - Soo is the one who let go first.


Daytime Television has pioneered public awareness and health and social issues with programming that lifted stigmas and opened conversations. Conversations like those lead to action, action that saves lives. Daytime Television has taken on issues such as AIDS, alcoholism, mental health, marriage equality, SIDS, autism, homelessness, and cancer among so many others. Here’s just a small sampling of the many important social issues that have been addressed over the years on Daytime Television.

I was just talking with my mom about Harry Potter and some of the more, uh, problematic characters when we landed on something:

Dumbledore didn’t just ignore Harry’s abuse at the hands of his relatives and Snape. He looked on and hoped it would continue.

There’s a concept of abuse called Traumatic Bonding; it’s very similar to Stockholm Syndrome. Essentially, it’s the idea that when someone is treating you horribly, you will naturally be thankful to - perhaps even love - whoever brings you relief. In an abusive situation, though, the person who mistreats you and the person who brings you relief are the same person. This (among other reasons) is what causes so many abused people to stay with their abusers.

Harry did not have this relationship with Snape or the Dursleys because they never alternated their abuse with kindness. Don’t get me wrong - they were all certainly abusive towards Harry; I just mean he didn’t have the traumatic bonding with them.

Then enters Dumbledore. He’s wonderful, he’s warm, he’s the sweet grandfather Harry never had. He never (outright) abuses Harry, so what’s so wrong about him being the kind hand Harry has never felt?

The problem is that Dumbledore did have the power to stop - or at least stem the deluge of - the abuse Harry was receiving. Fine, Harry needed to live with his mother’s relative for the sake of the spell, but Dumbledore sends them a Howler when they’re about to kick Harry out. Why didn’t he send one before, during the many many years of horrible neglect? Why does he allow Snape, a man with some serious problems, to continue teaching when he constantly bullies his students?

The answer is that Dumbledore wanted to strengthen his bond with Harry by making him feel that he was one of the very few adults Harry could count on in his life. Sure he had the Weasleys and Hagrid, and later he had Sirius and Remus, but Dumbledore was the wise old sage, the grandfather figure. Dumbledore is practically his guardian second to the Dursleys; Harry spends most of his time out of the year at Hogwarts, and Dumbledore is actually nice to him. He even treats him as his favorite student above the rest, the one he really has a close personal bond with.

In this manner, Dumbledore was able to reap all the “rewards” an abusive person receives from traumatic bonding while never being obvious to anyone in the public because he himself was never doing the abusing. Dumbledore was absolutely complicit in Harry’s abuse as a way to force Harry’s trust in him.

But hey, it helped Harry and the wizarding world to defeat Voldemort, so it’s all for The Greater Good, right?

Can we stop calling “phobia” on all out hostility? Can we start saying something like “homo-hostile,” “trans-hostility,” “bi-hostile,” “ace-hostility” and so on and so forth?

Phobia to me feels like a candy-coated suffix, it doesn’t seem real to me. You’re not afraid of me. You’re hostile and have hostility towards me and people like me among so many other communities.

Can we just call it what it is? Hostility. The basis for violence in all it’s physical and psychological forms.


— - —Who sets their goals on something anyone can go to? We try because it’s hard. It’s a dream because it takes a lot of work.

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hi! i love your blog and fics, and wondered if you can recommend some other good DGHDA blogs/authors/artists to follow?

BOY HOWDY CAN I (also, thank you very much anon)

@inkyfishes  good fic, good theories, good person. I mean, you’ve most likely read inky’s fic if you’ve been anywhere near the DGHDA tag on AO3 anyway ;)

@princessparadoxical  another obvious one, just so many awesome original text posts among other things. Also, a lovely person in general!

@nekosmuse  i saw art for The Dolphin Paradox today and cried a bit. Such good fic, probably sold their soul to the devil for fic-writing skills, and it was worth it.

@holisticmurdermuppet lots of dghda content, and another simply lovely person 

@quingigillion you may have seen us rambling together a bit about android AUs yesterday. has many good and heartbreaking ideas.

@dirkgentlyheadcanons  good shit right here, also another awesome person (who is currently beta-ing my Big Bang fic)

@dghdabigbang  speaking of the big bang! totally go and check out this big bang blog!!! (this is cheating, I run this blog, but I want everybody to know about it so they can join in :P)

@ganceann  posts quality stuff. also has an art blog that i recommend you check out!

@yuriforov  just a great person? lots of quality gif sets. also, she does an awesome dirk cosplay, tho I’m not sure if that’s up on tumblr? a gentle time worm

@ambitiouslyfondledfence the blog this fandom truly needs

@dorianshistorian for all your cracky dorian desires XD

@farahs-girlfriend  once again, good fucking fic (inc. some beautiful CIA angst, which I can only assume you’re a fan of if you follow me)

@hippocampers  more beautiful and amazing fic. and quality blog content in general (i swear I do enjoy art too, I just find it a lot easier to remember fic writers’ names)

@kyokosayuki  you remember the art I said made me cry a little earlier? this is the source of that art. just…. so much beautiful art, it’s so good, it hate that I have to blink bc I want to stare at this art forever?

@lavellington more good fic!! sweet and lovely fluff!

@ltofoceania very good blog, very good person :)

Okay, the list is getting a bit long now, so I’ll end it here (although there are many many blogs I love and appreciate who aren’t mentioned)

Klance Week 2016 Day 6: Hero/Villain

For obvious reason, this prompt calls for a superhero AU, so I delivered my share of it among many others. I will probably continue this outside of Klance Week because I love angst, but I also love my babies, they need a freaking happy ending, I’ve been torturing them for too long


  • Lance is a superhero who was born with cryokinetic powers and he calls himself Frostbite
  • (He wanted to sound cool, but it’s the kind of name your twelve year old self comes up with and then you are tragically stuck with it forever)
  • Keith is an antihero who was experimented on by his scientist father at a young age and got pyrokinetic powers
  •  Not one for flashy names, he bluntly and obviously calls himself Pyro
  • His tragic backstory is basically that after his father experimented on him and granted him his powers, he was too young to actually be able to control them, therefore starting a vicious fire that killed both his parents. He can’t forgive himself for that, and having to grow up in the bad neighborhoods of the city, he shaped some twisted morals and ethics (see Deadpool)
  • Lance, on the other hand, doesn’t really have a tragic backstory. I mean, sure, his hamster was mercilessly murdered by a cat, and sure, he swore vengeance for his lost companion, but other than that, his actual reason to become a superhero was his comics. Because, obviously, when all you read as a child is Marvel and DC comics and you suddenly find out you have ice powers, the first thing you do is become a superhero, a fighter in the name of justice
  •  He is a proud member of Voltron, a secret sub-division of the police of Altea City, specifically designed to combat superhuman crime
  • Other members include Shiro/Champion (super strength, enhanced by his cybernetic arm, which, honestly, Lance is too scared to ask about), Pidge/Terra (techopathic, how cool is that?), Hunk/Boulder (empathetic/telepath plus a very high IQ, wtf, Lance wants that), Allura (in charge, trainer, leader of Voltron to continue her father’s work) and Coran, a veteran member of the old Paladins and advisor to Allura
  •  They fight against a superhuman evil gang that call themselves the Galra
  • The Galra are a huge, powerful gang that scouts the city continuously to find people that have newly discovered powers so they can ‘take them under their wing’ (read force them into joining them)
  • They are lead by Zarkon, but the one truly behind it all is Haggar, a spiteful woman with weird reality-altering abilities that are usually perceived as 'magic’
  • Anyway, guess who is scouted by the Galra. Din, din, din! You got it! Keith
  • So, the Galra find Keith, and they hire him to attack team Voltron and steal from them five hard drives that contain important information on superhuman research
  • It’s money so of course Keith agrees. He’s been eyeing some limited edition Star Wars items so why the hell not
  • He gets paired up with some other members of the Galra, like Sendak and Thace, and he starts his mission
  • Shiro, seeing how Lance has the exact opposite powers from this attacker, thinks he is their best chance against him, so he sends him to face Keith while the rest of them face the other Galra
  • Lance, being Lance, banters before actually attacking and he doesn’t miss this chance to exercise his flirting skills
  •  Keith gets surprisingly flustered by that
  • So anyway, yeah, the flirting and the background fighting that took place distracted Keith enough to fail his mission and retreat, and because of that, Zarkon now keeps him around until he actually manages to steal the hard drives
  • He does, however, give him some money for each small job done, so some time after, Keith goes to buy this limited edition Star Wars R2-D2 suitcase (does he even need a suitcase? Nope, but he doesn’t care, it’s Star Wars)
  • Coincidentally, Lance wanted to get that too, so with his paycheck from Voltron, he goes off to buy the same thing
  • But oops, there is only one suitcase left, and they both go for it at the same time
  • Then they have a heated (seriously, Keith almost burst into flames) argument about who grabbed it first and why should you have it, you punk, you probably don’t even need it (which is true for both sides)
  • They have to be separated by mall security at some point
  •  After that, they somehow keep meeting in civilian form
  • Lance goes to an Imagine Dragons concert with his sister, he bumps into Keith while trying to get the last can of coke (seriously? You again?)
  • Keith sneaks into a sci-fi convention, he quite literally falls into Lance while security is trying to catch him to throw him out (what the hell?! What are you doing here?!)
  •  Then, finally, it’s the last straw when Lance is about to go out with Voltron team in civilian form and Shiro introduces his new friend, Keith, to them (dude, what the fuck, are you stalking me or something?!)
  • Keith has actually befriended Shiro because he is the only Voltron member that the Galra know the identity of and they sent him to gain his trust and get the hard drives
  • Hence the rivalry
  • But it gets friendlier as time goes by
  • At some point they end up being good friends
  •  All the while, Frostbite and Pyro have been battling every night, and Lance and Keith have to stitch each other up in the morning
  • Keith hasn’t lost sight of his purpose
  • But, the more he hangs out with them, the more Keith realizes he actually likes them and they make him feel at home and like he has a family and shit, this was not how it was supposed to go
  • And also, fuck, shit, hell, he might actually be in love with Lance
  •  As he falls in love more and more, Keith just takes his frustration out on Frostbite as Pyro, and as a desperate attempt to detach himself from Lance, he starts avoiding him
  • Lance, who has also fallen for Keith, is heartbroken by this
  •  As Frostbite, he has been starting to lose his touch
  • That all leads to one night where Pyro is too vicious and Frostbite is too passive
  •  Keith has beat the living shit out of Frostbite and he is grinning with pleasure at seeing the blood of his enemy paint the road
  • He is finally going to get these stupid ass hard drives and he is going to give them to Zarkon and he will leave this town and he will finally be able to move on from Lance
  • With a final blow, he knocks Frostbite out cold (ha, unintentional pun)
  • He finally goes to remove that damn mask that has been hiding his target for so long
  • But what he sees makes his blood freeze
  • Now, it isn’t Frostbite looking beat up and close to death, bleeding out, it’s Lance
  • Lance is dying
  • You killed Lance, his mind slowly informs him
  •  And then he’s on his knees, cradling Lance in his arms, muttering incoherent stuff with tears on his face because, no, he cannot lose Lance, he can’t
  • I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please wake up, just open your eyes, please
  • In his panic, he doesn’t realize that the rest of Voltron have arrived
  •  They’re taking him to a hospital, he realizes as they rip Lance from his arms
  • They cuff him up, but he doesn’t care that much at this point, as long as Lance gets to safety
  • They rip his own mask off, but he doesn’t care about that either
  • Or maybe he does, he thinks when he sees the betrayal in all their faces
  • Shiro, he understands, but why would the rest be betrayed by his actions?
  • Then his mind makes the link
  • If Lance was Frostbite and Shiro was Champion, then that probably means that the people he has in front of him are Pidge and Hunk
  •  And then sorrow comes in
  • Because, he realizes, he just lost the closest thing to a family he ever had
  • And he might be losing the guy he loves too

naehja  asked:

Sorry I think that I'm a little lost.... I have read your "Save is acronym" serie....but what is " King Ensamble" timeline?

Explanation for you and anyone else who might have joined the party after Sans Determination finished!

The “king ensemble” timeline is the true future that takes place after STIAA. It’s basically a bunch of different little headcanons about what the kids’ adult lives are like, where they live, their jobs, who they marry and the kids they themselves eventually have.

The reason it’s often referred to as the “king ensemble ending” or the “king ensemble timeline” is because while Sans Determination was still ongoing, I didn’t want to spoil its ending by confirming the king ensemble ending as canon, so I framed it as just one possible outcome among many others. Plenty of things could have gone horribly wrong in SD that would prevent this future from taking place, but I steered that boat safely into harbor so the happy ending could become canon, the way it was meant to from the beginning.

So yeah, long story short, “king ensemble” is just a nickname for the collection of headcanons about the characters’ future lives 10+ years down the line.