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Sometimes Ashton would be gone in the morning. Calum wakes up to a cold bed and an empty house, fingers stretching out in search of a source of warmth that isn’t there. It’s so cruel, Calum thinks, how Ashton would go to bed with him, lull him to sleep with the sound of his voice, and fall asleep next to him, and then be gone in the morning.

It’s not his fault, he reasons. If Ashton was ever caught in the daylight, it wouldn’t end happily for either of them. But it hurts all the same, because Calum is used to being human and needing warmth and human companionship and he’s used to people who stay and make breakfast and coffee, not just love. Calum knows that Ashton loves him. But when he wakes up alone, he can’t get rid of the feeling that he’s only being used to satisfy the angel’s carnal desires.

yoooo so i just hit 6k and i just wanted to make a little thank you to all the friends ive made in the 5sos fam on here. I'm honestly so lame and to have 6 thousand people want to follow my blog is really rad. i love y'all

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L’Aléatoire #2 - 6.04.15


BLIND BLAKE & ROYAL VICTORIA HOTEL CALYPSOS – Love, Love Alone (Moi J'Connais Records / reed.2010)

C’ MON TIGRE – Fédération Tunisienne de Football (Africantape / 2015)

THE PRISONAIRES – Don’t Say Tomorrow (NME / 1982)

IN AETERNAM VALE – La Piscine (Minimal Wave / reed.2012)

UN POCO LOCO – Powell (Umlaut Records / 2014)

DUKE ELLINGTON – Didjeridoo (Fantasy / 1971)

COLIN STETSON & SARAH NEUFELD – The Sun Roars Into View (Constellation / 2015)

TALKING HEADS – Listening Wind (Sire Records / 1980)

BENJAMIN JARRY – Scapa Flow (Drone Sweet Drone / 2012)

AMNESIE – They Live We Sleep (Ego Twister / 2015)

BIKINI GORGE – Give It Back (Kizmiaz / 2015)


Hoka nr. 1318

‘pronto 118′
‘ascolti ho un problema con la schiena ho delle fitte dolorosissime’
‘dovrebbe essere un trauma cranico’
‘lei dice?’
‘dove ha preso il colpo in fronte o sulla nuca?’
‘sulla nuca’
‘come si chiama?’
‘Giacomo poi?’
‘si esatto Giacomo Poi, come faceva a saperlo?’
‘le sembra un nome questo?’
‘a volte mi sembra più un avverbio’
‘è sposato?’
‘come si chiama sua moglie?’
‘ha dei figli?’
‘quanti anni hanno?’
‘uno 4, l’altro non se lo ricorda’
‘forse è per questo che ha mal di testa, amnesie’
‘ora la lascio che devo andare a dormire’
‘dorme bene?’
‘non benissimo quando sono al telefono’
‘allora si sdrai e la smetta di telefonarci mentre mangiamo’
‘è probabile, arrivederci’

Amnesie an Dich

Aus den Augen
Aus dem Sinn
Doch es steckt
Zu tief im Hirn
Wie ein Dorn
Mit Wiederharken
Ohne Ausrede
Mit Wiederworten
Ich denk es weg
Zieh es raus
Eine Lücke
Bleibt zurück
Es fehlt
Ein Stück

angii-x asked:


A // Addicted to you - Avicii
N // Novocain - Fall out Boy
G // Goddess - Banks
E // Everybody wants to rule the World - Lorde
L // Lost Boy - Ruth B
A // Amnesie - Alligatoah

Ich wünschte ich könnte mit einer Amnesie erwachen
Und die dummen, kleinen Dinge einfach vergessen
Wie es sich anfühlte neben dir einzuschlafen
Und die Erinnerungen denen ich nie entkommen kann

Wenn ich heute mit dir an meiner Seite erwachen würde
Wie als wäre alles nur ein verdrehter Traum gewesen
Würde ich dich fester an mich drücken als jemals zuvor
Und du würdest niemals fortgehen