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So we know why castle loves Beckett but what are the things Kate loves about castle?

Kate loves his brain - his intelligence, how he values learning and works to discover new things every day. She loves how well-read he is, how they can have conversations about everything under the sun.

She loves his generosity, his compassion - like when he couldn’t stand the thought of Sky Blue out there alone and went to help, and when he dropped 100 grand to help catch her mother’s killer, when he opened his home to her no questions asked, and when he set up a scholarship in her mother’s honor.

She loves his sense of humor. At times it’s juvenile, of course, and she rolls her eyes then, but other times he makes her laugh so hard her sides ache and her eyes water. She loves his wit, that he’s always ready with a quip, and that they can go back and forth rapid-fire.

She loves that he offers light when the world can be pretty dark, that he’s the eternal optimist, and she can always count on him to keep looking for good things, even when she’s at a loss.

She loves the way he loves. The way he loves his mother and his daughter, the way he loves their friends, the way he loves her and their children, when they come along. She loves his heart and the way he opens it to people when he trusts them with it.

She loves that, for as much as it seemed like they were from different worlds, they have more in common than either of them realized in the beginning. And what they don’t have in common, they manage to find common ground instead.

She loves that he’s fun, that he encourages her to have fun and to open herself up to being silly and ridiculous, and to embrace magic in whatever form it takes for her.

She loves his body, too. The breadth of his shoulders and his chest, his waist, the way his heart beats under her hand. His butt. Other parts (*eyebrow wiggle*), too. She loves the softness of his ears, and often finds herself absently caressing his earlobe as they cuddle. She loves how warm he is - personality wise and physically - and how he doesn’t blink an eye at the way she tunnels her toes under his thigh when they’re sitting on the couch doing their separate things.

She loves his capacity for forgiveness, for understanding, that even when they’re out of sorts and both being stupid, they can make it back to where they want to be.

She loves that he’s her husband.

Venus in the houses

 psa: I have a feeling this has been done a couple times, but I just really love venus and wanted to talk about it! Maybe you’ll like getting my personal insight on it too, idk

Venus is the planet of love and pleasure

Venus in House 1 : Being ruled by the sun (which rules the face among other things) these people are quite good looking. They adore flirting and love to cuddle, kiss and squeeze their friends or partner. It’s in their nature to be touchy and this may accidentally lead people on. They’re cheerful and upbeat people, who are very sympathetic and artistic. They care too much about their looks though, this could lead to insecurity and spending lots of money on such things as plastic surgery, makeup etc…

Venus in House 2 : You are great in social situations and have many connections, and prosper in marriage or artistic jobs. They spend money on things that they find aesthetically pleasing, love beautiful surroundings. This could range from jewelry to surrounding themselves with women or men they find attractive. These individuals are kind and trustworthy during business. They can though, be too extravagant. 

Venus in House 3 : Very artistic placement, and your social life probably involves things such as travelling/road trips etc… This may be how you find love too! Although being naturally positive people and having a knack for being great in writing and speaking; they can be superficial and easily swayed by their feelings. 

Venus in House 4 : Being surrounded by beautiful things is important to you! You are most comfortable at home. This links to the fact that you tend to have happy childhood memories, and are probably attached to ya momther. This placements almost assures you a peaceful end of life. 

Venus in House 5 : This placement is the most likely to have multiple lovers, as they are very romantic and attract people easily. They feel fulfilled when in the spotlight and being social. This can cause you to look vain if it get too much to your head though, so be careful!

Venus in House 6 : You crave a harmonious environment to feel balanced in life, whether it be at home or at work. Although you are most likely to go and get too drunk, your health is good. Since you are usually so yourself in your work place, this may bring a love interest in the same place. You do though have a laziness issue, and let others do the jobs you would prefer not to do, which can pile up and have people see you as someone they don’t want on their team. 

Venus in House 7 : Just like venus in the 6th house, feelings of harmony are a must in marriage and where you work. You tend to really attract the opposite sex, and are affectionate, usually completely fulfilling the needs of your other half. It is likely that you will gain a greatly stable economic situation thanks to your partner. You unfortunately can be resentful though if people do not take the first step. 

Venus in House 8 : Being placed in the 8th house makes love a very intense and desirable matter for you. This may lead you to feel like the romantic type or have many sexual partners. You might feel protective over your loved ones. Circumstances around your death are supposed to be peaceful. You aren’t great at handling your responsibilities. 

Venus in House 9 : You feel fulfilled in a room of people from different backgrounds who are full of different experiences. Very open to new experiences and ideas, this could make you kinky hehe. Possibly will marry a foreigner. Your longing to find differentiation can be unattainable though, making you upset. 

Venus in House 10 : Charm gets you far in life with your peers, and people are intrigued about your faintly distant ways. likely to be popular at work or school. You may have scandalous issues with a partner. 

Venus in House 11 : Known to be a social butterfly, you are charismatic and love people. Through relationships, you prefer taking it slow and are likely to marry someone who’s been your best friend or good friend in the past or present. A worry though is you sometimes confuse friendship with love. 

Venus in House 12 : The most affectionate sign towards their partner mentally. Very selfless placement, and their is the possibility of having a love affair. You dislike showing off your partner, you are private about you two. Their is a danger of having an unhappy marriage. 

[sneak peek] untitled

This is unfortunately still a work in progress and currently I have close to 5000 words and nowhere near complete yet. I wanted to test the waters with this one. So let me know what you think or if you are interested in this. It’s only about 250 words / 4789 (and counting).

PS: I have a few DC requests that are currently queued to be posted so there’s those to look forward too! one-line sentence starters: Wally West, Damian Wayne and Jon Kent, Tim Drake, a bat-siblings thing, among other things.

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i think he has a fear of flying. idk if this is canon but i think he’s like rlly rlly scared of it?? so before u travel anywhere on a plane u give him lots of cheek squishes and smooches and he lays his head on your shoulder in the airport and calms down when you run you hands through his hair! and u start talking about how much fun you’re gonna have on this trip and he gets very excited and happy and starts to calm down a little bit :))

but most of the time if you’re travelling you’ll just do little road trips with him and go on long drives and find nice cool new beaches and taste new food and all that good stuff. u end up at any karaoke bar u can find and benji is singing his heart out and you both have a lot of fun. your roadtrips consist of singing in the car, lots and lots of smooches among other things,, goin swimmin in the ocean and dancing on the beach when no one else is there and stuff like that. obviously you don’t have a lot of free time to travel bc of school but during the summer you take a lot of time to see new places etc.

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is it possible that plants have consciousness?

this is actually a small sub branch of botany thats been growing and gaining some recognition in the past 5 years or so called plant cognition! we’ve been thinking about if plants can possibly be intelligent to any degree for centuries, but the main paper that started up this huge discussion in the modern era was one called Experience Teaches Plants to Learn Faster and Forget Slower in Environments Where It Matters by Monica Gagliano, a plant researcher in Australia who specializes in it. because the results indicated that plants were possible of learning and retaining information in a kind of memory in response to environmental changes, it received a lot of backlash and denial- generally in science, that kind of intelligent reaction to an organism’s environment is a good indicator of cognitive behavior in the organism. it got rejected by 10 different journals before being published in 2014. 

the experiment worked like this. i’ve talked before about mimosa pudica, a tropical plant that curls its leaves back when touched (they go back to normal in a few minutes):

this is to help deter predators among other things. but in this experiment, Gagliano used it as an indicator of stimulus and to test cognitive function. It’s well known that pudica has a rudimentary nervous system that can even be temporarily inhibited using anesthetics (just like ours can!). she hooked up a ton of these plants in pots to identical rail systems that allowed them to be lightly dropped in an identical way, juuuuust heavy enough to trigger the stimulus so all the leaves drop down when they hit the bottom (a piece of foam so they wouldn’t actually hurt the plants). every time the plants would be dropped, they would close up. 

but after the plants were dropped about 60 times each, they stopped responding to the drop. 

they remembered that no harm was coming from this action and decided that it was against their best interests to keep expending energy closing their leaves. they 200% learned to stop. 

she decided to test it further. she put some of the plants in a shaker and let them receive a more jarring response; the plants closed up as usual. then, she put them back in the droppers and dropped them again. they didn’t close up. they had remembered that response. this dispels the obvious rebuttal to this experiment of the plants just being tired; they still closed up when stimulated differently.

they just chose not to close up when they hit a stimulus they remembered. 

it turns out that not only could they remember to keep their leaves open when dropped on the apparatus, but they remembered after 28 days when she kept testing it!! apparently by the end of the experiment, all the plants had decided to keep their leaves open when dropped!!!!

how do they do this?? we literally dont know. they have no central brain, only a basic nervous system. can other plants do this??? 

well, adding onto that, venus fly traps can count! like. they have three hairs inside their traps, and all three must be touched within 20 seconds for the trap to close. once closed, those three trigger hairs must continue to be stimulated by thrashing prey, or the trap will reopen. 

so yeah like. basically ‘are they sentient’: apparently to an extent???? we dont know exactly why or how but they are??? maybe???? sort of????? at least some of them are?? but they dont have a brain so everyones like????????????????????? maybe its through a signaling network????????????????? but like how would that even work?????????

plant consciousness is still new enough to be dismissed as crazy by a lot of biologists but like. the evidence is there. we don’t know a whole lot and its clearly a radically different kind of intelligence than we know in animals, but it’s there and we 200% dont know how it works yet or even the full extent of how plants use this intelligence (for example: does a redwood have the same intelligence as a venus fly trap?? how does it learn things and use that knowledge???) 

national geographic wrote an awesome article visualizing the experiment here if you want to read more!


@raythrill, @pictorch-art and I worked on an art collab/meme for the Hamilton!college AU

They both did such a great job I’m in awe