amon is awesome

Korra will never be my favorite Avatar, but the villains from her storyline were awesome as hell! They are way better then a Fire Lord, who didn’t appear until like the ¾ths of the story was done, just to get his ass kicked and prove that his daughter is far more capable then he ever was.

I AM (dead)

So on this week chapter we’ve got 

-Kurona and Seidou badassery teaming up to wrecked Amon’s naked ass

-Ayato, the new voice of reason (who would have thought that ahah)

-Kaneki being angry because he can’t have a talk with nakey Amon


-Mutsuki awesome strikes


to be continued in the next chapter

Amon Unmasked
  • Amon Unmasked
  • Jeremy Zuckerman

Dear fellow Korra music lovers, 

I was planning on seeing if I could extract some of the unreleased music for books 2, 3 and 4, and post them in chunks of a dozen or so tracks at a time - but I also have this lill’ track over here that’s from book 1. Considering book 1 did have a soundtrack release, I may as well post this one right away.

The book 1 album has the track “Asami and Hiroshi/Korra Airbends”, but that one conspicuously ends right before this section, so here it is to the best of my ability (which isn’t much, but I try).

Amon unmasked. Sadly, he’s way too attractive.