22 things you can do for CAS
  1. Join Amnesty
  2. Bake 
  3. Volunteer at an elderly home
  4. Go to the gym
  5. Volunteer at a second-hand store
  6. Play tennis with your family/friends
  7. Babysit your neighbors
  8. Play chess
  9. Create/join a dance group
  10. Help PDP students with their studies
  11. Join EdcuationUK
  12. Join EducationUSA
  13. Help a charity organization
  14. Tutor an individual student 
  15. Create/join a football/basketball/handball team
  16. Start/join a band
  17. Paint and draw
  18. Create/join a book-club
  19. Learn a new language
  20. Create/join a debate club
  21. Blog
  22. Run/Powerwalk (RunKeeper is approved as a CAS-advisor

BY: Clara

Amazing gay rights progress in America yet still, in large proportions of the world, people still can’t get married and face death for just being LGBT

“Racism is alive. Face it.” #amnestyM2M