among many reasons

Do you know what else I love...

about Steve. He never talks on Louis’ behalf. He’s never mentioned Jay, he’s never mentioned Freddie. He’s respectful, he’s a good friend, and he knows what is and isn’t being a supportive friend. That is just one reason among many, but yeah. I love Steve. 

Among the many, many reasons I like the idea of Lyra Erso as a rejected Jedi-hopeful relegated to the Jedi Engineering Corps is because it gives her a reason to know Saw Gerrera before the rise of the Empire.

Also, I just like imagining graduate student Lyra being assigned to answer all the inquiry transmissions received by the Corps. Most of them are boring—scientists across the galaxy double-checking their facts, senators or contractors requesting results of geological surveys, the occasional oddball request for treasure maps, or a list of which mineraloids are poisonous if ingested.

But one day, she gets an inquiry from a man on Onderon. And though he’s circumspect about it, it’s very clear to her that he’s talking about making chemical weapons. (The war against the Separatists has been raging for some time now. She’s only surprised it’s taken someone this long to ask.)

She opens a new transmission, and keys out:

Dear Master Gerrera,

Thank you for your inquiry to the Jedi Agricultural Corps, Engineering Division. The official uses of the cyanogen silicate compound known as “Sith’s breath” are limited to the construction of Celegian life support chambers, due to the compound’s extreme toxicity to most carbon-based sentient life. Additionally, the components are difficult to procure, and their synthesization without proper licensure under Galactic Republican Statute 1184.2-4 Aleph constitutes fraudulent business practices and illegal production of a controlled chemical compound.

The Jedi Order must warn you that should you pursue this course of action, it will have no choice but to enforce the law to the fullest extent of its authority.

On an unrelated note, baradium bisulfate is an accessible liquid compound, used frequently in mining. Unlike cyanogen silicate, it does not sublimate at 20°C, but it is highly unstable and a very small amount can do a surprising amount of damage. Several years ago, a careless engineering trainee did not calibrate a suspension field carefully, and leveled a small mountain.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have further questions.

May the Force be with you,
Lyra Inair, Geological Engineer, Jedi AgriCorps 

She expects that to be the last of it, and so she’s extremely surprised when he replies directly. Less surprised when she realizes he’s asking how one goes about constructing a suspension field. Possibly one that would destabilize with some sort of trigger or timer or maybe on impact…?

And they keep—writing one another. Even after she’s moved off the transmissions desk, to actual geological work. Rocks and weapon mechanics turn to small talk, turn to little details of their lives, turn to the Force and the Republic. He talks about his sister, about the warfront; she complains about the internal politics of the Corps and Galen (though he’s not Galen, yet, he’s just the handsome Republican engineer with cheekbones like sheered silicate). They argue theology, and justice, and violence. She cries for him, when his sister dies. They—are friends. 

Saw is the only one she tells, when she decides to turn her back on the Order. She is in love and Galen has friends in Coruscant, a prestigious job with an engineering guild—

Please do not stop writing me, she begs.

I will be here, Saw writes, if you ever need me.

ENTP x INTJ - Actual Perfect Duo
  • ENTP: Yeah, as you know, I typed you as an ENTJ at first, but now I've changed my mind
  • INTJ: Why, exactly?
  • ENTP: Because you're way more outspoken than other INTJs I've met. But looking at it now, among many reasons, you're not nearly as loud and annoying as my ENTJ friends, so...
  • INTJ: Meh I must just be E/INTJ, I'm pretty annoying
  • ENTP: Hehehehe but see, if you're actually an INTJ, then I'm supposedly MOST compatible with you
  • INTJ: ...does that go both ways?
  • ENTP: Yep
  • INTJ: Well then I am an INTJ
Who does everyone hate blue?

I’ve been seeing messages to @markrosewater about how bad Jace is and @commandtower-solring-go’s posts about how bad blue is, and although I realise it’s a joke, I think it’s a little harsh on people who are blue in personality, and who play that way because it reflects their strengths. I’m a very logical and analytical person, so I play blue because it’s the only thing I’m good at. People seem to think that somehow dominating a game with a control deck is ‘unfair’ while doing the exact same thing with aggro is 'skilful play’. That’s not true. Similarly, with Jace, it’s really unfair how many people hate him. I’m quite skinny and not very good at sports, and that (among many other reasons) was why I got bullied a lot at school. Jace as a character is really important to me, because he is a hero who isn’t physically strong, he uses his cleverness. It really means a lot to me for there to be a character that proves that you can be cool and successful even though they aren’t strong and tough, and that someone like that isn’t just a weirdo nerd. Please stop making fun of blue players and Jace. I know it’s just a joke, but stuff like playing a more controlling deck and liking blue is a reflection of the more logical strengths of people like me, and making fun of that stuff feels uncomfortably similar to my past experiences.

I feel really bad for making this post, and I don’t mean to be a killjoy. I also don’t mind control deck jokes (I find them quite funny), but recently I’ve felt some of them have been more just dissing them instead of just joking Thanks guys!

Thedas Cuisine Project: Antivan Arroz De Los Cuervos

Wheat and Barley are two of the most populous exports of Antiva, making it one of the prosperous nations in Thedas. After all, every nation in the continent relies on one of these grains in one way or another. 

Two grains that most other nations have little interest in, however, are rice and corn. An old Antivan saying might very well be: El trigo es para el rey, pero el arroz es para el mendigo. “Wheat is for the king, but rice is for the beggar.” Rice and corn were considered through Thedas to be poor people food, with wheat and barley being the grains that most people desired. For this reason, among many, there were different flours for the poor than the rich. While the rich would get a flour that was a luxurious mix of wheat and barley (or only wheat if they were especially affluent), the poor would make due with what was known as ‘beggars flour’ or ‘peasants flour,’ which was usually a mixture of barley, wheat, dried peas and any other number of grains. 

Rice and corn became very popular grains among the Antivan and Rivaini peoples, primarily because of how most of the wheat and barley were exported to other nations, with the more affluent among them buying up the lions share of what was left over. Breads made with rice and corn were more often seen than those made with barley or wheat, and dishes that consisted of a primary ingredient of either rice or corn became increasingly common.

As any person who has been to either Rivian or Antiva can attest - the chefs of these countries can make rice or corn taste like a luxury that neither wheat not barley can match.

Arroz de los Cuervos (”Crows’ Rice” in Antivan), or Pasto Corvo (“Crow Feed” in Antilian) as it is also called is a very common peasants dish throughout Antiva. It is named after The Antivan Crows - the famous order of Assassins that calls Antiva its home - because of the common theme amongst Antivan fantasies that the Crows must subsist on nothing but water and rice for months on end. In reality, the Crows eat much better than the vast majority of the nation, but that hasn’t stopped the myth from spreading.

Arroz Cuervo (as it is sometimes shortened to) is a dish primarily made of rice, butter, onions, basic antivan spices, and some kind of flavorful liquid (like chicken or vegetable broth). Food scraps, like cheap meats or cheap vegetables are sometimes also added to the dish.

There is very little difference between Arroz Cuervo and the more famous Paella. The major difference is that paella is usually a meal reserved for the nobility, given the rarity and cost of many of the ingredients (such as saffron, chorizo, many of the herbs, some of the seafood and meats etc). While paella can and will be made by peasants, it is usually a communal affair, with different families bringing different ingredients (which is one of the primary reasons why there are so many different variants of paella). 

There is a major similarity with the two dishes as well, however. Both paella and arroz de los cuervos are traditionally made with rice found within the valleys and bays of Antiva - with arroz bahia (bay rice from Rialto and Salle), arroz treviso (white rice from the area of Treviso), arroz gleva (wild rice from the area of Seleny), and arroz bomba (rice from the valley regions of the weyrs) being the most common. The Antilian names of these rice varieties are riso alloro, riso treviso, riso radura, and riso pompa

Also both Paella and Arroz de los Cuervos are traditionally cooked in a paella. Language is weird.

However, do not let the lack of fancy spices and scarcity of numerous ingredients fool you - Arroz de los Cuervos can be just as luxurious and delicious as its more esteemed cousin.

Makes enough for 6 servings

  • 4 tbsp butter
  • 1 small onion, diced fine
  • 1 large tomato, diced
  • 1 tbsp tomato paste
  • 2 cloves garlic, gently crushed
  • 1 sweet pepper, diced
  • 2 cups white rice (preferably Antivan rice - or Spanish rice if you’re in the modern world)
  • 3 cups unsalted chicken broth or vegetable broth (water will work fine too, but the rice won’t be as flavorful)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 bay leaf
  • handful of parsley and oregano
  • 1 ñora (dried pimento pepper), de-seeded and finely chopped

If you are unable to find ñora, then simply use 1 tsp of sweet spanish paprika. You can also buy pimento peppers, and dry them in a dehydrator (or in your oven on the lowest setting for about 12 hours).


  1. In a large pan (Preferably a paella pan, but a large sauce pan or frying pan will work fine), melt the butter until it almost starts to brown.
  2. Add your onions, and saute until translucent.
  3. Add your peppers and garlic, and saute until onions are lightly brown and peppers have gone soft.
  4. Add rice and saute, stirring gently, until rice begins to brown.
  5. Add tomatoes, tomato paste, ñora, herbs, broth, and salt. Stir gently to incorporate and then never stir it again
  6. Turn down the heat, cover, and allow to simmer for about 20 minutes, or until all the liquid has been absorbed. 
  7. Enjoy your arroz cuervo while observing your target from some shadowy rooftop, and remember: The crows never fail.

Keywords: dawn, relationship, side road

Q: What kind of movie will EXO be if EXO were to be a kind of movie genre? What about the movie genre based on your life?

Sehun: Fantasy. If I were to boast, I would say we did things that were not realistic, and we are going to do the same for the future. The members are all very different from one another too. If we were to be made into a genre, it wouldn’t be comedy but fantasy action? The main leads would be our team, EXO. 
If I were to seriously express my personal life, it would be a very sad movie that turns happy. Why happy, firstly because our members are doing so well and I, too, have widened my working field. I think it’s because of those two things.

Q: When and where is your favourite time and place? 

Sehun: I like midnight. About 1 or 2AM. The very mid of night. I think the feeling of tranquility and silence that one will only get at midnight suits me well, and I also really like the feelings that I am only able to feel at that time. I can also think more then.
As for my favourite place, I don’t really like being cooped up. If I was locked up, I’ll become gloomy. Or should I say that I get lost in my sadness. I have friends whom I always go out with. Though I like being with them indoors, I don’t really like it when I’m alone. 

Q: What do you mostly think of at midnight?

Sehun: Everyone might not think the same but, worries for my future, my expectations, my excitement, don’t we all have thoughts like these? Thoughts of our lives.

Q: Between something familiar and something unfamiliar, which do you enjoy more?

Sehun: I enjoy unfamiliar things. We’re comfortable with familiar things, aren’t we. But we have to adapt to unfamiliar places. Just like how we have to follow the Roman law when we go to Rome, I think the process of adapting to a new place is fun. New people, new things, getting to experience those kinds of things for the first time while there will be many eye-opening and challenging things too. That is why I think I can enjoy unfamiliar things more.

Q: Where do you think you will make your home if you were to travel your entire life? 

Sehun: I hope to have my home in Seoul. I think it would be great if my ordinary day is in the city, living with many people in a place where the air isn’t good and then sometimes going to somewhere that doesn’t have anyone and where the air is good. 

Q: How was your very first travelling trip?

Sehun: I can’t remember my first trip because I travel a lot. I obviously had my first trip but I just can’t remember. 

Q: Then can you talk more about a trip you’re thinking about now?

Sehun: With travelling, I should organise the trip and then travel. But I like travelling whenever I feel like it. I don’t ever plan it and I just go spontaneously. I won’t even bring my clothes, I won’t even book a place, I will just go carrying only my wallet. It’s fun going with my friends and doing things there. I don’t know what will happen but the people that I match well with all like that kind of things. So I think our relationship will last for a long time. If there is a baseball game when we get to a rest stop, we’d do that and then leave, and when we get to Daegu, we eat something. Those kind of unpredictable trips. It makes you excited. When I see others making plans for their trips, I also wish to do the same. I really want to do that but I don’t follow my plans very well. Then I think that will screw up the planning even more. So I just travel comfortably with a “Okay, whatever!” mindset.

Q:  How would you explain something that you like because it’s been a long time with it, and something that you like because it’s new?

Sehun: I think of new things as something that I get to experience and be enlightened by. As for old things, what I learn from them will become feelings and memories and that way, I can remember them. To be specific, it would be human relationships. I think relationships are the most important in life. With humans, the more you see each other, the more you become fond of the other, don’t you? The process of getting close with someone is fun. It’s the same with new things. If you meet someone new, you will obviously have things to learn from them, there will be things you get to gain and on the other hand, you will have an influence on that person. I think those kind of things are fun. 

Q: The past, the present, and the future. Which one of them do you think is the most important?

Sehun: For me, I think the future is important. I think about 10 minutes has passed since the start of the interview but that’s still the past, isn’t it. And so, I wonder if there is such a thing as the present. The moment a minute and a second passes, those moments become the past and besides, we are walking in the direction of our future, aren’t we. I think the thing about the present is that it’s quite ambiguous. Are we able to talk about the present? I don’t think so. That is why I wonder if there is such a thing as the present. Can we even call it the present. Of course if we look at the big picture, we can call the time from just now until this moment the present but if you really consider it, isn’t the passing of 1 minute and 1 second history? Time is always moving so isn’t the the future important? I think of it that way. 

Q: When did you experience the broadening of your outlook on the world?

Sehun: I like things that are eye-openers, I like learning, I like experiencing, and I said that I enjoy coming upon new things. And so I am the type to try everything. That way, I can inform the people that I like and I can be of help. When people say they’ll do something, I can recount my experience and that will help them. I think that also includes how I see the world. So I think I will challenge all kinds of things.

Q: What do you think is the most valuable among all visible things? 

Sehun: Firstly, I am unable to point out just one. Um, isn’t everything valuable? We use every little thing because we need them. Wherever we are, they are all essential and they are all important, are they not? It’s difficult coming up with an explanation right away but I think that even the things that we normally think is bad all have their own roles to play. 

Q: Among the things men made, what do you think is the most praiseworthy?

Sehun: It’s difficult just talking about one, so everything, all. Because wherever we are, they have their uses, and we need them. Isn’t it thanks to them, that we are able to live conveniently? 

Q: What is a moment that you wish to have in your life? 

Sehun: Um, I hope to have a very touching moment. I’m really looking forward to that moment. What it is specifically, I am also uncertain, but I wish to have a touching moment that renders me speechless. I think it is impossible to feel touched if you don’t like that person. When you think of someone you really like, when you were once touched by that person or because they did something that touched you, that is when you are able to come up with plans to make them feel touched. Surprise is also incorporated in the sentiment of feeling touched, isn’t it. Because if there is no element of surprise, you cannot feel touched. 

Q: If you have a twin or a doppelganger, what kind of person do you wish they would be? 

Sehun: We have to be similar. Ah, no. I hope they would be the complete opposite of me. Only that way we can learn from each other, and the way we think will be different too. I think it will be fun if their logic/reasoning is different from mine. I think only in that way, we can inform and enlighten each other. I like taking care of someone. I wish to become someone who strengthens the other. Among the many reasons why living is essential, I think that is one of it. That is my life’s joy. I believe that it is a really happy thing to be able to be of help. And I think that those things will come back to you. So if I die, who will be sad? I have those thoughts too. Among the people I sincerely interacted with, who would be sad? I occasionally have those thoughts too. 

Q: If you were born into a family with 9 brothers, which position would you like to be born as?

Sehun: The oldest one. Then I can take care of everyone. There is joy in busily living in a tough life. Of course I’d be extremely tired and I will need time for myself. But still, if I lived like that, I’ll have things to do and I think that having a life where you get to take care of things will be satisfying and interesting. 

Q: When have you felt that your life is perfect? 

Sehun: I think the greed of humans is never ending. Many a time I have thought that I don’t have more to wish for but because my field of work has widened, I want to know more, I want to do more, I want to experience things. By doing that, it seems like this is how I wish for more. Even now, I have something I am hoping for. 

Q: If you were to be invisible one day and only one person could see you, who would you pick that person to be?

Sehun: The woman I love. 

Q:  When do you feel that the day has gotten shorter? 

Sehun: When I’m happy. When I’m playing with people I love. Or when I go on trips. When I’m happy, I don’t think of what was difficult, or something that I am agonising over at that moment, or what I am stressed over, so it seems like time is passing so quickly. When you’re doing something you hate, you will keep thinking “when is it going to end” and you’ll keep waiting, when is it going to end. By doing that, you’ll become delusional. Then you will feel like time is taking too long. I think humans are mysterious in that aspect. When we do something we like, we go ‘I want to do this until I die.’ When we have that kind of mindset, we don’t have anything to wait upon and we have something we want to do and we do it. And when it happens, you won’t even know that time is passing. 

Q: If day or night was to keep going, which would you like better? 

Sehun: Night, midnight. The tranquil atmosphere of midnight. But day and night have to co-exist. Night is only nice because there is day. 

Q:  What time of the day do you think the sky looks the most beautiful? 

Sehun: Midnight. During that time. It’s very pretty. It’s dark but I like it. Even though we can’t really see the stars in Seoul, I don’t think that it is very important. I’m not the kind to feel moved when I see that kind of things. 

Q: Have you ever felt that someone is of great importance in your life? 

Sehun: I feel that way most of the time. If there is something yummy, I’ll say “let’s come together again.” When something bad happens, they’ll run to me. When something good happens, we share it together. People, though it doesn’t have to be the people I know, but I think that value that people have is amazing. And I can’t even measure their worth. Those people, are the first ones I think of. The ones I can’t live without. 

Q: What is the compass in your life?

Sehun: How should I explain this. If there is a road straight forward or backward, and if there is a road on my left and right as well as side roads, I will take the side roads. There are pros and cons of side roads. Side roads are fresh and they’re not complete. Also, there is something you can experience from it. As with the common straight roads ahead, because there are already many information on it, I know that there might not be things I want to try experiencing. However, as for the side roads, people who have not gone through them don’t know what they hold. And though it cannot be gauranteed, I might be able to be a bit more comfortable and be able to go faster, and it will be fun. The con is that there are many bends. Extremely many. And if you’re not careful, you might end up at the start and go the straight road ahead instead, you might not keep walking the same road too. So you need to be wise with your choice of roads. You’ll learn and experience many things, I think you need to rely on and go with people who make the the environment great. If I can only handle being wise, I will be able to safely and enjoyably cross that bend while living a dynamic life. I think being an EXO member isn’t all straight roads and within that, I want to have more dynamic experiences, do a lot more, know more things, help the people around me and learn from each other. I want to live that way.

Source: Oh_boy_412 (1, 2)

ihavenotfallenyet  asked:

Vanderbabe please just like gush about everything but uh hmmm how would romancing Jumin work out in this au?

✿ Ok so, to give a little backstory on how things start…

You are a profoundly busy college student juggling both school and work, so you haven’t had time to try Mystic Message Online, though you’ve heard your friend from school gushing about it basically non-stop since you met him. Said friend’s birthday is coming up though, and he’s ALWAYS wanted you to play MMO, so you decide that… hey, why not pick up a copy, level up a character a little, and then surprise him on his special day by telling him your screen-name so you can play together? It’d make him happy, and said friend is pretty cute, anyway. You can take a little bit of a break from work to have fun with him.

You go to the store and, by sheer chance, are awarded a special, milestone, promotional code that will give you a number of rare items, along with a fully leveled character to try the game out with. Sounds great, right? You get home, launch the game, put on the special VR headset that makes everything feel so real, and put in you code.

after a flash of light, something weird happens.

You find that you’re logged into a max-level character with an inventory full of strange items, including a peculiar letter that you open up and read. All it says, in a loopy, elegant script, is you are the key that will unlock this world, and it promptly vanishes after you’ve read it, dissolving into particles that are carried off by the wind.

You don’t have much time to think about that, though, because you are IMMEDIATELY besieged by messages in the guild chat, one of them being from Jumin Han.

Ok, so everyone is weirded the HELL out. Rika has just logged on, which is impossible, because RIka is dead. A volley of accusations are thrown at you, including that you’re a hacker. You’re baffled, having little idea how to use the mechanics and controls of this game, and after a little bit it becomes clear that you are just as confused as everyone else and suspicion drops off of you.

Everyone offers to help you get oriented, but it’s Jumin whose help you accept, because he’s been the most calm and knowledgeable about the whole affair. Jumin gives you an exactingly thorough tutorial, going over how to use Rika’s character and how to play the game. He infodumps about literally EVERYTHING, from the outfit Rika is wearing to the monsters that you fight to try out their powers, and all the good options have you being like, “Oh, that’s really interesting!” and “You really know a lot about this!”

This learning process is interrupted by a panicked message over guild-chat. It’s been discovered that NO ONE CAN LOG OUT. Also, no one can access their admin controls, and despite everything that Seven has tried, he can’t contact the outside world in any capacity. No one can contact V, either, and the entire guild is turning to Jumin for guidance.

jumin does not know what to do. seeing Rika’s character model already hurts, and now everyone is trapped in the game that he helped create…?

It’s then that you tells everyone about the strange message you received, about you being the key.

After doing some digging and finding out this all started when you logged in, Jumin takes this to mean that you’re the key to getting everyone out. There must be something hidden within the game, and Jumin seems to have some idea of what it is, though he doesn’t really want to tell everyone else. He starts taking you on a bunch of adventures, and that’s how his route really starts - you seeking the truth with Jumin. 

Over his association with you, he really starts to see you as an intellectual partner. You’re interested about the things he’s interested in, you actually care about the game, and you have a lot of interesting suggestions and ideas that makes him think about things he thought he knew in an entirely fresh way. This is a game he helped build, after all. He didn’t do any of the programming or the art design, but he was heavily involved in the planning process. It’s taken on a life of its own now that there are  tons of people working on it, but at its core, he thought he knew everything about MMO.

But you make connections and observations that he’s never seen before, and he’s fascinated.

The general progression of the route has him learning to mesh with you, and then - once he realizes he’s in love - getting ultra, INCREDIBLY protective. He’s terrified of the idea of you dying (even though death doesn’t seem to be permanent, even when everyone can log out, there’s a growing realization that people are… losing something of themselves piece by piece when they die) and the idea of you leaving his sight turns his stomach to lead. He tries to confine you to the guild hall, which you are not cool with, for many, many reasons. Among them though is one simple, undeniable fact.

Jumin isn’t going to solve this alone. He needs your help. And you are partners. What’s the point of being partners if you’re not going to travel together?

You get through to Jumin after some struggle, and you enter into a more mutual relationship as equals.

Some events that happen on the route - 

  • You and Jumin enter a wooded, floral area, where Elizabeth the III ends up finding a patch of cat-nip. The two of you take a break to let her enjoy herself, and you see Jumin being unusually happy and playful as he takes pictures of his precious familiar.
  • Jumin talks about one of the events that happens near the new year, with special fireworks that represent the blooming hopes of the coming year. You say that you wish you could see it, because you think it’d be beautiful, and Jumin uses his magic to create things like fireworks in the night sky.
  • You enter an old, abandoned library with Jumin, and upon reading one of the books, you point out that the story reminds you of a book you read as a kid. Jumin had never read the book you’re talking about, so he had no idea, but you use that knowledge to solve a puzzle and reveal a new clue, and Jumin is incredibly impressed.
  • Throughout your time there, people keep treating you like you ARE RIKA. You confide this to Jumin, who understands - he’s used to being treated well due to his position rather than his personality. He assures you that he thinks of you as you, not Rika, though it was a bit hard for him to accept at first. He talks about how he felt when he died, and how glad he is to have you as a friend, now. You’re very clever, very brave, and in the end, you’re really nothing like her. Together, you go to a place to customize character appearances, and he helps you pick out a new look for your avatar to help distinguish you from Rika.
  • One night, you and Jumin stay up very, very late researching and coming up with ideas about the next stage of the quest you’re on. Jumin hasn’t gotten much sleep lately though, and he falls asleep with his head on your lap. You let him get some rest… he deserves it.
  • The Mint Eye cult develops a very particular interest in you, and one day, Unknown tries to capture you. Jumin exhausts himself trying to get you back. when he does, he hugs you with an unusual amount of emotion… and confesses that he’d almost forgotten what it was like to want to protect something that isn’t made of pixels.

I don’t want to make this too long, but feel free to ask for more events about specific characters! i have an endless number of ideas about this.

anonymous asked:

hii~~, i was wondering if you have some new hannigram fic recs bc i made my way through the ones on ur fic rec corner (it took me a hot sec lol) and u have very good taste and i was wondering if there are anymore youve read recently that arent on the fic rec corner yet? (i hope its not too much of a bother you dont have to answer or anything if u dont wanna obvs <3 just thought id ask!!)

Hi, friend!  Questions are never a bother. <3

Let’s see.  I poked at the private bookmarks on AO3, where I keep the things I am intending to rec on pinboard one day but haven’t yet, and came back with a few things for you.  I’m not doing very well at keeping up with new Hannific right now so some of these are older, other folks should feel free to chime in with other newer suggestions!  Also, you might poke at @freshmeatfriday - I saw that their April round-up just went up, but I haven’t had a chance to read all the offerings yet myself.

1) Prettier in Pink by @shiphitsthefan: Okay, so on this one I am cheating, because it’s not actually Hannigram, so much as one of those things where the fandom randomly decided to ship other Hugh and Mads characters together, and I’ve never even SEEN either Ella Enchanted or Valhalla Rising, but look, I just love ship’s fics in general and this one in particular is just DELIGHTFUL to me so far, one of my very favorite ongoing fics right now.  So I’m giving it to you anyway since you said nice things about my taste. Maybe check it out even though it’s technically not at all what you asked for, sorry, I am The Worst.

2) @pragnificent is writing excellent things for us. I’m particularly fond of the Identically Different AU, but if you would like something finished (and fluffier), how about Leashing Machiavelli?

3) I realized the other day that I had been amiss in leaving @northernveil‘s post-canon singing all your songs of praise off my fic rec list, so that’s definitely going on the list next time I update. 

4) @the-bees-patella hasn’t been around Tumblr in quite a while. I hope she’s doing well - NYC Fannibals, if you see her, send her my love?  I live in the hopes she’ll come back to us both because I like her a lot, and because I’m hoping she’ll finish Letters from Capgras, which is wonderful even in its unfinished state.

5) I recently re-read whiskeyandspite’s 1930s mobster AU Nice Work If You Can Get It, which is GREAT.  (It also has its own AU, All Or Nothing At All, which might appeal. I’d take the original if I had to choose, but luckily, I don’t.  Also, AUs of AUs delight me.)

6) I was also recently reminded that @halotolerant‘s Literally Speaking, an AU that shouldn’t work and yet absolutely does, and while I will be overwhelmed with joy if/when the final chapter arrives, it stands pretty beautifully as it is right now, you could read it and be perfectly satisfied with where it ends as it stands.

7) I really want to reread the post-canon The First Condition of Immortality is Death by @radioxsilence again before I rec it properly, but I’ve been waiting to find myself with a big chunk of time for it.  But even if some of the details are fuzzy at this point, I know I loved it, and I rec it happily.

8) Everyone’s reading everything by @weconqueratdawn, right?  Take your pick of Cathexis or Quicksilver, start there, and read the other one when you finish the first.  Plus: timestamps!

9) @redfivewritingby is writing a Jaws AU, and I’m not gonna lie, I suspect there’s a bunch of stuff I’m missing by never having watched Jaws (I KNOW, I KNOW, I’M SORRY, I’LL WATCH IT SOMEDAY) but I’m still enjoying it.

10) It’s a bit of a crime that I only have one of @moku-youbi‘s fics on Pinboard, I need to add more as soon as I decide which one to rec next, they’re ALL SO GOOD, ARGH.  But just to give you a starting point, I’m going to send you to The God of Appetite if you like AUs, or Wear Me On Your Skin if you want canon.  (Among the many reasons I like Thursday is I think she likes pretty boys covered in blood almost as much as I do.)

You can also assume that everyone on this list is someone whose fic I recommend in general, so you would probably have yourself a grand time going through all of their back catalogues.

Hope that’s enough to keep you busy until I get some more reading done and can bring back more offerings of recs for the fandom, my friend..

“Flirting 101″

Post-Ultron; Everyone survived the events of AoU and returned to Stark tower afterwards.

“You’re staring…” Natasha leaned over to whisper to Steve. The Avengers were scattered around a room within Stark Tower enjoying the cool evening as the sun set. Wanda and Pietro cuddled up in front of the TV, Stark was drinking and laughing heartily with Thor and Banner behind the bar whilst Nat and Steve sat with two mugs of coffee at the dining table. The pair had a good view of the entire room though Steve was only focused on one person in it.

You sat on the other sofa in front of the television with a bowl of noodles that you were attempting to lift into your mouth using chopsticks. Despite Clint sitting next to you and talking you through how to use the utensils, you were not succeeding in this task. Steve watched on from a distance, mesmerised by how innocent you seemed. Yet he knew better than most that you were not to be trifled with after the incident involving Tony whom you’d stabbed with a fork after he tried flirting with you. It was this reason among many that he was reluctant to make his feelings about you known. Natasha and Tony were the only ones to pick up on the signs.

“Ask her out, dummy.” Nat whispered to him though he made no move to acknowledge that he’d heard her for some time. Instead, his gaze remained focused on you as you tried for the nth time to get the noodles in your mouth. He chuckled as they promptly fell from your grasp and plopped back into the bowl. Eventually he looked back at his mug and replied to Nat.
“And risk fork injuries? No thanks.”
“Really? That’s what you’re afraid of? You know as well as I do that she stabbed him purely because he called her “babe”. Frankly, I think he was lucky to get off with just being stabbed - God knows what I would have done if he’d called me that.”
“Not helping Nat.” He grumbled, running his finger around the rim of the mug. At the sound of cheering and clapping, Steve looked up to see that you had managed to shovel some of the food into your mouth. Clint clapped his hands together with a laugh whilst the twins whistled and cheered. Steve felt the side of his mouth turning up into a proud smirk before looking back down again.
“You poor, lovesick little puppy…” Nat said sarcastically, slapping her hand on his shoulder. He chuckled, grateful for Nat’s attempts to console him, even if they weren’t necessarily working yet.

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Two men protecting Muslim women murdered in Portland

Two brave people stepped in to protect two women against a man spewing hate speech yesterday afternoon in Portland and were murdered. When people in power normalize racism and xenophobia it emboldens those with similar beliefs. This is why Trump and this entire xenophobic, hate filled racist “conservative” movement ( among many other reasons ) needs eradicated.

Two men were killed in a stabbing on a MAX train Friday when they tried to intervene as another man yelled racial slurs at two young women who appeared to be Muslim, including one wearing a hijab, police said.

A third passenger who tried to help was also stabbed, but is expected to survive, said Portland police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson.

Officers arrested the suspect as he ran from the Hollywood transit station into the neighborhood near Providence Portland Medical Center in Northeast Portland, Simpson said. Police are still working to identify him and the three men stabbed.

Fuck xenophobia. Fuck racism. If I see someone yelling at anyone non-Christian or of color in public, I’m kicking them in the face. #Racism #Amerikkka #Xenophobia #TrumpEffect #Portland #PunchNazis

anonymous asked:

idk if you've see the article about the new season of aa but if you have at the bottom it lists the cast and the guy playing tony isn't adrian pasdar i think it's the same guy from frost fight and the guardians crossover ep do you think this is permanent bc i liked adrian pasdar better

oh no no, please tell me this isn’t true, I couldn’t stand Tony’s VA in frost fight (among many other reasons why I seriously regret ever watching that special….). Adrian Pasdar just fits so perfectly as AA!Tony, literally the only other person I’d trust taking his place would be Eric Loomis (EMH!Tony’s VA)

……now that you mention it though, I watched the AA season 4 trailer the other day and noticed that something about the animation seemed….off. In fact, it seemed a lot like the animation that was used in Frost Fight, which was just so horribly flat and one-dimensional in comparison to what we’ve had in AA so far

like, here’s a screenshot from the season 4 trailer (ft. Kamala and dad!Steve):

and here’s a screenshot from season 3, also ft. Kamala and Steve:

i’m not the only one seeing differences right? The new animation style just doesn’t feel right. Almost as if it’s lower quality.

I guess we’ll know for sure by the end of this week, huh? for better or for worse.

Do you guys know why (among many other reasons) I find Yousef x Sana pairing so fascinating? Because it’s typical falling for your big brother/falling for bff’s little sister type of crush. Which shows that Sana is no different to others and also it’s to reflect the reality because it always happens but you can’t do anything because it is your brother’s best friend and it would be seriously awkward if it didn’t work out. Idk they just have to get over it

Also I love the fact the girls tore Valentina up in down (among many reasons but specifically in this case) for being crowned “””Miss Congeniality””” and they all unanimously agreed it was Fan Favorite LMAO they did that right in front of Ru Paul!! The girls really weren’t about to let shit slide! I think that’s quite telling on Valentina IMO

Yuuharu is the New Taiora

Among the many reasons so many of us are enjoying Appmon is that it’s become the most shipping-friendly Digimon series since Adventure. Not that there aren’t some special relationships in other series, but Appmon offers many endearing characters having both interesting and heartwarming interactions that gets our imaginations churning.

Over the last couple episodes, the relationship between Haru and Yuujin has drawn a lot of attention. Haru misses spending time with Yuujin and is happy for another chance (Gatchmon wonders aloud if it’s a date). He’s afraid to tell Yuujin about his Appmon activity because he doesn’t want to see Yuujin in danger. Yuujin can tell Haru’s dealing with something big and is worried that Haru won’t tell him about it. He activates his Appdrive by agreeing he would give up his life to protect Haru. These scenes are full of romantic coding, most notably the abundance of falling cherry blossoms. It feels like we’re supposed to be shipping these two, and that it’s hard to deny their mutual love.

As wonderful as it is, we’ve seen it before. The Yuuharu ship now feels similar to Taiora when Adventure was originally on the air. It wasn’t the only game in town, but it was the easiest to rally around because all the signs seemed to be there. You’ve got two long-time friends in this crazy adventure together, turning to each other for support, and one proving they’ll risk a lot for the other. Instead of cherry blossoms, we had random shots of the two clutching each other- symbolic imagery that make us think there’s something there without being tangible.

This isn’t an argument for or against either ship. They’re both wonderful, as are their brethren. It’s more a cautionary tale about how elements outside actual interaction can lead one to think something is more likely than it really is. Taichi and Sora proved to be good friends who relied on each other, but the romance that many thought the show was hinting at never materialized. It may end up being the same for Haru and Yuujin. While they’re always looking out for each other and as their bond is tested in the future, we’re still a long way from confirming any sort of romantic attraction. Go ahead and ship them to your heart’s content. Everyone else is. Just remember not to take anything as a certainty. In the end, it may all just be a trick of the wind.

Can anyone else, like, not focus on writing stories and such unless you’re writing it down on paper? Or is that just a weird thing that I’ve got?
Like, when I’m writing fanfic, I write it in my notebook and THEN I’ll type it up to a word document and do the final editing at that point. Because if I’m writing it on my PC then I’m like “but tumblr is RIGHT THERE….” and I completely lose focus.
I just got an idea for a story but I can’t write it yet because I’m not home and forgot my notebook. I’ve tried to write on my phone before and inevitably end up playing games.
There just can’t be anything between me and my writing, I guess? It’s gotta be only me, my mind and my notebook with nothing that could make me get distracted and stop.
Idk if this is related to slight attention issues, executive dysfunction or something else but I don’t think I’ve ever known anyone else that had to do this. I even opened PoGo in the middle of writing this post because it’s more than a few sentences long–whoops.

Innocent. (SMUT-ISH)

Anon Request; KBTBB guys x MC

“because it like the opposite of how they treat her in the game i think it would be really great if you could write something along the lines of the kbtbb guys all thinking the mc is just super great and obliviously doing sexual/provocative things and all of them being so concerned and frustrated about it. If it was in their POV i think it would be even funnier”

Authors Note; I wrote this as a headcannon & it contains no actual smut. Just the bidders with their naughty thoughts. None of the bidders are dating the MC but like the requests ask they desire her physically & it’s left to your imaginations if they want her emotionally. Please leave comments & stuff for me to work on future headcannon’s since I’ve not written many, I’d love to get better at writing them. Also, nonnie, if you read this, please let me know if this is what you were after? Anyway, Enjoy.

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