hamliet  asked:

What's your opinion on your boi Amon?

I’ll be honest, despite my blog literally being “Amonmahboi”, my blog name has somewhat always been a red herring, simply because Amon has never and never will be my favourite character. However over the last 50 chapters or so, I have enjoyed Amon’s character far less than I did in part 1, simply because he’s boring me right now.

I think most fans of TG will have a similar sentiment that Amon’s character has been something of a disappointment since his return in :re. In my opinion he’s done nothing significant since his return and even when he tried to do his best, he ended up getting overshadowed by other characters.

I do still have hope for Amon’s character however. I haven’t had many doubts that Amon is likely going to play a pivotal near the end of the story, why exactly? Well for one, Amon is tied strongly to Kaneki, and was pretty much his rival in part 1. The other reason is that Amon currently is one of the strongest characters in the story who still holds a lot of potential because of his hax RC levels.

So I still strongly believe that Amon’s going to step up and start taking responsibility again, and I also hope he gains some self-awareness and reflects on his flaws which have helped perpetuate the twisted nature of the ghoul vs human conflict. I’m also looking forward to his much needed confrontation with Donato, something I’m sure many people would agree on.

I hope Hide remembers to eat and at least try to sleep a bit during these three days because knowing him right now the only thing in his head is saving Kaneki and it’s highly possible he won’t worry about the ‘trivial’ things, like his own health.

Please Amon, Akira and Marude take care of him.

anonymous asked:

Is Hajime really going to come back or am I just being delusional hoping that my murder son will return one day?

Well, of the people buried underground, Hajime is the one I think most likely to still be alive. He can offer Amon a reality check too, tbh, which you can read more about here and here. and I would not be surprised in the least to see Donato use Hajime to provoke Amon into seeing how evil the CCG really is. That being said… it’s true Hajime doesn’t have to be alive for that Donato to use him to hit Amon upside the head (figuratively), but it’s possible. 

Thank you for the ask!