ey göğsüne yaslanıp çırılçıplak ağladığım!

kaşlarını ağıtlarıma,

gözlerini çaresizliğime,

yalnızlığım kadar prüzsüz bir ten

ve ışığı boğan gölgem kadar yoksul çizgileriyle

yüzünü yüzüme benzettiğim siluetsiz sevgili

bilirsin “aşk bir sığınma talebidir”

anadilim gibi dilimin ucunda ve yasak olsan da

iri gözlerine beni de al Anerka!

İri gözlerine beni de al…

Özhan Hakan

anonymous asked:

I honestly wanna thank you for this acc, ive seen dozens of people saying they hate Snape just bc he abused children but yet they don't say anything about James and his Friends bullying Severus and Lily. I'm sorry but I think it's messed up. :/

honey i couldn’t agree more. double standards run amok in this fandom and it drives me batshit insane.

Kinds of people at the laundromat:

The really talky old guy.

A couple, most any age, sitting side by side staring at everyone who comes in.

Another couple sitting and looking at their phones.

A couple of people with 500 tablecloths and 3 carts.

Mom who lets the kids run amok.

Mom who won’t leave her kids the hell alone for 5 seconds.

Several people keeping their heads down and mouths shut.

One solitary guy who just always seems to be walking past you, and doing that a little closer than you’d prefer.

A guy who is doing at least half of the laundry along with his wife/girlfriend.

A guy who sits and watches the woman do the work and may not even bother to tend the kids. Does get off his butt to carry it out to the car though.

A mom with teenagers who are helping… some willingly, some not.

One little kid who insists on sitting on the counter to “help.”

A baby that won’t stop crying. Parents appear unable to hear it.

Person who does everything right in the middle of the walkway, appears oblivious to the fact that other people are there.

Someone who isn’t there, but their clothes have been for a couple of hours.