amnesia op

  • Cry: Dude, Well I think it's hot
  • Pewds: I mean it is hot. It's totally-
  • Cry: *interrupts* It's hot
  • Pewds: - fireworks and..
  • Cry: ...Are you recording this?
  • Pewds: I am
  • Cry: BONER - ER'Y DAY
  • Pewds: *slight laugh*
  • Cry: Constant Boner
  • Pewds: Bro Bone-
  • Cry: Pewdie-Boner
  • Pewds: -r, Everyday
  • Cry: Bonerpie
  • *both of them laugh*
  • Pewds: That's my new favorite
  • Cry: That's a good one
  • Me: I kinda want to put "Bonerpie - Boner Er'y Day" on a shirt now

New PewdieCry co-op featuring Amnesia custom story! Yes!

Best Parts (in order) (spoilers idk)

  • 1:01 - 1:35 Pewds and Cry addressing the whole PewdieCry and Cheyenne thing + mentioning that PewdieCry is hot and that they’re (personally) cool with it
  • 1:42 "Pewdie boner" well said Cry //claps
  • 3:14 A little Pewdie song while Cry fixes his audio
  • 4:53 Cry introducing himself like how he used to do in his old videos
  • Fact that Pewds and Cry tries to do everything simultaneously throughout the game
  • 8:48 Cry being Pewds’ “Aiden” from Beyond Two Souls
  • 9:20 Dat Cry laugh 
  • 11:39 Cry teasing Pewds about his pronuncination on the word, landanum 
  • 13:43 the roof glitch
  • 15:59 Cry telling Pewds not to tell him that two trees are inside each other cause it’s too (sarcastically) “scary”
  • 18:04 Cry mentioning about bringing “Chairphano” and Pewds correcting him. Plus Cry saying “Oh I’m so sorry that i don’t know all of your amnesia friends.”
  • 19:22 “Fuck you Joseph”
  • 20:15 Pewds laughing about the credit song while Cry is just “”
  • 22:10 Cry calling Pewds a “fucking sellout” after asking for likes 
  • 22:34 "Bro day everyday…PewdieCry hashtag" outro
  • 22:43 “Let’s go look at pictures of us drunk fucking each other.” “That’s we do man any day.” “That’s what we’re going to do right now.” “Send me the url please.” “Got it." END

Hiii I’m here with another Maddie does the highlights, this time for the fabulous Broken #3 w/Cry c: Cry comes in at 39:56 for the record; however, there’s some good Pewdiecry even before that!

Under a read more because LONG AS ALL HELL but I hope you enjoy anyway! 

Also~ Thank you guys so much for 200 followers! Means the world to me that you guys enjoy my blog. Anyway, here we go~

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