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Hey! I was wondering what George Washington's reaction to the Reynold's Pamphlet was? I'd imagine he'd be disappointed, shocked, and angered at Hamilton's foolishness among other things

1797, George Washington learned of Alexander Hamilton’s scandalous behavior with James and Maria Reynolds. He immediately sent his former treasury of secretary a gift and a note expressing his sincere regard and friendship. Washington told Hamilton of the “very high esteem” in which he held him. Later in 1798 when President John Adams made him commander in chief during the Quasi War, he said he would not take command unless Hamilton was immediately appointed underneath him. 

Star Wars question: Smart starships?

This is probably a weird question, but I was watching Farscape not too long ago (great series) and it involves (among lots of other cool stuff) a ‘living ship’ with at least some degree of intelligence. 

So I was wondering in Stars Wars…do they have smart starships? I mean, they clearly have droids that develop sentience and end up incredibly smart (R2, T7, Scorpio) even if it’s not the “norm”.

So…has Star Wars even put like a “droid brain” in a ship? And ended up with a smart ship?

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Can I ask for your advice? One of my friends ships karam*l and I don't and she asked why and I don't know how to explain that I really want to hurl Mon-ew into the fucking sun without sounding like a douchecanoe, since I don't really think she's noticed that he's horrid (heteronormativity yay). Any suggestions?

peak my masterpost here with links to the good posts about how mon-el is abusive and why it’s a shitty ship. Alternatively his character tag (mon el, mon-el, monel) will have a lot of posts on it that sum it up really well for you. The karolsen, sanvers and supercorp tags also have a fair bit of decent commentary too. There are posts upon posts of the shows statistics showing that he has taken up a ridiculous amount of screen time this season. Seriously, someone edited out all of his parts in 2x16, and that left us with 25 minutes of a 45 minute show left to distribute among the other characters, he’s that fucking screen heavy. 

But basically he’s a gaslighting, manipulative fuck, who owned slaves and lied to Kara about that so that he could get into her pants. He literally complained about not being able to objectify women. He’s not doing anything for the good of the people, even with his heroing he’s stated that he’s doing it to spend time with Kara. He also only started training as a hero in the first place to spend more time as kara to get into her pants, furthering the sexist trope that it’s a woman’s job to make a man better. That doesn’t make you a hero, that makes you a misogynistic twat with super strength. Not to mention that they broke up Karolsen, a healthy interracial relationship, for no reason other than to stick Kara with him. There was literally not one good explanation given for their break up. they spent a whole season healthily building up that relationship only to tear it down when the white boy came in to the picture.

And finally he just doesn’t respect her at all. Not once has he actually listened to. When she asked him to be quiet about the relationship, he lasted literally 10 seconds before announcing it to not just her friends, but to everyone she fucking works with too. Without her fucking consent and after she asked him not to. And in her fucking workplace of all places. When she asked him to respect her, he didn’t. When Winn said he should respect Kara, he listened. That’s classic misogyny. And not to mention the fact that when they broke up, he literally ignored that during The Flash episode and acted like it didn’t happen. J’onn had to call him out for it by saying “I thought you two broke up”. To which Monfuck’s response was “shhhh”. True loves kiss my fucking ass. And he keeps invading her personal/safe spaces. He was just in her apartment?? Without her permission or consent?? When she asked for him to leave her alone?? Creepy as fuck mate.

Even in this episode where he’s meant to be decent: Kara alled him incredible, sweet, kind and selfless. Do you know what he called her? Annoying. He called her annoying.

It’s not a healthy ship and Kara isn’t happy. Melissa even said so herself. 


It all started with a stupid drawing meme were you send an artist three emojis and they make a oc out of it.

Their kind of fairies take care of flowers and stuff, painting them when spring comes around and in general take care of the stuff around them.

Not all of them are born to do the job so of course there are a few among them that work other stuff. Those born for it mostly have a color on them they then use for the flowers ‘n stuff. Often two of them have to mix their colors to get a new one. 

They also known to kill humans who hurt nature without a good reason and use their soul to replace what they have destroyed. Some of them also smoke flower pollen (?) which is like weed for them because some of them are super stressed sometimes, these two for example.

Blue’s name is dove & red’s name is fea

Dove belongs to @cynwrig

Iridescence (MCxBecca)

Question: Is Becca’s character redeemable enough for the MC to fall for? Feels like we’ve only scratched the surface of her character. I want to explore how Becca handles forming feelings for someone who’s not her ‘type’, among other things. Plus, it’s so fun to write Lovable Alpha B*tches/Defrosting Ice Queens! 

1:58 PM

Two minutes. You drum your fingers on the table. She should be here by now. Punctuality isn’t Kaitlyn’s strong suit, but this is getting ridiculous.

You’re not the only one who’s worried. Abbie and Tyler are looking at you from three rows ahead. Abbie raises her eyebrows, an unspoken question. You shake your head and shrug. Beside her, Tyler’s biting his lower lip, staring at the vacant spot next to you.

The classroom door opens, and you turn to look, hoping to see a panicked flurry of black hair and a checkered scarf. But to your disappointment and mounting worry, it’s Mr. Jacobs. The bear of a statistics teacher sets his things down and starts taking attendance.

He moves down the list, past your name, then Abbie’s, then Tyler’s. Finally, he calls out her name, and your heart sinks like a brick. “Liao?” Silence. A few shift in their seats to look at where she’s supposed to be. “Kaitlyn Liao?”

Mr. Jacobs glances up from his list and locks eyes with you. “This is Ms. Liao’s fifth absence for the quarter. One more and I will be forced to drop her from this class. It will be good to remind her of this.”

You nod.

The class starts. But you’re barely able to concentrate on probabilities and data patterns. You feel her next to you, like a phantom limb. Forehead crinkled in concentration, mouth a taut line, as if willing the numbers to make sense to her by sheer force. You remember times she’d drag you to the nearby Mexican place for a comfort taco after getting stumped one too many times by frequency plots.

The university bell signals the end of class. You rub your palms over your eyes, feeling tired, and start packing your things.

“Before I let you go,” says Mr. Jacobs, voice raised to be heard over the din of students eager to shuffle off. “Don’t forget to pair up for your research project. Sign-ups are posted outside. I expect at least three proposals from every pair by Friday.”

Dread crawls up your spine. You absolutely hate choosing partners. With Kaitlyn automatically being your other half in literally every class you have together, it’s been a long time since you’ve had to face the prospect of ending up with a person you don’t like, or a complete stranger.

A swarm of students surround the sign-up sheets. You hang back and weigh your options. No use even considering either Abbie or Tyler. You’re willing to bet a limb and say they already have proposals tucked away in a notebook somewhere. You see a flash of bright orange amidst the throng of students: Tripp pushing his way through the crowd, Maddie following right behind him.

Resolved to a completely random pairing, you wait until the crowd thins, then approach the board. You write your name near the end of the list and leave the box for your partner empty. With a class of more than fifty students, someone’s bound to end up with you.

You hesitate for a bit, but then scribble Kaitlyn’s name in another empty box somewhere on the sheet. In case sense decides to come careening back into your head, you think.

Stepping back from the board, you bite the pen between your teeth and nudge your pack forward. You had just opened the front pocket when someone snatches the pen from your mouth.


You look to see Becca standing in front of the board, scanning the list.

“Asking nicely wouldn’t have hurt,” you say. Today is not a good day to test your patience.

Becca ignores you, and writes down her name. She gives the sheet one last look and turns to you.

“I’m free tomorrow after 4. We can meet at the sorority. I already have ideas, but bring a couple of your own so I don’t have to do all the work.” 

She hands you back your pen, and you take it slowly, not sure what the hell is going on. Without another word Becca returns to a waiting Maddie, who waves enthusiastically after seeing you.

You wait until they disappear around a corner, and look at the sheet again. There, next to your name, in neat cursive writing, is Becca’s.

Part 1 of ? Don’t know how many I want to do (or where I want this fic to go, or if anyone actually wants to see where it goes), but if anyone’s interested in sending ideas for this ship, feel free! If you also happened to stumble upon this fic, and have constructive criticism you wanna share just let ‘em rip!


S.A.R. la Infanta Doña Alicia de España, nacida Princesa de Borbón-Parma, ha fallecido a los 99 años de edad. La Infanta era tía-abuela de S.M. el Rey Don Felipe y prima-hermana, entre otros, del Gran Duque Juan de Luxemburgo, de la Reina Ana de Rumanía, del Rey Boris III de Bulgaria, del Archiduque Otto de Austria y del Duque Carlos Hugo de Parma.

HRH Infanta Alicia of Spain, née Princess of Bourbon-Parma, has died at 99 years old. The Infanta was a great-aunt of King Felipe VI and a first cousin, among others, of Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg, Queen Anne of Romania, King Boris III of Bulgaria, Archduke Otto of Austria and Duke Charles-Hugues of Parma.
Katsudon - azriona - Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Hiroko doesn’t need to see to coat pork cutlets in egg and panko. She has made this dish for her family for over thirty years; she’ll make it another thirty, if she’s lucky.

Now she makes it for Yuuri and Victor as they fly home from Barcelona, with silver around their necks and gold around their fingers.

PG, Victuuri, Hiroko’s POV. Includes description of cooking, worrying about grown children, and an old lady happily contemplating her husband’s physique as he shovels snow. Also links to recipes, because that’s how I roll.

Beta’ed by @hannibalnuxvomica (among others) as part of the @fandomtrumpshate auction.

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Please reblog or like if you’re in any of the following fandoms or listen to any of the following bands:

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NOTE: if you are in any of these fandoms or listen to any of these bands, feel free to give me suggestions! I love watching/reading/listening to new stuff!

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Sasha first asks Eugene for a gun, knife, or razor, but the second time she changes the ending... the, ah, coda? Episode 37 is Infected, where - among other things - Karen and David were found dead. Do we know what the statue/monument is on the label on the Virginia map? And I wonder if there's any significance to the bush (blueberry, was it?) and it being able to live for 40 years.

OMG, you’re right. I totally missed that. She says gun and knife both times, but the third thing changes. Genius, Nonny! I love it. Especially bc it changes to glass, which is both what Beth used to cut her wrist and also because of the Broken Glass Theory. 

Interesting about episode 37. Lots of interesting things happened in that episode. I’ll have to go through it more specifically, but then that would be the first time we saw the man/woman side by side theme we saw repeated with Beth and Daryl in Inmates, and then several times since then. 

I don’t know what the monument is. I’ve been trying to find out. I am, however, reminded of the monument that’s out in front of the Sanctuary. Jesus and Carl saw it when they were in the back of the truck in 7x07. And I’m relatively sure (though not positive) that Gregory is looking for the location of the Sanctuary on the map, which Simon gave him in 7x14. So it could just be a random reference or clue (because in the show it doesn’t actually tell us) that he’s looking for the Sanctuary. If I find out more, I’ll post about it. 

I’m currently doing research on the blueberry bush. I’ll probably do a details post on Thursday and I’ll include what I find there. The 40 years is most definitely a biblical reference. 40 is the number, in biblical numerology for a period of trial or testing. In the Old Testament, the Children of Israel wandered in the wilderness for 40 years before being allowed to enter the promised land. I believe the flood in the Noah’s arc story lasted 40 days. In the New Testament, Christ was tempted in the wilderness for 40 days. There are more, but you get the idea. 

Thanx so much for these ideas and insights, Nonny! You’re a genius. Xoxo! ;D

Fanfic Writers Appreciation Week (Month, Year(s)…)

By now probably most of you have heard that there’s another writers’ strike looming over the Hollywood Hills (and if you haven’t, just google it if you don’t want to take my word for it), with writers demanding, among other things, improved benefits and higher pay.  The last time such a strike occurred, we lost some promising new shows, including (regrettably) “Moonlight”.  So people are, understandably, worried about the outcome of this one.
In light of these events and out of solidarity with our professional (and paid) brothers and sisters behind laptops, I wanted to bring your attention to a less obvious but no less important (to certain fandom segments, at least) issue – and that is awareness and recognition of the work of fanfic writers.

Many folks across fandoms enjoy reading fanfiction stories (especially good stories – the kind that grab you from the first paragraph, immerse you right into the world of your favorite characters and don’t let you go until you trip over that final period – you know the kind I’m talking about).  We read them, we gobble them up, we want more, more, more.  (Especially when our show is on hiatus and we can’t get our fix from our TVs).  We pillage through the giant fanfiction archives on FFNET and AO3, we scour the internet for some hidden fanfic gems that can’t be found on the two main sites.  We get annoyed when we come across an unfinished story that is just SO FUCKING GOOD but the writer doesn’t seem to be inclined to continue it any longer.  

But we never stop to think why.  Why did that writer suddenly abandon a story?  Why did that other one disappear altogether?  Why did this person take down all of their stories?  

There can certainly be hundreds of reasons.  Every writer is different; everyone’s personal lives are their own.  But there does seem to be one particular common issue that comes up over and over for several writers, myself included.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is appreciation or lack thereof.  Fanfic writers vary across the board.  Some of us are good, some of us are great (unattainably so), some of us are very average, and some of us are… utter crap (and I’m not going to touch upon that final category, because, selfishly, I don’t really consider them writers – even though they are somewhat like the people who have absolutely no ear for music but tend to sing the loudest and believe themselves to be the Pavarottis (please excuse my bitterness, it’s been building up for a while).  
The one thing that unites us is that we don’t do what we do for money or fame – we don’t get a single cent for all our work (and believe me, every story – no matter how large or small – takes a lot of work, a lot of passion, and, in quite a few cases, a lot of research, too) and, for the most part, unless you know us personally, nobody even knows our real names.  We do what we do because we love the show we’re writing for, we love the characters, and we love playing with them and making them (for that little bit of time) our own.  

But some of us, especially those of us who are any good, tend to doubt ourselves.  When we write a story that we’ve poured our hearts and souls into to make sure the plot makes sense, the action works, the characters stay true to themselves (and, yes, sometimes we do a better job with all that than the actual PAID show writers), we want to know if it really is as good as we think it is or if it’s just our biased perception that makes it seem good to us.  So we want our readers to tell us if they liked what we wrote, if it grabbed them, if the humor we included made them laugh, if the angst made them tear up, if the action had them on the edge of their seats.  In short, we want to know if the story impacted you in some way or not, if you, readers, enjoyed it.  Your feedback is our pay, our benefits, our motivation to keep going.  When we work on a story, it’s a little piece of us that we’re putting out there for you to judge.  And when all you return to us is an impersonal, generic one-liner that tells us absolutely nothing about your impressions of our “baby” or, worse yet, you choose to enjoy (or hate) our story in silence and say nothing at all, our doubts about our worth as a writer and, indeed, the worth of putting our love and time and effort into a work that no one seems to appreciate come to the fore.

I’ve been dealing with this issue myself for several years.  Have thought about quitting many times.  Last year I finally did.  I pulled all of my stories from FFNET and AO3, and I retreated from writing because I didn’t think anybody cared enough about my efforts to keep going.  (It didn’t help my self-doubts any that I saw numerous stories written by those “Pavarottis” of writing I talked about earlier get similar gushing reviews as my own stories, which I foolishly thought to be of considerably better quality). Several months later a good friend finally convinced me to return and gave me space on her tumblr to try again.  So I did. I came back, and I started reposting my older fics and writing new ones.  I knew right off the bat that tumblr is a trickier place for fanfiction, that I wouldn’t be getting as many comments as I would on the standard fanfic sites.  But I figured that if people like a story, they can at least find a way to let me know as much – through tumblr (because if folks can leave tons of comments on a picture or a gif, I figured the same could apply to a story, right?) or through twitter (for those who, like myself, don’t have a tumblr account).  It didn’t work.  On tumblr, I would get a few generic comments here and there; I would occasionally get one thoughtful review and that’s it.  Similarly, I would get a few “likes” on my twitter story posts and general comments about liking my work, but nothing personal, no actual comments related to any specific story or anything specific in a story – which is what a writer really wants, NEEDS to hear.  

For me it finally reached a point where I can’t do this anymore.  I can’t pretend that it doesn’t hurt me, that it doesn’t make me bitter or angry or sad.  I’ve been told that I shouldn’t think about writing for other people’s feedback or approval, that I should do this because I LOVE doing this and that this love should be enough. Well, sometimes love isn’t enough.  Because when you love your creation, and you put all this time and effort and LOVE into that creation, you want others to love it too.  And when they don’t, or when they don’t bother to tell you that they do, you want to hide yourself and that creation away because it hurts.

I know I’m not the only one who feels that way.  I’ve heard similar complaints from other writers of note as well.  It’s an issue that’s been brewing for a while, and it’s an issue that can easily be fixed.  By YOU, readers!  Tell us what you think about our stories – EACH story you read.  If you take time to read it and you enjoy what you read, then take the few moments it’s gonna take you to let us know about it.  Let us know what you liked, what moved you, what you felt when you read it.  Tell us, because it won’t cost you a thing (other than a few moments of your time) and it’s gonna make our day.  Tell us, because it may just make a difference between pushing a writer you like toward writing another story and pushing them out of writing altogether.

If you like a writer, if you enjoy that writer’s stories, then, bloody, let them know it for every story they churn out.  Trust me, for a writer every story is different, and EVERY story is our baby.  And we need your INDIVIDUAL feedback for every one of them.  Don’t be cheap.  It don’t cost you money.  We don’t ask for benefits or pay increase or a villa in Tuscany.  Your feedback is our pay.  And we demand more of it.  We NEED more of it, if you want us to keep giving you the stories that you enjoy.  We deserve it! Just as you deserve the best from us.  
So make us want to give you our best.  Give us the motivation not to quit.  Comment!


Praemonitus_praemunitus on behalf of all jilted fanfic writers
(feedback/payment for this particular writer is accepted on twitter @Oleshka24Prae and tumblr at

The Australian government has dropped a proposed extradition treaty with China, but none of the reasons given make any sense.

“China has a conviction rate of 99%” – so does Japan, who have an extradition treaty with Australia.

“China’s justice system is politically motivated or insufficiently developed” – Australia has extradition treaties with Venezuela and Democratic Republic of the Congo among other countries.

“China has capital punishment” – as does Japan and the United States.

The only reason that makes sense is that we know Australia is a place for Chinese hot money to flee to, and an extradition treaty would put a damper on that.

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Morga! <3

Wow, I am surprised and so flattered that I got 3 asks for Morga. So I’m answering the first one I got to be fair. Thank you @general-grey and @celith-wraine for the request!

Full Name: Morga Shivas Beniko (after KOTET)
Gender and Sexuality: female and lesbian
Pronouns: she/her
Ethnicity/Species: Human
Birthplace and Birthdate: Alderaan
Guilty Pleasures: being childishly happy around animals
Phobias: spiders
What They Would Be Faous For: Defeating Darth Malgus, ending the Revan threat, being The Outlander and Alliance Commander
What They Would Get Arrested For: “murdering Emperor Valkorion” among other things against Zakuulan law.
OC You Ship Them With: Lol, again no OCs. I ship her with Lana Beniko
OC Most Likely To Murder Them: Nebast or Albira
Favorite Movie/Book Genre: musicals and comedy
Least Favorite Movie/Book Cliche: heteronormativity and love triangles
Talents and/or Powers: Force-sensitive, can play a brass instrument and drawing.
Why Someone Might Love Them: She is loyal, kind-hearted and a fierce fighter when she needs to be.
Why Someone Might Hate Them: She can be reckless with her own health by being “too heroic” and selfless. Morga also has a tendency to be lazy and/or unfocused at times.
How They Change: She has become more confident of herself, is more willing to accept death if it comes down to it and is no longer conflicted over following a Light-sided path while using sith teachings.
Why You Love Them: Morga is the self-insert I live vicariously through. She’s truly a big dork who has just stepped up whenever it was needed of her and is the best candidate for Alliance Commander out of all my OCs due to her experience with both republic/jedi and The Sith Empire.


A Castle, so prestigious
it would fit any king.

Skokloster is considered
one of Europe’s finest
Baroque castles which
still is intact with furniture
and an full Armory among
other things.
Built by Count Carl-Gustaf
Wrangel during the years
1654 - 1676, never totally
completed, thus Wrangel
died in 1676.

This amazing Castle is
located in Håbo township
between Stockholm and
Uppsala, beside the lake

Photowork by:

Un château si prestigieux
il cadrerait un roi.

Skokloster est considéré
l'un des meilleurs d'Europe
Châteaux baroques qui
est encore intact avec des
meubles et un arsenal
complet entre d'autres
Construit par le comte
Carl-Gustaf Wrangel pendant
les années 1654 - 1676,
jamais totalement Terminé,
ainsi Wrangel est décédé
en 1676.

Ce château étonnant est
Situé dans le canton de Håbo
Entre Stockholm et Uppsala,
près du lac Mälaren.

Photowork, par:

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Sonic Archie Comic opinions you disagree with?

“Archie Eggman is too evil and/or twisted.”

I can’t really agree with this no matter the reasoning. I think Eggman (not Robotnik) for the most part is perfectly fine in the comics. I can agree that maybe he can be a little too… heavy-handed in his antics at times compared to SEGA’s portrayal, but I don’t see any issues with his actual level of evil. Because at the end of the day, apathetic attitude aside, the doctor is still a very cruel man in the games, as evidenced by such things as the missile attack in Adventure 1, starting a forest fire for no other reason than to kill Sonic in S3&K, his enslavement of the Wisps in Colours, and whatever’s going on with those city-destroying Death Egg Robots in Forces, among many other examples.

One common complaint I hear about Archie Eggman is that he’s too petty, but… Eggman IS petty. He’s ALWAYS been petty. It’s one of his most obvious character traits. It’s merely one part of his general childish tendencies. (Hell, his entire reasoning for his world conquering ambitions is ultimately a case of “I’m smarter than all of you”.) So I fail to see what’s wrong with Archie Eggman in particular when it comes to a personality trait that for all intents and purposes has always been a part of the doctor’s general character.

NOTE: I’m talking about post-reboot Eggman when I say all this, not pre-reboot Eggman.

“Scourge the Hedgehog was a good evil counterpart for Sonic.”

I disagree with this one just as much, because Scourge talks the talk, but he can’t walk the walk.

Whereas Sonic will always put up a fight, Scourge is downright pathetic by comparison.

Whereas Sonic can trade verbal blows right back, Scourge will scatter off the moment someone calls him out on his shit.

Whereas Sonic does what he does because he thinks it’s the right thing to do, Scourge does what he does for evil’s own sake. Just like another popular hedgehog villain…

Scourge would have worked a lot better if he actually mirrored Sonic’s own personality traits whilst giving them a darker spin, rather than being the exact opposite of him in all but appearance. As it is, he’s no different from the other villains Sonic faces.

“The Unleashed adaptation was better than the original version.”

Unleashed’s story isn’t even one of my favourites in the series, and I still disagree with this. Mainly because as a result of focusing on so many characters good and evil, a lot of the original points to Unleashed’s narrative (such as the relationship between Sonic and Chip) were either lost or heavily downplayed. So in that regard, I don’t consider it a great adaptation.

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Armin x ocean

i’ll be honest with you, anon. this one hurts really bad.

armin’s dream for the ocean was one of my favorite things in snk, and i really feel robbed of it. the timeskip, among other things, cheapened the significance of this scene. armin was happy, but it felt so… empty. 

and i guess that’s a good thing in terms of the story… that even something they wanted so badly ended up being ultimately unfulfilling.

the one thing that really bothers me about it though is that i love eremin x ocean. i love how part of eren’s goals were apparently some of armin’s as well. something so simple and yet something everybody deserved–freedom from the walls. and armin helped eren see that.

but i hate how later we see eren say that he “forgot about the ocean in his own need of revenge”… where armin’s dream becomes a scapegoat for him to become irrational and to insubordinate against levi and hange. that he uses it to bring armin back when armin was ready to sacrifice it all so his friends, so humanity, could have a chance to live on.

so i guess it hurts… it hurts that eren doesn’t care, when part of armin’s love for the ocean is the idea of sharing the ocean with eren (and mikasa to an extent). and they get to the ocean and

he still wants revenge

Another random find. It’s a letter my grandfather wrote to my grandmother while she was visiting her family here with my father. 

In case you are wondering Granddaddy had a job to do with the Boston Edison company, in charge of security among other things, and once WWII started he was considered too critical to allowed to serve in the military. I doubt with the damage to his heart from that childhood illness he would have been allowed anyway. He was part of the auxiliary military police during the war, and the certificate for that was among the papers I found.

Anyway, this letter got to me because it was so sweet. In case you can’t read it it says here:

 “Much love from Judy (that was their dog), the flowers, the trees, the rocks, the bugs, the bees, the birds, the grass and me.” 

And look, he had Judy “sign” it too! How cute is hat! LOL

The note about getting little Pop to take some pills because of the mosquitoes, well malaria was still a serious problem here. Pop was asthmatic, and he was actually their second child, Their first son died at four of strep throat (this was pre-antibiotics) and they were understandably concerned about protecting little Pop.