amon tobin

tazrider  asked:

Amon Tobin - Easy Muffin

Taaaaaaaaaaz, you’ve got your Lalalalas, you’ve got your naughty madame but noooo, you’ve got to keep pushing, don’t you? 

So in return, I’ll let you guess my favourite line in this one. I’m curious if you get the right one :)


Send me ur fav song, I’ll listen and tell u my fav line from it

Control Over Nature exhibition by Tessa Farmer in collaboration with Amon Tobin at the Spencer Brownstone Gallery in New York City.

Tessa Farmer is an artist based in London. Her work, made from insect carcasses, plant roots and other found natural materials, comprises hanging installations depicting Boschian battles between insects and tiny winged skeletal humanoids.