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Weekend Deal: 15% Off Stuff on Amoeba

If you’re still into shucking the album hard copy of its cellophane shell, music-store offshoot is offering a not unbeatable–but still generous–deal of 15% off everything in its warehouse inventory for the next four days.

A nice gesture to move its month’s units (or possibly a nod to holiday shoppers,) the price cut should take care of taxes since shipping on music and DVDs is (cool) still free for US shoppers.

Promo code JAN1513 (used at checkout) lasts through Sunday, January 20th, and is even good on pre-orders.

That’s a nice thing if you’re into artists like Slumberland’s Veronica Falls and the now self-releasing Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds, or Tegan & Sara, Beach Fossils, and Iceage, who all have CDs and LPs ready for mid-February.

Downloads do count on the no-minimum-purchase required promo. [Except then where’s the beef with those impossible plastic triangles on the slims of your disc case (tip: don’t)?]

Downloads are a newer thing for Amoeba, a small chain that’s been in business for over twenty years now.

That’s right. Only.

Believe it or not–unless you’re historically richer–Amoeba is a child of the 90s. Birthed in Berkeley, California on the famous Telegraph Ave., the store still thrives as hub for new & used vinyl, cds, and even tapes, drawing its crate-heads from the nearby Cal campus and Berkeley’s diverse surrounding neighborhood., less next to People’s Park, is the anywhere access point of its California-only Amoeba stores, whose multi-floored locations also exist in Hollywood and San Francisco.