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What do all these strange microscopic organisms have in common?

They are all amoebas!*

 This strange group of organisms are actually very diverse. Some of them are spiky, some of them have shells, and some of them build tiny little homes made of debris and dirt. 

*well, sort of. Amoeba now refers to any organisms that exhibit amoeboid movement. To be more specific, they are all protists of the Sarcodina phylum, AKA the original amoebas. 

Most Common Commanders

1. Kaalia of the Vast

One of the most overpowered and overused generals. She makes an amazing commander because she can be used to cheat in some of the most expensive creatures with the most powerful abilities on the fifth turn. She is one of the most notorious legendary creatures though so it should be destroyed at the soonest possible opportunity. 

2. Rafiq of the Many 

Bant is one of the best combination of colours in EDH because it provides counter with blue removal and protection with white and the pump abilities of green. The best auras are also in these colours. Rafiq is used mainly as a finisher because giving a single creature Double Strike and multiple of triggers of exalted is potentially lethal. 

3. Ezuri, Renegade Leader or Rhys the Redeemed Elves 

Elves are one of the most common tribals in commander mainly because of their low costs, mana ramp and overpowered lord abilities. But which elf commander to use. I have seen a lot of swarming Elf decks with Ezuri and a fair few token decks around Rhys. Their secondary abilities become horrifying pretty quick as well so try and keep these two off the board.  

4. Marath, Will of the Wild 

I think all of the 2013 commander precons were extremely good, but this one of the most popular among them. I think mainly due to his versatility. He has a wide range of abilities and has cards like Dictate of the Twin Gods, Doubling Season and Parallel Lives to make his abilities even more powerful. Also, he’s quite difficult to keep off the board, because his ability improves each time he is cast from the command zone.

5. The Mimeoplasm 

I have seen a few mimeoplasm decks of late. Thanks to the graveborn and commander sets a lot of reanimate abilities have resurfaced, which has made such decks viable. This creature can also be used with Unblockable and Infect to finish off your opponents quickly, and it doesn’t discriminate between graveyards, which is always a bonus. 

6. Jelava, Nephalia’s Scourge 

Out of all the grixis decks I have seen recently, this commander is the most prevalent. Another of the 2013 precons and the most expensive because of the True-Name Nemesis. Her Exile/Steal Ability makes for a great control deck and since her ability improves with each cast it’s possible to run such a deck with no other creatures.  

7. Sliver Overlord 

Some EDH players don’t like the challenge of being limited to two or three colours so they use a five colour commander such as this one, which gives them access to pretty much any card and one of the most powerful tribals. There are three possible sliver commanders, but I think this one is the most common because of its ability to tutor for slivers and its potential to steal other people’s creatures. Sliver Players don’t usually last long.

8. Oloro, Ageless Ascetic 

This is my type of commander. Oloro can just sit on his lazy arse and do nothing if that’s what floats your boat. Oloro mixed with cards like Sphere of Safety and Glacial Chasm to pretty much shut down all damage coming your way make a hilariously fun commander deck. I think this one will be showing up on commander of the week soon enough. 

9. Animar Soul of Elements 

I freaking hate this guy. I don’t see him as much as I used to. But Temur is my least favourite combination of colours because I find it lacks protection and board wipes. I can never make this deck work, but I find that no one else has trouble doing so. He’s a solid enough commander and his protection ability makes him difficult to deal with and the fact that he can help bring out any creature for peanuts is nothing to shake at. 

10. Horde of Notions 

I’ve been seeing this one a lot recently too. He is very good, especially since you can make any creature an elemental with cards like Xenograft and Amoeboid Changeling. Elementals can make for a horrible tribal especially with creatures like Lord of Extinction and Maelstrom Wanderer. He can get pretty expensive though if he keeps getting killed off so this deck is going to be filled with lots of protection.

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