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Every single white lesbian who has spent years complaining about the lack of lesbians on screen had better support The CW’s Black Lightning. 

Anissa Pierce (portrayed by Nafessa Williams):

is a canon lesbian with superpowers (who goes by the name Thunder) who has, among other abilities, the power to make herself invulnerable (this means she’s essentially unkillable-although she can be hurt/injured!)

Her comic-canon girlfriend Grace Choi (Chantal Thuy) has already been cast:

Grace is half-Amazon, and has superhuman durability and rapid healing abilities-which also help to make her relatively invincible!

Also, they’re really cute in the comics:

So basically-support this lesbian, interracial, basically invulnerable couple on the CW’s Black Lightning-airing January 16th, 2017!!!!!

for those who dont know, logan paul recently made a vlog in the suicide forest of Japan and found a person who had hung themselves earlier that day. he continued with his vlog and although he acted shocked and disturbed he did still upload the vlog including footage of the corpse. among other thing, he was wearing a silly hat and he joked about his friend’s nausea saying “what youve never been around a dead body before?”

heres how he could have handled it even slightly better:

“yo logang we were gonna do a fun vlog in aokigahara but unfortunately we found someone hanging and we could not continue. the police have been notified and out of respect for the recently deceased we will not be posting a video today”

logan paul hire me you dumb fuck im so much better at PR than you


@raythrill, @pictorch-art and I worked on an art collab/meme for the Hamilton!college AU

They both did such a great job I’m in awe

Things To Remember This Coming Year:

  • 1. Organization and discipline are two totally different things. Being organized, in whatever aspect of your life, takes discipline and drive. Organization is a daily routine, and developing the discipline to keep yourself in that routine and thrive in it will carry you well in the coming year. Get a journal/notebook/calendar. Decorate it as you wish or not at all–it IS for you after all, so do what you think works best. Set a reminder in your phone or something within view that reminds you to check your planner if need be, and set aside 5+ minutes to do so. This will help you get in the swing of things :)
  • 2. Eat as healthy as you possibly can, but let’s be real, chocolate, candy, chips, etc. gets the best of ANYONE. I say this because I feel it’s best to stress, especially in the coming year, that we’re not perfect. Feed your brain fruit, healthy grains, vegetables, calcium and iron-rich foods, etc., but it’s more than okay to go for that chocolate bar every now and then.
  • 3. Sleep. Netflix will save where you last left off on Stranger Things. Hulu will remember where you were at on your movie. Sleep will not. You will NEVER be able to make up for lost sleep, no matter how hard you try. So set yourself a set bedtime that will get you the best amount of sleep that you’ll need to function optimally the next day. Shoot for 7+ hours. Your body needs rest. Put the laptop and phone away, meditate, count sheep, or whatever it is that will help you sleep…and do so. I can’t stress how much sleep affects mental and physical health, and overall function. Don’t take it for granted.
  • 4. There’s a difference between challenging yourself and overwhelming yourself. I am throwing this phrase at you guys in the form of glitter and positive energy as we speak. This is SOOOOOO!!!! IMPORTANT!!!! Challenging yourself is great, but it has its limits. If you want to take an AP class, by all means do so. If you’re planning on taking 4 at one time, check yourself and ask yourself, “Combined with my other commitments, will this overwhelm me?” It’s a simple question, but it’s a very important one. In college, keep in mind the classes you need to take and how many credit hours you think you can feasibly take on. Your mental health is so important, please don’t wear your pretty selves down ✨🌸
  • 5. Give yourself something to look forward to everyday. It can be big, or small. But I’ve found that finding something to look forward to the next day, whether it’d be cracking open a new book, watching a new video your favorite youtuber put out, making a nice breakfast, etc. can really go a long way. We all need a little motivation to get through the day. It’s in the little things, trust me.
  • 6. Find a hobby. Hobbies are so important. They’re great coping mechanisms and ease the stress of work, school, etc. Take some time to find what you’re interested in and start small. Try scrapbooking, or maybe join a fun club on campus. If you’re into cooking, look up some recipes you wouldn’t normally try and try it! Get funky! Take a dance class or go to they gym. Find what suits you. It will help you in the long run.
  • 7. Love yourself. This is easier said and done, obviously, but promoting a positive mental image of yourself is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Cut yourself some slack. It sounds so cheesy, but go look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself one thing you love about yourself. Do it every morning. Or, write it down in a journal or something. Say it to yourself on the bus. Hang with people that make you feel good about yourself and add value to your life. Do things that make you happy. Listen to new music, reward yourself with a new outfit. You guys are all gorgeous ass human beings and I want nothing but the greatest of self-love for you guys ❤️❤️
  • 8. ...and love others, too. Remember your family, and your friends. They can be your greatest support system. Spend as much time with them as possible. Check in with your friends, hang out with them, be there for them. Be attentive at the dinner table with your family, engage in discussion. Take time to check in on your siblings. If you find yourself liking someone and it turns into a budding relationship, assess if the person will add to your happiness and that it is healthy. Also determine if you’ll be able to provide the time, energy, and care that goes into a relationship among the other commitments in your life. If check, check, and check, by all means go ahead. Have a blast 😎😇

Add more ideas below and keep it going!!! I love you all xoxo

Jenna Coleman has had such a wild time on this show:

- 38 episodes of Doctor Who in total, from 2012 to her final appearance in 2017, making her the longest-running modern companion, and in terms of duration as a series lead potentially the longest-running companion period.

- She’s appeared in four Christmas specials.

- She’s featured in stories with every single Doctor to date, including Thirteen, and has worked directly opposite four different Doctors.

- She’s appeared in two (technically four if you count One and War) regeneration stories.

- She appeared for the 50th anniversary, the return of Gallifrey and the introduction of the first female Doctor.

- Clara met the Doctor as a child, helped them choose their TARDIS, changed their mind about destroying Gallifrey and got them a new regeneration cycle.

- Got her own TARDIS and companion.

- She attended the Doctor Who Proms celebration with Matt in 2013 and the Doctor Who world tour with Peter in 2014, among many other big events for the show.

- She’s technically the first woman to have top billing for a Doctor Who story and her face in the titles.

- Her cameo in Twice Upon a Time was the last thing Steven Moffat ever filmed for the show.

Damn Jenna.

I forget why it took so long to finish this.

Oh right, I worked all weekend and Craig’s headdress is fucking ridiculous. :D

I realized as I was drawing that there are two things I love about fanart of Tweek: 1. the idea that he has freckles, and 2. the idea that he has a gap between his front teeth, because they’re both freaking cute.