The Yakai 1/1/2017: Wherein Ariyoshi expected complaints but instead got thanked for trying to look for drama between Sho and Jun. Meanwhile, Sho vehemently denies any flirting going on between them. :P


The Yakai (02/09/2017): Wherein we learn how Sho had a big misunderstanding about the plot of Kimi no Na wa because he missed the beginning of the movie. He started watching after the characters have already switched bodies, so he was so confused about what was happening. He must have thought the story was about a effeminate boy and a tomboy. ^^;


The Yakai’s hosts are very nice! They’d even purify their guests’ bottled water!


Did you talk to Javier after the competition?
Translation credit (a-m-n-o-s) 

How Ohno Satoshi became Arashi’s Leader XD

I unearthed my old hard drive that contained video clips of JE idols when they were younger LOL. I just wanted to share this one before I go to sleep. When I watched this years ago, i had no clue what they were saying haha. Now I can probably transcribe subtitles for this but I’m not gonna try :P You can pretty much understand what they’re saying :) 

My favorite part was Sho-kun AKA Keio-Boy XD

P.S. - I’m sorry if I can’t properly credit this video. This clip has been stored in my old HD for 14 years! It’s probably a national treasure by now. JOKES! Goodnight!