BLAST in Miyagi 9/22

Just a few points

- don’t worry fans Ohno is ok. He was in tip top shape today and sounded like his normal self :)

- During MC we interrupted what Jun was saying because the camera people got a really close shot of the moon so everyone went “ohhhhh”

- Aiba said the moon looked like a failed pancake
(Sho: that’s rude to the moon) LOL!!

- Sho asked what everyone did while he was gone for Zero.
~Aiba had yakiniku with his manager and Hattori san ( a make up artist. Sho scolded Aiba for using the make up artist’s name lol) After coming back from work in Fukushima. He did ask the other members but they all turned him down.
~ Nino bought take up curry and ate it in his hotel room. Like the photos that are circling around already informed us, he was in yamagata
~ Jun went to ishinomaki. When he came back he say an “old lady” carrying an ice bucket pail looking for ice. jun was like “eh? Do I know that person?” Turned out to be nino. “I was looking for ice eveywhere!!”
~ Ohno also went to ishinomaki. He had room service for dinner. He ordered a Caeser salad. At first we thought it was oshare but that was all he had. He said he wasn’t hungry. Sho called Ohno a goat LOL
~ Ohno had drinks with Aiba. They promised to go drinking in Ginza again XD. Ohno ate all of the cookies Aiba took with him for the con. “I didn’t just eat salad, I had those cookies too”

- Sho drove back for Zero after Sunday. He had to stop at a service area because he had to pee JUST AS HE FINISHED BUSES FULL OF FAN GIRLS COMING FROM THE CON PULLED IN!!
“It was real shinobi ryokou” said Sho. He basically drove and stopped at the same places as those buses.

- didn’t get a single wave or any attention from Jun but he’s totally forgiven because his solo WAS SO FUCKING AWESOME, COOL AND HAWT!!! (Lol)

- ohno was in the cart and went down my lane!! ( I sat on the outside of my block) the cart hit a bump and he grabbed on for dear life and had a scared look on his face ( RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!! He was forced to look down at me lol) but instead of saying “daijobu?” I freaked out because it was MAJORLY cute!!!

- needless to say our section got the most love from Ohno

- they didn’t go on the circle flying thing in the middle…. It was deflated and taken down some time in the concert

~ Arashi taught us a new dance for hadashi no mirai. Sho made a mistake during the song lol.

That’s all for now…. Just…. Omg this was an unforgettable experience!!