Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

Beauty Queens by Libba Bray


Brief Summary: No one would expect a bunch of teen beauty queens to survive on a deserted island after they crash land there on their way to a photo shoot. Well, they’re going to prove the haters wrong, and look fabulous doing it.

I didn’t know what to expect when I picked up Beauty Queens. I was a bit unsure if I wanted to read it because, I mean, it’s about teen girl pageant contestants. Who wants to read about that? But I heard that the book was funny and that it had great LGBT representation, so I decided to give it a chance. AND OMG I’m so happy that I did.

Beauty Queens is a feminist manifesto in disguise. It’s a hilarious, satirical work that takes seemingly small issues, blows them completely out of proportion and let’s the story run amok with them. The result is a somewhat bizarre story of teen beauty contestants who crashed on a deserted island and must now survive until rescued. They are all really young girls who’ve been pushed into beauty pageants by either overzealous parents who want to live through their children, girls who want to prove that the whole thing is a sham, those who are in it for scholarships, and those who actually believe in the system. Either way, they are all brilliant in their own way, even though many of us would never believe that girls who participate in these pageants are anything but dumb.

This book deals with a lot of heavy issues by putting them into a ridiculous light; whether it’s sexism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, girl on girl hate, elitism, racism… and last but not least: capitalism. Personally, I felt that Libba Bray handled most of these issues well. I laughed, I cried, I felt for these characters because I came to love them all, I was even humbled a bit.

I would highly recommend this to everyone!

So I invited Folken to tour what we’ve done so far of our FC’s renovations…

He invites Ashlin. And the two proceed to run amok the entire FC house, zipping down halls, flying up stairs, jumping over banisters, infiltrating the employee break room, opening every door imaginable like the spastic pugs on crack that they are, all while barely managing to keep their attention on our Bartenders future drink menu.

I’m sorry Oko.. I could not keep them out of your room.

Nor could I stop a nearly nude Folken from using my shower, jumping on my bed, slapping me with that damned smile on his fackin face, all while donning a white coeurl printed speedo and fedora…

*makes mental note to put a ball pit in the basement to keep Ashlin and Folken pre-occupied from drinking and eating an entire months supply of food and beverage once the place actually opens up.*

Loki has his limits in dealing with the Highlander youth of today…

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1) write your name in song titles

Amethyst - Jonny Greenwood

Nose Grows Some - Thom Yorke

Amok - Atoms For Peace

How i Made My Millions - Radiohead

India Rubber - Radiohead

2) why did you choose your URL

I was at school and i was in my first days as a rh fan and i was like “i’m going to make a blog dedicated to radiohead just for a week to reblog some pictures of them and then i’m going to delete the blog because there are not radiohead fans on tumblr so what’s the point anyway” :)))) and the idea of the url came from the url of my old blog dedicated to TWD that was ‘msdixons’ so i just took the 'ms’ I can’t believe that msyorke was free yo :I

3) what is your middle name

Lizeth Anahí e_e

4) if you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?

Still a dog lmao

5) favourite color?

Purple e_e

6) favorite song?

I’m obsessed with reckoner and nude rn

7) top three fandoms

The Radiohead fandom in general

8) why do you like tumblr

I like being on tumblr because even though i haven’t really talked to some of my followers, i consider them my friends and i feel close to them because i read about their day and i just… I love them. The people i follow are the most amazing people that i’ve ever met on my tumblr life and i like that they are so funny and crazy about radiohead.

9) tag 9 people

I can’t mention blogs on mobile but i want sttulka, rimerto, pyramidsnog, kameks, woluf, robertdelnaja, iamthekarmapolice to do this :)))

without fences

in clear morning light
the valley opens for me
still heavy with sleep

we shake off night
to find hills unmarred by mist
or fences

as sun dances on
the valley richly greening
with steps marking home

I want to disrupt the flow of posts on this blog to express my deepest condolences to the victims of the man that ran amok in Graz, Austria today. This is the city I live in, the city I’ve spent most of my life in. I am thankful my dear ones are unharmed but my thoughts go out to the people that lost a family member, a friend today. I know that some of my followers are living in Graz, I hope all of you, as well as your loved ones, are alright.

You can read about the incident in English on the BBC website. The culprit drove through the pedestrian area, deliberately hunting down walking people, as witnesses (among them mayor Siegfried Nagl) explained. The culprit has already been arrested.

Awesome Westerosi Characters You Don’t Know Because You Only Watch Game of Thrones: #20 Chataya and Alayaya

Chataya and Alayaya are more Summer Islanders living in King’s Landing (see entry on Jalabhar Xho). I have mixed feelings about them being left out of the TV series, because I do want there to be more characters of color. But I also dislike how those characters that have been cast with black actors have been slaves, pirates and servants of some kind.

Chataya owns a brothel in King’s Landing. (Contrary to what the show would have you believe, there is more than just the one that Littlefinger owns.) She has a very open and positive attitude about sexuality which is in sharp contrast with the repressed Westerosi. (”The gods made our bodies as well as our souls, is it not so?“)

Instead of calling her “whore” or something derogatory, I chose to think of her as a smart, small business owner who is getting paid. I like that she has made a living for herself and her daughter even in such a misogynistic society. And she raised a good egg. I’d say she seems like one of the better mothers in King’s Landing, but that is not a high bar to get over.

Alayaya is Chataya’s daughter. She works in her mother’s brothel. (Some think this is creepy; that the mother employs her daughter as a prostitute. But even if you do think it’s creepy it’s still not enough to take her off the best mom’s list in my opinion.) Alayaya is described as sweet and brave. She is teaching herself how to read.

During A Clash of Kings, Tyrion pretends to visit Alayaya when he is really meeting with Shae. Because of this, Alayaya is taken hostage by Cersei Lannister and later beaten by Tywin. For reasons that are unclear, this storyline was given to a character named Ros (Ros was a character created for the show, and is not in the books.) on the show who is much more a puppet of the male characters than Chataya is.  It almost seems like Petyr Baelish owns her or something.

Unlike Ros, Chataya and Alayaya are both alive and well in King’s Landing as far as we know. Both Bronn and Oberyn Martell speak of visiting Chataya’s brothel in A Storm of Swords. So clearly Chataya is a better business person than Littlefinger.

Other Awesome ASOIAF characters

Image of Chataya and Alayaya by Amok.