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The problem I have with the whole PETA + Pokémon thing, is that well…PETA is stupid about 9/10 of the time and a large percentage of vegans know that (and don’t support PETA) but then there are people who aren’t vegan (or vegetarian) who see their stuff, only to be angered, annoyed or just humored, which only continues to perpetuate the negative stigma placed upon people like me.

And I’m sitting here like, “Haha Wow, PETA is so stupid.”
While other people are sitting there thinking, “Vegans are such asshats.” because they associate PETA with all of us.

*sigh* I think I’m gonna go eat a cinnamon bun to eat away the pain.


Make friend on Tumblr.
Meet Tumblr-friend in real life.
Friend comes over to visit.
Family loves her.

Family demands that she come eat dinner with us.

Hahaha Oh Allyson, you loveable Texan whore~! <3

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Lucky. I wish my school were more like that. I mean, it started to be towards senior year, but before that everyone kind of separated and had their own groups. Everyone got along in 12th grade though, as far as I could tell.

There were separations, of course, like band kids would hang out by the cafeteria (or outside the band room) the Samoan kids would hang out by the stage, the Mexican “pretty boys” and their ‘hainas’ would hang out in the cafeteria and stuff like that, but I guess because we were put in classes together, and I live in Southern California so it’s really diverse around here, there was never a reason to pick on anyone, 'cause everyone was different anyway. There was also a large amount of people in our school who went into teaching programs to teach people in lower income families, or learning/physical disabilities.

Also, because of the diversity, race based jokes are taken SO lightly around here, because racism is so unheard of within our age group. They’re just all in good fun.
There was this one time, this girl from school voiced her negative opinion on Middle Eastern people, and she pretty much lost ALL her friends that day haha
Which is why all the social justice on Tumblr astounds me as well, because around here we don’t make a big deal about little things like the things that seem to infuriate people on here.
(Though it’s completely understandable given some people’s individual situations)

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mine did. they sat in a whole other cafeteria! (we had two). I think they called it The White house (just white cheerleaders and white jocks). Oh, houston.

Wow, Geez haha

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Yeah, my school was pretty typical to the movie stereotype. The jocks ruled the school and picked on people.

Haha Wow.
I reckon the football guys thought they were cool as the other side of the pillow, but no one paid any mind to them haha

Tumblr <3

Making friends online is wonderful.
Allyson was having a lame day, so she decided to drive down to my house from Hollywood to hang out at 11pm.

We ended up going to Target, getting some ingredients and baking cupcakes and brownies (which turned out amazing!)

She then tasted my mom’s home-made food and she fell in love.
My mom gave her the rest of our beans~! haha

I’m glad you’re feeling better, Allyson, and I’m glad I could help! <3
Made my day better too. \(U 3 U)/


Your ask box doesn’t work with your layout, I think. (; 0 ;)
I just realized that my response to your ask was just, “OMG!” instead of
“OMG YES, I WANNA GO!” hahaha