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I wonder how is Marude gonna get out of the island; if I understood the chapter correctly, he isn't with :re...And he has to escape from Matsuri...Tho maybe if Saiko spared Amon and he escaped they could find each other...

Oh anon, don’t get me started.

I have such strong feelings towards Marude’s situation that he slowly becomes one of my favourite characters. 

Your very first sentence strucks a nerve because it’s left ambigious (and left for interpretation) how Marude’s journey could proceed.

If we take a look at chapter 83 again, Marude explains that he has been slowly but surely investigating the Washuus and that includes his former best friend, Yoshitoki, as well. The point in what I am going to say is that while there were definitely suspicions on his side, there was no concrete evidence. And that’s the tragedy behind it if you ask me. He shot his long-lating friend without any confirmation/back up, he was ready to take responsibility if his friend was dead for good. And he did all this because he wanted to make sure that he wasn’t a ghoul. If the bullet killed him for good, he would have been a murderer. Because it didn’t kill him, he didn’t became one, at least I could imagine that this was his narrative. Yes, Yoshitoki is dead, but the irony is just ever so strongly. We don’t know of Marude got some help, but because there is no indicator of additinal suspects, we can assume Marude, along with his collegues, killed off Yoshitoki. 

And that means, Marude killed him with a quinque. Like a prey that he successfully hunted down, because that is what investigators do. At that moment, Yoshitoki wasn’t his friend anymore, not his comrade, not even a person, but a threat needed to be killed off. So I wonder how much he values ghouls in the end (as allies as well).

But this begs the question: for how long did feel Marude like that? Was this rift that tore Marude away from Yoshitoki just recent or was it something long-lasting? 

In Tokyo Ghoul Jack, Marude makes a minor cameo, but in my opinion his role in this “one-shot” is just as important and might have been a major trigger as well. In this page, Marude acts concerned towards Arima’s welllfare. He was also generally not really pleased with Arima being there in the first place. Not because he saw him as competition, but because Marude made a great point: a teen shouldn’t take part in investigations, and he was absolutely right. Arima may be accustomed to it, but for Marude, who climbed up the ladder like the average Joe would, this was not only odd, but probably appalling, too. Marude is an investigator and thus has a rather hypocritical moral stance, no doubt about that, but it also shows that Marude did care about people (humans only, of course), even if he didn’t like them and that he actively was against Arima, still not an adult yet, to participate in such things is something we all can relate to. 

In my opinion, it’s sad that Arima and Marude didn’t interact often and when they did, it was mostly about (sly) remarks for each other, but it also leaves it open to a new possibility: was Marude always suspicious of the CCG in a way? Marude might act as a comic relief, but he isn’t stupid for all it’s worth. He might be not the only one who questioned Arima’s role in most investigations, especially in his juvenile years. And that Sunlit Garden is a thing is known as well. Ui mentions it and no one seems to be shocked by this (or reacts to it in any way). So he might have started to add 1 and 1 together, after all Hairu and Shao were sent relatively young to missions and then there’s the zero squad. 

Maybe he initially didn’t concern himself with that, but as I said, I don’t think that he was entirely oblvious to what was going on there. And there’s of course what he said in chapter 83. He asked “people” how those system operate and what they can detect. Additionally, Marude must have somehow talked to/interacted with Mado Kureo because the line he stated was a drawback to Mado’s philosophy. If you check out my Marude tags, I tried to connect Mado and Marude and how it might have come to Marude investigating against the Washuus. And then there’s Eto’s book. Again, he made parallels, but it still wasn’t concrete evidence. Nontheless, he was ready to take the risk. 

And that’s why I think Marude’s friendship with Yoshitoki was not operating on a steady ground.

Not only due to these factors, of course, there’s also Marude’s obvious black and white mentality when it comes to specicism. But those last lines you can see here just affirm what I said, I think. “If this is the case, then those who are dead won’t be able to rest peacefully…”. And my intuition (*drops mic* Get it? Did you see what I did there? … Okay, let’s move on) tells me he doesn’t refer to the ghouls he hunted down, but to his collegues that died. 

And this whole post I made has to do with your suggestion. It will highly depend on how Marude’s mentality. Did it change with killing Yoshitoki? Am I guessing it wrong because I obviously didn’t see the whole story? Whatever it is, change takes time and I don’t think his attitude magically shifted, although there’s the possibility that he doesn’t draw a clear line as before. And if there’s a change of heart, only then Marude might be willing to ally himself with ghouls, but then again, it’s risky for him, too. After all, he has been an investigator and who knows who fell victim under Marude in the past.

But I fully agree, Matsuri is Marude’s biggest threat. He won’t save any costs to hunt him down, that’s for sure. Marude needs the help of Kaneki, he really does. I think Furuta might see Marude revealing Matsuri’s secret as useful, but for that Marude needs to stay alive. And he needs Kaneki (or a good hiding spot, Yomo’s place might be a good start) anyway, I mean Furuta is still an ally with V and the CCG and Marude will find about that sooner or later.

It could be that Marude finds Amon, absolutely. Although I think Saiko will be long gone by now (I mean back to Tokyo, not to celestial place or anything like that). But it really depends on Marude’s current narrative. I have been relying on Marude’s old one as you already saw so I can’t quite tell. But Marude might be indeed one of the few ones who could help Amon survive. Like really, who else is there? I don’t think Saiko can muster up the courage to that understandably, otherwise she might face heavy reprecussions like Akira would do (if she wasn’t kidnpaped, that is). So good point, anon, maybe Marude and Amon might be some kind of dream team and additionally, Amon knew Marude and Marude knew Amon as a human, too (okay, so did Yoshitoki). But unlike Yoshitoki, Amon was never a full ghoul and forced into being one due to forced circumstances. Don’t know about you (actually I do, you are the one who suggested it in the first place :’)), but this could be a start of a happy and long lasting friendship (*drops mic again*).

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I want to know how the hell did Amon come in contact with re: ,and is he the one who gave ayato his investigator card to inflitarate cochlea ?

This is an interesting idea. I am not sure if Amon still had his belongings following Anteiku. 

I am also interested in knowing how Amon got in contact with the :re group, though it is important to note the following:

  1. Ayato was not a part of the :re group. He merely reunited with them during the raid on Cochlea. As such, if Amon was working with the :re group, he couldn’t have seen Ayato then.
  2. It is possible Amon was never in contact with the :re group. His “nakama” could be someone else/other people (like Hide, Scarecrow, Marude, etc). Takizawa & co. merely waited where Amon asked them to, which happened to be the escape route of the :re group.

Tokyo Ghoul || Anteiku Raid + Casualties
↳ The Owl Suppression Operation was a large scale operation conducted by CCG in the 20th Ward, targeting the Ghoul organization and coffee shop Anteiku. The battle resulted in heavy losses on both sides, with numerous Ghoul Investigators wounded or killed and a 99% eliminate rate of all Ghouls in the 20th Ward.


↳ CCG Ghoul Investigators + Quinque