AMNESIA: Welcome to Cat World - Everyobody Wants to Be a Cat 

♪…because the cat’s the only cat, who knows where it’s at..♪ and so it goes. Originally the cover of an “Amnesia World” drama cd, more than cat boys, half of the cast has been turned into cats that COSPLAY as the characters from this series…well, except for Nova, who seems rather amused. Kent is certainly a stern-stubborn disapproving & not impressed kitty while Orion-nyan watches with interest, Shin the Cat looks curiously with suspicion & Toma is being a sourpuss…cat! Hmn…maybe not everyone wants to be a cat…just a cat boy to get the heroine’s attention and lick her. 

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  • Server:Can I get you anything else sir?
  • Man:Yeah, I'll take a side of ham please.
  • Server:Um, sure.
  • **server returns in 5 minutes with a side of ham**
  • Server:Here you go. Anything else I can get for you?
  • Man:Yeah, can I get a side of ham please?
  • Server:Uh... ham? Sure... be right back.
  • **server returns in 5 minutes with a side of ham**
  • Server:One slice of ham. Anything else?
  • Man:Ya know, I'd love a side of ham.
  • Server:Sir?? This is the 14th slice of ham I have brought to you???
  • Man:Oh, I'm so sorry. I suffer from hamnesia.

AMNESIA: Cat Boy Café Butlers 

Picking up where I left off with “cat month” since I became ill and had to put all my fan activities on halt. That said, these boys already work in a cosplay café, so it’s only natural to turn them into cat-boys for the full experience of a cat-boy café! Well, yes, am I right or am I right? Doesn’t matter! The most important question is, who will you choose as your cat-boy butler? myself, I want Kent-nyan! 

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Flowerchildbrendon’s Give away

Hi! This is my first give away.


I am not a 5sos blog! I don’t like them anymore, and I’d rather the cd’s go to someone who likes them!


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  • 5 Seconds of Summer Self Titled(US yellow target edition and regular)
  • She Looks So Perfect EP Us Tour Edition 
  • Amnesia EP
  • Good Girls EP
  • Somewhere New EP
  • Don’t Stop EP
  • Live SOS
  • 5 Seconds of Summer x-sposed the interview
  • If this hits over 1K I’ll add in a 5 seconds of summer shirt from hot topic

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The signs as reverse harem anime

Aries: Hakuouki

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Taurus: Norn9

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Gemini: Ouran High School Host Club

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Cancer: Uta no Prince-sama

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Leo: Amnesia

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Virgo: Arcana Famiglia

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Libra: Diabolik Lovers

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Scorpio: Kamigami no Asobi

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Sagittarius: Vampire Knight

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Capricorn: Akatsuki no Yona

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Aquarius: Fruits Basket

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Pisces: Boys Over Flowers

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the signs as anime food


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