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Do you know what else I love...

about Steve. He never talks on Louis’ behalf. He’s never mentioned Jay, he’s never mentioned Freddie. He’s respectful, he’s a good friend, and he knows what is and isn’t being a supportive friend. That is just one reason among many, but yeah. I love Steve. 

if i were a set designer on sherlock i’d slip random lemons in, just here and there, lemons everywhere, and y'all would be like spinning your wheels trying to figure out what they meant like “omg all the ‘lemons’! we’re gonna get porn lol” and someone else being like “no it symbolizes the relationship between john and mary going 'sour’”

and in the end after canon johnlock had happened i would just be like “the lemons actually meant nothing i just love lemons”

and that is one reason among many that i am not a set designer on sherlock

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How tall are PeChi and BrArg?

Off the top of my head: Miguel is 168cm, Manuel is 170cm, Luciano is 171cm and Martín is 178cm!

“Functional Disorders”: aka “we don’t really understand what you have, but we kind of believe you”

If you are not a medical person and there is one thing you take away from my posts about med school, please let it be this: doctors are people who like answers. It’s definitional. Different fields approach it differently–family medicine doctors have pressures that shape their diagnosis and prescription habits that are very unlike the pressures on hospitalists. (Family doctors will therefore rag on internists for being indecisive, and internists will rag on family doctors for not being thorough enough.)

But people go into medicine because they want to help, among many other reasons. (Anybody going into it for the money and prestige now is likely to be very disappointed. Just ask the people who’ve been in the field since the 80s–they have LOTS of thoughts on HMOs and the way reimbursement has changed.) And the way we’re taught emphasizes clean, orderly, logical patterns. There should be a physiological correlate to a symptom. A physiological change should cause a symptom. If someone has back pain and a bulging disc, the disc should be the cause of the back pain. 

So when we run into something we can’t point to a clear physiological correlate of, we get frustrated. Often it limits what we can do, and we like action. It limits how well we can understand what’s happening. Doctors are, on the whole, uncomfortable with ambiguity. Which is unfortunate, because there are a lot of conditions we just don’t have a great understanding of.

Diabetes is the kind of condition doctors love, especially Type 1. There’s a clear understanding of at least the majority of the steps in the disease development. Your immune system attacks your pancreas, your pancreas stops making insulin, there’s a whole host of changes that follow in the biochemical cascade with predictable physiological changes as a result.

You know what doctors don’t love? Irritable bowel syndrome. Not to be confused with IBD–inflammatory bowel disease–because IBD consists of two syndromes, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, which are both pretty well mapped out and understood. IBD is immune-mediated. Going on an immunosuppressant medication, like Humira, should and often does provide a significant degree of relief.

IBS, on the other hand, is what’s called a functional disorder. Functional, in this context, means that it doesn’t seem to have obvious physiological correlate. People with Crohn’s disease get ulcers everywhere along the GI tract. You can’t deny, when someone develops a fistula around their anus, that they’ve got a real physical condition. But in IBS, you can put a scope all the way through someone’s colon and see no changes. In ulcerative colitis, you’d see continuous inflammation. You could biopsy and see cellular changes. But in IBS, you don’t see anything. And the response of doctors has been, very often, to pretend that that means the symptoms aren’t real. That patients are making it up. Hypochondriacs looking for an excuse to see the doctor.

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Azula: Ursa and Ozai

A thought occurred to me the other day and it’s interesting to say the least.

Azula and Zuko have both disowned their father respectively. They call him by his first name: Ozai. This shows that significant moment in which they both changed and grew as adults, escaping that toxic life. Calling him ‘father’ showed attachment or a need to be loved by him.

 Zuko found out the truth first and Azula followed a few years later. 

Azula referring to her father as Ozai is a first and the beginnings of her change. She was able to see past the love she would never receive and saw the person he always was underneath. This, among many other reasons, is what set her Free from the repetitive cycle she kept living in. It’s amazing and beautiful. 

Now, I also noticed that Azula has not yet disowned her mother. Even through her hallucinations, she always referred to Ursa as ‘mother’. Which means, subconsciously, she still has this attachment and hope that her mother still loves her. It also supports the theory that her hallucinations of Ursa are a form of her conscience. Azula would not see any other person going against her beliefs or challenging her than Ursa. She is in need of her mother’s guidance and wants it. 

It took one last time being deceived for Azula to realize that Ozai was using her and cared for nothing but power. 

Even though Azula has not seen Ursa in 8 years and their relationship was never the greatest, Azula believing her mother saw nothing but a monster inside her…she still holds her mother close on some level. 

This only makes me believe that Azula has not given up on having a real mother/daughter relationship. 

One of the things I love the most about kylo is the depth of his loyalty and love. Even when directed at Snoke, a manipulative monster (literally), kylo’s capacity for love and the strength of his devotion demonstrate a truly beautiful soul that now is warped and twisted because the object of that love is warped and twisted.

This is just one reason among many why kylo falling in love with rey makes sense to me. He’s lived so long with Snoke in his mind and heart that I don’t know if kylo could break free from such a formative influence on his own. No one believes more firmly than I that redemption, if it happens, is no one’s responsibility but Ben Solo’s but I also believe, equally passionately, that redemption never happens in a vacuum. Nor should it. The entire point of redemption is learning to care for other people, learning to look beyond the prison of your own mind and heart, your own selfishness that is keeping you on the path of destruction.

Something needs to happen to kylo before he will find within him the strength to free himself from Snoke and from the fetters of his own crimes. Star Wars, if it’s about anything, is most certainly about family but kylo, as so many people have pointed out already, has already rejected his father’s plea to come home. He has rejected his family. Redemption, if it happens, will not come through them. Unlike some people, I do not consider this a bad thing or a sign that he’s beyond recall. Redemption happens to people in different ways. We’re not all saved through the same channels nor in the same manner, though I would argue we all need to be saved (which is why Ben Solo’s redemption arc is so important to me but that’s another essay).

So, if not family, what then? I believe love is the answer. Not platonic or familial love which he has already rejected but romantic love. Every kind of love is beautiful in its own way and I’ve always believed in not necessarily prioritizing romantic love over other kinds of love but.There is something in the nature of romantic love that is a little more unsought and unlooked for than, say, platonic love. It seizes the soul by surprise. It can be upsetting in its strength and passion; it can come out of nowhere and overturn a soul completely, wreaking havoc. There’s a reason we call it “falling in love”.

kylo’s depth of passion and feeling, his struggle with his attraction to the light, the strength of his devotion to whatever holds his heart prime him perfectly, I think, for an arc about romantic love. His feelings (his emotions, his sensitivity, whatever you choose to call it) are both his biggest weakness and his strength. It was why Snoke preyed on him so successfully, harnessing that capacity for attachment to suit his own wicked ends. Rey stands opposite Snoke and opposite the dark side but she represents everything kylo has always desired in his secret heart but has always been ashamed of wanting. “Forgive me. I feel it again.”

So far kylo has been able to reject the pull to the light that lives deep in his bones (though it’s been a struggle!) because so far that attraction in him has been outweighed by the strength of his personal loyalty and love for Snoke. And that’s the key difference. The latter is personal; the former is abstract. He feels the power and beauty of the light and he fights against it but he does so blindly, clinging to the people he considers family ever more firmly, darth vader and Snoke. He has never yet encountered the light in a person outside of his family, his family whom he has already rejected. The concept of family, at least his biological family, has already been poisoned for kylo. But Rey. Rey is something different.

Rey represents the Other. She is the light side as it is embodied in a person and the point is never that therefore she is flawless or without stain, incapable of evil or a porcelain princess. In her own way she is damaged and very much human too. But she is radiant nonetheless. She is radiant and beautiful in her imperfections. She draws people to her; her very name sounds like light. Finn, Han, maz kanata, everyone who meets her feels it. Everyone including kylo. Especially Kylo.

Here at last he encounters the light in a person not from his family, in a girl who seems to be a bundle of contradictions. She’s a mere scavenger but she is more powerful than he is. She seems weak but she is strong. She is beautiful and fierce and good and all of those things are united in her. She should be afraid of him, she should quake before him, but she never flinches. She turns his weapons upon him, exposes his shame to himself and emerges the victor.

This is why I always talk about wanting kylo to fall at her feet (metaphorically speaking, or what the heck literally too.) Because in Rey, at last, kylo has found somebody who unites the power and strength he associates exclusively with the dark side (“he was weak and foolish so I destroyed him”) with the beauty and attraction of the light side. Kylo has separated the two in his mind. Rey unites both of them. How could kylo withstand that? Kylo with his capacity for love and loyalty, with his light side instincts and his sensitivity and the depths of his passion?

My answer is he couldn’t and he can’t. And I believe the moment when Rey calls the light saber to her (his light saber!) he knows it. The look on his face, to me, signalizes that he knows that he has found what he’s looking for, that here right in front of him is everything he has ever wanted in one person. Rey unites it all. When he looks at her, he knows that body and soul he’s hers. She’s stormed the castle; she’s won the war. And the best part is she doesn’t even know it. Because he’s hers. She is not his and won’t be until and if she decides she is. But he is hers. He has found, at last, a worthy recipient of the depths of love in him and I believe his tenacity and his loyalty to that love, the strength of his feelings will lead to his salvation.

It is no accident that almost immediately after this moment of realization kylo and Rey are separated by a chasm. They are literally forced apart by the ground under their feet and so for the time being each of their heart’s desires is suspended. The chasm keeps Rey from killing kylo while it separates kylo from the one place he wants to be, wherever she is. I don’t think kylo fully understand what it is that is keeping them apart. No doubt he will have his theories and many of them will be wrong. His moment of clarity with Rey, the sudden understanding in his heart that his fundamental loyalties have shifted, is not enough on its own to clarify every aspect of his life. Perhaps he thinks the chasm that divides them is Rey’s loyalty to the light, that it is his job to bring her to the darkness to him. Perhaps he sees his family and the resistance as the chasm that is separating them and that destroying them will bring Rey to him. Look I ain’t saying he’s got any of this figured out. Kylo’s a mess, emotionally, morally and physically, no denying.

As he lies in the snow, bruised and bloodied and beaten, he only knows one thing for certain. The chasm between him and Rey, call it fate or chance or ill-luck or the forces of the universe, cannot stand. He must cross the chasm. He must cross the chasm. And in that realization there is the faint hope that in trying to bridge the chasm he will learn (because he will have to) that what is keeping he and rey apart is nothing but the barrenness of the dark side. He will learn, or at least he could learn, that in order to have Rey (and by that I mean in order to love Rey) he must cast off the shadows and step into the light.

This (among many other reasons) is why I love ball pythons.

Took Strudel out to spend so time with her, plopped her in my lap, and stroked her back for a while, while I did random internet stuff.  She tongue flicked a little, rested her head on the keyboard, yawned, and didn’t move from that spot on my lap for a good 20 or 30 minutes.  Even after that she just leisurely cruised around the bed, and eventually ended up around my shoulders.

Ball pythons might not be the most exciting, difficult, or dangerous species to work with, but they’re perfect for some Saturday night chill, and they’re perfect for me.


In case you hadn’t already done it, let’s all take a moment to appreciate that MAMAMOO used their pause moment towards the end of Um Oh Ah Yeah during their Sketchbook performance last year… to make a pun.

Now if a parent may own his child (within the framework of nonaggression and runaway-freedom), then he may also transfer that ownership to someone else. He may give the child out for adoption, or he may sell the rights to the child in a voluntary contract. In short, we must face the fact that the purely free society will have a flourishing free market in children.

Murray Rothbard, Ethics and Liberty

This is not a quote by some idiot fifteen year old redditor, but by the idiot who inspired all the idiot redditors. This is one of libertarianism’s biggest icons, and one reason among many I cannot possibly take their ideology seriously.

The English-language title of this movie is “The Cat Returns”. There are a number of possible reasons for this title. The character of the Baron is recurrent: he originally appeared in Whisper of the Heart (1995) as a statue, but was nonetheless one of the main plot-points of the film. The title could also be a reference to Muta, the large cat who reveals himself to be “Renaldo Moon” who has returned to the cat kingdom after many years (and he also originally appeared in Whisper of the Heart). He is a notorious criminal in the Kingdom as he devoured a whole lake of fish in one session and the story of his “crime” has been written on the walls of the tower in which he reveals his true name. Another possible reason for the title is the return of the cat prince at the end of the feature, his return sets everything back to the way it should be. Among many speculations surrounding the reason for the title of “The Cat Returns” lies one that can be attributed to Yuki. Yuki, the “dirty kitten” that Haru helped as a child, has “returned” to now save Haru as Haru has saved her.

Can I bring up something about Formation?

because i’ve seen a lot of commentary about the release date being significant in the Black Lives Matter movement, in Black History month, before her Super Bowl performance, etc., and all these are valid. 

But it’s also the weekend before Mardi Gras, and the video is set in New Orleans

Mardi Gras is the time of year when NOLA gets the most tourists so in addition to all of the other awesome discussions this video is sparking, we should talk about the differences between the perceived “party culture” of New Orleans that’s prevalent at Mardi Gras and the actual dramatic inequalities, poverty, racism, high homicide rates, and other problems that exist in the city

I think Beyonce set this video in New Orleans to highlight her own connections to Louisiana, its relevance to the Black Lives Matter Movement, AND the problems that still plague New Orleans

And I think among the many good reasons to release the video this past week, the fact that it draws attention to New Orleans in peak tourist time is really important