amnesia gift

A little portrait piece I had lying around of my character, Annaliese! This is actually sort of a collab between me and @juliajm15 since she did the sketch for this, and I lined and flat coloured it <3 Sigh she always gets my characters so perfectly! Oh, and don’t mind the not-so-Victorian clothes lol, this is a Black Sails-crossover; Annaliese and Eleanor Guthrie have some similarities, so I wanted to dress Anna up in Eleanor’s pirate queen-outfit hahaha. Anyways, hope you all enjoy!

Imagine an Episode where...

Imagine that somewhere in Paris a person, who either has done something horrible or has had something horrible done to them and who now desperately wishes to forget what happened, ends up Akumatized. It doesn’t matter what their specific method is, but what is important is that they have the power to spread the “gift” of amnesia throughout the populace, “liberating” people from the fetters of their past. And by that I mean plunging Paris into chaos because no one can remember who’s in charge or even who they are. Our brave heroes move to stop the Akuma… only to get their memories wiped and then their butts kicked.

Imagine that Plagg and Tikki now have to not only convince a pair of amnesiac teenagers that they’re superheroes, but to retrain them so they can deal with the Akuma. Originally I would have suggested using flashbacks so this could double as an origin episode, showing how the duo were initially recruited, trained, and met, but the fact that there’s an actual one coming up blows that out of the water. 

Now imagine the two of them coming to see the qualities in the other they liked and falling in love all over again, this time with no memories of having to keep their identities secret from each other to get in the way. Now imagine this new young couple fighting in harmony, beating and purifying the Akuma… and imagine the restorative power “reseting” their memory back to just before it was erased, overriding all the events in the interim. Now imagine Marinette and Adrian getting home, changing back, and wondering why Tikki is beating her head into the wall and screeching the most blasphemous obscenities Ancient Egyptian has to offer and why Plagg is laughing his furry little butt off, respectively.

Submitted by @faithful-grigori