Newcomers Pt5


“Please take them, they are trashing my ships!” Polt begged Admiral Ilom

“I have my own Humans here, I can’t handle more you deal with your own problems. Besides they liberated Remer why do you want to get rid of them?”

“Because they have a holiday every week or some kind of celebration and they keep changing the decorations, besides they eat EVERYTHING!!! Our own food supplies have dwindled and we have requested twice the normal food shipments but still they keep eating!!!”

“Well eat their food then, I’m sure they will share”

“Have you eaten their food?” Polt asked putting his winged arms on his hips, a stance he mimicked form the Humans.  

“…I see your point, but the answer is still no, you’ll just have to find a way of dealing with them” Ilom cut the link and Polt started pulling out his feathers in frustration but was distracted by a knock on the door.

There was a male Human in a small white dress and wearing a large horse mask standing there.

“Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me lots of sweets to eat!!” he said holding a bag.

Polt stared at him and the bag in confusion and the Human sighed.

“Just give me some food or I egg your door”

Polt was horrified having come a race that lays eggs he quickly ran inside and grabbed some fruit from his bowl and put it in the bag.

“Fruit? Seriously, dick move” he said moving on and Polt saw that the entire corridor had been redecorated with odd symbols and all the Humans were walking around in strange attire. Normally he would scold them for not wearing their uniform but then he saw Clerk coming his way…or he thought it was.

He was wearing a large yellow wig and a short dress that glittered and his chest had two cone shapes pointing out.

“Captain Clerk?”

“No, I’m Madonna and I’m a virgin” he said with a straight face leaving Polt to just get back in his office and lock the door.

The planet Owep'nop was the capital of the Alliance and all their affairs, they were also technically the government of all the member races although they could not influence local matters of the different races. It was lead by a council that had one representative of each member race, the Human had no representative as they were the newest member and the others were still in two minds if they even wanted them there. The decision to allow them to act as soldiers was not a popular one but since their work on Remer some were seeing their potential.

Consul Jetya was an Elong and the elected leader of the Alliance was scrolling through the millions of reports he had to go through not really reading them, he often just handed them out among the council and let them do it while spent the day with his wife’s. His feathers had started to go black and fall out but his even though his body was ageing his mind had not started to go yet.

“Mr President!” his co Consul Kelp and also a Elong came ruining in clearly excited about something.

“If it’s another relief request add it to the list”

“No sir, Remer has been liberated”

Jetya shot him a look “What? That world was supposed to have been left to slow the Gal who ordered it be liberated?”

“Um….it was Admiral Polt’s fleet”

“Well , then the Benemar in his fleet are the be decorated for it, it’s not everyday we get a victory against the Gal”

“It wasn’t the Benemar sir”


“It was the Humans, Admiral Polt attacked the Gal upon the wishes of the Human soldiers under his command”

“Wait, the Humans asked to go into battle?”

“Yes and they won, the Benemar were on planet but had no significant impact on the battle” he said handing the Consul the pad.

Jetya read through it at the number so casualties.

“This can’t be right” Jetya said.

“I checked them, three times” Kelp replied showing he was dead serious.

“There were only a hundred thousands Human soldiers against millions of Gal and their casualty rate was less than 5%”

“And some of those were just injuries, they only suffered 2% fatal casualties”

Jetya stared at him “No, this can’t be right I refuse to believe this”

“Sir I can assure you, these reports are accurate and we are getting similar reports from the others fleets”

Jetya stared at him and did not blink as if his mind had simply shut down, it was a while before he spoke again.

“Get me all the information on Human anatomy you can find and anyone, not a Human who knows their inner workings to be here NOW!”

An hour later a Kelp returned with a Seran, a race of complete energy that existed as a sort of mist, their single solid part of their body was their huge eye that seemed to look in every direction at once.

“Consul this is…”

“My name is Aopdfjgokjfsdvnhklvsgnkuvnhaloikhjmgfuioafhpikshjsrlkjbnsjghwtre……but you can call me Tim”


“It’s what the Humans call me and I have come to like it”

“Okay….Tim tell me all you know about these Humans and their bodies, their strength and their weaknesses”

A holographic display appeared  in the centre of the room of a Human male and female performing various actions and movements.

“They don’t look like much” Kelp said.

“Indeed, I have only met a Human a few times and the reports we have on their capabilities do not seem to show in their anatomy” Jetya said.

“You may think so but to underestimate them would be your downfall” Tim replied “Have you heard of Vewlop?”

“No” both replied.

“It is because they invaded the Humans homeworld some centuries ago, they were undergoing one of their migrations and believed the Human could not put up a fight, they were wrong and the Vewlop are now extinct”

“Is this why your race pushed us to make contact?”

“I cannot speak for the my kind as a whole”

“That’s not a no” Kep said.

“So go on tell me what these Humans are like”

“As you see their outer appearance shows no special features but they perfectly efficient, every part of their body has it’s purpose, they only need two arms and legs and eyes. Their sense of balance is second to none”


“It is what is inside where they are truly fascinating”

The holographic display showed the Humans organs and bones.

“They have twice the muscle mass than the Benemar who were considered the strongest physically in the Alliance, until now. They can heal any wound at an astonishing rate, their bones are thicker and their eyesight twice that of even your race”

Kelp and Jetya looked at one another.

“There is also their chemicals within their bodies, should a threat appear their blood vessels flood with this chemical call ‘adrenaline’ which gives them extra strength and stamina so much so they can go days without rest in battle. Their brain power works 43% faster than even my race, by the time many would have only just noticed a threat they have seen it, analysed it’s threat level and began taking action against it. Their own stomachs are filled with chemicals to break down food that we can’t even identify them, they keep melting our beakers”

“So what about their weaknesses?” Jetya asked.

Tim floated there and the others were terrified he was going to say they had none.

“Well, they do have some but not many, they are immune to nearly all of the viral infections that plague the other races and most known munitions would not guarantee a kill as they have been known to continue to fight even after loosing an arm or leg. A sure way to kill them is to destroy or decapitate the head”

“What is the breeding rate of these things” Kelp asked.

“Their females can fall pregnant once every nine of their months, sometimes they birth more than one at a time”

“How long is that in standard Alliance time?”

“0.52 of a cycle”

“No wonder there are so many of them, before we know it we are going to be overrun by these things!” Kelp shouted.

“We have to find a way to contain them, you said they don’t get along with the Benemar?” Jetya asked.

“That’s an understatement” Kelp replied.

“Contact the Benemar high Chiefs, I need to speak to them, I don;t want us to defeat the Gal only to replace them with something worse”

Back on Bento Prime, the drums of war were sounding as they began to muster their forces.

Ancient Battles

What about how Humans fought ancient wars? What if other aliens races fought battles with some kind of non violent means or some way that did not cause any fatal injury.

“So human-sam i am interested in alien history and I found something odd in one of your book”

“Oh yeah Kom what you find?”

Kom- “What is this?” Pointing to a picture of a medieval knight,

Sam “Oh that’s a knight, he was a soldier of the medieval times”

Kom - “A soldier? Why is he wearing all that shinny stuff”

Sam - “It’s armor, like the stiff we wear against lasers”

Kom - “But that would not protect him against that kind of weapon”

Sam looking at him oddly “No i suppose not but it’s to protect him against that” he points to his weapon. “A sword”

Kom - “Whats a sword?”

Kom - “Basically it is a large sharp piece of metal that was used to kill the enemy”

Kom looked at him horrified as a sudden realization dawns on him.

“Wait so you are telling me that in ancient days your kind fought with sharp pieces of metal and hacked each other to death”

“Yeah basically, some battle were fought by hundreds of thousands of men in one army”

Kom stared at him his eye widened to the point of nearly popping out, his friends were right, Humans are just plane insane.

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Newcomers Pt4

Newcomers Pt4

Polt watches on the screen as the Human pods fire towards the planet his ship engage in long distance fore support, we hear over the coms the Humans wooping and screaming in joy as they descend to battle. He prays they are the warriors the stories say they are.

There is clearly a huge difference in tactic, the Benemar move tot land their shuttles in an area where there are amll number of Gal so as to make it easier to deploy. The Humans though are landing straight in the middle of their army.

The Humans pods are cylinder shaped and skid and slide and some inbed themselves in the earth, almost as soon as they hit the ground they come to life. The Humans within leap out and engage the Gal, the Gal are a multi limbed creature who hive mind comands them to conquer worlds. They react to the Humans instantly and throw themselves at the newcomers. The fighting is close and bloody…for the Gal.

Even a number of the pods come to life, suddenly extending arms and legs then a head and with more guns that a whole platoon would have. Polt is watching from orbit and is shocked by what he sees. The Gal move in an unpredictable manner, their limbs able to propel them in any direction instantly but somehow the Humans are keeping up, not only that but are able to see where the Gal will go and fire a shot at first at nothing but then the Gal literally runs into it. Even in close combat, they get in close and wrestle them tot he ground, it usually ends in their injury but it gives the others a chance to grab hold of the Gal and pull it apart.

Polt watches as the stories he has been told have clearly fallen very short of the truth.

The Benemar have only just mustered their army and are moving to engage the Gal’s rear while the Humans are within them and fighting towards the front where there are survivors. A number landed by the natives and are helping with the defence until the main army arrives, which by his estimates, will not be long.

A part of the Gal’s horde has shifted its direction and his moving to face the Benemar but the majority are all converging on the Humans. The Gal’s hive mind senses they are the main threat. The Humans have been fighting for over ten hours and have yet to slow down, observers see that the humans are fighting in groups, one group fights while the other rests this way their efficiency is more sustainable. Their massive walkers are also reaping a bloody toll on the Gal giving them cover and helping the natives get to the shuttles to take them away from the fighting.

Hesky grabs a Gal and swings it into another before jumping on it and driving his blade straight down killing both. “Two Gal one blade” he laughed to himself.

“Hey Hopkins!!”

“Yeah” he replies shooting a Gal before turning to him.

“Ever watched those eastern animations? You think the Gal did too?”

“Don;t go getting ideas about fucking them, you don’t know where they’ve been”

“Don’t tell me what to do! Come here Gal, tentacle fucking for everyone!!”

“I can tell you what to do I am your superior what the hell are you doing? Good god man?!”

“How dare you judge me!!”

The battle raged for days before the Gal’s Hive mind began to loose control, too many of it’s nodes had been destroyed and without them the Gal cease to function and became nothing more than a slump of goo.

The Benemar had been bogged down unable to assist in the wider battle while the Humans ran all over the planet, if there was even a hint or a whisper of survivors the went to try and find them. The Remens were massively grateful, where others would abandon them the Humans had refused to do so and would not take a single step back without the Gal paying for it in blood. They had shed their own blood to save an alien race that had kinship to them yet they protected them as if they were family.  

When the Benemar Chief finally met up with Captain Clerk they were finishing of the last remnants of the Gal.

“Where have you been?” Clerk demanded to know.

“Fighting what else would we be doing?”

“Not a lot, we’ve been all over this rock and as far as my scouts say you never let the canyon”

“It was the best defensive position available”

“But we were not here to defend we were here to attack, take the fight to them not sit and wait for them if we did that the Remens would be extinct”

“If they are not strong enough to fight themselves I will not waste my–” Clerk struck him and went flying into his warriors.

“Speak like that again and I won’t give you a love tap, these people deserve to survive, we can help them and that is all the reason I need to do so”

The Benemar warriors were about to attack the Humans, but as they saw they were surrounded, every Humans they saw glared at them, their bodies covered in Gal blood whereas the Benemar were spotless.

These Humans, so powerful were they that they could conquer the galaxy but instead they didn’t they protected those who could not and fought those who would oppress others. The Chief knew at that moment, that his Chieftains back on Bento Prime ever try to face these Human again, they would be so merciful a second time. He had to change their minds.

Hesky sat by the fire holding a piece of Gal over the fire to cook it.

“You are not seriously going to eat that are you?” Hopkins asked.

“Why not, I’m hungry and if I have to eat another curry Ill go mad”

“You’re already mad!”

“Says you”

“Yes says me!!”

Hesky then took a huge bite out of the tentacle and chewed.

“How is it” Hopkins asked.

“Taste like…like…victory!”

“…gimme some”  

Newcomers Pt1

Admiral Polt sat in his office going over the days reports, the whole fleet had been excited for a number of days now, ever since the news came through. His fleet was going to be getting the reinforcements they so desperately needed. But unlike the usual warrior races in the Alliance that made up it’s military, they were getting Humans. Most had never heard of these aliens and those that had or had met one told conflicting stories about them. The crew were preparing to meet one of the galaxies more younger races and were intrigued as to what kind of alien they would be.

The Benemar who made up the bulk of the current armed personal in the fleet were not so happy to hear this apparent known and untested race was seemingly replacing them. Only a few of them had ever met a Human and that was during the first contact conflict, a small war that saw the Alliance and the Humans fight a number of battles before the onset of peace.

A ship breaks from hyperspace and approaches the fleet, the ship is huge and takes the fleet by surprise thinking it Gal launching another offensive but they are soon told it’s the Human vessel that is to join the fleet. Apparently the Humans brought a whole ships worth of soldiers. A couple hundred thousand at least. 

The Human ship docks with the flagship and almost the entire crew turns out to meet them along with the Benemar who line up in ranks, being the largest race they are not hard to miss. The doors open and the Humans board. 

They march in perfect unison their faces hidden behind their helmets making seem like a faceless army, many of the other species were rather superstitious and believed that hiding ones face means they were possessed by demons. 

Admiral Polt flexed his winged arms in the Human sign of welcome, he had no teeth to show this smile that they do but he kept his eyes as soft as he could. Their captain then approached and what he asked caught him off guard.

“Wellcome Human–”

“First things first!!! Where’s the shitter we have spent weeks on a ship with thousands of soldiers and not enough toilets!!”

Admiral Polt stared at him, “What’s a…shitter?”

“A place where shit goes” he responded and his soldiers laughed.

“Umm…there are some restrooms down there” Polt pointed down the corridor and number of Humans instantly broke rank and ran in that direction screaming for those to get out the way.Their captain was among them.  

Everyone stared at them, was this normal Human behavior? 

Admiral Polt turned back to the lines of Humans, some seemed to be having some kind of seizure and were doubling over, but they were being ignored, do the Humans feel nothing for their own kind that are in pain?

“I’m sure the captain will be back soon” one of them says.

Finally their captain returns walking a bit more comfortably, images of what Human waste looks like flash in Polt’s mind…he does not like what he sees.

“Right where were we?”

“Umm…we were here we have not moved” Polt says.

“haha good one”


“Huh? oh you weren’t making a joke, anyway thank you for welcoming us we are here to honor our commitment to the Alliance” the Human captain says and he and his soldiers all take off their helmts to reveal their features.

The Benemar all burst out laughing in their hooting like sounds.

“These are the ones who are here to reinforce us?!”

“They are so squishy and small”

“Maybe we can find some baby Gal for them to play with”

The Human captain looks a them puts on a fake laugh that makes them stop

“Yeah, maybe they will be tougher than your lot on Bento Prime, oh that was your homeworld wasn’t it tell me what happened to it?”

The Benemar fell silent, their homeworld had never been invaded before, it had the greatest  defenses and the largest standing army. The Humans overran it in less than a day.It was handed back over to them after the first contact conflict but the humiliation they suffered had never been washed away.

“Now, my soldiers are tired form the trip and I assume there is adequate housing for us?” 

Admiral Polt nodded and before he direct them the Humans began marching into the ships interior and introducing themselves to the crew. As far as introductions went, he thought it went well….he hoped these Human were weird….or insane or maybe both.

Authors note– I might write a continuation to this but I’m not sure let me know what you think.

The Virus (Extended)

***Logs of the late Admiral Elfre”

Personal log 1. I got accepted into the coalition military only as a simple deck serf my main duties are cleaning the vents of vermin that somehow make it onto the ships and breed. I also run messages, it’s good exercise but most of the officers don’t even look at me, I’ll show them I’ll make admiral in not time.

Personal Log 6. After helping engineer Lopya with the engine after being stuck in dead space for nearly a week I was promoted to bridge officer, I mainly work the coms console but it is a step in the right direction, i cant wait. 

Personal Log 8. One of our explorer ships has found a new planet, this one is apparently unique and has all our scientists really excited. Not sure how it is unique because I always thought every world in the galaxy was unique but apparently this is one is special. My colleagues are talking about nothing else I might actually keep an eye on the com traffic to see what the fuss is about.

Personal Log 9. Well I read some of the com messages ( I know I’m not supposed to but curiosity got the better of me) and this new world everyone is going crazy over is apparently the only world which can truly be classified as a “Dead World”  But life is not only surviving apparently its thriving. They think their might be intelligent life there, even if the air is toxic and the plant life poisonous and Maker only knows what the animal life is like. I shudder to think of what could survive there.

Personal log 13. The explorer team has gone missing, they were researching a new animal that lived in huge hives and it is believed the creatures may have discovered them. Not sure how I thought they were using this new cloaking technology that makes them invisible? Could these creatures see through it?

Personal Log 14. Workload today was insane, more com traffic than ever, our fleet is being redirected. But on the bright side if I make a good impression the captain might put me on course for deck officer level 2? I can only hope.

Personal Log 16. I’m not sure if this is good or not but our fleet has been chosen to search for that research team that went missing, why we should when we are an explorer fleet not a military fleet. I mean, we only have  handful of actual soldiers on each ship, but then orders are orders.

Personal Log 17. I think I may have made a mistake, the captain wanted a coms officer to go and record to rescue and like an idiot I said I’d do it before I truly thought about it. I’m going to a “Dead world” to find people. I want to live long enough to have wife’s and spawns I don’t want to to go somewhere where i might die. Well I can’t back out now, at least Major Jesa gave me a handgun to use in  case.

Personal Log 18. We landed on the planet at the researchers last known location, we found their base, it was hidden inside one of the hills over looking a herd of fluffy animals that made off “Bahhhh” sounds as they saw us. They were not hostile luckily, we assumed they were prey animals, wee went off to complete our mission. We found one of the trackers the researchers use sot hey don’t get lost, it was badly broken so the log could not be accessed, we bagged it kept on.

Personal Log 19 The nights here are cold, really cold. We set up air tight tents so we did not have to sleep in our suits and even with the heaters we were all shivering. Private Getr joked this was worse than the time he fought against some snow like monsters on a world going through an ice age. i could tell he was not joking, i hate this place.

Personal Log 20. Private Getr’s suit was split yesterday, some plant that has spikes cut his suit and he died in moments, he never had a chance to even seal the split. A pair of his comrades volunteer to take him back to the shuttle and off they go, we are three men down. 

Personal Log 21. The rain, so much rain, I mean it’s not unusual for water to fall from the sky but this is just crazy, we all agree not to out today.

Personal Log 22. We saw the natives, or at least what we think are the most dominant natives here. There were three of them, small and running around in one of the fields playing I think, is that playing or were they fighting for dominance? they were quite small and talked to each other in odd clicking noises. Then the older appeared, far larger than their young, they appeared out of the trees not far from us, then one of them started sniffing the air, no way could they smell us could they? We quickly left before we were discovered. But not before we saw the Hive, it was larger than any city I have seen, how many of these creatures were there.

Personal Log 23. Finally some other sign of the research team, an tent, only one but it’s a sign. We call inside but there is no answer, we slowly make our way inside and find what we feared we would.  A body, His skin was the same as privates Getr’s when his suit split, he was holding a note though all it said was. “Run!”

Personal Log 27. Well I’m glad that’s over with and i can get back to my life, that world is now off limits to everyone now and is under strict quarantine level 10. The first planet to get that level. They even named it Kila, apparently it means death in one of languages spoken in the coalition.   

Personal Log 30. Since my mission to Kila I have gain more responsibility and just yesterday they are giving me my own ship!! It’s only a snall support ship with a few hundred crew but I’m excited. Captain Elfre, i like the sound of that.

Captains Log 36. I’M BORED!!!! This support ship gets almost no mission, all we do is patrol and help the larger ships move into formation, I want a bigger ship!!!! Or at least something to break the boredom.

Captains Log 38. A whole quarantine fleet went missing a couple of days ago, I instantly knew which one before i even heard the planets name, it was Kila. By the Maker have they made it off the that planet? More fleet are being directed and we are on standby if we are needed. I have a feeling we will be.

Captains Log 40. We are needed, the fleet is heading to the quarantine Kila zone.

Captains Log 41. The quarantine is breached the creatures have built ships and a lot of them, these hive ships were scanned and found our own technology on board. They are using our warp drives, did they figure out of they were built? How? Are these things sentient? We take up position to bar their path and we simply stare at each other, we send message after message to try and open a dialog but there is no response. Then over all our coms, a noise like screaming, is that Getr? Are they in my head? Only one word is truly heard. Hooman, our enemy has a name.  The Admiral orders us to open fire and we unleash our weapons upon them, huge pulse cannons and missiles with enough yield to scorch a planet. Nearly all miss. How could they miss and those that hit seemed to only cause minimal damage. Wait are..their ships healing themselves? We scramble to reload and open fire again but the Hoomans fore first, we don’t recognize what kind of weapons they are using but they cut right through our armor, the flagship goes down having been hit by three separate enemy ships. The other captains are screaming orders or trying to regain some kind of control, I shout over the coms that I cam taking command and order the retreat. The war against the Hoomans, has begun.

Captains Log 50. The Hoomans are spreading and spreading fast, every engagement is the same, they break into real space, our coms go haywire and our fleet gets wiped out. We need a different strategy.

Captains Log 54. I have been given command of a new battleship, it is to be the new flagship of a invasion force into Hooman space. Our scientist have theorized that the Hoomans work on a hive mind command structure and if we wipe out the their main hive world Kila the rest will fall into chaos. I don’t know how they can know that as to my mind no Hooman has been captured alive or dead. But I am eager to go on the offensive for once.

Captains Log 55. Our first victory!!! We engaged the Hoomans on the edge of their space and wiped them out, we left the planet as we needed to save our resources for the homeworld but it felt good to drop a few nukes down there. We can do this, we can win!!

Captains Log 57. The Hoomans never seem to run out of ships, we have assembled the largest fleet in the galaxy and that has got their attention, their advance into our space has halted. I have their complete attention, and that terrifies me.

Captains Log 58. We lost half our ships in the last battle and the flagship is heavily damaged we have taken refuge in an asteroid belt to make repairs but the Hoomans are looking for us. They always know where to find us, they always know.

Captains Log 60. I can only engage the Homans one more time before I have to retreat and i am nowhere near their homeworld of Kila, they always seem to have more ships. The last engagement were boarded by them, I have seen every kind of species in the galaxy and we are all different, some are fast, some are strong, some are smart and so on. But never have I seen a race like them. They only have two arms and two legs which is the lowest number of any rce and it seems to work to their advantage. I saw on the security cameras our soldiers fight them in hand to hand and the Hoomans just danced around them. They moved like water and hit like avalanches, our new directive was never to engage them in close combat, you’d never win. Not that shooting them seems to work either, my bridge was breached by them and i shot one in the head with my pistol and it barley flinched, if it wasn’t for a guard with a blaster i would have been dead. Sadly that moment of saving my life cost him his own, he was hit my one of their weapons and his whole body evaporated. Not sure what is a worse way to die, being touched by one of these things or shot. This invasion is over, I’m ordering the retreat.

Captains Log 62. 2 months, that was all the time I bought while invading their space and once more they are on the offensive, consuming world after world and terraforming it so only they can live there. Trillions are now dead and how much further will they spread before they burn themselves out.

Captains Log 65. Our leaders are panicking, the surviving races are merging all their resources in some attempt to turn this tide. Our pleas of surrender and mercy go unanswered except for the usual response of the com screaming. But on some lighter note I go promoted to Admiral, my life long goal was achieved only because my predecessor shot himself when his homeworld was consumed by the Hoomans, his mate and youngling did not make it of world in time. They now expect me to win this war for them, I don’t know if I can but I am going to try.

Admirals Log 1, My first engagement as an Admiral with the race known as Hooman has ended in our utter defeat, we exited hyperspace right on top of them and they reacted as if they knew we were coming. Are these creatures just super fast or can they see the future? We retreated to Elixal Prime but my few remaining ships will not be enough to hold them off for long. I have already began evacuation but there are not enough ships, they will be here soon,

Admirals Log 5, Elixal Prime is lost, the moment the first of their hive ships arrived we had to abandon any hope of rescuing the population. I can only imagine what horrors they will face. We heard their screams over the com as we left.

Admirals Log 13. I have implemented a scorched earth policy, any world we cannot protect or have to retreat from is scorched to make sure they can’t use it. It will slow them at least.

Admirals Log.16 It did not stop or slow them, in fact it made terraforming the planet for themselves easier so we have abandoned that tactic.

Admirals Log 22. They are spreading faster now, faster than we can track them its like a damn has broken and their entire race is now searching for new worlds to consume. Do they eat their worlds? Is that why they are expanding? for food?

Admirals log 29 the Hoomans have conquered half the galaxy and there are too few of the surviving races with the ships to even try and stop them. Some are talking about surrender. How could we? These creatures are so deadly that even one setting foot on a planet spells disaster as if their whole body was made to house millions of viruses. My old friend was touched by one once, I’ll never forget what happened to him. His skin burned and fell off he bled form every part of his body, his screams, they still haunt me.

Admirals Log 40. Me and the other admirals have agreed that this war cannot be won, we have but one hope, all the survivors of the coalition have gathered in one system. There are only 50 billion left out of a population of thousands of trillions. But our scientists have built a war winning weapon, a huge beam cannon that can destroy fleets. It is very experimental as if uses the power oft he sun to fire. The plan is to use it to defend against the Hoomans in this system indefinitely, let them have the galaxy surely they will let us have one small system?

Admirals Log 50. I was wrong about the Hoomans letting us live here, because here they are, but there is only one hive ship just sitting there watching us. My ship is placed directly opposite it, Im sure i can take on one ship but I know, that silently out there, his friends are watching. Once more our coms go nuts, i turn it off, i have had enough of listening to the sounds of my comrades die over and over again. I open fire and before the munitions hit the Hooman hive ship turns and enters hyperspace. He’ll be back.

Admirals Log 60. The Hoomans are back and it seems they have brought their entire fleet with them, My fleet has over 5000 ships of varying classes and the new solar cannon we built. Just a little closer, i oder the cannon to fire and millions of miles behind my fleet the solar cannon unleashes the power of the sun at the Hoomans. Then…wait? No this is not possible the Hooman fleet is moving and a new kind of ship is taking the lead…it’s huge almost the size of a moon and it is moving to intercept the beam. The solar cannons beam hits the new hive ship but…it does not do what they said it would. It is supposed to destroy the ship then the beam jumps tot the nearest ship and destroys that one and so on. But the ship is…is…absorbing it? the light is dancing around the hive ship and then suddenly fires from the tip, oh no it’s heading for one of the planets! It hit the planet the solar cannon was orbiting and it erupts and breaks apart. 20 billion souls all gone in an instant. Screaming I order to open fire, all 5000 ships unleash our firepower at the Hoomans, with so many ships and so many targets it’s hard to miss. The battle last only an hour. 

Admiral’s log , We’ve lost, our final stand began an hour ago, 3 thousand ships gone, in an hour!!! How could such a race even exist? I sit here reading reports of what their world is like, no wonder they turned out like they did out of all the worlds in the galaxy this one has to be the most hostile one. I’m not going down without a fight though.

Admiral Efre grabbed his rifle and locked his log in the hopes that it might be found by someone who could read it and remember the struggle the galaxy went through. Perhaps in a couple of millennia when the Hoomans have died out. The Hoomans were cutting through the door now, his soldiers all got to their feet and readied their rifles. The pride he felt for them, even in their final moments they were defiant, even though there was nothing and no one left to save.

The door blasts open and we open fire, like before the Hoomans shrug off our shots like they were pebbles, a few go down but it doesnt stop the others. The run into us and…and? They’re not killing us By the Maker they want us alive! Are they going to eat us? One grabs me with its gloved hand and forces me to my knees alongside my soldiers and another enters like the others of it’s kind inside a sealed suit. It lowers itself to look me in the eye and raising a visor to show it’s face.

They’re disgusting, their faces…the proportions are all wrong and only two eyes? How could they see so well with only two eyes? The nose is pitiful in size I can only imagine how strong it was. And the skin, it looks wet like oil, is it acid?

Finally it speaks and the words put the chill of death into me.

“We were only trying to say hello”

Newcomers Pt 13

Much of the city’s inhabitants on the eastern side had been moved to the western side when the enemy first arrived. Thousands of Benemar families were now held up in temporary housing close to the eastern wall. When the first klaxon sounded many of them thought it was reinforcements come relive the city and drive back the invaders. But then the wall had erupted inwards as something powerful had fired upon it at close range.

Silence, the strange kind that comes when such a colossal sound has rung through everyone’s ears, then the thunder or at least what many thought was thunder. Dust was kicked up high into the air masking everything around the breach. But something was moving within it, a shape and it was big. It emerged out of the dust and stood in the street looking down at the the city’s inhabitants with it’s square shaped head standing some hundreds or so feet above the ground. Nothing, no one spoke or screamed or moved.

On it’s arms though something was moving, a hatch by the looks of it from the ground and from it extended dozens of rotary guns. And they unleashed their fire power upon the crowed.

Hundreds were killed in seconds and a second Bastion followed the first through the breach and added it’s own to the fray as infantry ran through it’s legs to secure the city.

The first began moving, it’s steps crushing vehicles and anything else unlucky enough to be in it’s way, it was moving towards the centre of the city and the second turned south.

On the eastern wall the three Bastions were now advancing at full speed, still slow by some standards but their strides were long, the city’s artillery opened up to bar them entry to the city but they were set upon by Human bombers. The anti air fire they enjoyed was now suddenly silent as most of the guns were destroyed by the rebels. Then the Benemar’s worst fear came, the eastern gate opened, Camo troops had struck soon after the first klaxon and secured the gate before any warning could be sounded so the Benemar believed it was still under their control. The gate itself was huge and in fact a section of the wall that could recede into the main part. But it was too narrow for the Bastions to pass through so they made their own entrance. And like virus infecting a healthy body the army spread and killed everyone they found.

Geedol had tried to organise a defence but saw all his carefully laid plans fall apart in his hands. He ordered units to move and engage only to hear they were under attack or destroyed, marked fall back positions only for rebels to appear there or Camo troops cutting them off. He put the com on loudspeaker so he could more easily follow the battle but it was carnage, the enemy had struck everywhere at once. With the enemy in front, amongst and behind them and after only two hours he turned to his second in command Setom and said two words.

“We’ve lost”

Jenkins ran firing his rifle with incredible accuracy, he was fast, faster than before and he did not know why. He saw everything so much more clearly now, he had been hit a few times but felt no pain only a mild discomfort at the shot. Then he remembered, the Gal symbiont was still attached to him, was this the reason why? It was smaller now having consumed most of his waste cells and healed his wounds and even moved to his back at the nape of the neck. This was the most comfortable place for them and it did not get in the host’s way as well, almost all the Humans now had these symbiont Gal on them. The normal Gal were still fighting alongside them but something was different about them too, the Humans and Gal were separate species yet sine the symbiont Jenkins could almost…feel their intent and movements and the Gal reacted to this as well. More than once he turned to fire at a Benemar that he could have no idea was there but had been spotted by a Gal. He did not have time to think on these things, the Benemar were fighting to almost suicidal lengths to try and push them back or hold their postions. Cathy ran past him leaping from a boulder and grabbing onto the side of a building that was made of pure steel so how she did it was beyond him. She pointed her rifle with one arm and gunned down a number of defenders who were hiding behind cover and causing a nuisance. She leapt down and smiled at Jenkins before moving on. She too was feeling the difference but unlike him was enjoying it.

There was no real resistance, the eastern garrison where the majority of the Benemar warriors were was overrun when the Bastions came through the walls and what little defence could be mustered on the western side was simple walked over. All the other gates were either sealed or under Human control, there would be no escape for the inhabitants of Geeda, arguably the greatest defensive city on the planet…fell in 3 hours.

After the battle the Humans began to feel uneasy, they had agreed to the symbiont as they had saved their lives from fatal or near fatal wounds but now something was very very much amiss. Jenkins wanted answers.

He found the Conduit, a large Gal that acted as the voice of the Nerve and all Gal on the planet, it alone was capable of speech having learned and evolved from contact with the Humans.

Jenkins walked up to it being flanked by Cho, Cathy and Karen, the Conduit turned to regard him, he could feel his intent.

Jenkins grabbed it and pulled it off it’s feet and pinned it to the ground with his knee on it to stop it flaying around.

“You have got explaining to do!” he screamed at it.

“Commander take it easy!” Cho shouted grabbing his arm but did not try to pull him off.

“The Gal are supposed to be non compatible with other races, your genome is too alien and deadly to others, by your own admission you say you are genetically created. So why are you now suddenly able to bond with us?” Jenkins face was inches from the Conduits who looked up silent but terrified.

“Commander we are allies and this is not going to help us” Karen said quietly, she was just as desperate for answers, they all were. A large crowed of Humans had gathered and were eyeing the Gal with a degree of hostility. The alliance hung in the balance.

All the Humans had felt it, the strength, the speed the connection to not only the Gal but one another.

“Not, created, modified” the Conduit said.

“What?” Jenkins demanded.

“Gal genetic material is only 5% artificial, the rest is compatible with Humanity”


“I can explain that” said someone who they did not recognise.

“Who are you?” Cho asked.

“I am Dr Cassion”

“…the researcher from the lower decks?” Cathy said “I thought you never left the ship”

“Yeah well the plot demanded I be here” he said walking over to Jenkins “I can explain everything”

Jenkins let the Conduit go and it got to it’s feet slowly.

“Well, start talking”

Dr Cassion straightened himself and stood on a small platform so he could just about be seen by all who had gathered.

“What I am about to say will be hard to accept but it is true, me and the Gal have confirmed it”

“Confirmed what? Get to the point” Cathy shouted.

“Humans and Gal are the same species”

No one spoke, the faces of the Humans showed they clearly did not believe him.

“With respect doctor you are going to have to do a bit better than that” Cho said.

“Well it is rather…extensive but the main point is our genetic code’s are almost identical, almost not completely. You all know the story of when Terra was first forming many billions of years ago and how it was struck by countless asteroids and comets and it is theorized that they held the building blocks that made life possible on Terra”

“We learned that in school what’s your point” shouted a Human from the crowed.

“Our genetic material was taken from a comet that crashed into an Alliance planet some centuries ago” the Conduit said “The genetic material found was unlike any the Alliance had found before and they harnessed it into us, the Gal”

“So what you’re saying is they are Human?” said Cathy pointing at a Gal next to her.

“No” replied Doctor Cassion “More like genetic cousins like the great apes are to Humanity but the Gal’s naturally mutates when they come into contact with us and this makes them compatible. In a sense they are reacting to the more natural form of their genetic code”

Everyone stood in silence, some looked at the Gal who would turn to regard them in turn for, the Gal already knew as they do not have any sense of individuality and are all connected but they were worried how the Humans would react.

Because as the Gal evolved in reaction to when in contact with the Humans so too were the Humans reacting to them. Becoming stronger and faster and in a sense were already considered apex predators but were now becoming the apex of the apex predators.  

“YEAH!!!” Cathy shouted and picked up the nearest Gal “New additions to the Terran family!”

Her cheer was added to by the others who embraced the Gal not only as allies now, but as family.

Newcomers Pt3

“OH MY GOD!!!” private Hesty screamed as he held onto the toilet for dear life “AHHHHHHH”

Finally his anus widened enough to let the shit out and he breathed better and his body relaxed but he continued to make odd noises. “OH GOD I THINK I JUST GAVE BIRTH!!”

He eventually made his way out of the restrooms to the horrified expressions of the non human crew, he smiled and awkwardly walked down the corridor muttering to himself about never having that curry again. His train of mind was interrupted by a mass of Humans running towards him.

“What’s going on?” he asked

“The new transport from home is here”

His eyes widened and he joined them heading to the hanger.

Polt was there in his pristine uniform to greet this Sergeant Stabby that all the Human spoke highly off, from what he could tell this Sergant likes to go around stabbing people to which they find funny for some reason. The Humans gathered and the non humans  did to out of curiosity. There was never a dull moment when you had a Human around and they had thousands.

The ship docked and the crew came aboard, having more Humans aboard was something Polt was not sure he wanted but at least these ones were only going to be here for a few days.

Then the weird stuff started, one of the Humans began sniffing, a lot which was followed by others. He had heared that Humans have a powerful sense of smell and whatever has caught their nose must be good for them. One moved towards the transport crew still sniffing making them smile.

“Is that what I think it is?” he asked them and the crewman opened a small container that let off steam as it opened. Then as one all the Humans screamed as one voice.

“PIZZA!!!!” and stampeded towards the crates opening them and devouring these pizzas as if they held the secret to eternal life.

Polt turned to ask Captain Clerk about it but found he too had descended on the crates, so intent they were on getting this new food that a few broken noses had occurred but as they usually did, they laughed and carried on.

Trying establish order among them was futile but once these pizza’s were getting handed out they quietened down.

“Sorry about that, it’s been a long time since we had pizza” Clerk said his mouth still full.

“Attention, stand to for Sergeant Stabby!” someone shouted and all the Humans fell into rank and file and awaited. Polt fixed his uniform and eagerly waited for this Sergeant.

But it wasn’t a military mad that approached, it was one of their mechanics carrying a small box.

“Umm…Sergeant Stabby?” Polt asked.

The mechanic shook his head and placed the box on the ground and this odd disc shaped thing with a fork taped to it came out. All the Humans quickly saluted this thing.

“Um, Catpain Clerk”


“What is this?”

“This is Sergeant Stabby, a roomba with a fork tapped to it” he said as if it was the most normal thing in the universe and he said it with pride. The Benemar who were observing from above we equally confused as was probably everyone else.

“Sergeant Stabby, go about your duties” Captain Clerk ordered but the roomba made no noise or motion. After a few seconds Clerk leaned down nad flipped the ON switch and the roomba went off cleaning the floors.

“It’s a cleaning machine?!” Polt exclaimed.

“it’s a roomba” private Hesky corrected stepping out the way of it as it approached him.

“All this for that thing?!”

“Yeah, I was wondering why you are all dressed up” Clerk said walking off and soon enough the Humans all dispersed leaving everyone else confused.

Polt laid on his couch nursing a headache, these Humans were driving him insane and they had only been here for a few weeks. Some part of him thought it would be easier to just hand command over the Clerk and be done with it but alas he could not, then one more crisis occurred.

A knock at his door stirred him “If this is another complaint about the Humans you’ll have to deal with it yourself”

“No sir, we have receive a distress call”

“From where?”

“The Remer colony, they are under attack from the Gal”

“Divert course immediately”

Polt was on the bridge with the Benemar Chief and his clan leaders along with the Humans captain and officers. The Chief and Clerk glared at one another, they clearly did not like the other and Clerk stuck his tongue out as some kind of insult but the Chief did not understand it.

“Approaching Remer colony now”  the helmsman said and the fleet broke into realspace to see the entire planet burning, its defences destroyed and it populace fighting for their lives.

Polt looked at the Gla fleet, it was huge more than twice the size of his and who knows how many of them were on the planet.

“Plan of attack sir?” Captain Clerk asked.

“Don’t think we can, the Gal are already planet side once that happens the chance of driving them off is almost zero” Polt says with a heavy heart.

“But there are still millions of people down there” Clerk argued.

“They’re not your kind why should you care” Chief said.

“So what? Admiral if the Benemar are unwilling to take the fight to them you have thousands of Human soldiers ready willing and able to do so”

“there are probably ten times your number down there”

“Then it makes it harder to miss”

Polt looked at them both, normally he would have ordered the retreat but the look it Clerks eyes made him think otherwise. Why were these Humans so concerned about the people? They were not Humans.

“Please my men are really bord”

“Yeah and I’m PMSing like a bitch in heat I need to vent”

Polt didn’t know what that meant but he understood their resolve.

“Do you really think you can retake the planet?”

“Just give the order” Clerk grinned.

“Very well, man your pods”

Clerk banged his chest with his hands and smiled along with his officers and left the bridge, the mustering hall where the Human soldiers were gather all eagerly awaited to hear what their orders were.

“Right lads!! We’re on so lets get this done and give those Gal a dam good kicking!! Who’s with me”

The Humans cheer shook the hull as they ran to their pods that would shoot them from the ships straight onto the planets surface, this means of deployment was considered insane but somehow the Humans keep doing it and surviving.

The Benemar not wanting to be shown up demanded to go to and boarded their shuttles.

The Liberation of Remer had begun.

Newcomers Pt 10

The Human/Gal forces landed in an opening where there was little Benemar to resist them so they would have a chance to consolidate and organise their forces, the Benemar are often called the masters of defence but not even they can defend the whole planet at once. Still their landings were not uncontested, small mobile Benemar forces harassed them and killed many as they were just hitting the ground. But once the Humans and Gal got moving they were quickly overwhelmed. This they expected as those small forces were only to make sure the enemy didn’t land unopposed. Cathy finished off a Benemar that refused to die after being shot by three of them so she simply went up to it and tore his head off.

“This much more fun than shooting them” she said.

“You fight well Human Cathy” a Gal signed to her.

“Thanks, I’m sorry I shot one of you earlier”

“It is understandable”

Cathy smiled, despite reservations from the front line soldiers fighting alongside the Gal they had quickly earned each others respect.  

“Sightings put a large force of Benemar ahead of us” the Gal signed.

“Indeed, we are outnumbered” Captain clerk said appearing next to Cathy.

“Just means we have more targets” Cathy said smiling.

She cast her mind back to the ship, Hesky was there taking care of their baby and even though they were in the safest place she still worried about Depit. Both of them had wanted to go and take part in the invasion but Clerk had ordered that one stay behind should something happen to the other. They had played rock, paper, scissors to decide and Cathy had won, Clerk gave them an hour to say goodbye which they spent the only way they could, rampant sex.

The invasion consisted of over 18 million Humans along with war machines and nearly twice as many Gal which together they launched a three pronged attack.

Clerk’s force would land and head west while Williams would secure their flanks while Kiev went east. If all went according to plan Clerk and Kiev would meet on the other side of the planet. But Humans knew that in war things seldom go according to plan, at least never perfectly.

“Our scouts tell us the enemy heavily out guns us and are advancing” Jenkins said holding his ear listening to the scouts reports and speaking them to Clerk.

“We have not yet unloaded our tanks and other such vehicles” Cathy said looking over and the landing craft still descending with the equipment. Their pods were designed for quick deployment to secure the landing area so that they can bring down the heavier weapons. This needed time and Benemar were already advancing to meet them.

“We attack” Clerk said walking back “Gal, bring up your own forces and prepare to move out”

“Yes captain” he signed and moved off and as a swarm the others moved with him.

The Gal had agreed to the Humans command structure and would follow the Human officers, all Gal were recognised as the rank of private, the common foot soldier. Since the Gal had so sense of an officer they just agreed in the spirit of co operation.    

Although not as co-ordinated the Humans moved once they had the orders to do so, what podsuits that came down with them that were still running and the few tanks they had were also brought forth.

“Right listen up everyone” Clerk started “The Benemar outnumber us by a hell of a lot, like really a fucking hell of a lot and have a lot more heavy guns than we do…a lot more. So this is our plan, get in close combat where their heavy guns will be useless and we have the advantage. Simple and easy but make no mistakes, this is not going to be one sided, we cannot retreat from this” Clerk looked at the soldiers looking to him all of them heard him over the com but still looked in his direction. “Well what are you waiting for? Lets go kill them”

They cheered so loud that even the Benemar who were miles away thought they heard them, even the Gal sounded their screeching call to add to the noise. The first main assault was under way.

The Gal were fast, very fast with their many tentacles which pulled them along the ground at incredible speeds, they had no bone structure at least not in the true sense but just a mass collection of dense muscles that were almost as hard. At all times when they ran half of their tentacles were on the ground and it made it look like they were almost spinning. They were always considered the fastest in open terrain by the Alliance, so one could imagine the Benemar’s amazement when they saw the Gal charging towards them, and the Humans were keeping pace.

Even the Gal were surprised, they had never seen a Human run before as Humans had always fought them by landing their pods right on top of them. But in open ground the Humans on only two legs kept up with the Gal and did not seem to tire in the slightest.

The formation was mixed, the two armies had merged together so that in every point the Humans could give the Gal some small arms cover fire.

Behind them the artillery Gal were being carried by the podsuits as they were slow to relocate and would place them in a better position and stay to protect them.

Cathy ran alongside a guard Gal but just behind it’s shield, it was huge the size of an elephant and it thundered the ground as it’s six legs ran. She felt a lot safer running with this thing next to her.

Then the Benemar were in sight and they opened up with a devastating volley, the Guard Gal may have been present but with so many Benemar firing they were bound to find holes in the armour and many Gal and Human were hit. Luckily the Human’s armour saved them from anything fatal and many would get back up and continue charging.

Then the heavy bombardment came, the guard Gal next to Cathy was hit and killed, it’s head hit the ground and it’s back end flipped over it. She managed to jump aside and over a small ditch as more shells landed around her. From behind the Humans responded with their own tanks and artillery Gal and a number of guided missiles. Above her the air was being contested, Human fighters fought with Benemar craft for control of the air switching position of hunter and prey in mere moments.

All Humans were equipped with not only a rifle with a bayonet and a pistol but a blade on their backs, it was only a few feet long and was mainly used with fighting the Gal in mind. But it would work just as well against the Benemar. This was the main weapon they were going to use in this battle, many Humans discarded their rifle as they neared the Benemar lines. They were not going to need them.

The Benemar fired at will now, desperate to halt the charge, some Gal had morphed into a form that resembled a horse as the request of a number of Humans and were letting them ride them like cavalry. Clerk was at the front, he hated leading from the rear and he was going to make sure he was the first to the Benemar line.

But he was hit and went down a few hundred feet away.

The Human/Gal force smashed into the Benemar army that had drawn their own primitive looking blades, they were too large really but it was there way that bigger is better.

Cathy jumped past one decapitation it’s head as she did and drive her blade into the chest of another. They never stopped for if she did she would have been trampled to death by her allies behind her so she ran past and in and out of the Benemar bodies till she had to turn and fight. The two armies had merged and nothing short of slaughter took place. The Benemar had to rely on their numbers as the Humans were stronger and the Gal were faster, and the Benemar had more than enough numbers and it was thought the Benemar had more than a quarter of a million warriors than the Human/Gal army. Even so at first there was no clear winner. There was no formation as the fighting came down to millions of single duels with each individual fighting for their lives. Guard Gal ran rampant through the Benemar still their legs were out from under them, Human’s found themselves tackled from behind to loose their footing and would be set upon by several of the enemy. The Benemar grew frustrated that the Humans could lift them up and throw them with seemingly little difficulty. Even if they caught one from behind to shoot them in the back a Gal would often leap to the Humans defence and vis versa. The Humans and Gal worked together well.

The Benemar drove their wartrucks which were massive armoured vehicles into the fray running down troops of both sides and firing their rapid fire guns at everything that did not have a snout.

The noise, it was more than white noise as if one listened carefully they could hear the grunts the shouts and the screams of the dyeing, the clash of metal and cracking of gunfire. It would enough to make anyone go mad if they were not to busy fighting for their lives. Above them the fightercraft were fighting almost as intensely but it was almost pointless. Neither side could look down and distinguish friend from foe and thus could not help. The two sides had merged and only one side was going to walk away with any kind of force left. If they were going to walk away at all.

Cathy fought alongside a Gal she had saved after a Benemar got hold of one of it’s tentacles, wherever she went it followed keeping an eye on her back so that she could not be taken unawares. This became the common theme, the Gal would attach themselves to a Human soldier and work with them, they may not be able to read each others minds but they still had their instincts that guided them.

She had lost track of how many Benemar she had killed but then again she wasn’t really keeping track, she had found Karen in all this mess and exchanged a few looks to see if the other was wounded before being set upon by a gang of Benemar. She lost track of her after that. She could only hope she was okay.

Silence. The battle had ended some hours ago after raging for entire night each side flooding their forces into this battle not willing to surrender the field. If the Humans and Gal fell back their landing area would be under threat, if the Benemar had to fall back the landing area would not be immediately assailable and the Humans and Gal could push on.

The ground was covered like a carpet made of bodies from both sides, the soil usually a black colour was now red, the only thing all these aliens had in common was the colour of their blood.

Standing tall above all this death was a pole with a flag waving in the win, signalling which side was the victor this battle.

Newcomers Pt 9

Pt 9

Communication with the Gal was strictly forbidden by the Alliance High command, when Humanity had inquired as to why they simply said that the Gal’s communicated by a telepathic link that could kill instantly. The Humans though, ever the curious ones and suspicious ones did not quite believe the Elong who seemed to hold the majority of the power in the Alliance. So in secret they captured a number of Gal in an attempt to study and communicate. Some of what the Elong said was true although exaggerated, the Gal’s telepathic nature when directed at a Human caused intense headaches and mild hallucinations. Painful and frightening but hardly fatal. Many put this down to Humanity odd resilience to various things the other races in the Alliance were not. Somewhat it was true but no other race really every tried to speak to the Gal and it would seem that not even the Humans could connect their minds with them. But, unlike the other races, Humanity had many forms of communication, speech alone was a very small part of how they communicated, there was tone, emphasis on various words, what context they were used in, who was speaking, who was present, gestures, facial expression, stance and countless more. But also, sign language. The Gal’s body was mainly a collection of tentacles and they could easily mimic the shape of a Human hand. They picked up on it quickly and soon were having whole conversations, what they told the Humans was worrying.

The Gal were genetically engineered and created by the Elong centuries ago to be their army, they serve faithfully but mainly because the Elong had the Nerve, which is what bound them all together. Without it they would be lost and mindless, in a sense the Gal had no individuals, they shared memories and experiences, they were all the Nerve and the Nerve was all of them. After so long of the Gal being used as slave warriors the Nerve executed it’s own escape and fled into the void. The Alliance having lost their army found a new race, the Benemar to be their army and they hunted them down. But that was not all, Humanity had been told that the Alliance forbid the ownership of other sentient creatures as property. The wording was the key, the Alliance could simply classify a race non sentient and conquer their world and enslave the population.

The Gal, being very empathetic sought their freedom and launched raids into Alliance territory, mainly to keep their attention away from the many other sentient races that surrounded the Alliance’s boarders. But Humanity’s appearance had been a game changer, the Gal could overwhelm the Benemar with their great numbers unless they were heavily dug in. The Humans though could not only best a Gal but a great many before they were slain.

This revelation of the Gal’s true nature came shortly before the liberation of Remer with the Humans and Gal had been in negotiations for some time as the Humans wished to verify the Gal’s accusations. It was not to hard to find, Chamo troops who wore heavily advanced armour that could make them almost invisible infiltrated the Alliances core worlds, worlds Humanity had so far been not allowed to visit. What they found appalled them the Alliance was no grand state that protected it’s members, it enslaved them. Worse yet, documents were found that betrayed their future plans. They were trying to start a war between the Benemar and the Humans so that the Humans could take their place as enslaved soldiers of the Allaince. This was the final straw, slavery was something Humanity cannot and will not tolerate on any level. Their leaders flew into a rage at this revelation, by this time the Benemar were about to besiege Terra and with a simple yes the alliance between the Gal and the Humans was formed. The Elong and their own “Alliance” would feel retribution.

“Gal?!” captain Clerk exclaimed “Really?” he was speaking to the Admiral over the com, a Gal was also present on the screen.

“We are ready to bring the Elong to justice and to fight alongside Humanity” the Gal signed, all Humans knew sign language as it was taught to them all growing up.

“And you are sure this information on the Elong is correct” Clerk asked.

“I too have my reservations” Captain Kiev added his own voice.

“It has all been verified by our special forces, we have been lied to” Admiral Winston said.

“Then what about the rest of our fleets” he asked “And I assume this is not all of your ships?” he said addressing the Gal.

“Our fleets are joining more Human fleets and gathering on the boarder” he signed.

“If the Admiral if happy with this arrangement then I shall protest no further”

“Well then” Clerk said satisfied himself, shall we burn Bento Prime”

“Race you to the surface” the Gal joked and signed the motion for laughter which made Clerk smile, he suddenly felt very guilty over the battle on Remer where he and his soldiers had killed a great many of them. Oddly though the Gal felt no anger towards the Humans about this or about any of the battles they had against each other. Humans and Gal may not be able to link minds but the Gal were very empathic and could sense the feelings of others often better than they themselves could. They knew that the Humans were truly guilty over what they had done and angry at being manipulated. The Gal knew exactly how they felt.

The fleets began their approach to Bento Prime and the trio of High chiefs all quite literally shit themselves.

The first waves were of bombers and fighter craft they probed the Benemar defences testing their reaction times and trying to find weaknesses. The Gal and their organic based ships would fire seeds which carried their warrior caste Gal. The Humans had been quickly briefed on the nature of the Gal and their different sub species. There were artillery Gal, that were full of combustible chemicals that they could fire over great distances from a cannon like muscle on their backs, These were some of the largest of their kind. Next were the guard Gal, they were not as big as the artillery but their armour was far greater they had huge shields about their heads that could absorb incoming fire as was their role in battle. They were quite effective but once the Gal encountered the Humans found themselves rather useless, the Humans rifles could not penetrate their armour but Humans were just as or even more deadly than Gal at close quarters where their main advantage lies. Next were the grunt Gal, these were the common foot soldier and numbered in the millions, they had little to no ranged capabilities but with their many tentacles, even more so than the others they could overcome most opponents if not by themselves then with force of numbers.

The Gal sent forth their seeds alongside the Human fighters and bombers and the Benemar defences opened up, they had done their preparations well and in the opening volley hundreds of Human craft were shot down and many more Gal seed pods each containing dozens or more Gal.

The fleet came in closer to bring more of their guns to bare and to give their craft more cover fire, now the platforms were torn between engaging the fleet or the incoming craft and pods. This paid off as the Gal seeds impacted the platforms and stations and began slaughtering their crews.  Human soldiers did not like boarding actions and was often considered a major weakness and that they were timid in fleet battles. The main reason was really a simple one, they did not like entering enclosed hostile spaces, this did not mean they wouldn’t but they would only do so really if they had at least some knowledge of the ships interior. Since that information was not present to them the Gal took the lead on boarding actions.

“All forward gun concentrate fire on the central station” Admiral Winston ordered his ships. The central station was the largest one in the formation and it’s destruction would open a sizeable hole in their defences. The ships then began to converge and direct their fire towards it, it had a spectacular array or heavy guns for fighting battleships but against the smaller fighter and bombers it was found wanting and the Humans bombers reaped a bloody toll on it’s systems.

But it was still a vastly powerful station and it opened up it’s weaponry onto the approaching fleet. It main cannons struck a number of the Gal’s central ships that helped the Gal keep contact with on another through the Nerve. They became disoriented and the Humans moved to help protect these ships.

The stations third weapons array fell first, destroyed by a bomber that got through the stations fighter defence. It had now lost a quarter of it’s fire power, without the array the guns could not aim and would fire blind and hit lord knows what. But they fired anyway and some lucky hits were scored. By the time the fleet was within optimal fire range the Human fleet had lost 6 ships and Gal had lost 11. One of the Human losses came when a shell from the station hit it’s engine and it flew helplessly into another ship.

Finally it was struck by boarding seeds and the Gal began flooding the station, the Humans halted fire so as not to kill their new allies but the Gal told them it was okay, they do not see death as a problem as their minds would be reborn into another body by the Nerve.

The Gal flooded the corridors and rooms of the station, the Benemar fought back as hard as they could but the Gal’s biology meant they were perfectly fitted for this enclosed combat. This along with the fleet continuing to fire meant the station was about to fall.

The Benemar defence fleet tried to intervene but were kept away by Kiev’s fleet which was although smaller was blocking the approached with expertly aimed and timed volleys. Clerk was performing a flanking manoeuvre on the other end of the defences, somehow he had manged to get his ships behind them and thus out of range. The defence platforms were large and heavy things, even in the void moving them was difficult and sometimes clumsy so Clerk was managing to pick them off with minimal losses.

The High Chiefs could do nothing but watch as their defences that had been built up for over a century were picked apart one by one. As a whole the defence grid would be considered unbreakable to a single attacker but the combination of the Gal and Humans and how their forces oddly seemed to compliment each other meant that the defence platforms could not as effectively repel them. Across Bento Prime the Benemar began to prepare, this time they would not let the Humans swarm across the planet like last time. This time they would slaughter them as they touched Benemar soil.

The dug their ditches to hinder the Gal and build gun points inside cliffs and on open fields to destroy the approaching Humans, a lot of it was guess work as these two armies had never worked together. How will they attack? Separately letting one army go forth first then one from the other? Or combine their armies which was unlikely as their forms of fighting were different.

The salves were all locked in their pens but some remarked how oddly calm but they quickly dismissed it as below their concerns what their slaves think.

On the horizon the Benemar froze as they saw balls of flame hitting the ground, some thought it was meteors or falling debris. But those who were wiser saw them for what they were. Gal seeds and Human pods.

The invasion had begun.

Newcomers Pt 12

For hours the battle for Geeda’s airspace raged, the anti air fire was immense and filled the sky with thousands of shells often fired blindly in the hopes they would hit a Human craft. They often did but the Human bombers refused to let loose their own payload blind for fear they would hit their own troops within the city and their new allies the freed slaves or rebels as they were coming to be known. Unfortunately they did not hit many of their targets, the city’s anti air fire was just to intense to risk.

Then the Human/Gal forces marched on the city with three of their Bastions leading the way who towered over the infantry and tanks like giants. The hundreds of thousands of Humans and Gal with their vehicles and the Bastions moved across the planet like a black tide. And sat, just outside the range of the city’s guns. The city fired their artillery mounted on the walls but as expected they fell short and the Humans refused to advance any further. But they did respond. Three bastions took a number of steps forward, it brought them into range of the Benemar guns but it meant they could fire theirs. Their two cannons on their backs were the only ones that could reach the city, it being some miles away they arched their guns. And fired.

The blast was like thunder that shook the bones, many Humans and Gal were knocked from their feet from the shockwave of the cannon’s discharge. Then a few seconds later, it’s second cannon fired. It took nearly 30 seconds for the first shells fired to reach the city and when it struck, the Benemar felt like their war god itself had struck their walls. Despite the range the Humans were very accurate and many artillery placements erupted in flames or were incinerated but sometimes a shell would be too high and hit the town collapsing buildings or would be too low and hit the wall causing immense damage but did not bring it down.

Chief Geedol had been the garrison commander for nearly all his adult life, in fact his family name comes from this very city and they had guarded it for countless generations. In fact it was his ancestor that had beaten back the Humans the first time they were here and this city had been the only one not to fall during that invasion. Now he watched from his control tower at their second attempt to take his city, he smiled to himself. The air raids had been inefficient as he had seen that the city’s anti air defences had been lacking some years ago and reinforced them. The holographic map of the city and it’s surroundings was placed in the middle of his commanding room. The enemy had not advanced and still relied on these Bastions to siege the city.

“What are they planning?” he said to himself.

“Do they really intend to take down the walls with only those things?” asked one of his staff.

“No, they do not seem to be targeting the wall” Geedol said “More they seem to be aiming for the guns even if they have only knocked out a few”

“We have begun moving guns from the northern and western walls as the enemy cannot approach from those sides due to the river. They will add to our arsenal as replace any losses we have sustained”

Chief Geedol watched the holographic display, it also tracked shell projections and where his units were. From this room he could command the entire battle without looking out the window.

“What damage have we done to their Bastions?” he asked.

“Minimal, they are at the very edge of the range of our guns and any hit we do manage to score is mainly due to luck”

“What is the size of the enemy army” asked Setom who was Geedol’s second in command.

“Hard to say, but we estimate that it must be close to 2 million enemy warriors both Human and Gal”

“Just fighting one of these foe’s is hard enough but for them to work together is troublesome” Geedol said “But what are they waiting for?”

“Chief?” Setom asked.

“They could have attacked days ago but still they sit there and continue to exchange shells with us, the wall is not coming down and we are replacing the guns they destroy so what are they doing?”

“Could this have something to do with the slave breakout the other day?” Setom asked.

“What did you say?”

“The slave breakout, a large number of slaves got out of the pens and freed the others, we have yet to locate them”

“Why was I not told of this!?” Geedol said advancing on Setom.

“We did not think it worth your attention, we already have teams searching for them”

Geedol’s eyes bulged and he spat on the ground “They’re here, they’re already in the city” he said his voice barley a whisper.


“Send every available warrior to hunt them down I want them found”

“But chief I-”


Oma hid his cell of rebel fighters from view near one of the gates to the city as suddenly a huge number of Benemar warriors came into view, some jumped off their transports to reinforce the gate and other sped away.

“Well this complicates things” he said to himself.

“What do we do now?” asked a rebel.

“You stay quiet and hidden, I am going to take a look around”

Oma activated his camo armour and slid away, what he was really doing was getting to higher ground as the buildings inhibited his com’s ability to transmit.

“Sergeant Faye this is Corporal Oma, do you read me?”

“I do Oma” her voice came through as calm and collected as ever.

“I’m guessing you have noticed the Benemar’s increased actions”

“We have, other cells are reporting the same thing”  

“Do you think they are onto us?” he asked.

“It is possible and likely, our actions could not remain hidden for long”

“What do we do? Move up our schedule or stay on it?”

“My orders were to delay, but as a great general said, it is a bad plan one that cannot be changed, so we are changing it. Begin sabotage operations to their garrisons and storage facilities”

“Yes ma'am”

The city of Geeda erupted in multiple small fires almost simultaneously, these attacks were not effective in damaging the city or it’s infrastructure but it did sow the seeds of fear in the population. They had been told the enemy was miles away only to find them in their streets even if they were only rebels but they were wielding Human weapons. This confirmed Chief Geedol’s suspicions that they were already within the city walls and were up to something but something else gnawed at him. These attacks did nothing to harm the defence and no actual Humans had been seen with them. Where were they, where were they hiding and what were they planning?

For hours he stared at the holographic map before deactivating it and rolling out a paper one that had not been used in many years hoping another perspective would give him some insight. He looked at the outlay of the city, turning the map to look at it from another angle and thinking himself as the attacker. How would he assault the city, what would he do? Then he saw it, his jaw dropped and he looked out of the tower towards the east where the enemy was arrayed to attack the city in plain view. Plain view, they were not even trying to hide, in fact they were making every attempt to make themselves seen. He turned to the one direction they were not watching, the western side of the city, all the guns from there had been moved and it had little to no garrison and most of the civilian population was evacuated there. But the river? It was basically a small ocean in it’s own right and there was nothing coming across it, even still the current of it was strong, very strong so much that their ancestors called it the river of blood. What could….another thought came.

The reports had told of ten Bastions being deployed to the planet, five marched east and five marched west towards him. But why were only three firing on the city? “Where are the other two?”

A klaxon sounded, not any Benemar klaxon this was unmistakably an alien one and it shook buildings and shattered windows. He turned his head to the west knowing what it was before he saw them, the two remaining Bastions rising out of the river. As if this was the signal all the gates save for the eastern gates erupted in flames and were buried sealing them shut. Behind the two Bastions came more Human constructs and infantry. To the east the main army that had been waiting for so long was finally advancing and the sky became black with the shadows of thousands of enemy fighter craft.

What they thought their sanctuary, was now their prison.

Newcomers Pt 11

The flag fluttered in the wind, it was held high by a single figure at it’s base who had erected it but had not the strength to dig it into the ground. The flag was that of the Benemar, two tusks crossed over a war axe on a blood red background.

The Benemar warrior looked up at it laughing to himself, they had won, they would soon push the Humans off their world and then burn theirs to ash, with this victory they had broken the Human war machine here.

Steps behind him made him turn and he scarcely saw the figure before it struck him so hard his head exploded. Karen stood over the now headless Benemar and watched as the flagpole fell to the blood soaked dirt and behind her the Humans and Gal were finishing off the rest of the Benemar that had survived the battle. The battle had raged for hours and had been devastating for both sides, the Benemar in a desperate attempt to break the stalemate had shelled the battlefield hitting both sides. If it was not for the Humans fighter craft braving anti air fire they would have continued till no one from either side was left alive.

Karen had been hit hard, she had suffered multiple shots from near point blank range to her chest and torso and if it was not for her armour she would be dead. But most severe of all was a blade cut her neck at the artery. She had thought herself dead and had not realised how she had survived until the battle was over. A Gal, a symbiotic type had latched onto her neck with it’s circler mouth over the wound and it’s tentacles dug into the skin and into the veins. The Gal themselves were covered with these things that help them heal wounds easier and faster. Humans may be tougher than most other races but even they have their limits and it was long believed that no race could hold a Gal symbiont as they tended to tax the body while they healed it. The Humans though seemed to be fine, if not a bit uneasy at having a Gal with a single eye on their body watching them all the time. Also it flooded their bodies with adrenaline and fed off the dead cells of the body which was why none had had the need to pee since one was attached. It also caused the same mental strain that the full sized Gal did when they tried to connect their minds to other races. Maybe it was because of their size or that they were connected physically but the Humans were not feeling any such side effects, no headaches or hallucinations.

Karen touched the Gal on her neck and it pulsated under her touch like a heartbeat, she tried to put it from her mind and went to join the rest of her force.

Clerk was dead and thus command of the army had fallen to Jenkins who was next in command and field promoted to Captain, he had quickly requested reinforcements from Williams force who were due to arrive the following day and right now all they could do was secure their line and wait.

Ahead of them was a city, the Benemar called it Geeda and it was little more than a mass population centre, the majority of their garrison had been sent in their assault and they were now dead at least those that did not retreat. They city was heavily under manned. But it was heavily defended, it was surrounded by a wall of solid steel reaching several hundred feet high with only a small number of entrances. It was also armed with hundreds of heavy guns that could spot anything for miles and it could only be approached from the east and southern sides as it hugged a passing river. It had often boasted that a billion Gal could assail it and never breach it’s walls. That claim if somewhat diluted was about to be tested.

“We are going to need some bigger guns if we are going to breach that thing” Cathy said looking at the map.

“Or a big can of woopass” Karen said fingerbanging her but no one laughed. “No?”

“No, in this scenario the city is the can sooooooo…”

“Oh yeah”

“Anyway…” Jenkins said getting everyone’s attention back to him “You are right Cathy we will need more armaments to lay a siege of this magnitude, but we cannot even advance for another two days. We have simply sustained too many casualties”

“Can’t our Gal allies simply spawn more of their kind to make up the difference?” asked Cho who had been promoted to Jenkins second in command.

He had a Gal symbiont on his back so he was without his armour and it made him look almost like a hunchback. Most of the Humans had a symbionts to some degree.

“Spawning new warriors will take time, close to about three of your weeks to spawn and fully grow them” A Gal signed.

“We can’t delay an attack for that long” Karen stated.

“No we cannot and we will not” Jenkins said as the symbiont on chest became loose so it held on tighter by digging it’s tentacles deeper into his skin making him wince. “I have received word that a number of our assets are operational within the city and will make their move on our signal”

Just then the ground began to thud and timed intervals and everyone in the army turned to regard these new arrivals.

Bastions, huge two legged walking war machines that had enough fire power to level whole armies in moments. Five stories tall with four artillery guns, two on it’s back and two on it’s arms that were a bit smaller.

They were often called war ending weapons but they had a number of drawbacks.

One they were slow, very slow as even taking a single step needed careful consideration and experience with the machines of this type. The podsuits were often called the prototypes to these monstrosities but in fact the prototypes had been used back in the first war between the Humans and Benemar. Back then they only had two, now they had ten, five for each front.

They were also slow to deploy from orbit, they had to be shipped down in pieces and assembled on planet, this required the shipping of the specifically built constriction machines that in fact were just re purposed podsuits.

They also needed constant air support, the design of them was to defeat enemies on the ground and attempts to equip it with anti air guns taxed it’s internal generator to the limit and cause them to overheat and sometimes detonate when under intense attack. So they never went into battle without some air cover.

“With these Bastions, we will tear open Geeda, the Benemar are putting to much faith in their walls but walls have a severe weakness that out ways their advantage” Jenkins said smiling.

“What’s that?” Cathy asked.

“They trap the inhabitants inside the city”

Geeda was dark and wet place, little foliage grew on Bento and none of it grew here. The city’s inhabitants seemed oddly at ease even after their defeat, probably because they thought they had won in general.

Sergeant Faye sat on a balcony overlooking one of the entrances with her second in command Corporal Oma who sat beside her watching one of the gates to the city. Their Chamo armour was activated making them invisible to the eye, it was not true invisibility and only really worked if the wearer stood perfectly still. It bent light with the use of microscopic camera’s on the front and back to in a sense project the surface onto them.  

Survivors from the battle were arriving bringing tales of how they had fought hard and reaped a bloody toll on the Human and Gal forces. That battle took place some days ago but not even Faye had heard what the outcome was and she was not about to believe the Benemar. They were shouting that they had slaughtered so many that they were now weak and demoralised and could never assault this city.  

“Are our troops in position?” Faye asked.

“They should be so within the hour” Oma replied.

“Good we got time for lunch then” she said getting up and leaving, they found a more hidden place to deactivate their armour and get out some rations chips.

“These slaves, they are all underfed and sickly, they cannot hold on for long against a Benemar counter attack or maybe even the defenders” Oma said handing a ration chip to her.

“They are slaves fighting for their freedom, that will make them fight all the harder, and besides, they don’t need to win, just keep the Benemar’s attention for a time”

“So what is the plan then?”

“I don’t know” Faye said suddenly and Oma was surprised to hear it, usually the commander is in the loop on such plans. “It’s a security measure so that if I am captured not even I can tell the enemy the true extent of our plans. All I am ordered to do is to cause as much trouble when the signal to attack comes”

“When can we expect it” Oma asked but he did not expect her to know.

Just as she was about to reply her wrist com shun a green colour and she looked down at it and smiled.

“In twelve hours” she smiled.

Looking up they saw the sky filled with Human craft and the Geeda’s anti air guns opened fire.

Newcomers Pt 14

Pt 14

“What?!” Hesky shouted waking the baby so he had to pick him up and try and soothe him “What did you just say?” he said quieter to Cathy over the vidcom.

“The Gal are our cousins, genetically of course but you get it”

“Yeah I get it but what was that other bit about a symbiont?”

She showed him hers on the back of her neck “They’re awesome, I’ve never felt better since I had it, I’m faster, stronger more aware and….well I’m more….toned”

“Oh?” Hesky said raising an eyebrow and looking at her chest “And you are not just being forced to say this like they are taking over?”

“No they are separate minds, in fact the symbiont doesn’t have any sense of self awareness, it’s like a gland or another organ”

Hesky was still not convinced “Look, I’ve been called the crazy one in this relationship more than my fair share of times but I think you may have taken the cake”

“Talk to Dr Cassion he can put your worries to rest”

“I thought he was down on the planet?” Hesky asked.

“He is a plot device he will go where the writer needs him to go”

“Well that’s just plain lazy writing”

Hesky took Depit with him and headed to the medbay, word of the Gal’s genetic compatibility with them had spread like wildfire and was greeted with excitement. The Gal were shocked at how the Humans who had been originally rather suspicious of them and even fought battles in the past were now greeting them like old family and inviting them to visit Terra itself.

Hesky turned a corner and discovered something to his surprise and annoyance.

“Major Stabby now?” he said and the roomba made a chimed noise at the sound of it’s name and Hesky saluted it and walked on by. “Bloody thing will be running the whole fleet soon” he grumbled.

The door to the medbay opened as he approached and he found Dr Cassion there looking through a microscope

“Dr Cassion?”

Cassion looked up form his work and moaned to himself “If your here that means I have to explain something”

“Well that is kind of your role in this” Hesky said coming in.

“Fine fine, sit over there”

Hesky took a seat and Cassion pushed himself away on his chair from his desk but overshot where Hesky was sitting and hit the wall.

“Whoops, don’t worry I’m coming back” he said using his feet to pull his chair along and in front of Hesky.

“Well, it’s about these symbionts”

“They are not brain worms like from that old film” Cassion interrupted.

“That thought had crossed my mind”

“Well they do not have the mental capabilities for that and I would know I’ve dissected about a dozen of them”

“The Gal are okay with you doing that?” Hesky said surprised.

“They gave them to me for that reason”

At that moment a Gal appeared from behind a curtain holding a small beaker full of some black liquid. “Where do you want me to put this?” he signed to Carssion.

“Oh put it on my desk, don’t go anywhere you can help me explain some things to this idiot”

“I am sitting right here”

“But you are holding a baby so I’m pretty sure I can either take you and/or outrun you”

“How can I help?” signed the Gal

“He is scared of the symbiont” Cassion said

“I am not scared of them just…concerned” Hesky protested.

“Wait a minute” the Gal signed approaching Hesky “Are you not the one that ate one of us on Remur?”

Hesky’s eyes widened “Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmm….you can’t prove that”

The Gal made a noise that sounded like gargling, this was how the Gal laughed and it made the same actions of holding it’s body like a Human would when they laughed.

“Oh you bastard” Hesky said.

“So back  to the symbiont” Cassion said holding a small jar “Do you want it or not?”

Hesky looked at him and at the Gal who regarded him and smiled “Yeah go on I’ll give it a go”

“Marvellous” Cassion said unscrewing the jar and looking inside “Where’d it go?”


“It’s gone, this jar is full of tuna, oh fuck I think I had it for breakfast”

The Gal shot a look at him as if shocked by this.

“I’m kidding! This jar is empty I don’t know where it is”

Just then a Gal symbiont came running across the floor and the door to the medbay opened.

“Oh no” Cassion said seeing Major Stabby appear, it’s scanners detecting what it thought to be a harmful parasite and began hunting the symbiont.

It became a race as to who could grab it first.

“Gal grab it!” shouted Cassion who ran to try and bar Stabby’s path but ended up getting stabbed for his trouble, he fell tot he floor holding his left foot.

“I got it!” Hesky shouted stamping his foot down but the symbiont darted under a bed, the Gal then extended one of it’s tentacles underneath to get but abruptly withdrew it.

“It bit me” it signed.

“Those things have teeth!” Hesky shouted.

All the while Depit was still in his father’s arms was laughing and enjoying all the commotion.

“Stop Stabby, if he gets it he will kill it and I can’t afford to loose another one” Cassion shouted.

“He won’t listen to me he outranks me” Hesky shouted back, then Stabby made a turn towards the Gal who leapt up onto the wall and out of it’s reach.

“Get down form there and help us you fishy bastard!” Hesky shouted.

“No way that thing is armed” it signed.

“Then hold him” Hesky handed the Gal, Depit who was held by the Gal’s remaining tentacles.

“Here I got him” Hesky grabbed Stabby but forgot he was magnetized to the floor “Oh no” he muttered before a burst of speed dragged Hesky across the room and into a cabinet making it fall on him. “Whoever had the bright idea to equip him with power motors can now be considered a idiot”

“You two would get on grand then” Cassion laughed and Hesky threw one of the fallen cabinets contents at him.

The door opened once more and everyone froze, Stabby had called reinforcements. The medbay became flooded with roomba’s some of which were larger and equipped with servo arms to right fallen furniture, Heksy then saw the symbiont trying to climb the wall with Stabby and three other roombas below it, one with arms reaching for it.

“Oh shit” he said getting to his feet, trying and failing not to fall over the roombas which now carpeted the floor, he leapt reaching for the symbiont who then sensed his presence and seeing it’s route of survival leapt at him to. The two met in mid air of which the symbiont wrapped it’s tentacles around Hesky’s arms and ran over his body and latched itself to the nape of the neck. Hesky screamed at the sudden impact of the symbionts teeth but it went an instant later as the symbiont injected pain killers.

Then in a single instant all the roombas stopped, scanned the area now seeing now sign of the symbiont, they left the medbay and the larger ones finished righting the overturned furniture. Stabby left last and played a tune which supposed to a response to the crew thanking him for cleaning the room.

The Gal slowly made it’s way off the wall and stood next to the two Humans who were panting. “You know, you would save yourselves a lot of trouble if you took the knife off that thing” Cassion and Hesky looked at him.

“Just give me my son dip shit” Hesky said taking Depit form him.

“Your spawn is cute” the Gal signed

“Child, it’s called a child and yes he is”

“He clearly takes after the mother” Cassion said moving away and Hesky swung his arm to slap him over the head but missed.

“Well thank you Doctor” Hesky said going to leave.

“Oh I’m not really a doctor, I am just a plot device to be used to explain things and bring the occasional comedy, like you were at first”

“Will you stop breaking the fourth wall!”


Newcomers Pt 15

Cathy awoke rather abruptly in the middle of the night sensing her husband Hesky’s connection to the Link as the Humans were calling it. She looked around almost expecting to see him in the small room she had acquired for herself in the city of Geeda. Since there were no Benemar left the city’s rooms had been turned over to the troops.

The Link was not a true connection, in a way that she could not send a worded message instead they could send emotions and feelings to certain people. She sent her joy at feeling his presence to him and he clearly freaked out feeling all these sensations at once. Every Human that now had a Gal symbiont could sense new additions but since Cathy and Hesky were emotionally connected their Link was stronger. Hesky’s friend Hopkins had simply stirred in his sleep noticing his appearance in the Link but had quickly rolled back over. Hesky called out to Cathy in the Link and she responded with an burst of joy that he keenly felt. He was glad to feel her. She then sent a more intimate feeling to him which he met with a mixture of confusion and arousal, she sent thoughts to him of herself being naked and she felt his rush to get back to their quarters so as to put their child to bed. All of Hesky’s reservations suddenly vanished and Cathy laughed to herself. The Link could be as open or as intimate as one wanted, this way someone could send a signal of a more personal nature and not everyone would receive it. This way the Human retained their individuality while still remaining part of the whole. The Gal as well began developing more individual traits, such thinking was not in their genetics but as Cassion had said they are reacting to the presence of their more natural genetic cousins. But as much as the link was as private as one wanted, the Gal with their link were always so open meant the Humans could sense they were worried, there was something they wanted to tell the Humans but were frightened to do so. The Humans tried to coax it out of them but the Nerve was adamant that everything was fine. The Humans then backed off, the Gal would tell them when they felt they were ready to tell them.

Trio of High Chiefs sat in shock, their mouths gaping at what they had just been told, Geeda, the pride unfailing city of the Black Plains, had fallen.

“You promised us that Geeda could hold out for months or even indefinitely” Seewol said calmly almost in shock to the chief who bowed before them.

“The Humans and Gal are working together to compliment each others strengths, exploiting either one’s weakness will expose us to the other” Chief Hopoln replied bowing his head, he had taken over as military advisor after the last one was shot and now he feared the same fate.

“Now there is nothing between them and the city of Sorlontra” High Chief Pepeel stated “And that is 50 miles away from Geeda and nowhere near as heavily defended”

“What about the their second force that advanced east from their landing zone?” asked Pepeel.

“They forced our forces into the sea and are now preparing a island hoping campaign, I have ordered the islands be turned into fortresses to slow their advance”

“Slow not stop?”

Hopoln suddenly became angry, he had been pressured to bring them a victory but these High Chiefs were so detached from reality it was infuriating. He shot to his feet, an act of the greatest disrespect to a High Chief if not permitted to by them,

“That is all I can do!” he shouted and the High Chiefs were stunned to silence “If it was just the Humans or the Gal then maybe I could turn them back but the fact they are working together throws any and all of our standard tactics to the void. I have nothing, absolutely nothing in our arsenal that I believe will shift the tide of this war”

No one spoke, not even the High guards who by all rights should have killed him the moment he rose from his knees.

“There is only one thing that will save us” Hopoln said “Karamora”

The High Chiefs took a sudden intake of air in shock.

“You would have us burn our own world to save it? That is insanity” Deeter said.

“We have learned more about it, we may not be able to control it but maybe..aim it”

The High Chiefs looked at each other silently talking with their eyes.

“If we do do this, we will need to begin now, the activation takes time and if we wait the Humans will have discovered it and it will be too late” Peepel said.

“But what if we do aim it at the Humans and Gal what then?” Seewol stated.

“One threat at a time” Deeter said and stood up “Begin the activation of Karamora”

Deep in the darkness of Bento Prime, a darkness that had been long abandoned began to awake from it’s millennia long slumber.

The Humans had not advanced from Geeda, instead they had held a party to welcome the Gal into the fold and give the soldiers a rest and some respite after a hard won victory. It also gave them a chance to mourn the dead, Clerk in particular was given special attention.

His body lay on a bed of wood they had gathered which was not really a lot as trees were rare on Bento Prime so they used anything flammable, Hundreds of thousands of soldiers and Gal came to pay their respects. Even the rebels were present and curious to see how Humans honour their dead.

Jenkins stood on a small raised podium so he could be seen by everyone, the Link was alive with feelings of sorrow and mourning. He sent a feeling of happiness to try and raise their spirits.

“Captain Clerk was one of the best I have ever served under, he like so many joined the army in hopes of seeing new worlds and to serve the Terran people. But he did more than just serve, he lead, he was a leader that many if not all could look to with pride for he was not the man behind you but the man beside you. He faced all the trials and perils alongside us and he faced them head on, he would never order a soldier to an action he would not undertake himself. More than once he turned down promotions so as to be always in field, with his soldiers, he will be surly missed”

A wave of sorrow flooded the Link so much even the Gal were moved by it and those in the fleet who were watching via vidcom also felt it, distance meant nothing to the Link but hearing the words and feeling them in the Link amplified their effect. Even Depit who was not even a year old and had no symbiont felt the mood and cried, reaching for his father for comfort.

Then Karen took the podium to say a few words as was their custom.

“The first time I met Captain Clerk I was a new recruit and had no idea who he was, I was sitting in the bar when this cocky guy came in began chatting me up” she smiled and the mood lightened as the Link began to feel humour.

“I made every sign that I was not interested but still he persisted and when I finally told him I like girls he stop and pondered” she smiled and laughed a bit “Before finally asking if he could sit in and watch”

The soldiers laughed

“So of course I slapped him and the entire bar went silent and he looked at me before finally showing his captain stripes. I could have died there and then but he laughed. Apparently he liked to mess with new recruits and I was his latest victim”

The rebels watched all of this with a bit of confusion, they were telling stories of the fallen comrade which they understood but also making jokes, this was supposed to be a sombre affair but the Humans were laughing.

“I remember one time” Cho began taking his turn “We were bored after the dull deployment of Somven asteroids we decided to play a joke on the gunnery crew. Me, Clerk and Cathy all made these harmless but loud bangers and threw them onto the gunnery deck and screamed about a breach”

The soldiers laughed, many had been on that ship at that time and remembered that time, the whole fleet was put on alert for thinking that the flagship was about to suffer an accident and explode.

This went on for some time with more and more people telling their stories of Captain Clerk, to many he had been a farther figure and almost everyone had some personal story to tell. Some stories were sombre about times they lost loved ones and Clerk would lift their spirits or simply sit with them as they talked about their lives or just sat there with them in silence.

The sun was low now and it was time, the soldiers then placed trinkets or flowers made from paper on his body or by the raised wooden bed. Some would just rest their hands on his chest and say a few private words before moving on. Then, finally Jenkins approached with a small flame.

“From the earth we come” he said.

“To the earth we return” the soldier responded in unison.

Jenkins put the flame to Clerks body and the flames slowly consumed his body, this was one of many such funerals they performed, some were done in bulk but Clerk held a special place in their hearts so had his own. His ashes would be collected after and transported back to Terra to be scattered by his relatives, many now held their heads and wept unashamedly. To many the light of a great man had now passed and the day was a darker place for it.

Newcomers Pt 16

It was dark, all fires and lights had been forbidden after the fall of Geeda and an evacuation order had gone out but the enemy had been spotted not five miles from their town. A small group of militia volunteers had agreed to stand and fight to defend their homes and at least slow the enemy down. But there had been no sign of them since that message had come, no thunder that was said to precede their arrival brought on by their tower sized machines. No sounds of their tracked vehicles that fired shells that shred their war trucks apart.

Ceten had agreed to volunteer because his father had pushed him into it calling him a coward because he wanted to go with his mother. By Human standards he was only 14 maybe 15 years old but to the Benemar was well past childhood. He had never liked fighting, being the runt of the littler meant he was the smallest and all his brothers and his two sisters had done their father proud and joined the warrior caste. He wanted to be a farmer, to see fields of purple once more flow to the horizon like it said in his books. Those he had had to beg or steal as his father often said reading was for breeders not warriors and had beaten him several times when he found him with a book under his bed. Right now, his father was beside him holding a rifle perched on some hastily constructed barricades made out of cars and furniture. All his siblings were dead, they fell in Geeda and he saw how his father had looked at their portraits and beamed with pride saying they had died honourably and brought great glory even in death. He had then promptly struck Ceten, calling him a failure before retiring for the night. Now his only living child stood shoulder to shoulder with him to avenge their fallen and kill as many of these Humans and Gal as possible. Many stories had reached them long before the fall of Geeda, tales of how the Humans shape shifted and could punch threw iron walls as easily as one may tear through paper.

Small lights shun behind them so that those who’s jobs it was the reload rifles and fire home made mortars could see what they were doing but it was only just enough to see. Beyond the barricade Ceten could barley see his hand in front of his face, he looked up wishing things were like they were in his books. Clear skies that shun with the light of the moon at night and burned with the heat of the sun, and stars, oh how he wanted to see stars. To find the constellations old Benemar used to sail the oceans and navigate at night before the compass.

Whispers were the only audible noise that he heard other than the breathing of his father and beating of his own heart. His father then turned to him and glared at him.

“Be ready son, a flare is about to go up”

“Yes father” he whispered before passing the message to the warrior to his right. Besides everything he was happy, his father had called him son, he had not done that for a very long time. He steadied his rifle and knew that the Humans must be out there, the flare went up and indeed, they were.

Ceten’s eyes widened and his mouth dropped, the Humans were standing only five feet from the barricade in complete silence. It was not just a few either, they stood shoulder to shoulder glaring at him and there must have been thousands of them. How long had they been there? Why had they waited for the flare? Such thoughts left him as the Human in front of him grabbed his rifle with a speed he could not follow struck him. The last he remembered were the shouts and cries of his townsmen as the Humans leaped over the barricade and began their work. Then everything went black.

He awoke some hours later, he knew because it was day and from the height of the sun it was coming to near midday. He had fallen under the barricade and lost conciseness from hitting his head. Grunting as he rose he put his hand to the back of his head and felt for a wound, there was none and he was thankful. Movement above him made him freeze, a Gal was walking along the barricade and moving some things. Looking around he saw the remains of his town, much of the buildings had been burned caught up in the fighting and most likely any Benemar they found were slaughtered. The Humans and their Gal allies had made themselves at home, they moved and looked just as terrifying as the books said. He knew all about the last war and the last time the Humans came to Bento Prime. How they devoured their dead and cooked their still living prisoners alive. He had no wish to die that way, he had no wish to die at all but it seemed that that decision may not be his. He would have to stay exactly where he was until the Humans moved on, most likely after they had devoured everything they could and their hunger spurred them on again looking for new hunting grounds. Luckily some debris from the barricade had fallen on him making a kind of cave that he could stay under and if he was careful watch what was happening outside. But for all his fear he was still curious and wanted to learn about these creatures.

For the most part the Humans did not seem to act too different than his own people, they stood around and spoke to each other and their Gal friends. They drank and ate and were generally just going about their business. But he never saw any of their weapons, not a single one was carrying a rifle, he shifted to look out another part of the wrecked barricade hoping to see this towering machines that walked but it was nowhere in sight.

He scoffed to himself disappointed he would not get to see one, his friends would have been so jealous to hear he saw a walking tower machine. Then the thought occurred, what friends? He had only a few and they were all most likely dead now as they were manning the barricade with him.

And his father? His father had been there and called him his son. Tears came and he struggled and fought the urge to cry. “Only breeders cry” he repeated his fathers words. But he couldn’t help it, he loved his father for all his faults.  

“I found a survivor!” sounded a Human above him looking down through the wooden planks and was beginning to shift them. Panic gripped him like a vine and he thrashed and screamed at them to get away and leave him alone, only then did he notice his leg was caught.

“His leg is pinned under the wreckage” the Human called jumping down and other Humans came to help. The barricade that he had fought on was shifted with surprising ease and a Gal tentacle reached in and pulled him free. He screamed as the Humans gathered around him, they were going to tear him apart and eat him he knew it. He cried and thrashed waiting for the moment he felt their teeth on his skin. But it never came, he stopped shouting and slowly calmed down his eyes low and slowly looked at the one Human holding onto his arm, smiling at him.

It was a warm smile meant to comfort him and she showed no sign of aggression, she was not even armoured or armed. He looked around and the other Humans were also smiling at him and the Gal hung back behind them.

“Have you calmed down now?” said the female human who had hold of his arm.

“Um…yes” he said meekly.

Her smiled widened and a small chair was placed behind him and she placed him on it while another Human inspected his injured leg.

“A small cut, nothing broken, you’re a tough one” he said and reached into his bag “This will stop it getting infected” the Human said and sprayed something on his leg that stung a little and was bandaged. Then the Human got up and handed him a small white stick with a ball on the tip that was orange in colour, patted him on the head and left.

He looked at the strange thing the Human had gave him and looked at the others who giggled, the female who sat beside him took it and took off the small wrapping and put the lolly in his mouth. His mouth exploded with the sweet taste and his smile brought one to hers.

“My name is Karen, what’s yours?”

“C-c-…Creten” he whispered the lolly still in his mouth.

“Nice to meet you Creten, are you hungry?”

He nodded and she took his hand and lead him through the Human camp.

He looked around as he was lead past countless Humans who all smiled at him or greeted him warmly, he began to wonder if these were Humans at all, they were nothing like they were supposed to be in his books. The Gal even watched him but showed more a curious interest than an intent to kill.

Then they reached a place where there were more Benemar.

“Farther!” Creten screamed and ran into his fathers embrace, he was horrified to see his father had lost his right arm but he was hugged all the tighter with his left.

“My son” he said as Creten buried his head in his fathers chest tears once more flowing freely.

“Ah perfect timing” Karen said as one of the cooks came pushing a trolley.

“We know you are purely carnivores but we did not want to give you just plain chicken so we made you all chicken soup” he called to the Benemar who all regarded him with a mixture of hatred and suspicion.

Creten moved and went to him and was handed a bowl and poured some and handed a spoon, he turned and ran back to his father and gave it to him. His father looked at it and at his son who had gone back for his own.

Creten sat down in front of his father and began eating this Human food they had been given. None of the Benemar moved and the cook was standing there waiting patiently for the others to decide to move on their own. His son was eating it vigorously, he had not eaten anything like it and was incredibly hungry. Creten’s father looked around, they were not held in a prison, there was not even a fence, there was just a small area next to a tank with some sheets thrown over them to shield them from the sun and wind. There were not even any guards, where these Humans so confident that they did not even guard them. He looked down at the bowl seeing the different colours of the soup as the Human had called it, slowly he took a mouthful and seeing one of their elders eating the others slowly made their way to get their own helping.

Newcomers Pt 17

Creten gathered what was left of his belongings from his home that had been burned down during the battle for his small town. There was not much left but he was happy to find a few of his books were still in good order or were salvageable. The Humans had offered his father a temporary robotic arm that he refused probably still bitter about being defeated. In fact Creten was sad to be leaving at all, for the last few days he had been welcomed by them and they had answered his mountain of questions and seemed pleased to meet someone who was interested in their culture. He and the rest of the now refugees as the Humans called them were being sent to Geeda with the others, they were told that it was being used as a holding area for those caught up in this war.

Ruffling through the burned wreckage he found what he was sent to find, a picture of his mother, he snatched it and ran out to the street.

“Father I found it!”

“Ah good” he said taking and looking at it with a smile on his face, he ran his finger over her features as if he was scared he might forget them. He knew that she had gone west towards the capital and that was likely where the Humans were going next. He hoped like they had done here they would not kill anyone they did not have to.

“You guys ready?” asked one of the Humans that was helping them into the trucks.

“Yes, let us go”

Creten helped his father to his feet and the Human picked up the bags and followed them to one of the rear trucks. Just as his father got on Creten turned to the Human.

“Can I really not stay here? I want to stay and see everything”

Hopkins looked down at him smiling and handed him one of the bags.

“You are brave little one and you have a good head on your shoulders, but the front is no place for you. Your strength lies inside your mind and your people will need you once this war is over”

“Can I at least…” Creten looked at Hopkins pocket smiling and he pulled out a few sweets.

“There those are my last ones”

“Thank you”

Hopkins lifted him into the truck and he sat by his father.

“Take care all of you, there are clean beds and hot meals waiting for you in Geeda.

“What about those who defended it?” asked Creten’s father and Hopkins turned to him.

“I can’t say for anyone specific but there are many survivors” Hopkins banged the side of the truck and it began to pull away with Creten waving goodbye to the Humans they passed.

They rode for hours with the tracks of the truck kicking up dust and dirt behind them making the small town they had called home fade from view as if being erased.

Going past them heading the opposite way were Gal and Human infantry running on foot and vehicles carrying other supplies and to Creten’s joy a Bastion. Behind him a flap that separated the drivers from the occupants opened and a Human handed them some protein bars saying the journey will be longer than expected.

The reason was traffic, there were a lot of vehicles trying to get in Greeda through only a small number of gates, and not all were Human vehicles.

In the weeks since Greeda fell it became the place for refugees to go and be housed by the Humans who felt it their duty to help those caught up in the war. One thing they did not stop and even in fact they encouraged was the travelling of Benemar merchants. They would come and trade their goods with the refugees and Humans alike who paid them well. Soon other merchants were making their way into Human controlled territory to trade their goods.

It was nearly midnight when they arrived at one of Geeda’s recently repaired gates and they were stopped once more by Human guards that came and inspected the truck. Many feared this was the moment the Human would show their true colours and kill them but all the guards did was ask them their names and hand them ID bracelets.

They passed through the gate and into the city which was rather quiet as it was close to the middle of the night now and everyone had retired to bed, the truck suddenly stopped and they were asked to disembark.

There was a waiting waiting of them and once they had all exited the truck it left them in the middle of the street with this guard holding a clipboard watching them.

“Hello everyone my name is Lieutenant Rosev and I am the one in charge of this section of the city. This building behind me is your new home” he indicated the large housing block that could hold hundreds of families, small townsmen like them could only dream of living in one of these.

“They have all been checked and stocked with beds and basic living needs, the water is a bit dodgy but we are working on fixing it. Tomorrow food will be distributed from a centre down the road. So yeah, find a bed and fall in I guess, goodnight” he saluted then and walked off.

They all looked around a bit dumbfounded, these were supposed to be luxury apartments for only the highly rich or privileged Benemar and they were being given to them freely and without questions.

“I don’t know about you lot but I have no intention of freezing out here on the street” Creten’s father Malthos said heading inside. He had become the town elder since the last was killed during the battle and the town survivors looked to him for guidance. They slowly followed him inside.

The next morning Creten ran to the window having been woken by the sound of low flying aircraft, there were hundreds of fighters and bombers heading west and flying low. He watched excited and memorizing their strange shape and holding his ears at the loud booming sound they made when they passed overhead. His father was none to happy at being woken so abruptly and simply shouted at his son to go to this distribution centre the Humans had told them about to get food.

Creten did not need telling twice as he already had his boots on when his father called for him.

The streets were packed, you would have been forgiven for believing that the city never came under attack nor was under Human occupation. The streets were filled with Benemar, both survivors of the when the city fell and refugees from other such towns like his. Children played in the streets, merchants had set up stalls and adults chatted. He headed in the direction the Human had told them the centre was and on the way he passed a building that was once a gathering hall but had been turned into a walk in hospital by the Humans. He looked inside and saw Human doctors treating sick Benemar offering such services freely. Such services on Bento were hard to come by sometimes and even if one could find a healer the price of such treatment was extortionate. But the Humans asked for nothing and gave without question. They were not unobserved though, looking up he saw Gal, not a large number maybe half a dozen looking down and moving along the buildings slowly, there were a few Humans sitting on perches but they seemed more interested in chatting with each other than keeping an eye on them. He went on his way and found the food centre, naturally there was a long line as it was the morning and people were waiting for their morning meals. He hated waiting, he wanted to explore and talk to the Human soldiers who he saw every so often wandering around unarmed but completely at ease.

“Creten?” he heard someone call his name and looked around but could not see where it was coming from. “Creten!” he heard again louder and closer and he was suddenly seized from behind and spun to face this newcomer.

“Selan!” he shouted leaping into the arms of his big sister “You’re alive!”

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

“Um..our town fell, the Humans sent us here”

Selan’s face fell “Why didn’t you leave and go to the capital?”

“Mother did, father and me along with a number of others stayed and fought”

“You fought the Humans?” Selan said shocked at the thought of her baby brother even lifting a rifle let alone firing it.

“We lost as you can see but they did not mistreat us, most of the those who stayed survived”

“Father?” Selan said quickly.

“He is at home, or the home we have been given”

Selan let out a breathe of relief.

“Where is Jeqan and Kop?” Creten asked.

Selan’s face dropped and she shook her head “They died fighting to the last and with honour”

Creten grew angry, he hated that word honour for in his mind it was worthless and so many died for it. “They shouldn’t have died at all and we shouldn’t be fighting either”

Selan glared at him “They are the enemy” she hissed.

“Are they? They have been nothing but kind to me and father once they saw we were not warriors, like now I am in line to get food which they say they do not charge for”

Selan said nothing.

“How many long hours did we spend in the salt fields scratching at the dirt in the hopes we might eat something or find enough to sell?”

Selan was a bit taken back by this, Creten was usually so submissive and easily spoken down to but now he stood tall. He had a new confidence that she had not seen before.

Finally he arrived at the desk where a Human female greeted him.

“Bracelet please” she asked holding out her hand and Creten put his arm up with his ID bracelet on and it was scanned.

“I see you have your father is in the city with you” she said reading a screen “Do you want to collect for him as well?”

“Yes please”

“One meal or the entire day?”

“Um…the whole day please”

She disappeared behind a curtain for a few minutes and Creten turned back to his sister who had said nothing.

“Have you tried their food?” he asked.

She looked at him out the corner of her eye as if refusing to face him “It’s not bad” she finally said and the Human reappeared with three large bags.

“This is your morning meal, your afternoon meal and your evening meal. There are few sweets in there as well”

“Chocolate?” he asked excited and the Human smiled and nodded. “Yay”

“Yay?” Selan asked not familiar with this word.

“It’s a Human word it’s used as a small celebration for when something happens that they like”

“Oh” she said “Let’s go see father then”

Creten turned and led the way and Selan watched him go a few paces “Traitor” she whispered to herself before following.

Newcomers Pt 19

“What do you mean they have stopped?” Deeter asked after hearing the latest update from their commander Hopoln.

“It seems the Human advance on all fronts has ground to a halt, we are not sure why” Hopoln said rather annoyed that he had to be the one to tell them as it was demanded of him but it took his attention away from other matters.

“Then now is the time to attack and drive them from our world once and for all!” Seewol shouted getting to his feet.

“Forgive me High Chiefs but attack with what?”

The chiefs looked down at him confused as if he had asked what colour the sky was.

“With our armies what else?”

“Our most experienced warriors were lost when Geeda fell, I have had to evacuate all the surrounding towns and those in the path of their advance and call for the militia. Potellan, our capital is the most heavily defended city on the planet and WHEN the Humans come here I will have a better chance of defeating them. Out in the open? No, they are too manoeuvrable especially now with the Gal at their side. But behind our walls that dwarf those of Geeda? Yes, I believe I can halt them here, like water against a rock they will crash against our walls and break”

“Is this the voice of cowardice I hear? Rather to fight behind a wall where you are safer than fight in the field” Peepel said grinning and the guard moved a step closer to Hopoln.

“You are confusing cowardice with caution and strategy, but as is your right and if you truly believe me a coward. Kill me and take command yourself and lead the army from our walls and face the Humans in open battle, I am sure the warriors would take heart from seeing their High Chiefs set and example of such courage”

The other two Chiefs looked at Peepel who looked around and remained silent for a time before finally finding his voice. “You are the commander of the army, and we trust your decision and counsel”

“Thank you High Chiefs for the honour you bestow upon me” Hopoln said bowing.

“What of the news of a disease running through the Human camps?” asked Deeter.

“Rumour, speculation and hear say, we have no evidence of this and what news we have is contradictory. It is not a reliable source of information to act upon”

“Very well” he replied not to convinced though.

“What is the status of Karamora’s activation?” Seewol asked.

“Slow, it has slumbered for so long and it’s awakening is proving difficult, but it is awakening but we should not put our hopes on such a god. I still believe I can defeat the Humans without it”

“You fear Karamora will accomplish what you can not?”

“I fear what Karamora is, as any rational Benamarian should”

“Enough!” Deeter shouted “The god of war has not yet awakened, Hopoln still has time to appease it, now go and continue your work”

Potellan was a grand city and the largest on Bento Prime, the jewel of the Benemar it’s buildings were artistically constructed even if many had fallen into disrepair, the streets were intricately woven together so that no road ever ended but connected to another. This meant if one was not familiar with the city it was easy to get lost. The High Chiefs palace was a massive pyramid that towered over the other buildings, it also doubled as the Alliance’s embassy and offices on the planet. They had fled the moment the Humans arrived giving promises of reinforcements but he held no hope that they would ever arrive. Hopoln knew that it was likely that other Human fleets were entering Alliance space, they had not taken kindly to the betrayal the Alliance and the Elong had done to them. Hopoln had voiced his objection to invading the Humans home world, especially since they only had the knowledge of it’s location for a week before the invasion fleet left. For his unpatriotic speech he was demoted but subsequently reinstated when the invasion went sour. He had no love for the Humans but he did respect them, in war they knew what they were doing and how to use an enemies advantage against them. He had studied the fall of Geeda for countless hours, the satellite images and recordings smuggled out and the com recordings of the conversations. The Humans had expertly brought a great city down in a few hours but it must have been in the works long before they made planet fall. In some ways they were doing the same to Potellan. The city was flooded with those fleeing the war and seeking safe haven which will stretch the city’s resources. He watched them from the High Chiefs pyramid, a long column stretching to the horizon, farmers, scavengers, merchants, breeders, elderly and many more from all walks of life but none of what he wanted. Warriors. He had put any who could carry a rifle into service and was still in the middle of training them.

It was slow as they had never fired a rifle before and Benemar rifles are bulky and have a huge kick to them when fired, some were knocked over when shooting their rifle for the first time. But, they were still there to defend their homes and one man defending his home is stronger than ten invaders. Besides, he had the walls too, these were not like the walls of Geeda, these were three times higher and twice as thick. They had cannons mounted on them that were usually mounted on starships and with this arsenal and a desperate army he was confident he could break the Humans here. But the worst part of it all, he had to wait for the enemy to come to him. They had the initiative and could depict the flow and pace of this war, that was an advantage he needed to take away.

Oolana sat on a bench staring into space, she had not eaten in nearly two days as what little she could carry when fleeing home had either been stolen by others or she had had to eat herself. She thought of her son Creten and her husband Malthos. She had already lost three children and Malthos was determined to make sure she lost her last one, she never scorned him the way his father did in fact she had found delight in the fact he was so different from his siblings. Preferring to disappear and look for new plants or creatures while his bothers and sister practised their shooting and bladework. But now, like them he was gone and so was her husband, he may have been hard but he was loving in his own way she wept at the thought of how he might have died. These Humans, these monsters that were ravaging their world had come and taken everything from her and she hated them, loathed them, cursed them. Then someone got her attention, a merchant mentioned the town of Mela, her town.

“Excuse me” she said grabbing his arm “What did you say about the town of Mela?”

“Oh that place, it’s gone, burned to the ground I saw on my way here from Geeda, where the survivors were taken”

“What? Survivors?”

“Yeah, I hear most of that town are in Geeda now, there is a little one there causing a bit of mess by talking about peace and understanding with the Humans”

Her eyes lit up “Was he small with short hair and no tusks and with a scar across his left brow?”

The Merchant looked at her confused “I didn’t get a good look at him but he was small and had no tusks”

“Creten!” she screamed “Take me to Geeda, NOW!”

The Merchant was taken back by her sudden request and held his hands up “I am not going back for another three days while I restock and return to trade, and besides, can you pay me to take you there?”

Oolana froze and released him, she ahd nothing, no money and nothing to trade…except. She pulled him close and whispered in his ear and the merchants eyes lit up with desire.

“I accept your payment”

Jenkins was about half way through his metamorphosis as it was being called, he had refused to rest which would make it go faster but as he said he had too much to do so as a side effect he was at a point between Human and what was next. He ached and was still getting used to the extra joint growing in his leg, the tail was a bit annoying as well as he kept sitting on it and it was very sensitive so it hurt.

But all that was forgotten for when his connection to the Link intensified he heard a conversation between the Conduit and the Nerve. What he heard shocked him.

The Conduit sat opposite him in his office tent neither saying anything.

“Can you say that again please” he asked.

“The Gal…are dying”

“Um…elaborate please”

The Conduit seemed uneasy speaking about this, or maybe it was not sure how.

“We were never meant to take the form that you see before you now, we were originally designed to be a biological weapon. Microscopic in size, the physical form was not supposed to be available to us but we evolved and overcame, but at a price. We are dying, we can no longer produce new spawn”

Jenkins sat in shock, he didn’t want to believe this “Is there a way to reverse this, can we help at all?”

“You already have” the Conduit said and even though it had no true face Jenkins sensed it smile.

“The symbionts”

“Yes, we used the last of our spawning capabilities to produce as many of them as possible to give to you, the Gal as you know will go extinct but our genetic material and legacy will live on in you. Right now your president is being told this too and soon through the Link everyone shall know”

Jenkins sat back in his chair, it had had a part of the back taken out so his tail could fit comfortably through and the chair was higher as his legs were now longer. He held his head with one hand watching the Conduit.

“You’ve been planning this since the beginning haven’t you?”

The Conduit could not hide his surprise that Jenkins figured that out.

“It did occur to us during our first contact that we may be as Humans say, cut form the same cloth, we knew of our impending end even then and were searching for  way to continue. Finding you we saw ourselves for what we could have been and this plan was formulated as a possibility. When peace came to our races we began putting it into action”

“Why didn’t you tell us?” Jenkins asked.

“We were scared, we were afraid you would refuse or even kill us and wipe us out and our work to liberate those oppressed under the Alliance would go unfinished” the Conduit said feeling an emotion it could not understand, if it had eyes it would have cried.

“Oh Gal” Jenkins said getting up and embracing the Conduit “You have nothing to fear form us, we accept you and are thankful for these gifts you have given us. I admit these new bodies take some getting use to but Humans are very adaptable. You are us and we are you, knowing that how could we ever hate you?”

The Nerve heard this and this conversation was heard by every remaining Gal and even the Humans heard it, the Gal’s secret as they thought was in fact, their hope and the Humans cried and laughed and embraced the Gal thanking them and saying how happy they were to have met them. Such a scene would have been thought impossible years ago when these two races met on the battle field intent on killing each other. Now they were family and they were sad for one was dying, but they would live on, inside Humanity. Or as they were now calling themselves, The Celestrians.

Newcomers Pt 30

Drums, flutes, horns, dancers, actors and all manner of instruments and those who used them were part of the parade and they like their city celebrated. Many had been waiting in the streets for hours even before dawn just to see a glimpse of their new Chieftain. Flags and banners were waved from windows of the buildings that lined the route and people fought for room to see and even fights would break out but were quickly broken up by the guards that lined the streets. Leading the parade was a Bastion, it held it’s weapons high and it’s klaxon roared over the cheers of the crowed. Many who had been in the city when it had fallen to the Humans looked up at these things with fear as the memories of that day came back. But to those who were seeing it for the first time it was a wonder of technology. The cheers and shouts that greeted the passing dancers, soldiers, warriors and musicians were nothing compared to when Ceran and Taleena came into view. Many thought they would go deaf as their Chieftain and his wife to be passed them standing together holding each others hands high and expanding their winged capes. The crowed was even honoured to see the two kiss which brought more cheers.

All the while the transport carried them, Ceran would find time to look at Taleena and the two would often be seen just looking into each others eyes. Some said this was to please the crowed, others who were sceptical of the whole thing dismissed it. But there were those who knew that look, these two were truly falling in love with each other if they had not already. One of the more humorous surprises was when Hesky and Cathy sang, sometimes alone sometimes as a duet. It seemed they had gone to great lengths to prepare the right songs to keep the spirit of the parade going.

The Benemar warriors marched with pride for they were the first of Geeda that would be there to protect their new Chieftain, many were warriors who had fought against the Humans when the city had fallen. But as their oath says they protect the Chieftain of Geeda and that was now Ceran. They were not armed in the traditional Benemar manner of oversized cumbersome but powerful rifles but instead wielded modified Human rifles made for their size. Human rifles were less powerful but far more accurate. Marching alongside them were the Human soldiers clad in their new battle armour. As their bodies had changed so to had their equipment, the new armour encased their entire body in pitch black light absorbing armour, The most obvious difference was their helmets which now had a face mask which hid the features of every soldier. To an enemy army they would be fighting an army of clones. It was fashioned to pay homage to the Gal who had since dwindled in number and now only a few of their ships remained. Two green triangle shaped eyes with two pincers engraved slightly risen from the mask gave the impression of a more Human like Gal as both races of Human and Gal were coming to an end.

The parade was fast approaching the Chieftain’s tower and the two of them who had now become accustom to waving to the crowed and extending their winged capes for their amusement were feeling nervous again. It would be here they would be married. They took each other by the hand once more and drew strength from one another. Taleena smiled at Ceran and kissed him one last time before they had to disembark from the transport. Almost as though she feared she would not get another chance.

They were helped down from the transport and surrounded by guards both Human and Benemar, they ascended the steps of the Chieftain’s tower. Waiting for them at the top were their parents, Taleena’s as well and her brother Jakop who could barley contain his excitement even if he did glare at Ceran bit.

Jenkins was also present along with the elders and Ceran’s new court which he will use and trust to help him govern the city. The crowed cheers slowly died down as their image was now streamed all over the city and even beyond.

They stopped before Jenkins who along with Sharn next to him held a small crown of golden leaves. They knelt before them, Ceran on one knee and Taleena on two as the tradition went.

The silence was now total as everyone watched and waited for what came next.

“Humanity came to this world expecting to find only enemies, but instead we found friends. This young man, who has with only words conquered what others could only do with blades now stands ready to lead the Benemar of Geeda as Chief” the crowed cheered once more and they had to wait for it to die down before Jenkins could continue.

“Ceran, do you swear to rule justly and honourably?”

“I swear”

“Do you swear, to be the first into battle and the last in retreat in defence of this city?”

“I swear”

“Do you swear, to love and honour your chosen mate, to stand with her in all things?”

“I swear”

Ceran swore the last part to Taleena as much as to Jenkins and the people and she smiled, since they knelt they had not looked away from each other.

Sharn then spoke to Taleena.

“Taleena, do you swear to rule with honour and grace?”

“I swear”

“Do you swear to be the voice of the people less he forget his duties?”

“I swear”

“Do you swear, to love and support him and stand with him in all things?”

“I swear”

“Then by the power we took by the blade, I now pass to you” Jenkins and Sharn placed the crowns on their heads but the crowed did not cheer yet.

“Now rise, Chieftain Ceran and Taleena of Geeda!”

The roar of the city could be heard for miles around the city as they as one voiced their joy for the crowning of their new Chieftain.

The two stood for a time waving to the crowed now fully crowned and adorned for their new roles in the days to come. Then the more private celebration was about to begin and Ceran and Taleena’s families came forward to congratulate them.

“My baby sister” Jakop said hugging her “Look at you” he was smiling from ear to ear as he did so and behind him slowly came her parents.

“Taleena” her mother smiled and her father looked down at her smiling.

She smiled at them both and hugged them both tightly and for a time considered a bit too long. She pulled away her eyes were filling with tears but she was smiling.

“I don’t want to see either of you again” she said simply and left.

They went to go after her but a pair of Benemar guards barred their path and their shouts to her fell on deaf ears. Jakop though understood why she said what she did as would anyone if they knew her story. He although still had affection for his parents like any child would was rather pleased to see this sense of justice or karma as the Human put it fall upon them. He unlike them was allowed access to the Chieftain’s tower and the celebratory dinner that was to follow.

“Are you sure you want that?” Ceran asked her.

“Yes” she said taking his hand.

Suddenly Ceran’s arm was seized by Jakop “Listen here you little shit, you ever make my sister cry and I’ll tear off your arm and beat you to death with it”

He paused and suddenly noticed he was surrounded by Ceran’s Benemar guards and the guests had all frozen in shock.

“Um…you do know that grabbing me, your Chieftain like that and threatening me is punishable by impalement”

Jakop’s eyes widened in fear, he looked to his sister who said nothing and only looked at him and nodded that her husband was right.

“Um….huh?” Jakop said still holding Ceran’s arm.

Then Ceran burst into laughter and the atmosphere suddenly lifted “Oh I am going to have so much fun doing this, it’s fine Jakop” he said slapping his now brother in laws arm. “Have no fear, I intend to make your sister the happiest girl on Bento, but if I ever do fail in that you may indeed try to kill me, if you can make it past my guards” Ceran laughed and Jakop gave a nervous laughter in return.

“Is he serious?” he asked Taleena.

“Who can tell?” she replied going to Ceran’s side and linking her arm with his.

Jakop watched them go and the Benemar guard followed, he smiled as he saw his sister give her husband another kiss. He liked this new Chieftain for he had never seen his sister more happy.

The dinning area was large and had an open space in the centre where dancers performed for the guests, both Human and Benemar dancers had been invited as the guests consisted on both races. Ceran and Taleena sat at the head table where guests would come and offer their more personal congratulations and offer gifts.

“Greetings young Chieftain, it is an honour to finally meet you”

“Greetings Admiral” Ceran replied noticing the uniform.

“My apologise for not being at your Crowning as sadly the war in space delayed me”

“It is sometimes hard to remember a war is happening at all” Taleena said.

“You my dear I hope never has to see the like of this one again” Winston said kissing her hand in the Human way. “Unfortunately I do not have any gifts either for you except may be some advice my father gave me. Always keep your weapon in your left hand”

“What does that mean?”

“I didn’t know then and I’m not sure I know now” Winston said looking puzzled.

“Well I thank you for it nonetheless”

The evening went on and the music slowly change tempo to a more slow rhythm, then to the shock of many Ceran got to his feet and offered his hand to Taleena.

“Would do dance with me, my lady” he asked.

She took his hand and got to her feet and the dance floor emptied for themselves to dance alone on. Ceran nodded to Sharn and she signalled the musicians to switch to a certain melody. It was Taleena’s favourite and Ceran had asked her brother what songs she liked so as to have this moment with her.

He held her by the waist and her hand and the two danced, his eyes never straying form hers. Their dance was not eccentric nor elaborate and nor did it need to be, Ceran and Taleena danced for each other and not to be a spectacle for their guests.

“I love you” he whispered.

She looked at him shocked, he had never said it before now and she could not help but have her eyes fill with tears.

“And I love you”

The two kissed as the music ended and the room erupted in applause, even the guests had felt their hearts warm and had held their own partners closer while they danced.

Ceran’s father and mother then approached embracing them both and welcoming Taleena to the family of which Ceran was now technically the head of.

Malthos though held up his hands and called for everyone’s attention, Oolana could guess what was about to happen next and laughed.

“Friends and honoured guests” he said “This entire day has been a great celebration and even outside I still hear the drums of the people celebrating the night away. Let us hope they do not all get too drunk”

Laughter followed his small joke.

“And now, as many of you now know it is time for the bedding”

Ceran and Taleena shot looks at him.

“So, ladies if you would take my son’s wife to the bedchamber we shall follow with the Chieftain shortly”

“Um…father?” Ceran was able to say before he was pulled away and the woman in the room all crowed round Taleena who looked rather frightened as to what was going on. This part of the wedding is not told to young Benemar and they will only learned of it on their own wedding day when it happens. It was why all the unwed Benemar had been ushered from the room before it took place.

In accordance with the tradition Taleena’s wrists were bound with silk and she was lead away while Ceran looked on.

“Now son you will drink your last glass before you go and join her” his father lead him back to the head table and he was poured another glass but this one was not ale or any kind of alcohol but a soft wine that was meant to clear the head and prepare the man for the night to come. Now the room was filled only with men and it almost reminded Ceran of his bachelor party and he noted how men tended to act when there were no woman around. Especially the Humans who became more loud and boisterous and more physical with one another by getting into friendly fights. He slowly drank his wine and spoke with his father and his now brother in law who had asked why he had had to leave and where his sister was. Ceran in accordance with the tradition did not answer the first but simply said Taleena had retired for the night.

“Wait if she has retired, you are going to as well soon?” he asked.

“Yes, once I have finished my drink”

Jakop stood there his eyes looking but not seeing, his sibling instincts screamed at him to hit Ceran but his mind told he shouldn’t “I don’t know what to do now”

“You could get me another drink”

“NOPE” Malthos said taking the glass away “You have made that one last too long it’s time for you to get going”  

He pulled his son to his feet and everyone saw and knew where he was going and shouted their approval and cheered.

But his father took him to one of the rest rooms where a number of servant girls were waiting to clean all the make up off his face and dress him in a night tunic. He tried to protest but his father pushed him inside and held it shut until he was finished.

Now washed and dressed more suited for the night he walked with his father to the highest room in the tower.

“So father”


“Any last minute advice for me?”

“Well how the plumbing works is-”

“I know all that!” Ceran shouted.

“Then the rest will come to you, just take it slow” Malthos said smiling. Finally they arrived at the two doors that lead into Ceran’s new chambers, inside was his wife waiting for him.

“Here” his father handed him a knife.

“What’s this for?” Ceran asked almost horrified and confused.

“To cut the silk, it used to be chains and locks and the father would hand over a key but now it’s silk and a knife” Malthos patted his son on the shoulder and left leaving Ceran alone.

He was suddenly nervous, he had never been with a woman before and his hand shook as he tried to take the door handle to enter but like an invisible barrier he could not approach it.

“Ah” he grunted to himself and paced in front of the door.

“CERAN GET IN THERE!!!!” his father voice sounded from down the hall and he leapt grabbing the door handle and running inside.

The chamber was dark except for the light of the moons coming through a pair of glass doors to his right that were stationed next to the bed. On the bed sitting down was a figure that he could clearly see was Taleena, like him she had had her make up removed and was dressed for the night. Swallowing he walked towards her and finally could see her face, she was smiling at him, her wrists still bound by the silk and she slowly offered them to him. Remembering he had the knife he cut her free and put the silk and knife aside on the table.

They sat there with neither of them speaking for a few moments and started laughing both of them feeling shy and embarrassed.

“Have you ever done this before?” she asked her voice low.

“I err…no” he replied sheepishly “Have you?”

She smiled but said nothing and pulled him towards her kissing him, they laid down together and shared the night in one another’s embrace.

The next morning Ceran was awoken by the sun shining through his glass doors and he grunted as he strained to open his eyes and shield them with his hand. Looking down he saw Taleena had slept resting her head on his chest and him embracing her in the way he remembered before he fell asleep. His mind went to last night and he smiled, it would be a night he would cherish in his memory forever.

Gently slipping out of Taleena’s embrace and not waking her, he got up and went to the glass doors and opened them feeling the cool breeze wash over his body and the warm sun strike his skin. He walked to the edge of the balcony and looked down and saw thousands of people looking up and cheered when he came into view…naked. He shouted and jumped onto the floor towards the room and crawled back inside waking Taleena who shot up and looked around confused.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“There are thousands of people down there looking up here” he said still laying on the floor.

“Oh they are waiting for the red sheet” she said yawning and rubbing her eyes.

“The what?”

“It another tradition the woman told me about when a Chieftain takes a wife, after their first night together the sheet they slept on that has the blood of her on is thrown from the balcony”

“But…you’re not a virgin, you didn’t bleed” he said getting to his feet.

“Yes that is why the woman gave me this” she showed him a small vile of red liquid which he assumed was blood. “Being a virgin is not necessary any more but people like the spectacle” she threw back the covers and spilt the blood over the sheet and used a sponge to dry it.

“Get dressed in something they will expect you to throw this from the balcony”

He quickly threw a tunic over his head and Taleena gave him the sheet rolled up, he took it and the whole thing seemed a bit out of date to him but it seemed to bring some joy to the people so he went with it. Opening the doors again he walked to the balcony and threw the sheet over the edge and the crowed erupted in cheers that dwarfed those of when he first came out.

Now came the days that they had to begin ruling the city and they took to it with a vigour that only Benemar of their age could. Taleena made sure the food distribution centres stayed open for any who could not afford a meal for that day, it meant that taxes went up a bit but she convinced the people by asking what if they could not eat one day?

Ceran went about securing the military power, he made sure his Benemar warriors were well armed and well trained and asked the cities scientists to try and find a way for them to build their own rifles and not rely solely on the Humans. The two of them also went about travelling the city looking over outdated and old buildings many of which had burned during the bombing and went about modernizing the infrastructure. They also began construction on public service buildings such as education centres for those wishing to learn skills even into their adulthood. This was a revolutionary idea as in Benemar culture skills were passed from parent to child and not widely shared. Except for the young schooling they would get in basic matters.

The Humans did their best to help Ceran and Taleena but they were slowly pulling away from them, they knew what was about to happen, Williams forces had arrived and the time to march on Potellan had come. But just as Jenkins was to give the news to Ceran, the new Chieftain pledged one quarter of his warriors to march on the city with him saying.

“This is no longer a war between Humanity and Benemar, this is a war for us to throw off the yoke of the High Chieftains tyranny bring Bento into the light of a new era”

The Humans could not very well refuse such an offer and Ceran would not even hear of Jenkins answer, the Human were as they were in Geeda, subject to his rule after all.

The Humans formed in the streets of Geeda fully armed and armoured, their faceplate emotionless and stern for the battle to come, the people of Geeda had come to bid them farewell and good luck. Even those who had been in the city when the Humans attacked it now seemed sad to see those they had once called enemies but now called friends leave for battle.

Ceran and Taleena stood outside the Chieftain’s tower where Jenkins and his officers were gathered, in a final farewell.

“Humans, when I first saw your kind I was struck with fear and hatred. But now I look upon you with admiration and fondness” he began and Taleena took over.

“You may have come to this world as conquerors, but you will leave as liberators fighting an enemy we could not rise against on our own”

“To this cause we pledge our own warriors to you, those who have even met you in the field of battle will now fight alongside you as brothers in arms”

They held each other hand and spoke together.

“Go, with the fate of all Benemar in your hands and love with in our hearts we bid you farewell and pray for your safe return and news of your victory”

Jenkins bowed and turned to his soldiers and in the language of his land back on Terra he shouted the words to attention and to begin their march.

As a single organism they moved, through the link they had surrendered their own moments. They unsheathed their blades and held them skyward in salute to the Chieftain of Geeda then across their hearts in salute to his wife. Their combat shields on their left arm was held tight and they turned and marched out of the city like the ancient armies of Terra. The skies above were filled with fighters, bombers and transports and the Bastions sounded their klaxon as they began their march. With them were thousands of Benemar warriors who would march with them and fight with them against the High Chieftains. So they marched, towards Potellen, the city that had stood for millennia as the capital of Bento Prime, the city that has never fallen, the city who’s walls stood taller and stronger than any other. To those walls that had never been breached they marched and the final decisive battle of this war.


Everyone it has been a brilliant journey and you have all helped me more than I can ever put into words but sadly it is time to say goodbye to Newcomers. For now at least. As of now there will be no more updates posted to tumblr or any other site. The reason for this is because I wish to complete this story and get it published. I hope to get it finished before this year is out and I will try to get it published as an Enovel rather than paperback (it’s easier). I will also add a few more side parts with Karen and Hesky and Cathy to give their characters a bit more depth. Working on this has helped me put my thoughts in order on my main project which is in fact a 3 book series about a war between Humanity and an alien race. I will post updates on these projects should they get to be published and about Newcomers which I will work to get finished first.

My love goes out to everyone who sent me kind words of their love for this story and I look forward to finishing it.

Love to you all.



The AnitVirus (Virus continued)

The Anit-Virus





*Unknown scientist:

Since the development of the transwarpgate we have often theorized that the distance that we can send objects through may be infinite (We are still trying to figure out why living matter cannot go)

It may be possible to modify our current gates into a far larger one so that instead of connecting two gates we use one as a massive cannon. In theory at least (we have yet to do the maths) we can teleport objects into other galaxy’s.  

*Unknown scientist

The mega transwarpgate is finished and finally, it’s taken nearly 200 cycles and most of that was to get funding, the last bit of funding was redirected to the military after the Dewq uprising. Pesty insects interfering with our work.

*Scientist Bequtoni- Believed to be the successor of previous scientist.

The first test run of the Gate was….conflicting. What was sent was a probe that would send back data on the planets in the target system but it seems to have crashed on a planet, it sent only a few seconds of imagery and information saying the planet was a dead one then cut out. We might have to adjust the targeting array.

*Scientist Bequtoni log No. N/A

After a lot of trial and error tests we have successfully launched a probe into our neighbouring galaxy and the results are fascinating. Much like our galaxy the planets formed in a variety of ways but usually within a similar pattern. Only a very few were truly unique but that was not the best part. Life! Sentient life was in that galaxy and it was advanced or at least enough to roam the stars. We had our probes cloaked from view and their primitive sensors so we can observe them without interfering with their development. Such a unique insight to the development of our neighbouring galaxy.

*Scientist Popilon Log No.90

Something is wrong within our neighbouring galaxy, they formed into a coalition some three hundred standard Pholian years ago and have enjoyed relative peace but suddenly they are arming themselves and amassing huge fleets. Having watched these races all our lives we feel a sense of connection tot hem even if they do not even know we exist. Many of us are considering making contact but the Lords will not hear of it, they deem it a matter beneath our attention and our only mission is to observe. Many of us do not agree but we cannot defy the Lords.  

*Scientist Kogfirm Log 23

Our neighbours are at war on a galactic scale, using the information wee have gathered they seem to originate from the world where our first probe crashed, are we responsible for this? I hope not because whoever it is that our neighbours are fighting are spreading like a virus, even when our race conquered our galaxy we did not spread so quick..

*Unknown Military Officer

Because of our cloaked probes we can get detailed scans of this virus like aliens that are scorching their own galaxy, we have only limited scans of their actual bodies but their ships seem…alive. Our scientist say they are a combination of organic components and non organic components. One of their conquered planets we observed them growing a whole fleet in only a few weeks. We have classified these files should anyone get hold of them, if the subjugated races find them and start learning how to grow ships the whole empire would collapse.

*Unknown Biologist

We have gotten our first deep scans of these virus aliens and what we found was both terrifying and fascinating. Their entire body is full of mirco organisms and bacteria and even some parasites that are more symbiotic in nature to them, their touch is also deadly. We observed the transformation they wrought on a world just by simply being their, the soil died and the air became unbreathable to any but them. In a sense they are terraforming organisms. Their life spans are not long and it seems they are unaware of the carnage they are bringing to the galaxy. In the time it takes for them to take over a star system and move to the next many generations have passed. Whereas the other races of the galaxy have incredibly long lifespans and perceive time differently, the passage of months to them would be many years to the virus. Luckily they are not so advanced as to detect our probes, I shudder to think what they would do with such technology.  

*Unknown (possible scientist or military officer)

The last days of the coalition is upon them, they have fallen back to a single star system and are fortifying their position, we have begged the Lords to let us send aid but they simply say it would be pointless now. We watched as the virus arrived and began slaughtering them, it was heartbreaking to see an end of an era but it filled me with pride to see they did not back down and fought to the last even if the battle was brief. Many are talking about retiring the project as there is nothing left to observe, that whole galaxy is now dead and it is likely nothing will ever live there again. Not while the virus is there. I can only hope that they consume and destroy themselves.

*Gefensew (civilian star gazer)

Ever since the story of our neighbouring galaxy and their struggles became public I have been fascinated by them, I find myself steering my scope towards that part of the universe in a hope I’ll catch a glimpse of one of their ships. In fact I may have found something else, a star that I charted has gone. It did not go supernova as it was not due to do so for man many more millennia. Since I saw this I have noticed other stars going dark, what is going on there?

*Scientist Veonp

The funding for our galaxy observation may have been cut to the bare essentials and now only a handful of the probes are working since we don’t send new ones to replace the ones we loose we are just waiting for them to go offline too. There is not anything to observe anyway, the virus just keeps swarming and swarming to every single planet or moon they can find. They will probably soon just consume themselves. That was until we witnessed something we have always thought impossible. It was a mega structure that covered an entire sun, at first we weren’t sure what it was for but that soon changed. The suns light…went out. Just…gone. Has their hunger grown so much that they are resorting to consuming suns? How did they even do it? None of us can figure it out and only give random hypothesis. It seems our funding may go up.

*Unknown scientist.

We have launched a further 5000 probes into the galaxy, many failed to transmit but those that did are all telling the same story. The virus is consuming the suns of all the star systems and at an increasing rate. We calculate that in as little time as one of our centuries there will be no stars left.

*Unknown scientist.

There are no stars left, the galaxy has gone dark and can no longer be seen in the night sky on any planet. That galaxy’s tale has finally and truly come to an end. As resilient as the virus was there is no way they can survive, nothing logically can. Even if they could, where would they go?

*Final transmission from outpost 6529 (believed to roughly some millennia later)

“Unknown vessels transmit your identification codes”


“Say again, transmit your identification codes”

Still Inaudible but louder

“Hold your position until while we scan your ships”

Screeching sound

***Transmission ends***

*Audio recordings of patrol fleet 183.987 investigating the situation from outpost 6529

“This is Admiral Oeal of the Pholion Empire please identify yourself”


“You are trespassing in Pholian space identify yourself or we will open fire”


“Say again”

**Log ends***

*Audio recording from the Pholian Empire’s Council of Lords.

Lord 1: “Are you seriously asking us to believe that a space faring race that consumed a galaxy has crossed the vast void without the use of a gate and is now entering our galaxy?”

Scientist: “The evidence shows that is the case, these ships bare the same markings and designs as the virus”

Lord 2: “Impossible, these ships are obviously just another space faring race that has remained hidden and are now looking to expand their boarders”

Lord 3: “What if it is true though, I would be happier if we sent the Scourge fleet just in case”

Lord 2: “That fleet is only used to wipe out stubbornly rebellious systems, not to calm your worries old man”

Scientist: “With respect my Lords, the evidence is rather overwhelming and if we do not act now and eliminate them now they will breed and spread”

Lord 2: “You speak above your caste, the military shall decide on what cause of action to take”

Military officer: “This incursion into our space is simply a rebellion that has some backing from an unknown source. I will personally go and break them to show the might of Pholian Empire”


Lord 1: Then go, destroy these rebels and make sure all remember to fear the Pholian Empire once more”

**The fleet enters the Virus’s system and disappears from then on all Virus controlled sectors are referred to as Dead Sectors**  

*Council of Lords Audio recording (Roughly one Pholian Century since the Virus’s arrival)

Lord 1: “What did you say!?”

Scientist 1: “We believe more fleets of the Virus have made two more incursions into our galaxy”

Lord 2: “How did they break the containment?!”

Scientist 2: “We believe these are separate hive fleets, the same race as the first hive fleet but not connected to them”

Lord 3: “We are barley containing the first hive fleet how are we going to face two more? Even the Scourge fleets can’t defeat them and their planet sized Hive ships”

Scientist 1: “Well…we do have an idea”

Lord 2: “Speak”

Scientist 1: “We have been studying the remains of the Virus and we believe we can produce an Anti virus if you will”

Lord 1: “What do you mean?”

Scientist 2: “It is the same way we treat virus’s within our bodies, we copy their genetic structure then program them to search out their own kind and destroy it thus curing the patient”

Lord 3: “Are you saying you want to clone these things?”

Scientists 2 “Yes and condition them to seek out and destroy the Virus which they would see as another species”

***Silence as the Lords speak amongst themselves***

Lord 1: “Since we do not have any immediate alternative you may proceed”

Scientist 1 “We will need a planet to birth and breed the clones”

Lord 2: “You will have it”

***Clones of the Virus as birthed quickly and placed on a planet to grow at their own pace with technology slowly introduced till they give the AnitVirus a small Virus ship and they soon begin building their own. These AntiVirus’s have an artificial gene that when activated by the Pholians will make them seek out the Virus and destroy them. By the time the Clones are deemed ready 20% of the galaxy is now considered Dark Sector. The gene is activated and the AnitVirus’s head in the direction of the Dark Sector. Cloaked probes monitor the battles which seem to end in stalemate, this prompts the Lords to order the creation of more AntiVirus to take over from their current fleets who are loosing control of the containment areas of the first Virus fleet***

*Audio recording of Admiral Fewqol as he leaves to engage the Virus with his AntiVirus fleet, this is believed to have taken place some thirty Pholian years after the AntiVirus’s creation*

“This is Admiral Fewqol ready to lead an offensive into Dark Sectors”

“Good luck Admiral bring glory to the Pholian Empire once more”

“What’s left of it” (It is believed he turn off his com before saying this)

-Admiral’s fleet enters Virus held system-

“Ready the AntiVirus”

“All AntiVirus ships are green and ready to engage”

“Unleash them”

“Sending attack command now”

-Recovered data shows this system to be a heavily infested system and Admiral Fewqol has enough AntiVirus to match it-

“Virus ships inbound”

“Have the AntiVirus open fire now”

-Silence for approximately 6 seconds-

“Why are they not firing?”

“I don’t know sir I have sent the attack signal three times”

“Sir? I am getting a com signal from the Virus’s main Hive ship”

“So? All they send is screaming, ignore it”

“No sir, this is words, spoken in Pholian”

“…..Put it through”


-Silence for 14.09 seconds-

“Sir…the AnitVirus ships are turning away from the Virus and locking weapons on us!”

“Get us out of-”

**All AntiVirus fleets suddenly turn on the Pholians, with no fleets available the Pholian Empire collapses, their homeworld is besieged but they do not fire but simply broadcast their screaming communication onto the planet. It is unsure how this caused the death of all 16 billion individuals**