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Hi! I'm struggling with a character aspect integral to plot where one of the main characters has amnesia. In his amnesia he's adopted a new identity but his true self is meant to bleed through as the story progresses and then come to light in a big reveal. How is it best to do this, gradually revealing something is wrong without giving it away? His amnesiac self is best friends with the other main character but she hates his true self who she's never met but knows about due to past. Thank you!!

Amnesia Plots

Disclaimer: The idea of medical induced amnesia is not as common as portrayed in movies and on television, and it is massively misrepresented. For more information, please proceed to @scriptmedic‘s tag on amnesia. These posts are thoroughly creditable if you’re considering writing realistic, medical induced amnesia. If, however, the amnesia you’re referring to is magically induced, then settle in for a bit because I’ve got LOTS to say :)

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