Mental Synchronization, Chapter 1: Discovery

Fandom: Frozen

Pairing: None

Warnings: mild physical violence, alcohol mention, animal abuse attempt

Rating: T 

Tormented by his older brothers and neglected by his parents, young Prince Hans of the Southern Isles lives a miserable, lonely existence. But that all changes when he discovers he possesses an astonishing gift which, if used just right, could put him on the throne of the neighbouring kingdom of Arendelle.

The first time it happened, Hans was thirteen years old.

He could remember it as though it were yesterday: he’d been in the stable with Sitron at the time.  The little colt had been born weak and sickly and stunted, sliding out of its dying mother in a sluice of blood and amniotic fluid, and the stablehands had been ready to put it out of its misery.   The youngest prince, however, had stopped them, insisting that he would take care of the newborn horse himself.  He had spent hours by Sitron’s side, dipping the twisted corner of a rag into a bucket of cow’s milk and letting the foal suck on it until he’d had his fill.  It had been a slow, tedious task, and there were moments when Hans had feared the colt would not survive.  But within a few days, when Sitron was finally able to stand up on his spindly legs and totter around the pasture, Hans had cheered aloud and kissed the little horse’s velvety muzzle.

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spookyscreamz offered to make me one of their Amniotes awhile ago and gave me a super nice design, and now I finally got some time to sit down and draw it.  Mmm i love these guys and their grub tails. I gotta think of a name for this guy.
I also tried out a different brush and technique with this one as well. I don’t know if I’ll use this technique outside of sketchy, but it’s interesting to use.

I had fun hunting for eggs @nhmla today. The LARGEST eggs were once laid by the extinct Elephant bird from Madagascar–larger than ANY non-avian dinosaur–and the smallest eggs are currently laid by the Vervain hummingbird of Jamaica! Happy Amniote Awareness Day! #scicomm #scied! #ornithology #amniote #egg


In Evangelion, the LCL is an oxygenated liquid and the EVAs contain the souls of the pilots’ deceased mothers, making an EVA entry plug an alleghorical mother’s womb.

Word of God stated Rose Quartz had to shapeshift a womb to be pregnant with Steven. Being inorganic, Fetus-Steven must have had some sort of ersatz amniotic fluid.

What if the goop contained by the flask robonoids/Peridot’s escape pod was the same stuff that Steven was breathing “in utero”. When Garnet finds out Steven is in the escape pod, it shows Steven in FETAL position within the pod.

It’s established that Rose’s healing tears work on gems/gem-objects, and it has been established that Steven’s spit works on both gems and organics. What if Rose’s tears were a solution of this goop? What if by extension, Steven’s spit had tiny microscopic green triangles in his spit? He was, after all, supposed to mend that geode in the same way the robonoids fixed the warp pads.

What if Rose’s florakinetic abilities played a part in the defeat of the homeworld gems, and they have finally managed to synthetically reproduce Rose’s ability.

This brings me to another theory. Rose’s connection to plants. From the strawberry fields that now cover the site of the epic battle, Rose’s garden, the moss, Lion, and to Steven’s very existence - Rose Quartz was unique among gems in that she had the power to manipulate organic matter. I also believe it is this ability that made Rose the only Gem capable of creating Steven.

Now… we all know the show is no stranger to biomimicry designs. The “injectors” in the kindergarten are obviously based on bacteriophages. What would modern gem tech be based on?


I know that the piping in the spaceship is also meant to resemble veins… much like the Crystal temple has veins and a heart. But another thing that makes me think the homeworld gems might be using some sort of plant-inspired technology is the fact that Yellow Diamond (Who Jasper and Peridot work for, and who is probably waiting to hear back from them in her big gem-shaped spaceship that’s missing a left hand) is shown in front of a sun. Sun —> Photosynthesis —> Power Source of spaceship. Okay… I think everything past Goop being Amniotic Fluid is a bit of a stretch. But who knows!?

Look, #FossilFriday is smiling at you!

This fossil is Diadectes phaseolinus, and it lived in the Early Permian, about 280 million years ago. The anthracosaurs that gave rise to the amniotes—true land animals with watertight eggs—probably looked something like Diadectes. Diadectes shows the general form of early amniote relatives: well developed limbs clearly capable of terrestrial locomotion, but a posture that is sprawling, not erect, like that of many later amniotes. What Diadectes ate is unknown, but it had complex, molarlike teeth and may have been a plant-eater. 

This fossil is located in the Museum’s Hall of Vertebrate Origins

The Fourth House - Amniotic Waters

When we think about the fourth house we can associate this with the waters of the womb, the amniotic fluid. This is the pool of life we spring from in the mother’s nurturing body and the umbilical cord that connects us to our heritage and internal source of nourishment. Like the fourth house, it is our haven of security, warmth, comfort, and unconditional love, and associates with maternal Cancer as its ruling energy source. Everything that we are, and will be, erupts from the fourth house sanctuary. This is our family, our psychological roots, our offspring, the music of our soul, and the place we can relax our defenses and relish amongst comfort. In the fourth house we are encouraged to grow spiritually and understand who we are on a divine, connective level. The third house grants us the ability to think, the fourth house gives us the capacity to feel and contemplate the ancestral heritage that flows through our bloodstream. This extends to unconscious inherited habits and the unfulfilled dreams of our parents that require conscious expansion. The sense of comfort and safety we feel as we crawl into our mother’s lap and retreat away under the protection of her arms is the base of the external structures we attempt to create in the fourth house as we search for a home and a place of belonging that revives those feelings.

From the Immun Coeli everything blooms and creates the new universe, the entrenched roots of belonging and the voices of ancestors entangle in the dreams of the Midheaven and weave the vine to the highest point in the sky. Here the first melody of the cosmic dance resonates in divine harmony throughout the universe; and in moonstruck shadow the deepest part of ourselves, the tending mother, the garden from that we grow

The womb is our first home, and we spend our fourth house lives searching for that place that reminds us of where we come from. It symbolizes our first experience as incarnated beings, and the experiences that shape our psyche and needs, the watery residue we can never escape, regardless of if these were good or bad. The patterns we express as adults reflect the experience of the fourth house in our formative years. The fourth house is the special place within us that is home, circulated by the blood, whispers of ancestors, love and spirit of those before us. In a lot of ways, we can relate the fourth house to the moment of first breath, when the snapshot of the heavens and cosmic constellations imprint in our bodies and tattoo the astrological chart on our psyche.

The Sun in the fourth house or Leo on the fourth house cusp
Is the star and performer of his home. His sunshine is familial love and the ability to reproduce and create his own offspring he can nourish and provide for. There is a lifelong search for a comfortable dwelling 

Moon in the fourth house or Cancer on the fourth house cusp
He is intrinsically maternal and his emotional undercurrents are buoyed by his capacity to nurture others and cultivate a homely sanctuary. If his home life is unstable, his emotions become a sea storm. His psyche is influenced severely by the mother.

Venus in the fourth house or Libra/Taurus on the fourth house cusp
Nothing makes him more valiant, overjoyed, insane and exasperated as family. He enjoys collecting antiques that connect him to his heritage and creating from the home. Seeks to create a life of pure beauty.

Mercury in the fourth house or Gemini/Virgo on the fourth house cusp
Spends a lot of time contemplating the needs of his family and who he is/what he needs. Enjoys learning in the home and requires open communication with loved ones. He knows what other people are thinking

Mars in the fourth house or Aries/Scorpio on the fourth house cusp
His home is a hub of energy and vitality and his more aggressive side may be displayed in the home. He is passionately defensive and protective of his family. The fourth house child may have felt restricted or overly controlled by the father

Jupiter in the fourth house or Pisces/Sagittarius on the fourth house cusp
He feels a sense of belonging amongst laughter typically experienced a fortunate early life. His inner life is magnified and he navigates through life on the emotional spectrum. His purpose is connected to home.

Saturn in the fourth house cusp or Aquarius/Capricorn on the fourth house cusp
Is deeply influenced by his primitive experiences and the need to protect, create and nurture his own bloodline. He likely wants to escape that which reminds him of his own personal history. The father figure was and is very important, without this, he is swept away in unconscious longings

Uranus in the fourth house or Aquarius on the fourth house cusp
The home is a source of inspiration and humanity is his family. Early life may have been erratic and chaotic. Unusual and eccentric places cultivate his sense of belonging. Odd living habits.

Neptune in the fourth house or Pisces on the fourth house cusp
His home is a temple and a beacon of spiritual enlightenment - a place of worship. He enjoys the privacy of his own home and has a great need for the nourishment of the Divine. His home is his hub of creativity

Pluto in the fourth house or Scorpio on the fourth house cusp
He is a heavenly healer whose inner power can cut the tethers of inherited structures, such as family curses, and create something new from the darkness into the light. He may have felt threatened in younger years and so spends his life yearning to make others feel safe.

~ under skin and bone we’re all a washed with something borrowed
and everything i’ve always wanted rests between these walls


Kevin Beasley photography

Casineria, possible ancestor to human beings

Casineria was a small (around 15 cm) animal which lived about 340 million years ago. A sort of crossover between an amphibian and a reptile, casineria was one of the earliest amniotes. As an amniote, the species represents the emergence of the key characteristic that enabled animal lie to flourish on land: an egg that could retain liquid water in a dry environment.

Baby Oliva Lou. Born 4/9/15 at 1:20 am. 5lbs 11oz and 18" My water broke at 5:30pm. At 10-10:30 my midwife came and broke the amniotic sac fully and I started to go into active labor. I knew within an hour that I was ready to push. I would have been able to go right then but there were literally no doctors available. So I spent the next while trying to hold her in. It was so hard because my body was ready to go and get her out and about. Finally the on-call doctor showed up and I immediately started pushing. It only took a couple of minutes and two contractions to get her out. And she was a blonde little angel. I did it completely naturally :) no petosin or epidural at all. I didn’t have as miserable of a time as I had thought. Now baby Livi is just trying to adjust to the real world :) she is about 3 weeks early so she isn’t nursing well. But it is gonna work itself out. 💜💜💜💜💜

amniote replied to your photo: All that effort and barely anything to show for…

What is that you mix your kool aid with to temporarily dye your hair? & how long do you leave it in for?

just mix kool aid with some hair conditioner, apply it onto your hair like regular dye, and wrap it up. keep it in for a few hours, i always keep it over night, and then just wash your hair normally.

depending on the color it lasts for different amounts. when i used tropical punch kool aid it lasted almost a month, but changed colors since it started to fade. when i used grape, it turned teal (which it will always do) and it lasted about two weeks. right now i have pink lemonade in and its more orange than pink, and isnt very vibrant, it will probably only last 2 weeks if even.