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SINCE SHE WAS SO BEAUTIFUL I HAD TO coughstrycoughs REDRAW IT ◟(◔ั₀◔ั )◞ ༘♡

May Kirishima Touka be always with us, amen.


messily doodled my fave scenarios before our school began

gonna miss my summer somehow though

Korra will never be my favorite Avatar, but the villains from her storyline were awesome as hell! They are way better then a Fire Lord, who didn’t appear until like the ¾ths of the story was done, just to get his ass kicked and prove that his daughter is far more capable then he ever was.

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Amon might have stolen Ukina book, and maybe as you said pissed her off in the wrong way, but what I think is interesting at the moment is not Amon himself, but the body he carries. The abnormal rc cells, and his Kakuhou. I feel something is unique in him that even V talked about him (the parting gift of Kuzen). What do you think about that ?

I highly doubt he did anything like in that first part because that requires him like doing things. 

The second part might be plausible of Amon’s character though. Of the conversation we overhear with V, they predict he had towards the lab but debate for a moment what Kaneki could be targeting. First they think it’s RIze, but then believe that information didn’t leak. 

It’s possible them saying “that bloody parting gift of Kuzen’s” could be in reference that they thought his next most likely target was Amon in order to try and recruit him, especially since Amon was erased physically by V and his connection to the eyepatch case after Kaneki was taken into the CCG. 

I think Amon’s connection to Kuzen (especially with Eto’s unknown aminosity towards him) and the several parallels the two share are interesting. 

Consider also, Kuzen was somebody with a great amount of promise and power that he could have used to fight the world with but chose to stay inactive in most circumstances except when it benefitted himself and his own little sheltered world he created at Anteiku. Who continued that attitude until the very end, and only turned around and sacrificed himself when it was far too late to do so. 

We see Amon with an intense amount of promise that he’s naturally born with. He’s of .1% of humanity with strength matching a ghoul, he has the admiration of all of his peers. When he becomes a ghoul, not only does he suddenly have the highest RC cell count in the series after a week he is able to develop a kakuja in three years that probably took Eto a lifetime in order to cultivate. 

He’s also spared most of the torture that Takizawa endured, so on top of that gets to keep his stability, and sanity for the most part. Yet, when it comes to his abilities as a ghoul Amon is far less in control than Takizawa. He has every natural advantage, but has lost to Takizawa in a fight twice. 

Amon is naturally a gifted individual with an interesting body that provokes the attention of others, but he fails to make use of that promise. So Amon having a super special awesome body and kagune control to the point where he can recreate his broken Quinques is interesting to me on that level. One where he can’t properly make use of it because he has yet to confront his inner demons and still continues to be regarded as an object the same way V treated him when he was harvested by them as an experiment. 

As long as Amon refuses to be a person with agency, the plot will continue to treat him that way. It’s an interesting consequence and similiar to the one Kuzen faced. Compare him also to Bujin right now, who has the same amount of natural promise that Amon does, but not only manages to rise through the ranks easily enough without experiencing the same amount of loss, but also is currently getting married. 

The main difference between the two of them rather than attitude is their backstories, Bujin grew up with a stable homelife and Amon did not. Bujin at least in that case has that to guide him, where Amon falters. You could take that as a good example of how much Amon’s childhood trauma still profoundly affects him and sabotages his actions. 

When he wakes up as a ghoul, the first thing he thinks of after all after smelling human meat is Donato’s orphanage and his role in the events there. 

A critical examination of “Endgame” (1x12)

or “Why I find the Book 1 finale very disappointing”

There are many people who love the finale of Book 1. I’ve read a lot more praise for it than I’ve read criticism. I understand why people love it. There are a number of awesome scenes in this episode. I, however, don’t like it very much. In fact, it’s one of my least favorite episodes.

I want to be clear that I’m not trying to convince others to hate on it. I am simply laying it out here why I find “Endgame” so disappointing.

I thought it would be easy to write this post. After all, it’s just one episode, and I already knew which elements really irked me. However, I wanted to try to understand what was going on, and through making that effort, it only made me more frustrated with the episode.

I am not going to lament on the lost potential of the Equalist plot, express disappointment that Amon is a waterbender, or make suggestions on how certain issues could have been better served if they carried over into Book 2. My criticisms focus mostly on “Endgame” itself and how it works as the finale of Book 1.

This is a very long post – a much longer post than I ever expected to compose. I walk you through the entire episode. It’s not that I hate every minute of “Endgame” that I do this. I do it to help keep things in context.

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Wait what does Alice refer to? I see a lot of debate over it . 0.

Hm I’ve seen bits of this topic on my dash, and I guess my stance is that Alice refers to both Kaneki and the CCG

I think in the immediate setting, Kaneki is indeed Alice —especially with his descent into “Wonderland"— and as Amon wanted to find Rabbit, he would have had to follow his main lead in the case: Eyepatch. And after the three year time skip it’s safe to assume that Amon did end up following Alice (Kaneki) down the rabbit hole as he himself became a half-ghoul

But if you look at the bigger picture, I agree that Donato was trying to hint that Amon should expand his horizons and finally face reality that the CCG is the main problem to chase, not Rabbit

And I think the best way to back this up is the second time Alice is mentioned: the transition panel between Amon’s revelation about the CCG to Shironeki

(insert Chapter 115 pg 13 because mobile answers can’t have pics)

Both Kaneki and the CCG seem to represent Alice, and maybe for Amon to uncover the darkest part of of the CCG he needs Kaneki by his side as well

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Can you link me to the how to get some fucking money post? I looked in the guide and I didn't see it. (unless I'm missing it at which point I'm an idiot and I'm sorry for bothering you)

That message (with the awesome Amon love gif) was talking about a previous post I made a while ago: HOW TO FIND SOME FUCKING MONEY FOR COLLEGE. It’s under the education section in the guides.

Also, try using Ctrl+f in the future. Because then you can search for “money” and find it in the guide list that way (this may be different on a mac, but fuck macs. PC FOR LYFE).

-The Sudden Adult


IM OOZING HAPPINESS RIGHT NOW (sorry for bad pics D:)

Amon Unmasked
Jeremy Zuckerman
Amon Unmasked

Dear fellow Korra music lovers, 

I was planning on seeing if I could extract some of the unreleased music for books 2, 3 and 4, and post them in chunks of a dozen or so tracks at a time - but I also have this lill’ track over here that’s from book 1. Considering book 1 did have a soundtrack release, I may as well post this one right away.

The book 1 album has the track “Asami and Hiroshi/Korra Airbends”, but that one conspicuously ends right before this section, so here it is to the best of my ability (which isn’t much, but I try).

Amon unmasked. Sadly, he’s way too attractive.